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<apritzel> MoeIcenowy: ssvb: a DT and defconfig for Linux for the H5/Opi PC 2: https://github.com/apritzel/linux/commits/a64-v6-wip
<apritzel> also a quick ATF "port" (prints H5 and skips the PMIC setup): https://github.com/apritzel/arm-trusted-firmware/commits/allwinner
<apritzel> of course totally untested (since I don't have the board yet, though it is already in England)
<apritzel> if it's really as close to the H3 as the pin comparison suggests, we shouldn't need additional Linux patches
<apritzel> actually it should work with 4.8 already
<apritzel> though it requires a recompile, because the arm64 defconfig does not enable the H3 pinctrl and clocks
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<wens> my h3 kernel needs upgrading
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<wens> argh.... deleted all my stashed changes again :(
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<MoeIcenowy> apritzel: we may need PINCTRL_SUN50I_H5
<MoeIcenowy> but now H3 can work.
<MoeIcenowy> and do you have your CCU-less A64 dt now?
<wens> CCU-less?
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<MoeIcenowy> wens: I can't promise sun8i-h3-ccu can work on H5...
<MoeIcenowy> P.S I have a question about R16...
<MoeIcenowy> can R16 directly do HDMI output?
<MoeIcenowy> (the question raises by Nintendo NES Mini/Classic
<MoeIcenowy> qschulz, mripard: ^
<wens> someone should get a photo of the other side of the pcb
<MoeIcenowy> wens: bridge chip?
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<wens> MoeIcenowy: its possible, yeah
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<MoeIcenowy> wens: got the picture on mailing list
<MoeIcenowy> I think it may be some PheonixSuit image burned to it
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<MoeIcenowy> as U-Boot is 2011.09 :-(
<MoeIcenowy> EP952! I know why is there a hdmi-ep952 driver in H2 SDK!
<wens> hdmi bridge
<MoeIcenowy> but it's under disp2 directory...
<wens> does it have proper gpl license headers?
<MoeIcenowy> no
<MoeIcenowy> for H5, it seems that the boot0 is dumb...
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<ssvb> wens: it would be funny if somebody starts harassing Nintendo about GPL compliance
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<wens> ssvb: oops :p
<ssvb> apritzel: looks like my Orange Pi PC 2 board is arriving today in the evening, and DHL was nice enough to ask for a convenient delivery time interval via SMS
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<MoeIcenowy> ssvb: congrats
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<montjoie> I do not remind who request it, but I have updated all my github branch (and so SS/CE with PRNG)
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<jski> about to give my cubietruck a 160gb mysql db :D
<KotCzarny> uh-oh
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<miasma> montjoie: would it be ok to have a crypto engine page in the sunxi wiki with possibly content copied from your page or a link to that page?
<miasma> there's only one link in the mainlining effort page and it's a bit hidden
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<tkaiser> NiteHawk: I won't resend a PR for Xunlong's default fex since the settings there are simply insane (Allwinner crap defaults): https://forum.armbian.com/index.php/topic/2808-orange-pi-zero-went-to-the-market/?p=19383
<MoeIcenowy> apritzel: but we still have no U-Boot...
<apritzel> MoeIcenowy: true, but I left this as an exercise to the reader ;-)
<apritzel> (low hanging fruits first)
<MoeIcenowy> OK I got a "How to port to newer Allwinner chips" book from Apritzel Press :-)
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<apritzel> MoeIcenowy: I guess it's a bit nasty, because we have to mix MACH_SUN50I and MACH_H3 now
<MoeIcenowy> we need a MACH_SUN50I_A64 and a MACH_SUN50I_H3
<NiteHawk> tkaiser: I'd still like to compare them (simply from a scientific/"fexc"-oriented point of view). can you provide the .fex and the .bin from the boot partition somewhere?
<apritzel> or rather sort out the ARMv8 stuff from the peripheral defines and use different symbols
<MoeIcenowy> we should have thought that if allwinner used sun50iw1, then will come w2 and so on
<MoeIcenowy> s/50I_H3/50I_H5/g
<apritzel> MoeIcenowy: I guess it would be smarter to some kind of SUNXI_64 define to cover all things that relate to armv8 and 64-bit stuff
<wens> hmm... who was doing the sunxi-boards merges before?
<MoeIcenowy> apritzel: it can be MACH_SUN50I
<apritzel> now this weird naming scheme bites us, I think
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<apritzel> relating to AW's scheme you are right
<apritzel> because 50I means A53 cores
<apritzel> but there is also the A64 clocks and pins, which are somewhat SUN50I (shared between A64/H64 and what's still there to come)
<NiteHawk> tkaiser: cool. thx!
<KotCzarny> tkaiser: what was the cause of previous transfer corruption?
<tkaiser> NiteHawk: Please be aware that script.bin obviously has been generated from a differing sys_config.fex file (pmu_level1 is wrong)
<apritzel> MoeIcenowy: also should AW ever take different 64-bit cores (A57, A72, A35, ...) we start #ifdef mayhem again
<tkaiser> KotCzarny: I don
<tkaiser> 't care since the contents is crap anyway
<MoeIcenowy> good question...
<MoeIcenowy> but they seems to care only 8i and 50i now
<wens> apritzel: not sure how you can use #ifdef in the kernel if the kernel is supposed to be generic?
<MoeIcenowy> wens: in kernel, of course, no
<MoeIcenowy> but in u-boot, yes
<wens> oh ok
<NiteHawk> KotCzarny: presumably UART issues and/or character encoding troubles when dumping the .fex over serial
<MoeIcenowy> but I seems to found some problems on the boot0 in h5 lichee
<MoeIcenowy> will try to pheonix a card to test
<tkaiser> NiteHawk: The 'value' of these vendor generated fex files is questionable. It seems Xunlong pays one or two guys now doing software stuff but obviously they have no idea how dvfs with Xunlong hardware works.
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<NiteHawk> tkaiser: I'm just curious whether my experimental .fex test (tools) work/s with those files, especially the 'unify-fex' normalization. In theory you coud then diff the actual .bin contents against the .fex and fix any differences to get a sane(r) .fex
<apritzel> wens: hell yes, I was talking about U-ifdef-boot, not the kernel
<wens> :)
<tkaiser> NiteHawk: ok then. But from time to time discussions here indicate that these original fex settings would be manufacturer's will. In this case it's obvious that somebody fiddled around who has no idea how voltage regulation on this board works. And that makes the whole file contents questionable.
<MoeIcenowy> U-ifdef-boot ;-) hahahahahahahaha
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<NiteHawk> tkaiser: what's the more correct setting in this specific case then? the one from the .fex, the .bin or neither of them?
<KotCzarny> neither
<KotCzarny> ;)
<NiteHawk> great. :D
<KotCzarny> value of data: linux-sunxi > allwinner > vendors
<tkaiser> NiteHawk: It's really neither, the person fiddling around with the settings doesn't understand how two state switching between 1.1V and 1.3V works. With their settings it's all the time 1.3V. And since they obiously realized that the board with these settings gets quite hot, they then limit max cpufreq to 1008 MHz. With sane settings you can allow 1200 MHz and get ~25¡C less idle temperatures.
<apritzel> wens: MoeIcenowy: I was thinking about merging at least H5 and A64 in U-Boot, but that sounds like a bigger effort
<apritzel> maybe it's worth investigate it just for the SPL
<apritzel> because we can choose a different U-Boot proper with FIT support (I think)
<apritzel> and the SPL seems to cut corner for pinmux setup and stuff anyway
<apritzel> *corners
<MoeIcenowy> apritzel: you mean kill #ifdef's?
<apritzel> MoeIcenowy: I guess yes
<apritzel> replace it with SoCID based detection
<apritzel> but I expect some opposition
<MoeIcenowy> but the SPL is size-limited by BROM...
<tkaiser> NiteHawk: BTW: Since we deal with H3 devices with just 2 DVFS operating points none of the hardware manufacturers provided correct settings for this setup. No OS image from Xunlong ever worked correctly on Orange Pi One, Lite or now Zero and it would be the same with all FriendlyARM boards too (but since they allow to open issues on Github we were able to teach them: https://github.com/friendlyarm/h3_lichee/issues/2 )
<MoeIcenowy> make it general is not a good idea
<apritzel> MoeIcenowy: true, but I hope that it's not much that we loose (unless we have completely different DRAM init routines)
<apritzel> ("true" was referring to size limit)
<wens> apritzel: lets hope not
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<jski> days like this I just love linux <3
<wens> MoeIcenowy: r16 parrot board popped up on taobao again: https://world.taobao.com/item/530374411673.htm#detail
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<mripard> damn, it's cheap
<MoeIcenowy> mripard: it's not cheap at all
<wens> mripard: i thought you guys already have one?
