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<spanitzer> Hi
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<spanitzer> Good Morning
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<luca020400> Good morning :D
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<spanitzer> Luca?
<luca020400> Yep
<spanitzer> Here in Germany in a Supermarket give it a Galaxy S3 Neo for 179€.
<spanitzer> Good?
<luca020400> Yes
<spanitzer> I dont know. It has no roms
<spanitzer> Only a CM11 alpha
<luca020400> And ?
<luca020400> Moto g 2014 too
<spanitzer> And it is a S3 :-\
<spanitzer> Your Moto G is newer
<spanitzer> I wait and use the S2
<spanitzer> I wait for the MWC in March xD
<spanitzer> Perhaps i buy a Xperia Z3 Compact or a Xperia Z4 Compact
<luca020400> Why not a moto g 2013 ?
<spanitzer> Bad Design and it is old
<spanitzer> I will not buy old devices
<luca020400> S2 is oldest
<luca020400> And is dual-core
<spanitzer> And i buy only New devices. No used
<spanitzer> The S2 is for free ;)
<luca020400> How for free ?
<spanitzer> Only 10€ for a New battery
<luca020400> I mean S2 free
<spanitzer> The s2 come from my mother
<luca020400> Ok
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<rhen> hi
<luca020400> Hi
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<mnupea> Yo!
<luca020400> Hi ^^
<rhen> luca020400: congratulation for your MotoG2014
<luca020400> :D
<luca020400> :D
<luca020400> :D
<mnupea> Ew
<mnupea> You bought a moto g 2014?
<luca020400> Yep D:
<luca020400> :D
<mnupea> GJ
<mnupea> Official lollipop
<mnupea> I'm still with kk on my redmi xD
<rhen> Dazzozo: push back CM11 to weekly is fine. I already update only once in a week now
<rhen> mnupea: 1s or the original one?
<mnupea> 1s
<mnupea> Is much better
<mnupea> It has snapdragon 400
<rhen> I'm planning to buy one for christmas
<rhen> do you think it is still worth it?
<mnupea> Yh
<mnupea> Just costs like 110€
<mnupea> So cheap for that phone
<mnupea> And it has CM12 booting (not still available)
<rymate1234> luca020400: yay moto g
<mnupea> And miui v6 beta and kernel sources releasing this month
<luca020400> Miui v 6 is lollipop or android 4.3 ?
<rhen> mnupea: I can't find it for 110 eur. In my country it is 170 eur
<mnupea> Still kk
<rhen> Huga promised lollipop
<luca020400> Ok ;)
<rhen> *hugo
<mnupea> Xiaomi is slow on updates
<luca020400> Really slow
<mnupea> But if u have good rooms...
<mnupea> rhen: where do you live?
<rhen> Hungary
<luca020400> I bought moto g 2014 for €169
<mnupea> If the moto g costs the same and u like it buy a moto g
<mnupea> If not, redmi
<mnupea> Moto g is better cause of updates and available sources
<mnupea> I just bought the redmi cause it was much cheaper
<luca020400> but normally it costs € 185
<rhen> moto g 2014 is 206 eur in hungary
<luca020400> Too much
<mnupea> Here is 169€
<rhen> we have 27% VAT. maybe this is the cause
<luca020400> We 21%
<mnupea> But redmi costs 110€ on coolicool so... Its much much cheaper
<luca020400> And other taxes
<rhen> "Due to high rate of customs tariff, parcels are forbidden from sending to Portugal, Russia, Hungary, Greece, etc."
<rhen> nice
<luca020400> Italy ?
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<fonz93> morning
<luca020400> Hi
<fonz93> congrats for moto G
<luca020400> :D Thanks
<rhen> it doesn't mention it
<luca020400> Ok tahnks ;)
<rhen> but you don't want to order from coolicool don't you?
<luca020400> No
<rhen> in this case this doesn't affect you
<luca020400> Information ;)
<luca020400> My WiiU lags while playing youtube videos LOl
<mnupea> Lolol
<mnupea> Dat GPU
<luca020400> Probably
<rhen> I've only tried it once, back in 2012. I doesn't suitable for Home Entertainment system :)
<luca020400> I use it only for youtube and vWii
<luca020400> Dat lag
<rhen> I softmodded my wii just because my dvd drive have broken and I buoght a 250GB external HDD instead of a new dvd drive
<luca020400> I prefer Hdd
<luca020400> 500GB drive
<mnupea> I don't have game console xD
<mnupea> Just a shitty pc
<luca020400> My pc is great :D
<rhen> I only have a shitty PC too. I left my console at my parent when I had moved out
<luca020400> LAGGGG
<mnupea> I have an i3-2120 and a radeon 7770
<mnupea> And 4GB of RAM
<mnupea> I might get 8
<luca020400> I5-4460 , 8GB Ram and r5 250
<mnupea> GJ
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<mnupea> Anyway, I'll buy a good laptop soon
<rhen> Phenom 8650 4GB RAM
<rhen> Radeon HD4650
<rhen> at least I have a genuine windows 8.1
<rhen> the best widows I've ever had
<rhen> *windows
<luca020400> Windows 10 :D
<rhen> luca020400: this doesn't mach with your config "I5-4460 , 8GB Ram and r5 250"
<rhen> do you have a dedicated server too?
