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<libv> heh, my spinning cube on A10 is running at 111fps, whereas the binary (also under X11) runs at 75fps
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<rz2k> nice!
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<moofree_> libv: you got anything to mess around with that has a rk3066? ;)
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<stulluk> Hi, does anybody know, how to enable LCD output for A20 boards on Android?
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<Tsvetan> libv: keep on the good work!
<Tsvetan> stulluk: define properly the LCD in FEX?
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<stulluk> Hi, after modifying sys_config.fex file, should I recompile whole android SDK ? or, how can I just test my new sys_config.fex easily ?
<mnemoc> use fex2bin and inject the resulting script.bin into your nanda
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<mouchon> hello, i tried different thing to enbable fbcon on my olimex A20 board to enable the LCD but still unable to have the console displayed on it. the fb0 et fb1 dev are present and i add this on boot.cmd fbcon=map:10 but no way. I am using te stage/sunxi-3.4
<mouchon> i know that the LCD is working and fex file correct because it work with the olimex provided image.
<mouchon> any hint ?
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<stulluk> Hi mouchon, you mean Debian image or Android image?
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<mouchon> debian image
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<popolon> mouchon, on sent l'accent français dans ton anglais ;)
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<mouchon> popolon belge je dirais :-)
<popolon> huhu, francophone en tout cas
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<stulluk> Ok, I got very strange thing on A20 board with Android SDK
<stulluk> When I enable LCD as "Y" ( not like "M" as kernel module ),
<stulluk> and when I enable kernel framebuffer console
<mnemoc> aka built-in
<stulluk> I can't see anything and it gives double definisiton error during boot
<stulluk> Yes, builtin
<stulluk> sorry
<stulluk> By the way, my IDE cable was damaged, now I can see display on my LCD at the same time on HDMI
<stulluk> Just used different cable
<stulluk> mnemoc, how to mount nanda ?
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<mnemoc> stulluk: busybox mount -t vfart /dev/block/nanda /mnt ?
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<stulluk> thank you mnemoc, let me try it
<wingrime> mnemoc: can you move jemk's repo to sunxi
<mnemoc> i can't steal other people's repos
<mnemoc> let me try adding him to a group
<wingrime> mnemoc: nice
<mnemoc> wingrime: jemk now belongs to the cedarx team
<mnemoc> now he should be able to move the repo himself
<wingrime> mnemoc: ok, I ask him when he will be there
<wingrime> mnemoc: how about cgit?
<mnemoc> wingrime: not yet
<mnemoc> too busy with work :( but it will happen before the end of this week
<wingrime> mnemoc: (
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<wingrime> hno: ping
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<hno> wingrime, yes?
<boycottg00gle> what does "platform reg-20-cs-ldo2: Driver reg-20-cs-ldo2 requests probe deferral" mean?
<mripard> boycottg00gle: that it is relying on another driver that hasn't been loaded yet, and so it asks the kernel to retry loading it later
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<boycottg00gle> and the driver in question seems to be the axp power driver?
<mripard> I don't know what driver reg-20-cs-ldo2 is. but yeah maybe
<mripard> it's usually a regulator or a gpio
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<boycottg00gle> really shouldn't have used that slow laptop to compile the kernel...
<mripard> boycottg00gle: but it's ok and should happen though, the driver will only get loaded later on, it shouldn't trigger any unusual behaviour
<mripard> except if the driver it depends on fails to probe for some reason
<boycottg00gle> mripard: i suspect it to be the reason why hdmi fails for me
<boycottg00gle> mripard: and CONFIG_GPIO_SUNXI was not set
<boycottg00gle> mripard: to be honest i don't understand that hdmi stuff
<boycottg00gle> is audio and video edid handled separately?
<mripard> I don't know that well HDMI and how it's integrated by Allwinner, sorry :(
<boycottg00gle> thanks anyway
<boycottg00gle> maybe you already helped
<wingrime> hno: have our uboot any code that stop boot if power non enought?
<hno> no
<hno> but shouldn't be too hard to measure battery or ac voltage it that is what you are looking for. Measring current limitation is a little harder as it only becomes visible under load.
