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<spanitzer> Hi
<Shadowghoster> frohe weihnachten
<spanitzer> Danke dir auch
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<mightwalkerkg> Hi. I need some help, my brother has g300 and decided to update it to 4.0 for some reason. But now he wants to downgrade to 3.2 But i can't open the recovery at all, the buttons light up but it's not opening at all.
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<Dazzozo> u can probably root the 4.0 rom with the exploit
<Dazzozo> and change the recovery image that way
<Dazzozo> if the recovery image is genuinely broken
<Dazzozo> i cant remember if it checked signatures tho
<Dazzozo> so i would back up the recovery image first
<Dazzozo> not that it matters, you could just replace the bootloader
<luca020400> Replace the bootloader ?
<mightwalkerkg> I flashed the downgrad when i tried to restore g300. Then the whole phone went nuts. I am downloading the bootloader now.
<mightwalkerkg> I can't get the oem boot-info.
<Dazzozo> mightwalkerkg: so you have the gingerbread bootloader when youve done an ics upgrade?
<Dazzozo> luca020400: yeah, we have an exploit that gives you rw on the entire mmc lololol
<luca020400> Entire ?
<luca020400> Can you link me this tool ?
<mightwalkerkg> Well he did the update, then tried to downgrade. Opened the recovery, flashed the downgrade and the rom. But it didn't boot at all, and then it didn't want to open the recovery.
<Dazzozo> its g300 only
<luca020400> I know
<mightwalkerkg> So i have no rom and gb bootloader.
<Dazzozo> lmao wat
<Dazzozo> so all you got is fastboot?
<mightwalkerkg> Yup.
<Dazzozo> you can flash an alternate recovery i guess?
<Dazzozo> you have gb bootloader so theres no locking
<mightwalkerkg> I tried TWRP and CWM.
<Dazzozo> (even though we can generate the codes)
<Dazzozo> woah wat
<Dazzozo> that sounds pretty fucked
<mightwalkerkg> Yeah. xD
<mightwalkerkg> Then do everything from the beggining.
<Dazzozo> fair enough
<luca020400> Dazzozo : can you give me the exploit link ?
<Dazzozo> icr where it is
<Dazzozo> i havent used it in like 2 years
<Dazzozo> but yeah, the g300's security was pretty fucked and rendered completely useless in a matter of days
<Dazzozo> you can literally take over a device with that exploit
<Dazzozo> you get free reign with the payload, we just used it to install superuser
<luca020400> Full access -> superuser
<luca020400> Full access -> brick xD
<Dazzozo> more importantly
<Dazzozo> steal phone, get all their data
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<nightwalkerkg> Dazzozo: Managed to revive it. But it's on ICS. What's the best procedure to restore it to GB ? Unlock the bootloader, flash the recovery, flash the downgrade zip and then the rom, right ?
<Dazzozo> i dont use the downgrade zips personally and i remember a lot of people complaining about them
<Dazzozo> but i think the only other option is to use an oeminfo with older version data
<Dazzozo> to trick the download mode in to letting you install something old
<nightwalkerkg> Dazzozo: Any guides on modaco ?
<Dazzozo> if there is, they'll be ooooold
<nightwalkerkg> Hmmm. Well i guess i'll have to try with the downgrader one more time. :P
<nightwalkerkg> At least i can boot into recovery now. :D
<nightwalkerkg> Dazzozo: One more question, i flashed TWRP, and i plan to flash downgrader, he has CWM 5 inside. So i should flash it with TWRP, then reboot into CWM and flash the rom ?
<nightwalkerkg> Also do i have to mount the partitions manualy ?
<Dazzozo> wat wat wat
<nightwalkerkg> xD
<nightwalkerkg> I downloaded this to downgrade to GB.
<nightwalkerkg> But as stated, it has CWM 5 inside. So after flashing it in TWRP do i need to reboot, and then flash the rom through the CWM ? :D
<nightwalkerkg> Because it's on ICS now.
<Dazzozo> is that even a question
<Dazzozo> yes, i guess?/
<Dazzozo> whats it matter what you install it with if it works
<nightwalkerkg> Dazzozo: Yeah, but i have to ask. xD I don't want to go all over that update shit again. xD
<nightwalkerkg> It's done. Thanks for the help. :D
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<spanitzer> Today we have Christmas
<fonz93> hello
<spanitzer> Which gift is the best for the Community?
<spanitzer> A 5.0 Rom :D
<fonz93> does some one know the difference between arm-eabi and arm-linuxgnueabihf, regarding kernel building?
<fonz93> *arm-linux-gnueabihf
<Shadowghoster> h = hardfloat
<Shadowghoster> *hf
<fonz93> and the "-linux-"?
<fonz93> i thought it was for the ROM building
<fonz93> but it's used for the kernel
<luca020400> Yes it is
<luca020400> Kernel only
<fonz93> what the "-linux-" is related for?
<luca020400> Linux = kernel
<luca020400> Maybe
<fonz93> arm-linux-androideabi = ROM building
<luca020400> Yep
<fonz93> so "-linux-" doesn't mean ROM build
<fonz93> it just means something that i don't know
<luca020400> Linux is the kernel
<luca020400> Android the os / rom
<fonz93> and why the ROM's toolchain is arm-linux?
<fonz93> Google's toolchain for the kernel is arm-eabi
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<luca020400> My PC quit when I'm at the door of my house
<luca020400> Lol
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<luca020400|away> I can't change my name
<Shadowghoster> why?
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<luca020400> /msg NickServ identify ARCEUS2000
<luca020400> lol
<luca020400> Ops
<Shadowghoster> interesting ^^
<luca020400> XD
<Shadowghoster> you should change your pw
<luca020400> Caps lock
<Shadowghoster> ^^
<luca020400> I never use this passwaord
<luca020400> Usuallu I use another one ( always )
<luca020400> If you found a site/forum when I use this passwaord tell me
<luca020400> There is a guy that build cm12 and insert motorola changes inside apps/framework and make it booting
<luca020400> He is crazy
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<luca020400> Ricezione degli oggetti: 10% (313622/2884908), 115.86 MiB | 1.2 MiB/s :D
<luca020400> Vodafone present
<spanitzer> Lollipop!!!!!!!!!
<luca020400> Nooooooooooooo
<spanitzer> I hope i become a phone with good devs!
<spanitzer> And lollipop
<luca020400> You don't know what you wrote XD
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<Shadowghoster> I think so too, luca020400
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<tilal6991> Dazzozo: here's something to amuse you
<Dazzozo> tilal6991: lmao
<Dazzozo> reminds me of this http://www.tinyted.net/eddie/bioscheck.html
<tilal6991> Lol
<luca020400> XD
<tilal6991> Having to do that because the amp is closed and we have know idea how the eq files are processed
<fonz93> Dazzozo: do you think it's useful to use overcommit memory with SWAP or zRAM
<Dazzozo> i think its something that needs testing
<fonz93> personally i used it for a long time, but i didn't find any difference with or without
<fonz93> don't know..
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