<rhen> I missed it, sry
<luca020400> No I haven't
<luca020400> Correct one http://pastebin.com/Wby6bZL2
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<rhen> sry, my PC crashed while I making lunch
<luca020400> If crash with lunch with make Lol
<rhen> This is the most hated thing about my PC. It crashes randomly
<luca020400> A lol
<rhen> I tried different tests to determine what causes it, baut haven't find any
<rhen> it is completly random
<luca020400> Kernel panic
<luca020400> Have you installed propitary drivers ? ( video )
<rhen> for windows 8.1?
<luca020400> I tought you was on linux ;)
<rhen> I have an Ubuntu install too, but doesn't use much
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<rhen> I'm more comfort in Windows enviroment.
<luca020400> My first year on github :D http://postimg.org/image/nyij07xm5/
<luca020400> SAMSUNG GALAXY S5 mini at € 289
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<rhen> I don't like Samsung phones. I have bad experiences with
<luca020400> I hate them
<luca020400> Only the mini serie
<luca020400> s
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<mnupea> Anybody here knows about android apps?
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<luca020400> Grandmother's lasagna :D Realy good
<mnupea> Lol
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<luca020400> My father pc is dead :(
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<Dazzozo> that was 5 days ago
<luca020400> In aosp
<Dazzozo> rmcc authored 5 days ago
<luca020400> I know
<luca020400> But it was commited 30 minutes ago
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<Dazzozo> it wasnt
<Dazzozo> i did a 5.0.1 build yesterday
<luca020400> A ok
<Dazzozo> Commits on Dec 3, 2014
<Dazzozo> 4 days ago
<Dazzozo> fact checking..............
<luca020400> So what they changed ?
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<spanitzer> Hi
<ManuLpea> Yo!
<luca020400> Hi ^^
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<spanitzer> Luca which Rom are you now using?
<luca020400> aospa
<mnupea> Put lollipop xD
<mnupea> You have a moto g
<luca020400> Not yet
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<spanitzer> Is your carbon rom based in kitkat laggy?
<luca020400> No
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<tilal6991> Dazzozo: yay new project
<tilal6991> Just what we need
<Dazzozo> yo what
<tilal6991> Lol
<Dazzozo> oh yeah i saw
<Dazzozo> didnt we try this a year ago
<tilal6991> Yup
<tilal6991> Got nowhere
<Dazzozo> yea
<tilal6991> Not sure how this going to turn out
<tilal6991> But hopefully it works out
<Dazzozo> well it has more people on board i guess
<tilal6991> True
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<spanitzer> Luca which kernel is in carbon Rom kitkat?
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<luca020400> chil
<spanitzer> Ok
<spanitzer> I will try it
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<luca020400> Finally I fixed hover button in aospa
<spanitzer> I hope we have lollipop before christmas
<luca020400> I hope I fixed hover
<Dazzozo> it needs to stop sucking first
<spanitzer> ?
<Dazzozo> lp
<luca020400> Remove the lollipop and cm12 world from your mind
<Dazzozo> yeah this aint gonna have the quick turnaround previous releases have had
<luca020400> This android version changed everything
<Dazzozo> i should probably actually work on sepolicy at some point
<spanitzer> I have a to slow Internet to build cm12
<luca020400> Remove this word from your mind !!
<luca020400> Why sepolicy ?
<Dazzozo> luca020400: because we're meant to provide it?