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<hno> wingrime^
<wingrime> hno: I can't boot tablet on low power conditoins with usb connected
<hno> boycottg00gle, reg-20-cs-ldo2 an axp output. Maps iternally to axp20_analog/fm. But it's really just AXP209 LDO2 3.0V.
<hno> wingrime, because USB is not providing sufficient power?
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<boycottg00gle> somehow build disp and hdmi doesn't work out
<boycottg00gle> now i get hdmi funcs NULL, hdmi module not loaded no matter in which order i load the modules
<boycottg00gle> rmmod hdmi ; modprobe hdmi audio=0 semms to help but still no output
<boycottg00gle> fbset suggests correct mode is set
<atsampson> if I'm interested in getting CyanogenMod going on an A10 tablet, is there a sensible repo manifest somewhere to start from?
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<atsampson> it looks like (Turl et al) has up-to-date repos for various hardware...
<atsampson> (the tablet in question is an unbranded Sanei N90, and is happily running Debian with all the stuff I want to use working)
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<wingrime> ssvb: I have problem with XV, looks video 1920 video with my 800x600 screen not works
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<ssvb> wingrime: yeah, the framebuffer size is likely too small
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<ssvb> wingrime: though the 1920x1080 video is not going to play smooth with software decoding in any case
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<wingrime> ssvb: but with hw
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<wingrime> ssvb: can you explan why I not see vdpau in mplayer -vo help , even when I have --enable-vdpau ?
<ssvb> wingrime: are you trying to copy the cedar buffer to XV and convert it from the tiled format to linear?
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<ssvb> wingrime: maybe your mplayer is still not built right
<wingrime> ssvb: no, there not eny sence of it, still we can send configuration info for kernel driver instead
<wingrime> ssvb: arm debian sid's mplayer, looks I need rebuid it for myself
<oliv3r> stiches, I had to get friggin' stiches :S
<oliv3r> libv: omg you are not only awesome, you are my hero!
<ssvb> oliv3r: what happened?
<oliv3r> atsampson: yeah our android repo is a bit bitrotten; though might still work ;)
<oliv3r> i got some moles removed well 1 and the other thing looked like one but was some collection of veigns
<oliv3r> like a hemeroid I suppose, but then on my back :)
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<oliv3r> but the doc said that she prefers to do stiches, as that looks nicer
<mnemoc> ouch
<oliv3r> ah it's baby stiches, anesticia is wearing off now though
<oliv3r> so it's starting to burn a bit
<mnemoc> picture picture picture
<mnemoc> :p
<atsampson> oliv3r: any idea what I've got the best chance of getting to build? (e.g. am I best off sticking to ics or jellybean?)
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<oliv3r> atsampson: i know there where some issues with 10.1 and 10.2, mostly due to the blobs; but geecko was working on the mali situation for replicant, so that could work for us aswell, cedarX i wouldn't really worry about
<oliv3r> so if you want to breathe life into the CM tree's, i'd start with the latest, and see how far you get using only open stuff
<atsampson> righto
<oliv3r> atsampson: that said, i know paulk from replicant was working on A10 replicant
<oliv3r> which could be even a better starting point
<oliv3r> let me ask him what the status is
<atsampson> that would make sense -- cheers!
<oliv3r> i'll try to get him here to answer your Questions :)
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<paulk-collins_> hi
* atsampson waves
<paulk-collins_> atsampson, :)
<paulk-collins_> so basically, you want to port tour allwinner device to CM?
<atsampson> paulk-collins_: cheers for coming in -- oliv3r mentioned that you were looking at porting Replicant to A10 tablets...
<paulk-collins_> port your*
<paulk-collins_> actually I have an A13 tablet
<paulk-collins_> the one sold on dealextreme
<paulk-collins_> though I stopped porting new devices until Replicant 4.2 comes in
<paulk-collins_> atsampson, so first, do you want to do a Replicant port or a CyanogenMod port?