<mripard> MoeIcenowy: google says 8€, it's not?
<KotCzarny> what's so special about r16/parrot?
<mripard> wens: that was a general comment, but yeah, we have one already
<MoeIcenowy> mripard: this link is RMB ¥999
<MoeIcenowy> ~USD $147.01
<wens> mripard: google confused rmb with japanese yen
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<mripard> aaaah
<wens> both currencies use the same symbol :p
<mripard> yes then
<mripard> definitely not cheap :)
<KotCzarny> maybe its the cost with lcd display?
<KotCzarny> cant read chinese, but its on pictures
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<mripard> KotCzarny: nothing really, it's just one of the few nice available dev boards for the A33 / R16
<mripard> with the SinA33
<mripard> but the parrot is better
<wens> haha, the description mentions
<naobsd> I cannot remember detail... is allwinner u-boot uses fex(.bin)? or pin configuration should be described in u-boot source tree?
<MoeIcenowy> KotCzarny: yes
<MoeIcenowy> it's the price with the LCD
<MoeIcenowy> but still expensive
<wens> the description mentions "the world's first $9 computer" while explaining the R series
<naobsd> there is kernel/u-boot source for NES Classic, but I cannot remember where fex should be stored...
<mripard> hahaha :)
<wens> naobsd: the fex file is in a separate directory outside of u-boot/linux
<naobsd> wens: thanks
<MoeIcenowy> naobsd: where did you get it
<wens> ssvb: looks like they are doing the right thing ^
<naobsd> as I posted kernel has no output. I never tried UART RX yet, I'm not sure shell is running or not (I guess not) so
<MoeIcenowy> let's check blobs in it :-)
<naobsd> currently I have no idea to get fex from running device
<MoeIcenowy> A33 used to have some blobs
<MoeIcenowy> for example, HawkView ISP
<naobsd> it may be possible that run modified Allwinner kernel(w/ NAND support) from fel?
<wens> naobsd: you need boot0, u-boot first
<naobsd> I'm not sure u-boot source includes boot0
<MoeIcenowy> naobsd: nope, but A33 lichee have boot0 source
<wens> naobsd: nope, that's a separate thing, which they aren't bound to release
<naobsd> I guess boot0 is common for all board with same SoC, right?
<naobsd> well, I should read wiki at first ;)
<MoeIcenowy> naobsd: yes
<wens> naobsd: afaik the fex file contains the customizations
<naobsd> ah
<naobsd> ./sunxi-fel read 0x43000000 0x20000 script.bin
<naobsd> so fel mode is enough? :)
<wens> naobsd: u-boot and boot0 blobs have a header section, where some parameters get written too
<MoeIcenowy> naobsd: nope it's not enough.
<MoeIcenowy> on A33
<naobsd> oops
<naobsd> what's required for A33?
<MoeIcenowy> naobsd: a Pheonix image or a interactive shell under BSP
<naobsd> shell under BSP? root shell on console?
<MoeIcenowy> yes.
<naobsd> I guess shell is not running on console... I have to solder TX/RX pad (not yet for now)
<MoeIcenowy> I think we have now a proper driver to support NAND in A33 mainline kernel
<MoeIcenowy> but mainline kernel NAND drivers is different to BSPs'
<MoeIcenowy> so it's no use
<naobsd> there is no network/external storage on NES classic. if update image will be available in future, it will be flashable image via OTG (just my guessing)
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<naobsd> is there any way to run or flash costomized _Allwinner_ kernel via fel mode?
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<MoeIcenowy> you can try to execute the "FES" file
<MoeIcenowy> which can be found in A33 lichee
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<MoeIcenowy> then you need a different protocol
<KotCzarny> in a way, blocking any way of fiddling lower the number of 'broken' returns ;)
<NiteHawk> tkaiser: that .fex L#495 confirms my theory about malformed comments ;) https://github.com/linux-sunxi/sunxi-boards/issues/50#issuecomment-221712472
<naobsd> hmm
<MoeIcenowy> naobsd: you can try https://github.com/lolet/FELix
<MoeIcenowy> it supports some pheonix bits
<naobsd> https://github.com/lolet/FELix#howtos hmm firmware.img is required...
<rellla> should the mainline status matrix get a VE column?
<naobsd> firmware.img for another A33 device might be enough to dump partition...?
<MoeIcenowy> naobsd: maybe
<MoeIcenowy> as it needs only U-Boot and FES1
<MoeIcenowy> FES1 is like mainline SPL, which initializes DRAM and then back to FEL
<MoeIcenowy> U-Boot is doing NAND ops
<naobsd> it's worth a try :)
<naobsd> I cannot try it now (my NES classic is at work place... I'm at home now)
<naobsd> I hope someone might try soon ;)
<KotCzarny> rellla: +1
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<apritzel> naobsd: shouldn't it be the other way round (game console at home)? ;-)
<wens> apritzel: maybe naobsd works at nintendo? :p
<KotCzarny> rellla: while at it, maybe 2D/3D engines should get their columns too? and add new status 'working(blob)'
<apritzel> wens: and has a PS4 at home, then? :-p
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<beeble> hehe
<beeble> .gitignore file but .BAK files in the zip
<rellla> KotCzarny: yeah, but i'm not very up-to-date on mali kernel driver and blobs ...
<MoeIcenowy> rellla: I think it should be marked as "WIP"
<MoeIcenowy> as the necessary patches has not entered 4.9-rc
<rellla> and G2D is only available in A10/13/20 iirc. and no work has started, so it remains a dead column most likely
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<rellla> MoeIcenowy: mali? and on which SoCs?
<MoeIcenowy> it's mostly about sun4i-drm
<MoeIcenowy> A13, A33 can now work, and both tested by mripard
<KotCzarny> rellla: you might leave it 'unknown'
<MoeIcenowy> I also tested A33 GPU
<MoeIcenowy> "work" means after merging necessary patches
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<MoeIcenowy> and mali dt work will never enter mainline
<MoeIcenowy> but the it can be provided as dt overlay, come with mali kernel driver
<miasma> i wonder how the original designers of mali feel about the status and lack of drivers. iirc a friend of a friend in norway was one of the designers
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<naobsd> hehe. Nintendo Classic Mini was released today @JP, I bought it on the way of home -> work
<naobsd> I had to play "find FEL!" game at work place :)
<naobsd> then I disassembled it for "find UART!" game. but I had no time to reassemble it, I couldn't bright it to home ;)
<tkaiser> naobsd: Is OTG exposed externally or do you have to open the box?
<naobsd> OTG is exposed. near to HDMI. JP model and US?WW? model is different form, but USB/HDMI interface should be same
<naobsd> please check official info
<naobsd> btw I don't know any other game except "find FEL/UART!" yet :)
<naobsd> it seems controller interface is i2c. I don't know detail but someone said it should be same as Wii classic controller
<naobsd> so available interface should be: OTG HDMI(via bridge) UART and I2C
<beeble> the controller interface is i2c. at least from the sourcedrop
<beeble> MODULE_DESCRIPTION("Nintendo Clover/Wii Classic/Wii Pro controllers on I2C");
<naobsd> ah yes clovercon
<naobsd> is mainline u-boot can be flashed on NAND?
<rellla> MoeIcenowy, KotCzarny: so we don't add mali to the matrix, as it won't be able to be mainlined?
<tkaiser> naobsd: bbrezillon should know?
<naobsd> ah
<naobsd> well, if otg host mode is supported on u-boot, "support NAND _on u-boot_" might not be needed
<naobsd> what I though is "using fel mode _everytime_" is not so handy...
<naobsd> thought
<naobsd> (reading wiki again...)