<luca020400> But why in lollipop and not in kk
<Dazzozo> because in lp its more "big time"
<luca020400> Ok ;)
<Dazzozo> and sort of expected that your device has it
<luca020400> Now I understand
<Dazzozo> looks like force_highendgfx got merged
<Dazzozo> we are saved
<luca020400> Great
<Dazzozo> thats junk in lp
<Dazzozo> trash it
<luca020400> Ok lol
<Dazzozo> low ram toggles way more than the status bar
<Dazzozo> its the difference between you seeing your wallpaper on the lock screen or a black screen
<luca020400> With kk this patch work fine no problems etc
<Dazzozo> well yeah, kitkat didnt do much ui stuff with it
<Dazzozo> but low ram disables EVERYTHING on lp
<Dazzozo> its horrific
<luca020400> I know
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<Dazzozo> and i found a few more opt tricks
<luca020400> opt ?
<Dazzozo> optimisation
<luca020400> ok
<luca020400> Wich kind of tricks ?
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<luca020400> This repo https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_external_sepolicy contain the sepolicy files . How they works ?
<Dazzozo> that isnt something i can explain to you in 5 mins over irc
<Dazzozo> youre gonna have to research that one
<luca020400> Ok ;) Let's google
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<Dazzozo> doing another build
<luca020400> Changes ?
<Dazzozo> lost count
<luca020400> Fixes ?
<Dazzozo> i forgot
<Shadowghoster> ??
<luca020400> So good build
<Dazzozo> tomorrows a fun day for me
<luca020400> Too many games to play :D
<rymate1234> Dazzozo: one day I shall obtain a wii u
<Dazzozo> you should
<Shadowghoster> I have a WiiU and the new smath is really cool
<Shadowghoster> *Smash
<Dazzozo> i wouldve had smash 4 a week ago
<Dazzozo> if they didnt fuck up with the gc adapter bundle
<rymate1234> Dazzozo: first on my shopping list is a 1080p monitor
<Dazzozo> fuck me what are you using atm
<rymate1234> my laptop screen
<rymate1234> 1366x768
<Dazzozo> ive had 1080p since 2011
<Shadowghoster> ^^
<rymate1234> my 1080p TV is with the desktop in the spare room and I'd rather get a new one which doesn't have a monster line of dead pixels down it
<spanitzer> Dazzozo: another lollipop build for the Y300 or what?
<luca020400> REmove lollipop :p
<Dazzozo> not much else it can be is there
<rymate1234> cupcake?
<Dazzozo> im not exactly going to make a fuss about building my firmloader, it takes about 2 seconds to build
<luca020400> 2 sec lol
<Shadowghoster> xD
<Shadowghoster> cupcake would be a nice april gag ^^
<luca020400> Yes hahah
<Dazzozo> unfortunately its actually really really hard to do
<Dazzozo> our stuff is too new
<luca020400> For the first time lol
<Dazzozo> i had it working once
<spanitzer> Dazz? Another Gingerbread build for the Y300?
<Dazzozo> a device that shipped on gingerbread running on eclair
<Shadowghoster> wold be something new to day: "Hey I din't got it working because backporting is so difficult*
<Dazzozo> it was a bit easier back then
<rymate1234> Dazzozo: pls release eclair for zte crescent
<Shadowghoster> mhm
<Dazzozo> we could probably do gingerbread for the Y300
<Dazzozo> the camera would be a problem
<luca020400> Display ?
<spanitzer> A people ported ics from G330 for the G510 xD
<Dazzozo> everything else would be manageable
<Dazzozo> because of the G300
<luca020400> Yep
<luca020400> g330
<Dazzozo> i ported the G300 to the Y300's kit
<Dazzozo> no reason you cant do the reverse
<Dazzozo> and take it back to gingerbread
* Shadowghoster is changing permissions of 3.1TB of data - how I hate ntfs
<Shadowghoster> didn't somebody already tried it?
<Dazzozo> i think with the lollipop builds im actually gonna get people to test
<Dazzozo> because i dont want the usual shit that happens
<Shadowghoster> ?
<Dazzozo> i put a test build up on the forum, everyone installs, and people bitch about stuff i already know
<luca020400> Of course
<Dazzozo> and missing the point of a "test build"
<Shadowghoster> agreed
<luca020400> ^
<Dazzozo> so ill probably send it to a few people first
<Shadowghoster> Dazzozo ask some users where you know they're reliable and it's fine
<luca020400> Hmm gingerbread Y300 . I want it XD
<Shadowghoster> :P
<rymate1234> the device would run at a blazing 40 fps
<spanitzer> Dazzozo: we ask a mod in modaco to delete all useless posts in your lollipop tooic xD
<Dazzozo> i dont have a lp topic
<Dazzozo> or did people make it on my behalf again
<luca020400> Mod can you remove 100000 posts ? Thanks
<luca020400> hahahah
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<Shadowghoster> xD
<luca020400> Have we a mod ?
<Dazzozo> hi tilal6991
<tilal6991> Hey
<luca020400> Hi ^
<Shadowghoster> luca020400 I have no idea
<Shadowghoster> on android-hilfe we have one
<Dazzozo> is my cm11 thread still stickied
<Dazzozo> for no apparent fucking reason
<Shadowghoster> nope
<luca020400> In g300
<Dazzozo> oh good
<Shadowghoster> on y300 I think it never was
<Dazzozo> good
<Shadowghoster> only your CWM iisticked
<Dazzozo> i guess thats a bit more reasonable
<rhen> Dazzozo: I sign up for the 5.0 test with a G300
<luca020400> hahahahahah
<Shadowghoster> yeah but I think it wouldn't be taht wrong to build an updated version
<Dazzozo> rhen: you wouldve already been on the list
<rymate1234> I sign up for 5.0 test on zte crescent
<rhen> thanks :)
<rhen> Dazzozo: have you changed the CM11 nightlys to weekly? sunday build is perfect :)
<spanitzer> Dazz how many people are in your list? :)
<Shadowghoster> He was thinking about that rhen
<Dazzozo> yeah im gonna do that
<Dazzozo> i dont think its worth nightly builds anymore
<luca020400> No
<Shadowghoster> agreeed
<luca020400> *Yes
<rhen> I know, I just think that the weekly sunday builds would be a good time
<luca020400> Usually users update cm11 once a week
<rhen> ppl have time to update on sundays :)
<luca020400> Yes :D
<Shadowghoster> only phone where it must be nightly is LG P880 :P
<luca020400> Why ?
<Shadowghoster> native 4.1.2
<Shadowghoster> now they're up on 4.4 and dev for 5.0 is in progress
<luca020400> Gret
<Shadowghoster> and 4.4 got official
<Shadowghoster> with 3.1 kernel...
<luca020400> Kernel isn't a problem
<Shadowghoster> yeah but battery sucks
<Shadowghoster> Now a dev has ported 3.4 kernel with code from 3.4-3.10
<Shadowghoster> so that they can use tegra4-drivers etc from nexus7
<Dazzozo> theyre now weekly
<luca020400> Great ;)
<luca020400> Do you use cron.d for builds ?
<Dazzozo> not quite
<Dazzozo> feature in jenkins
<Dazzozo> the periodic build trigger
<Dazzozo> its similar to cron
<luca020400> Ok ;) I missed it
<luca020400> I mean it
<Dazzozo> rhen: atm they run on friday, should i change that?
<luca020400> Try saturday
<rhen> no, friday is fine
<rhen> there will be build tomorrow, or only friday?
<Dazzozo> only friday now
<luca020400> Only friday
<Dazzozo> there wont be a build tonight
<Shadowghoster> I think everything before and in the weekend is fine
<Dazzozo> if we keep it at friday
<Dazzozo> i dont really want to do it sunday night, because if people flash and it breaks their phones for the week that sucks
<Shadowghoster> I think rhen eant sunday morning
<rhen> in this case, I'll update my ROM now
<Dazzozo> i could do that
<luca020400> For me sunday morning is perfect
<rhen> thay can revert to the previous rom any time
<luca020400> *for me very day is perfect lol
<rhen> but I'm fine with any day between friday and sunday
<Shadowghoster> me too
<Dazzozo> ill make it friday night / saturday morning
<Dazzozo> hows that
<luca020400> how long it takes to do the builds for u8833/u8951/u8825/u8815 ?
<Dazzozo> 2 hours
<Shadowghoster> 30mins eache as it was from beginning on
<Dazzozo> the first build takes an extra 15 mins
<Shadowghoster> ^^
<Dazzozo> because every day it cleans the out dir
<Dazzozo> so it has to build a bunch of common shit again
<luca020400> Usually I remove only the /out/target folder
<Shadowghoster> jup
<Dazzozo> luca020400: i do also
<Dazzozo> ok im just gonna leave the build time as it is
<Shadowghoster> brb must restart to get access to my external HDD - don't ask me wahy
<luca020400> The only thing is the prebuild chromiuim removed :(
<Dazzozo> friday @ 3pm
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<luca020400> Does feedly works fine ? In aospa with display-caf it go in out of memory and the phone crash
<luca020400> *goes
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<luca020400> My phone still in stock :( I want it !!
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<spanitzer> Hi
<luca020400> Fianlly I fixed hover :D
<spanitzer> Btw
<spanitzer> Dazzozo: i want to test lollipop too :)
<luca020400> No remove lollipop !!!!
<rhen> I lost my recovery, but how???