* deskwizard bows down
<deskwizard> Just wanted to say thanks for all the work you guys put in, greatly appreciated
<tkaiser> naobsd: It should work since NextThing is doing exactly this on their CHIP
<tkaiser> naobsd: Also the Link to Olimex' github repo before was there for a reason, they have an A33 board with NAND and combine mainline u-boot with smelly 3.4 kernel
<naobsd> ah thanks
<naobsd> I didn't read carefully, sorry
<tkaiser> naobsd: In case you're taking pictures and collect some stuff already, this page here is for you: http://linux-sunxi.org/index.php?title=Nintendo_NES_Classic&action=edit
<tkaiser> naobsd: Process is outlined here: http://linux-sunxi.org/New_Device_page#Starting_point
<naobsd> yeah I should it, but sorry, I had no time, no picture myself yet
<naobsd> (and generally I don't have so much time for this... I just wanted to know about FEL/UART for now)
<miasma> how does the rtc on h3 boards work? is it sufficient to keep the dc plug connected to provide backup power?
<miasma> some boards come with cr2025 or a similar battery
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<KotCzarny> miasma: question is, does power off work on h3 devices? ;)
<KotCzarny> and if not, you will have to remove power anyway
<miasma> sure. so basically there's no way to avoid clock reset?
<miasma> the rtc chips might provide a pin for external battery
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<KotCzarny> a20 definitely has it
<KotCzarny> havent' checked on h3
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<mripard> rellla: MoeIcenowy: I'm not sure the mali should be mentionned in the mainlining page at all
<mripard> there's no plan to mainline that.
<montjoie> I agree:)
<montjoie> The only column in black
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<alexxei> Hello, I'm using the latest armbian jessie desktop on a banana pi. Can I set the HDMI output to 1024x768?
<alexxei> I saw that in script.fex screen*-output-mode there are only wide-screen resolutions for tv/hdmi
<bbrezillon> naobsd: you should be able to flash a bootable SPL and uboot image in NAND
<bbrezillon> naobsd: see this patch series => https://www.mail-archive.com/u-boot@lists.denx.de/msg230192.html
elvirolo has joined #linux-sunxi
<naobsd> bbrezillon: thanks :)
<bbrezillon> in case you want to do it manually, you'll have to build sunxi-nand-image-builder (sunxi-tools)
<bbrezillon> and use it to create an SPL image bootable from NAND
<bbrezillon> naobsd: the good news is that it's an SLC NAND ;)
<elvirolo> hi all
<elvirolo> would you recommend using an encrypted FS on a olimex lime2 board?
<naobsd> ah, then NES classic is _the 1st_ w/SLC? ;)
<bbrezillon> the CHIP pro embeds an SLC chip as well
<bbrezillon> but yes, most boards use MLC NANDs
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<wens> 20:43 < stdint> vaapi have been proven can't work in parrallel
<wens> over in #linux-rockchip
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<rellla> wens?
<wens> someone over there is also working on a mainline vpu driver
<wens> an initial version will be released soon, but will be a gstreamer plugin instead of vaapi
<wens> hmm, i forgot what the sunxi one was...
<MoeIcenowy> va driver
<wens> mripard: ^
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<mripard> wens: ?
gianMOD has joined #linux-sunxi
<wens> mripard: is Florent still around?
<rellla> kido^
<wens> mripard: thought you guys might want to know, as i recall rockchip's vpu is similar to allwinner's
<wens> the drivers and any issues they run into might be similar as well
<deskwizard> is there a specific reason the spdif driver is not mainlined for A20s ?
<mripard> deskwizard: none, and it actually is in mainline :)
<mripard> wens: ah, yes, we know
<deskwizard> mripard: Oh! I missed that
<mripard> the rockchip guys have been involved in the API discussions too
<mripard> but mainly through google
<wens> mripard: yeah, which is why i was kind of suprised they switched to gstreamer
<deskwizard> mripard: thanks :)
<wens> as i recall kido was over in #linux-rockchip talking with them
<wens> mripard: i'm probably overreacting
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<MoeIcenowy> libnand in Nintendo's source code is blob
<MoeIcenowy> at least for sun8iw5p1
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* f2zubac cao
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<f2zubac> \n
<wens> mripard: found a bug in the new pinctrl code w/ old style dts
<mripard> wens: what is it ?
<wens> mripard: kfree(map[0].data.configs.configs); # the index can be anything < num_configs but 0
<wens> wrote a fix i need to test
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<MoeIcenowy> wens, mripard: If I add H2+ dt to mainline
<MoeIcenowy> how should I do
<MoeIcenowy> should I work out a new pinctrl driver
<wens> MoeIcenowy: step by step, do the basics: 24M clock and uarts first
<MoeIcenowy> H2+ is just cut down H3
<wens> MoeIcenowy: then pinctrl and clocks, separately
<wens> MoeIcenowy: well then you should probably compare and see if anything is missing or added
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<wens> MoeIcenowy: if all the pinmux functions match up, you don't need a new driver
<wens> if they don't, then you need to do one
<MoeIcenowy> as tkaiser says BSP H3 images work well
<MoeIcenowy> and H2+ is also sun8iw7p1
<wens> MoeIcenowy: are they pin compatible?
<MoeIcenowy> I don't know
<MoeIcenowy> no datasheet yet
<wens> ok, do we know the package of the H2+?
<wens> argh, wrong commit
<MoeIcenowy> I don't know
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* MoeIcenowy will try to measure the size of H2+ and compare with H3
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<wens> MoeIcenowy: actually the number of pins is what matters
<wens> if they don't match, you almost certainly need a new driver
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<MoeIcenowy> I think they may be pin compatible, as they do not have any external difference
<MoeIcenowy> only difference on VPU and EMAC
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<MoeIcenowy> As I know, we cannot differ H3 with H2+ with SoC ID
<MoeIcenowy> but can with SID
<tkaiser> wens: MoeIcenowy: just as info, the 'legacy' Armbian image I'm currently testing with is based on an older lichee drop (found in FriendlyARM github repo back in May). So we don't use the 'H2 SDK' at all but H3 BSP sources and everything works (3.4.113)
<MoeIcenowy> wens: I think we can at first create a sun8i-h2-plus.dtsi, which contains only #include "sun8i-h3.dtsi"
<MoeIcenowy> and whenever we find anything different
<MoeIcenowy> we add things to h2-plus dtsi
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<MoeIcenowy> tkaiser: do you have opi0 schematics
<MoeIcenowy> or at least gpio pinout
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<MoeIcenowy> wens: after a grep on "H2+ BSP"
<MoeIcenowy> I found only one thing related to H2+
<MoeIcenowy> ./arch/arm/mach-sunxi/sun8i.c:case 0x42:/* H2+ */
<MoeIcenowy> And it indicated a "H3D"
<f2zubac> has anybody managed to use secure boot with H3 ? like encrypted image and secure boot ?
<f2zubac> some google search indicate some documents do exist but require nda and stuff ?
<tkaiser> NiteHawk: H5: sunxi-fel ver --> AWUSBFEX soc=00001718(unknown) 00000001 ver=0001 44 08 scratchpad=00007e00 00000000 00000000
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<tkaiser> NiteHawk: sunxi-fel sid --> 'Warning: no 'soc_sram_info' data for your SoC (id=1718)\nSID registers for your SoC (id=0000) are unknown or inaccessible.'
<MoeIcenowy> tkaiser: I added some basical support of H5
<mripard> wens: yep, looks good
<MoeIcenowy> but SID seems to be not same as A64
<MoeIcenowy> my sram info can make uart0-helloworld boot via fel
<MoeIcenowy> tkaiser: if you want I can push to my github
<tkaiser> MoeIcenowy: Thanks, I'll put OPi PC 2 back into drawer now. Too much other stuff :)
<MoeIcenowy> tkaiser: on github.com/Icenowy/sunxi-tools branch h5
* NiteHawk leaves lurking in the shadows mode and takes a look
<wens> mripard: will test and send it out tomorrow
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<NiteHawk> MoeIcenowy: were you able to transfer/run boot0 over FEL, or did your experiments stop at uart0_helloworld?
IgorPec has joined #linux-sunxi
<MoeIcenowy> NiteHawk: the Boot0 seems to be a dumb guy
<MoeIcenowy> I cannot get it to speak anything
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<kido> wens: yep I'm still around, just busy with other projects and stuff :)
mhlavink has joined #linux-sunxi
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<apritzel> MoeIcenowy: NiteHawk: given the close relationship to the H3, can anyone try to run just a H3 SPL on it (via FEL)
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<MoeIcenowy> apritzel: I failed.
<NiteHawk> i have probably missed it if posted before - is there an H5 datasheet around yet?
* f2zubac anybody has an idea ?