<luca020400> cm11 ?
<rhen> yep
<luca020400> In these days happened to me and other users
<luca020400> Really strange
<rhen> yeah, I saw at modaco
<rhen> I can reflash it, but how it can be disappear... strange..
<spanitzer> Luca
<luca020400> I don't know
<spanitzer> Whatsapp
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<fonz93> hello
<luca020400> Hi
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<spanitzer> Hi
<luca020400> You should change nickanme to spanitzer | afk
<luca020400> When you are afk
<spanitzer> ???
<spanitzer> News vor what?
<luca020400> Away from the keyboard
<luca020400> Nope
<spanitzer> So?
<spanitzer> Wait
<spanitzer> Good night
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<luca020400> Finally :D -1
<luca020400> At 00:00 I have to write happy birthday in cm11 topic :D
<luca020400> Shadowghoster : which rom are you using ?
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<rhen> The first boot on 5.0 really takes 1,5h?
<luca020400> Maybe
<luca020400> In my phone takes 30 min
<rhen> g300 has half the cores
<rhen> so min of 1h
<luca020400> Probably it will take 1 hour
<rhen> if I don't install any app
<rhen> an update can be 1,5 h in that speed
<rhen> I think it is a good choice that Dazzozo outsource the testing.
<Dazzozo> im gonna get it to the usual level that i throw out test builds
<Dazzozo> like, its obvious what i need to fix atm
<Dazzozo> its staring you in the face
<Dazzozo> but before i go public with it ill share it to a smaller group of people first
<rhen> good choice
<luca020400> ^
<rhen> you will promote it here?
<Dazzozo> hmm?
<rhen> I used the wrong word
<rhen> will you post the "beta" build here?
<luca020400> Just a little bit diffent than this : you will promote it here?
<Dazzozo> i wont like, just dump a link in here
<Dazzozo> ill mention it in here, but to actually get it ill have to give it you
<luca020400> Everyone can get it if he post it here
<Dazzozo> someone will post it to the forum
<rhen> that would mean it is publik because of the log
<luca020400> ^
<luca020400> Yep
<rhen> *piblic
<luca020400> *public
<rhen> cant write lol
<luca020400> Me too lol
<luca020400> Have you finished the 3ds homebrew dazzozo ?
<luca020400> I mean it works :D
<Dazzozo> i havent done anything with it since yesterday
<Dazzozo> so still at the dcache roadblock
<luca020400> Ok ;)
<Dazzozo> it should work in theory but in practice the cpu data cache fucks it
<Dazzozo> and i cant figure out how to flush it properly
<luca020400> Hmm
<luca020400> Why when I record the screen in cm11 and cm10.2 the colours are inverted ?
<luca020400> Only some colours
<Dazzozo> some encoder is probably buggered
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<Dazzozo> luca020400: i dont mean app, i mean encoder
<luca020400> encoder ok
<luca020400> I love your keyboard
<luca020400> Name ?
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<luca020400> Hi ^
<Shadowghoster> luca020400 I'm using ur final build of aospa
<Shadowghoster> but on the y300 of my dad CM11 is running
<Shadowghoster> so I have both atm
<luca020400> Great :D A lot of users are using it O_o
<luca020400> What are you tring to with the 2ds dazzozo ?
<Dazzozo> luca020400: in that video?
<luca020400> Yep
<luca020400> Lol I watched the video in thr wrong way XD
<Dazzozo> yeah the N5 does that sometimes
<Dazzozo> it plays properly in chrome
<luca020400> Really strange lol
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<Dazzozo> im pretty sure its meant to use the sensors to figure out which way to record the video
<Dazzozo> but w/e
<rymate1234> Dazzozo: your video is upside down for me
<luca020400> Me too
<Dazzozo> rymate1234: literally just answered that
<luca020400> Lol
* rymate1234 opens chrome
<luca020400> It happen only with nexus 5 ?
<Dazzozo> apparently not
<rymate1234> apparently i get 1 fps in chrome
<rymate1234> wait that's buffering
<luca020400> 1fps ??
<luca020400> lol
<luca020400> I'm playng with word lens :D
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* Shadowghoster is playing GW2
<Dazzozo> whoa really
<luca020400> Am I in the list ?
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<Shadowghoster> I think that's the question everybody is thinking about ^^
<luca020400> I know :)
<Shadowghoster> So guys I'll be off, cu tomorrow
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<rhen> good night
<luca020400> Night ;)
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<luca020400> Good Night
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<luca020400> Happy birthday !
<luca020400> At least in Italy .
<luca020400> Good night
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