<mripard> kido: traitor ! :)
<apritzel> NiteHawk: yes, on the Opi PC 2 wiki page
<NiteHawk> ah, cool. thx
<apritzel> NiteHawk: it's just a datasheet, though
<apritzel> (few dozen pages compared to the multiple hundred on a "user manual")
<apritzel> NiteHawk: I compared the pins yesterday - one by one
<NiteHawk> does it show memory mapping?
<apritzel> no
<NiteHawk> :P
<apritzel> but as the H5 is pin compatible to the H3, I guess it's just the H3 memory map
<apritzel> only difference is the A64 MMC controller
<apritzel> and VCC_PC on the H5, which is VCC_PA on the H3
<apritzel> to allow driving SDMMC2 with 1.8V for eMMC 5.x
<NiteHawk> MoeIcenowy: might be worth giving it a try with a10_a13_a20_sram_swap_buffers then?
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<apritzel> MoeIcenowy: NiteHawk: just wanted to say the same
<apritzel> forget A64, make it look like a H3 everywhere
<MoeIcenowy> wens, tkaiser: tested a mainline kernel image on H2+
<MoeIcenowy> (orange pi one's
<MoeIcenowy> even EMAC is drivern at first
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<kido> :)
Nacho has joined #linux-sunxi
<apritzel> MoeIcenowy: the SRAM location is different between H3 and A64, so you cannot reuse that code in sunxi-fel
<MoeIcenowy> yes...
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<MoeIcenowy> https://pastebin.anthonos.org/view/57166f69 dmesg on H2+ with Orange Pi One image
<MoeIcenowy> now put opi0 back and take opipc2
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<NiteHawk> The H2+ mimics H3, so same SoC ID / FEL logic?
<MoeIcenowy> NiteHawk: yes
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<MoeIcenowy> I cannot get sun50iw1p1, sun50iw2p1, sun8iw7p1 boot0s say anything...
<MoeIcenowy> on my opipc2
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<apritzel> MoeIcenowy: but uart0-helloworld worked via FEL?
<MoeIcenowy> yes
<MoeIcenowy> both via FEL and via SDCard
<MoeIcenowy> and my "say anything" means via SDCard
<apritzel> and you did try: ./sunxi-fel -v -p spl spl/sunxi-spl.bin
<apritzel> with some H3 SPL?
<apritzel> just that should give you the SPL banner, at least
<MoeIcenowy> also dumb
<MoeIcenowy> the only solution may be to pheonix a card
<MoeIcenowy> got the image yet
<MoeIcenowy> but lack of a 32-bit Windows machine
<ssvb> MoeIcenowy: if you have some sunxi-fel and uart0-helloworld patches for sunxi-tools, then you may want to submit a pull request on github
<MoeIcenowy> can I do not submit sram info first
<MoeIcenowy> I'm not sure about the sram info
<MoeIcenowy> but SoC ID and UART0-Helloworld is sure
<NiteHawk> ssvb: the uart0-helloworld is already confirmed/working - we need to check the sram buffers setup / memory layout
<ssvb> it's more like soc info, rather than sram info nowadays
<MoeIcenowy> known issue: sid returns 0
<apritzel> MoeIcenowy: so what's wrong with just copying the H3 info and replacing the SoC ID?
<NiteHawk> all 128 bits?
<ssvb> then the SID base address is probably wrong
<apritzel> MoeIcenowy: uh oh, I guess I know whats going on
<apritzel> same as the H64: FEL is entered non-secure ...
<apritzel> SID is secure, so you read zeroes ...
<NiteHawk> ah, good hint!
<ssvb> hmm, this does not sound good
<MoeIcenowy> if copy h3 sid base
<MoeIcenowy> system will stuck when sunxi-fel sid
<apritzel> MoeIcenowy: try to read the SCR register in helloworld
<MoeIcenowy> and I can only reset the board
<MoeIcenowy> apritzel: I know few about this
<apritzel> if that fails, you are non-secure
<MoeIcenowy> could you please provide some infomation on it?
<apritzel> then read CPSR to see he mode bits
<apritzel> it should say monitor mode
<MoeIcenowy> how to read SCR and CPSR?
<NiteHawk> apritzel: does that mean we're effed up trying to do low-level stuff like MMU setup?
<apritzel> bad news is that this prevents RMR to switch to 64-bit mode :-(
<MoeIcenowy> oh I made a mistake in my H5 uart0 helloworld code
<MoeIcenowy> but this is not related to SID
<apritzel> but there must be some way around this, as the Remix Mini eventually loads a 64-bit kernel
<ssvb> a bigger question is whether there is any secure monitor installed by the BROM, and what is it doing there
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<apritzel> so maybe it's just that FEL mode is restricted to non-secure, while SD and eMMC boots are not
<apritzel> MoeIcenowy: ARMv7 ARM, section B4.1.129: SCR, Secure configuration register
<apritzel> MRC p15, 0, <Rt>, c1, c1, 0 ; Read SCR into Rt
<MoeIcenowy> could you please provide some GCC snippets to run this...
<MoeIcenowy> I'm not good at ARM asm
<ssvb> what's the point restricting FEL mode?
<MoeIcenowy> or I should say I never know anything newer than ARMv4
<apritzel> __asm__ volatile ("mrc p15, 0, %0, c1, c1, 0\n" : "=r" (reg));
<apritzel> (or so, just from the top of my head)
<MoeIcenowy> if reg == 0 then it's secure?
<apritzel> if that ever returns you are ;-)
<apritzel> if you are non-secure, that traps
<apritzel> because it's forbidden
<apritzel> not sure where to, but it would probably just hang somewhere
<MoeIcenowy> SCR is 0
<MoeIcenowy> but program didn't hang
<MoeIcenowy> how can I read CPSR?
<apritzel> ask Dr. Google ;-)
<apritzel> __asm__ volatile (" mrs %0, cpsr" : "=r" (retval));
<MoeIcenowy> you are the official stuff :-)
<apritzel> the lower five bits is what you are after
<apritzel> so being able to read SCR is a good sign
<apritzel> ssvb: restricting FEL mode> to prevent hacking?
<apritzel> ssvb: I know, not really convincing, but ... AW and stuff ... ;-)
<MoeIcenowy> 10011 got.
<MoeIcenowy> It seems to be SVC?
<apritzel> yes
<MoeIcenowy> is SVC secure?
<MoeIcenowy> I will now try on a H3
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<apritzel> depends on SCR[0]
<apritzel> it seems like you are in secure SVC, which is expected
<MoeIcenowy> on H3 it's also booted from SVC
<apritzel> so nice theory, but it's not true (which is good news) and but doesn't explain the zero SID
<MoeIcenowy> maybe the trap is dealed?
<apritzel> I'd try to add "#define DEBUG" to the "usual suspects" files in U-Boot's SPL and see if this gives you anything
<ssvb> maybe just the base address of SID is different after all?
<ssvb> we need a H5 user manual
<apritzel> ssvb: pah, that would be waaay to easy ;-)
<apritzel> let's assume it's a silicon bug first :-p
<ssvb> or we can look into the BSP sources, if anything interesting is already available
<MoeIcenowy> oh maybe we'd read the f**k BSP
<MoeIcenowy> #define SUNXI_SID_BASE (0x01c14000L)
<MoeIcenowy> position is right.
<naobsd> NES Classic UART pins are confirmed, GND TX RX (from left to right)
<MoeIcenowy> naobsd: congrats
<NiteHawk> naobsd: very nice
<jski> which allwinner soc is best for sata?
IgorPec2 has joined #linux-sunxi
<jski> a20?
<MoeIcenowy> I think it is
<MoeIcenowy> although I want a R40
<tkaiser> jski: R40 maybe ;)
<MoeIcenowy> maybe I should ask Nora Lee for one
<jski> I like maybe :D
<apritzel> jski: you can take any from the vast number of SoCs that actually support native SATA ;-)
<tkaiser> MoeIcenowy: You should really ask
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<apritzel> jski: (which is A10 and A20 atm only, AFAIK)
<jski> I have a need for speed
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<tkaiser> jski: So why SATA then?
<jski> what is quicker?
<tkaiser> jski: With A20's SATA implementation sequential write speeds are pretty limited. Same level as with UASP.
<MoeIcenowy> so depressed about my opipc2
<MoeIcenowy> without uart0-helloworld I will think I bought a brick
<tkaiser> jski: But random IO is better of course and sequential read speeds can exceed 200 MB/s. Some further reading (testing other ARM SoCs as well): https://forum.armbian.com/index.php/topic/1925-some-storage-benchmarks-on-sbcs/
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<jski> will be interested to see how quick the emmc is on the orange pi pc plus
<tkaiser> jski: Test numbers available in Armbian forum.
<jski> oww
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<KotCzarny> jski: use marvel boards for speed
<KotCzarny> i think espressobin is finishing today or something
chomwitt has joined #linux-sunxi
<apritzel> jski: and is already supported by mainline
<apritzel> jski: ^^^ yeah, that one should kick a**
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<jski> the orange pi plus 2e seems to meet all my requirements
<tkaiser> plm: Nope
<tkaiser> jski: This board should soon be on sale. 48h for just $29
<plm> Is the orangepi all opensource hardware?
<jski> link?
<tkaiser> jski: Shenzen Xunlong aliexpress store or orangepi.org forum
Putti has joined #linux-sunxi
<jski> oh the 2E. yes am more worried about the bulk cost :)
deskwizard has joined #linux-sunxi
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<ssvb> apritzel: just got the PC2 and Zero boards, will try something now :-)
<MoeIcenowy> interesting
<MoeIcenowy> even Xunlong is congratulating Dual 11?
_whitelogger has joined #linux-sunxi
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<KotCzarny> jski, just get any rtc addon using gpio
<KotCzarny> then it doesnt matter which board you use
<KotCzarny> s/gpio/i2c/
jernej has joined #linux-sunxi
<plm> tkaiser: why smoe places say open hardware?
<KotCzarny> open hardware != open software
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<ssvb> MoeIcenowy: it's strange, but I'm getting a reasonable SID value from my Orange Pi PC2 via sunxi-fel
<ssvb> Also: ./sunxi-fel spiflash-info
<ssvb> Manufacturer: Unknown (C2h), model: 20h, size: 2097152 bytes.
<apritzel> ssvb: don't write there until you have verified that the "FEL stub on SD card" works ;-)
<ssvb> sure
<tkaiser> plm: Since manufacturer's simply don
<tkaiser> 't care or don't know about OSHW requirements
<tkaiser> plm: In the meantime they provide schematics prior to selling / sending out hardware so this is some progress
<MoeIcenowy> ssvb: what's your sram info?
<MoeIcenowy> copied from A64?
<ssvb> yes
<KotCzarny> hehe, it looks like it should be one big aw driver iffed to the hell and back
<NiteHawk> so the H5 obviously has "high" SRAM (at 0x10000)?
<plm> ssvb: A64, used on pine64?
<ssvb> yes, and the unmodified SPL from H3 will obviously not work
<apritzel> so it's using H3 pins, H3 USB controllers, A64 MMC and A64 SRAM?
<ssvb> plm: Orange Pi PC2 with the H5 SoC, which seems to be a mix of H3 and A64
<apritzel> shake well, stir gently, pour down the drain ...
<apritzel> oh, forgot to add H3 pinmux to the mix
<MoeIcenowy> oh yes it do have spl @ 0x10000
<plm> ssvb: hmmm
<jernej> tkaiser: About early LED support in U-Boot for Zero - this patch honors dt default LED state settings: https://github.com/jernejsk/OpenELEC-OPi2/blob/openelec-7.0/projects/H3/patches/u-boot/u-boot-01-led-support-default-state.patch
<MoeIcenowy> jernej: your H3 HDMI driver cannot work at all here
<jernej> tkaiser: if you consider it useful, I could also produce appropriate dt patch
<MoeIcenowy> after enable CONFIG_VIDEO, the U-Boot stucks
<MoeIcenowy> either without a screen or with my 1024x600 special screen
<plm> I would like to do a single board with a top allwinner, justo for server, with large menmory and cache L1/L2. With just a 1GB ethernet, not other interface - to ue on servers, cheap servers
<plm> ssvb: ^
<plm> ssvb: like as a A73
<MoeIcenowy> "top allwinner" is a joke.
<jernej> MoeIcenowy: Ok, good to know. jemk reminded me yesterday that clocks are not set properly
<MoeIcenowy> AW is A{7,52}W
<jemk> jernej: nice finding, looks like the bing-magic really unscrambles the addresses
<MoeIcenowy> s/52/53/g
<jemk> that means its much easier now to reuse existing mainline driver
<jernej> MoeIcenowy: I have possible solution in the work
<MoeIcenowy> jernej: could you please tell me? ;-)
<jernej> jemk: Really? I tried on 3 random registers and it didn't work... Where did you put it?
<tkaiser> jernej: I think would both be useful.
<MoeIcenowy> and I wanna test it on my A64
<jernej> MoeIcenowy: About clocks? Better read yesterday irc log.
<MoeIcenowy> after success on H3
<MoeIcenowy> "yesterday" in which TZ?
my123_ is now known as my123
<jernej> oh, sorry, UTC +1
<jemk> jernej: i just tried manually in u-boot and dumped the registers, they were in correct order
<MoeIcenowy> jernej: thanks
<tkaiser> jernej: But on the other hand it's not urgent at all since we use the green led in early boot and here all H3/H2+ devices still use identical pin mapping
<jernej> tkaiser: Well, dt needs to be added sooner or later
<plm> MoeIcenowy: why joke?
<MoeIcenowy> plm: allwinner now do not focus on high-performance
<MoeIcenowy> they failed on A80
<jernej> I wonder why LED is not lit by U-Boot by default
<jernej> jemk: Are we allowed to use magic numbers from binary blobs in mainline? Did you try all registers?
<plm> MoeIcenowy: why alleinner not focus in high-performance? And, What mean? "they failed on A80"?
<MoeIcenowy> High-performance means high-price
<MoeIcenowy> they're trying to save every yuan
<jernej> MoeIcenowy: Long story short, datasheet sometimes tells only half of the story, in this case, for HDMI clock settings
<MoeIcenowy> jernej: do you have fixed code?
<jemk> jernej: ianal, but i don't think they can have a copyright on magic numbers. and no, i only did a quick comparision, it should be verified again
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<jernej> MoeIcenowy: Not yet, probably today. But it will be just a guess, what might work. And it will probably work, but we can't be really sure until docs are out.
<miasma> plm: well it looks like the allwinner chips are primarily designed for set top boxes and tablets. it doesn't make sense to do number crunching there atm
<jernej> MoeIcenowy: I'm waiting for 1360x768 screen, on which I will test different theories, as it should represent something not supported by original HDMI driver
<Wizzup> miasma: they work fine as general servers and computers
<jernej> MoeIcenowy: so probably more next week
<MoeIcenowy> jernej: you can give me the code to test
<MoeIcenowy> 1024x600 screen is a more weird thing :-)(
<jernej> ok, I will let you know once I commit the code
<miasma> Wizzup: yes, but it depends. sometimes you want more power
<plm> miasma: what mean "crunching there atm"?
<plm> *menas
<plm> *means
<miasma> Wizzup: i use opi pc as a server at home :) but i have another server for a ~15 TB zfs array :)
<miasma> plm: you probably know intel xeons or ibm power series?
<jernej> MoeIcenowy: in the mean time, can you test it on something more standard, like 720p or 1080p?
<plm> miasma: yes
<apritzel> plm: long story short: AW SoCs are not overly reliable, lack DRAM throughput, have abysmal I/O performance and limited memory support
<MoeIcenowy> no... I have no such a monitor
<apritzel> plm: this reads like a no-go list for servers to me
<miasma> plm: a 1.2 Ghz ARM isn't exactly the same as a 10 core 4 Ghz machine with 128 GB of ram
<apritzel> plm: even if you can live with limited performance, you still have reliability issues and the I/O problem
<apritzel> plm: keep in mind that a server is more than some "random computer without a monitor" ;-)
<Wizzup> isn't the reliability issue only when clocking on the wrong speed?
<plm> miasma: But many use cases are just to rum simple tasks, like as tthp pages, email, samba, webservers, etc where a quad core 2GHZ with 4GB is very good
<Wizzup> I have allwinners running for 2 years+, stable
<plm> apritzel: ^
<apritzel> Oh right, so that qualifies as a server, then
<apritzel> one report
<plm> apritzel: understand me? So, this space of the market are there so many needs
<apritzel> still AW chips are not the right choice
<plm> apritzel: and the processor dont need GPU, just CPU, so will be cheaper. Are there a ARM without GPU?
<miasma> plm: i couldn't figure out what kind of requirements you have and what kind of answers you're seeking. for me, it's easier to imagine some task, do the math and pick a good hardware for that. i can find lots of uses for allwinner boards and I'm not even interested if they have the best specs or support for all possible tasks
<apritzel> a server is something you want to rely on
<apritzel> who gives you this guarantee for an AW chip?
<plm> apritzel: of couse. I have a pi2 running has server ~2 years.
<apritzel> plm: sure there are, there are ARM chips for everything you want
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<MoeIcenowy> Allwinner is for someone lack of money
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<plm> apritzel: Are you talking about that AW is not stable SoC?
<apritzel> plm: but they are not sold as servers, you just use them as such
<MoeIcenowy> such as me ;-)
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<apritzel> plm: ask tkaiser, who is exposes to a large installation base of AW boards
<apritzel> it works for _most_ of them, but many report of issues here and there
<apritzel> crashes under higher ambient temperatures
<apritzel> or with suboptimal power supply
<plm> are there any ARM SoC dedicated for servers?
<apritzel> or with dodgy SD cards
<MoeIcenowy> I think AMD have some
<plm> what model MoeIcenowy ?
<plm> MoeIcenowy: ahh AMD
<apritzel> plm: sure, plenty: APM XGene, AMD Seattle, Cavium ThunderX
<plm> AMD is X86
<MoeIcenowy> AMD is not only X86.
<MoeIcenowy> Even Intel is not only X86
<plm> MoeIcenowy: about intel I know, about one month ago start a agrrement wirh license ARM.
<plm> BUt AMD is a new for me
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<apritzel> plm: they started four years ago with ARM ;-)
<MoeIcenowy> High-performance ARMs now have many choice
<miasma> did scaleway use native arm hardware or is it emulated
<plm> MoeIcenowy: tell one good choice and cheap
<miasma> they showed pictures of some dedicated server boards
<MoeIcenowy> tegra k1?
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<apritzel> plm: this one comes much closer to a server, btw: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/874883570/marvell-espressobin-board
<plm> MoeIcenowy: an, k1 and x1 is not for servers as CPU
<plm> that has CPU and a BIG GPU cores
<plm> I mean just CPU
<miasma> plm: i guess if you only consider < $120 boards, allwinner boards from xunlong might have the best perf/dollar. but i haven't benchmarked the GPUs
<MoeIcenowy> If you pay the price of Allwinner boards, you can get only allwinner boards or equal choices
<plm> MoeIcenowy: yes, cheaper, but withour performance.
<MoeIcenowy> compared to the price the perf is acceptable
<plm> but, are there a difference between "cheap and poor performance" and "cheap and poor performance and unstable"
<plm> what they ^ is the AW?
<MoeIcenowy> without us linux-sunxi it's the latter
<MoeIcenowy> with us it's the former
<plm> apritzel: watching about that kickstarter like - very good
<apritzel> marvell is known for doing I/O well, because they focus on such applications (mostly NAS)
<plm> MoeIcenowy: sorry, who us the "us"?
<plm> MoeIcenowy: sorry, who is the "us"?
<MoeIcenowy> linux-sunxi
<plm> ahh ok
<plm> So, the hardware is stable
<MoeIcenowy> but you get sh*tty vendors
<plm> MoeIcenowy: vendors sells always the same AW SoC.
<plm> MoeIcenowy: are you talking about "fake" AW SoC?
<MoeIcenowy> I mean board vendors
<plm> ahh ok
<MoeIcenowy> such as Xunlong
<plm> but Xunlong is the same of ORANGE PI
<plm> so, Xunlong is a good vendors, right?
<Wizzup> 19:58 < apritzel> or with dodgy SD cards
<Wizzup> That is not AW fault
<MoeIcenowy> not good
<MoeIcenowy> only cheap
<apritzel> Wizzup: didn't say, but that's the storage to go with, unfortunately
<Wizzup> apritzel: we're moving away from sd cards
<Wizzup> because they are indeed, unstable
<longsleep> apritzel: hey, does your a64 kernel branch boot on h5?
<Wizzup> we're going to play with u-boot on NOR flash and storage on ssd/hdd on sata
<apritzel> longsleep: haven't tried yet, but I pushed some preliminary DT and config bits yesterday
<plm> MoeIcenowy: why Xunlong is not a goof verdors? Do you think the orange pi boards are not good hardware?
<MoeIcenowy> longsleep: I cannot even make the board say "HELLO! Boot0 is running!"...
<longsleep> MoeIcenowy: oh
<apritzel> MoeIcenowy: boot0 is soo yesterday ;-)
<longsleep> MoeIcenowy: does it light some led for you when you add power?
<longsleep> apritzel: great, i want to play around with this a bit on the weekend
<MoeIcenowy> longsleep: no
<MoeIcenowy> but I'm sure the power is on as I can enter fel
<apritzel> longsleep: ssvb is on it as we speak, apparently there is some output with FEL
<apritzel> longsleep: problem is there is no manual yet, just a datasheet
<MoeIcenowy> I have a modified UART0 helloworld in sunxi-tool that can say something
<MoeIcenowy> which makes me believe I didn't get a brick
<NiteHawk> datasheet ...which is lacking/incomplete
<longsleep> right, i am wondering how far this board is away from doing something useful
<apritzel> longsleep: and it turns out to be a weird chimera between the H3 and the A64
<apritzel> longsleep: it seems to be closer to the H3 than the A64
<longsleep> apritzel: yeah, i just went through this channel backlog
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<apritzel> I am pretty confident we get something running quite quickly
<beeble> i would have hoped that someone would say that there some vendors out there that are a little bit less crappy :)
<apritzel> plm: there is some Austrian company, though ....
<apritzel> beeble: like this?
<beeble> thanks! :)
<plm> beeble: ?
<apritzel> beeble: also found some competition today in that other Alps country ...
<beeble> as a board level designer i appreciate that
<longsleep> apritzel: i want to look into making ubuntu snappy now that its been officially released, so either the h5 based one or the h2 one, preferably both
<beeble> apritzel: sounds interesting, i like competition
<tkaiser> plm: In my opinion Xunlong does a pretty good job at designing hardware but totally sucks when it's about software. So without this community they would sell simply paperweights. But their target audience are people who get excited to buy whole computers for less than $5 (that was the first reaction on OPi Zero -- too expensive)
<apritzel> beeble: like actually quite similar: SoM, A64, eMMC ...
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<apritzel> *looks
<beeble> plm: i'm working for one. so i hope don't suck too much
<longsleep> tkaiser: i like the design of the OPi Zero pretty much
<beeble> apritzel: standard formfactor or proprietary?
<plm> beeble: what's the name?
<tkaiser> plm: Theobroma
<tkaiser> longsleep: Me too, especially the PoE option is great. I hope Xunlong will start to solder the SPI flash by default if we poke 'them' a bit
<beeble> plm: exactly
<longsleep> tkaiser: yes that would be awesome, do they still ship this stuff with kernel 3.4?
<plm> beeble: wow, are you using A80 AW
<plm> octa-core
<plm> well, I see that AllWinner are in many vendors
<tkaiser> longsleep: Sure, ignoring everything that has happened the last years. They even provide OS images with shitty 3.4.39 kernel featuring the annoying kswapd0 bug. So with Xunlong's Lubuntu image my OPi Zero ran with up to 73¡C starting to kill CPU cores
<longsleep> tkaiser: yes, just saw your post in armbian forum
<tkaiser> longsleep: The sun8i BSP kernel is regarding ths setting the same crap as 3.10.65 was
<longsleep> tkaiser: the OPi Zero armbian image uses Kernel 3.4?
<ssvb> beeble: are a80 chips still being manufactured? I thought that it was EoL since a long time ago
<longsleep> Does the H5 OPi PC2 have a RTC?
<tkaiser> longsleep: 3.4.113 currently. But I tested also megi's H3 THS branch (4.7) which works also flawlessly except of WiFi
<MoeIcenowy> several days ago I have heard that A80 has EoL very fastly from some BPi guy
<tkaiser> longsleep: Just look in the H5 user manual ;)
<longsleep> tkaiser: oh nice, 3.4 is too old for everything but 4.7 sounds good
<MoeIcenowy> tkaiser: no such thing
<beeble> ssvb: there is some stock, it is NRND and as always allwinner tells you sometimes you can get it with a very high MOQ
<tkaiser> longsleep: 4.9 also works but I'm too dumb to get megi's ths patches to work with more recent versions. And since OPi Zero overheats a little more than the larger Oranges better save than sorry
<longsleep> tkaiser: there is none yet i understand, but also i do not see a battery or battery connector on the board
<beeble> so yes, pretty much EOL
<apritzel> MoeIcenowy: the datasheet lists RTC pins on the SoC, the board is just lacking a separate battery connector
<tkaiser> longsleep: Yes, I was kidding. Also H5 has no PMIC support so no battery connector. But I2C RTC add-ons with own battery connector will work for sure
<beeble> ssvb: it was the fasted move from release to we don't want to sell any more i have seen
<longsleep> apritzel: what u-boot should be used to try to boot the H5 with your Kernel tree?
<apritzel> longsleep: the one that needs still to be hacked
<jernej> MoeIcenowy: I pushed new experimental code to github. Please also report U-Boot output (it is mirrored to UART)
<apritzel> longsleep: by combining some bits from the A64 with other bits from the H3
<longsleep> apritzel: ok, but the base is mainline u-boot?
<MoeIcenowy> jernej: will try it several hrs later
<MoeIcenowy> time for bed
<apritzel> longsleep: just to make sure: those commits are purely theoretical, based on the assumption that the H5 is very close to the H3
<MoeIcenowy> too sleepy now.
<longsleep> apritzel: yes understood
<jernej> MoeIcenowy: no problem. I read IRC log
<apritzel> longsleep: but yes, mainline U-Boot should be pretty easy
<apritzel> longsleep: AFAIK there are no images for the H5/OPi PC 2 (yet?)
<tkaiser> apritzel: One Android image exists
<longsleep> apritzel: mhm i just downloaded some android image sun8iw7p1_android_dolphin-p1_uart0._PCPlus.rar
* apritzel doesn't care anyway ;-)
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<longsleep> apritzel: going to give this a shot now to confirm that the thing actually can boot
<tkaiser> longsleep: The name sounds wrong
<longsleep> tkaiser: yes, but its what is linked at Android For Orange Pi Pc 2
<jernej> tkaiser: longsleep: IIRC someone said that googledrive image is wrong and correct is on baidu
<longsleep> ah
<longsleep> makes sense
<miasma> beeble: can i order boards with a discount here :)
<longsleep> but the baidu link is a 404
<longsleep> so no image or does anyone have it ?
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<tkaiser> longsleep: 'bddown_cli.py download http://pan.baidu.com/s/1midMu96' seems to work
<MoeIcenowy> longsleep: I downloaded it
<longsleep> well at least the SDK seems to be there - http://pan.baidu.com/s/1nvpV9gt and named H5-sdk-V1.1
<MoeIcenowy> the android image
<MoeIcenowy> but I have no PhoenixCard environment
<longsleep> tkaiser: thanks, that link looks better
<beeble> miasma: i'm not sales. but i can get you in touch, we should have some dev program i think
<tkaiser> longsleep: H5 'SDK' also on EU mirror: http://filez.zoobab.com/allwinner/h5/
<tkaiser> longsleep: And most probably you need a real pile of crap to burn the Android image: PhoenixSuit
<miasma> beeble: i'm not sure if i need/can afford. i'm more into rpi style hacker boards
<longsleep> tkaiser: yeah sure, but i got that
<miasma> beeble: do you do stuff for automotive?
<longsleep> tkaiser: the SDK is pretty much useless though as its Kernel 3.4, but for u-boot it might be interesting
<longsleep> tkaiser: oh the H5 sdk contains Kernel 3.10?
<beeble> miasma: i understand, we focus on a other market. but having something for developers with most interfaces exposed is something that we try to achieve
<tkaiser> longsleep: H5-SDK/lichee/linux-3.10
<longsleep> tkaiser: well thats enough to make something useful out of it if it should turn out to be a long shot to get mainline running properly
<beeble> miasma: mostly industrial stuff, some "consumer" like stuff with a industrial background, like home automation
<tkaiser> longsleep: Sure, I already applied all those patches up to 3.10.104 (?) as with A64 BSP kernel. Looked good.
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<beeble> and networking stuff. CPE as a buzzword
<longsleep> tkaiser: but not the apparmor3 stuff i got for pine64 i assume?
<apritzel> beeble: how is the eMMC going for you? on a mainline kernel?
<miasma> beeble: 64-bit CPUs for home automation :S
<tkaiser> longsleep: I used Mikhail's original set of patches and just looked whether they more or less apply or fail. Just a few warnings IIRC
<beeble> miasma: that is done mostly on bespoke designs not with allwinner stuff
<beeble> old designs with arm9 and cortex-a8
<beeble> apritzel: on a64 not sure atm, on a31 and a80 fine
<longsleep> tkaiser: do you know which u-boot they use of the two in the sdk?
<longsleep> tkaiser: ah if the readme is correct then the 2014.07
<tkaiser> longsleep: I would assume the 2014 one as with Pine64. The 2011.09 thingie is combined with 3.4.x all the time
<miasma> beeble: ok :) my friend just built a house and the interface for heating and lightning in the wall looks really crappy. i guess even underclocked rpi 1 could run it :)
<beeble> apritzel: busy with new designs, so i have been not in touch with the software guys lately
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<beeble> miasma: you don't need a lot to do it anyway if you are not crazy and doing it with osgi
<apritzel> beeble: thanks, I got a bit closer and have some more clues (thanks to mripard)
<beeble> apritzel: but i will check to see how the guys are doing. not even sure what ip they are using this time
<miasma> beeble: i can imagine that, but i don't know about the software stack
<beeble> apritzel: only thing i was looking into was to enable higher speeds in the next revision. currently i#m stuck to 3.3v i/o because of compatiblity reasons
<beeble> would have to add some level translators because of the low pin count of the a64
<beeble> but i think thats a cost adder i'm willing to take for faster io
<apritzel> beeble: but the SoC provides everything for driving PortC separately (with 1.8V, for instance), doesn't it?
<beeble> yes, but portc has also the only spi controller i can use
<beeble> and this has to be 3.3v for q7
<apritzel> beeble: for the boot SPI?
<beeble> apritzel: yes
<beeble> but i can work around that
<apritzel> there doesn't seem to be many 1.8V capable SPI flash chips around, right?
<apritzel> at least not on eBay :-D
<beeble> they are available
<beeble> but my problem is the external spi on the header
<beeble> or better edge connector
<beeble> so revision 2 will solve that
<apritzel> can't you use the other SPI for that?
<apritzel> that's what Xunlong did for the new board, SPI0 to the NOR flash, SPI1 on the headers
<beeble> no, had to use that io for something else
<apritzel> oh, OK
<beeble> uart3 and uart4 are shared with spi1
<beeble> we used pretty much all the pins available
<apritzel> beeble: yeah, ssvb found that earlier: just two SPIs can be an issue, especially with the multiplexing
<apritzel> exactly
<beeble> pin count is a lot lower then on the a31 and a80
<beeble> even the pin multiplexing is quite tight
<beeble> you have to choose between parallel lcd and ethernet for example
<beeble> or even worse lvds and ethernet
* apritzel would know what to choose :-D
<beeble> make sense from allwinners perspective
<apritzel> sure, they can't make everyone happy
<beeble> you build a tablet or a video box
<apritzel> unless you do _really_ complex multiplexing
<beeble> and not something multipurpose like we do
<ssvb> apritzel: SPI boot works fine on Orange Pi PC 2 (so far with just booting uart0-helloworld), and the SD card has higher boot priority
<beeble> it gets even worse with high speed ios on the high speed arm chips
<ssvb> I'll try to hack U-Boot now
<apritzel> ssvb: dammit, what's left for me then ;-)
<beeble> there is always a lot less serdes pins then serdes ip available on the soc
<beeble> apritzel: fixing FIT for spl? :)
<ssvb> apritzel: has your board arrived?
<beeble> (if thats still an issue)
<longsleep> ssvb: let me know then you got something which one can test (u-boot or other anything other similar boot related)
<apritzel> ssvb: yeah, today at lunch time, but couldn't try it yet
<KotCzarny> apritzel: bpi-r1 is churning in the corner of my room for months already, doing nas/http/shell work
<KotCzarny> so 2 reports ;)
<apritzel> I also got this "only-half-the-bits" board ;-)
<KotCzarny> and another bpi-m1 doing always-on audio box
<apritzel> KotCzarny: OK, I am sold, send it into space then
<KotCzarny> crash-boom-bang
<KotCzarny> done
<apritzel> or base the machines in the hospital on it
<KotCzarny> but i agree, its too quirky to be treated seriously
<miasma> i blame sinovoip. my banana pro clone started rebooting after few months of use. i had uptime of like 90 days. then reboot every hour
<apritzel> I agree it works if you can live with it breaking occasionally
<KotCzarny> though a20 is nice in the regard you can just slap on 18659 and it works
<tkaiser> apritzel: KotCzarny: I rebooted an BPi R1 just recently with an uptime of 199 days (surveillance camera server busy with 5 streams saving/transcoding)
<KotCzarny> apritzel: the only cause of reboots is me upgrading the kernel
<miasma> do you use some embedded distos ? yocto / resin.io?
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<KotCzarny> armbian
<KotCzarny> ;)
<apritzel> tkaiser: KotCzarny: so how many nines are that?
<beeble> tkaiser: i'm looking at the armbian buildtool right now. seems easy enough to add a new board. but one thing i can't seem to figure out right now is, do you support different kernel versions for a board or would this just be solved by two different board config files?
<tkaiser> beeble: Up to 3 variations (default, next, dev): As an example A64: https://github.com/igorpecovnik/lib/blob/master/config/sources/pine64.conf
<tkaiser> beeble: Pine64 only using default and dev. But with older SoCs like A20 default is 3.4.113, next the current stable kernel and dev points to something fancy
<tkaiser> apritzel: Nines?
<beeble> ah i see. ok, not happy with the names because having 3.x as default sucks somehow in my brain. but that would work
<tkaiser> apritzel: Ah, got it. I would never use an A20 for something important. As backup device or this video thingie it's ok.
<apritzel> tkaiser: sure
<beeble> tkaiser: everything looks straight forward enough to try it some time and send some patches
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<beeble> plm: if you want high performance and prefer chinese manufacturers take a look into phytium
<beeble> but remember, you could end on some chinese watchlist doing it :)
<apritzel> beeble: indeed they look quite promising ...
<apritzel> but are quite paranoid :-(
<beeble> yeah, talking to them is quite interesting
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<beeble> PLA seems to be heavely involved somehow
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<KotCzarny> apritzel, again, tell me, why are linux-sunxi is mainlining allwinner socs if not to use them? ;)
<beeble> should ask him again when he comes back :)
<KotCzarny> oh
<KotCzarny> right
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<longsleep> mhm, that android image for OPi PC2 does not boot, only shows H5 logo on HDMI and none of the UART seem to send anything ..
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<plm> beeble: that means "chinese watchlist"?
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<beeble> plm: it was a joke. since these chips are so high performance the government may have an interest in knowing who is using them how
<plm> beeble: ahh ok :)
<plm> beeble: http://www.phytium.com.cn/Product/detail?language=1&product_id=7 so poor specifications, do not show what ARM Cortex A is used.
<beeble> plm: it's a own armv8 implementation
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<beeble> not a hard ip core from arm
<plm> beeble: hmm.. what is the advantage to have a SoC with a own armv8 implementation?
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<beeble> plm: different reasons. apm for example has a own implementation because they wanted to be the first on the market and there was no hard ip avaiable, second one is because you think you can do it better then arm and phytium probably wants to be independet and have all the ip in house/country
<beeble> they are funded by the goverment and they want to have their own silicon without any dependecies to outside parties
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<beeble> in the past they have done that with mips cores. but arm is having a lot more momentum at the moment so thats why i think they switched
<plm> beeble: all right. And linux mainline will works on there?
<beeble> plm: there are patches out there for mainline but i haven't seen them merged yes
<beeble> *yet
<plm> beeble: interesting is that the phytium processor use a lot energy, the SoC integrating four cores at 1.5ghz use max power 15W http://www.phytium.com.cn/Product/detail?language=1&product_id=10
<beeble> plm: you will see the same power consumption if you use a a72 or similar
<beeble> if you want high performance you will need more power :)
<plm> beeble: I would like to use A72/A73 to use hardware acceleration on the integrated GPU, becouse the new ARM processors has GPU with OpenCL 1.1/2.0 full profile support.
<plm> beeble: so, some tasks is better to do in a gpu of a 73 and faster than 64 cores of phytium
<beeble> using the gpu takes some effort. it's a lot easier on x86. but thats something nove can better talk about
<plm> beeble: if are using GPU, not matter if is x86 or ARM
<beeble> also having a dedicated gpu with dedicated memory gives you lot of benefits
<beeble> plm: driver support does matter
<beeble> and having opencl on x86 with easy available drivers does make life a bit easier
<beeble> but i'm not saying it's impossible
<plm> beeble: yes, but it easier and cheaper to do a board with arm than a x86
<beeble> depends on a lot of things so i would not say thats a statement thats always true. but i don't know your application so i can't say anything confident
<plm> beeble: just a server board
<plm> beeble: with sata ports and ethernet 1GB
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<beeble> hard for me to think about a soultion that will be competitive against a x86 solutions with standard gpus attached via pcie
<plm> beeble: news x86 (intel) has a very good GPU integrated, and GPU integrated will be a plus, not the main feature.
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<KotCzarny> beeble, marvel boards feature minipcie ports, i wonder if pcie card would work in arm env
<beeble> drivers are an issue (for graphic cards) otherwise its ok
<KotCzarny> endiannes of the bootroms etc
<beeble> i can put some nvidia cards in my xgene boards
<beeble> but i don't own a tesla and won't in the near future :)
<KotCzarny> i remember mac radeons having different bios and being non interchangeable
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<apritzel> ssvb: so, ready to rumble
<apritzel> ssvb: anything you can share so far?
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<apritzel> ssvb: (happy to fix things or debug it)
<KotCzarny> apritzel, again, tell me, why are linux-sunxi is mainlining allwinner socs if not to use them? ;)
<apritzel> like the MCP said: "He is a user!"
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<apritzel> KotCzarny: and it's not about not using them: I am just a bit allergic when someone says "server" in the same sentence as "Allwinner SoC"
<KotCzarny> nah, it should be more like home-server or hobby-server
<KotCzarny> but i can relate
<apritzel> also I connect server with terms like manageability, bandwidth, I/O, lots of memory, reliability and so on
<apritzel> and I have a hard time to find those terms in those SoCs
<apritzel> which is not really surprising
<apritzel> not even bad
<apritzel> just not a fit
<KotCzarny> how do you call a computer running apache server ?
<apritzel> sure they can do a decent job for providing network services or small scale server applications
<apritzel> "a box running Apache"
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<apritzel> KotCzarny: running server applications on some box doesn't make it a server (at least not in the hardware term)
<apritzel> this is especially true if someone tries to _sell_ it as a server
<NiteHawk> apritzel, ssvb: can you confirm the buffer layout in https://github.com/Icenowy/sunxi-tools/commit/4007a21? if so, i could open up an experimental h5 branch for sunxi-tools
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<NiteHawk> plus: does the .rvbar_reg make sense currently? (assuming it's untested so far)
<apritzel> NiteHawk: that matches what I just added and what at least showed my SID and SoCID
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<apritzel> just about to hacking a SPL, can tell you more then ...
<NiteHawk> cool
<apritzel> and we would need .rvbar_reg, but can't tell you whether the A64 location works
<apritzel> NiteHawk: don't forget the "H5!" line !!!!!11!1!
<NiteHawk> yup. but that's uart0-helloworld, not fel.c ;)
<apritzel> socname = "H5"; I meant
<apritzel> in fel.c
<NiteHawk> ah, sure
<apritzel> yeah, we need the helloworld output as well, I suggest you make it two exclamation marks on the way ;-)
<KotCzarny> um, wouldnt it be H2+ ?
<KotCzarny> ;)
<apritzel> it would be H2+++
<NiteHawk> you probably know that terry pratchett quote :D
<KotCzarny> H2+ULTRA++ ?
<NiteHawk> "And all those exclamation marks, you notice? Five? A sure sign of someone who wears his underpants on his head."
<KotCzarny> all truth
<KotCzarny> anyone overloading syntax is not well in the head
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<miasma> does the H mean something ?
<miasma> HTPC?
<KotCzarny> home?
<miasma> possibly
<KotCzarny> humble?
<KotCzarny> humoresque?
<KotCzarny> horrible?
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<apritzel> mmh, at least a start: SPL banner is printed, but then: DRAM: 0 MiB
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<apritzel> longsleep: tkaiser: does anyone have a boot0 for the H5 around?
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<apritzel> naobsd: thanks!
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