<atsampson> yup; I've got a (unbranded version of a) Sanei N90, which runs Debian nicely enough, but I'd quite like to have a play with one of the free Android ports
<wingrime> paulk-collins_: cm worked on a10 year ago
<oliv3r> technically, if there's no blobs required, what's the difference between replicant or cm anyway
<paulk-collins_> yes I know there are repos for android/allwinner
<oliv3r> wingrime: yeah but our android tree is unmaintained and needs some work
<atsampson> either'd be fine; I'd found the Replicant porting docs (which are very good, incidentally), and they suggested getting CM ported first, so that's what I was looking for...
<paulk-collins_> but I don't really like them
<atsampson> but if you've got something Allwinnerish for Replicant already then that might be easier?
<paulk-collins_> atsampson, thanks!
<paulk-collins_> I put a lot of time into writing this, I'm glad it's useful
<oliv3r> good documentation is 60% of the work
<paulk-collins_> atsampson, mhh, sort of
<paulk-collins_> I have unpushed unclean repos
<paulk-collins_> not even here -- I moved to my flat and I don't have the relevant computer here
<atsampson> I'm not in any great hurry, it's a just-for-fun sort of thing ;)
<paulk-collins_> atsampson, okay
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<paulk-collins_> atsampson, so maybe start by reading porting guides, get an overall idea of what you're getting into :)
<paulk-collins_> though allwinner should be fairly easy and you won't encounter the usual problems
<atsampson> yeah, that's pretty much where I'm at at the moment
<atsampson> I've been trying to cobble together a build based on the ZaTab one (minus the blobs)
<atsampson> and it's making quite a bit more sense than it did when I first started looking at it ;)
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<paulk-collins_> so you have the CM code tree already?
<atsampson> yes, although I've grabbed jellybean, and it's not immediately obvious that the Allwinner-specific stuff is up to date at the moment
<atsampson> so I was wondering if I might do better to go back to ICS and see if I can get that built...
<paulk-collins_> mhh
<paulk-collins_> it's probably better to go with cm 10.1
<paulk-collins_> and start from scratch
<paulk-collins_> on the device folder
<paulk-collins_> because the zatab thing doesn't really have anything relevant in it
<paulk-collins_> for other devices
<atsampson> OK
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<atsampson> there's not actually much in the zatab device at all; it's mostly in device/allwinner/common, which does look relevant
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<atsampson> so are you thinking of doing something along those lines for Replicant -- i.e. a generic allwinner device and then have individual devices override bits of it as appropriate?
<atsampson> or is there a more sensible way?
<paulk-collins_> atsampson, well I considered having an allwinner-common thing
<paulk-collins_> but it turns out the audio thing is doing nothing more than plain ALSA
<paulk-collins_> and I already have a generic thing for alsa audio
<paulk-collins_> but maybe it could still make sense for camera
<paulk-collins_> in case it's more than plain v4l2
<paulk-collins_> but then sensors have to be device-specific
<paulk-collins_> maybe we could have some parts of BoardConfig to be common
<paulk-collins_> (same kernel location for instance)
<paulk-collins_> though if there is nothing more than that, it makes little sense
<atsampson> I assume you can't just have a single "allwinner" device and have it detect things like what wireless device it's got on boot...
<atsampson> it does look like there's quite a lot of allwinner- rather than device-specific glue in common at the moment
<paulk-collins_> atsampson, there is no run-time detection, no
<paulk-collins_> Android was designed to use a lot of device-specific code rather than try to get common grounds
<paulk-collins_> (on low-level that is)
<oliv3r> there's only 'script.bin' based detection
<oliv3r> and I don't think you'd want users to flash nanda
<oliv3r> overwriting the bootloader etc, bad idea
<oliv3r> so you have the script.bin that goes with the tablet in place allready
<paulk-collins_> ah yes, that's an issue worth looking into
<atsampson> sure, but there's also stuff that isn't in script.bin -- e.g. what USB/I2C devices you've got to talk to
<paulk-collins_> I guess replicant will have to ship script.bin
<paulk-collins_> atsampson, indeed
<atsampson> the Allwinner Fedora port is interesting to look at in that it includes script.fex, lists of modules, etc. for various devices
<paulk-collins_> since we run on sdcard, the installation script has to put script.bin there too
<paulk-collins_> atsampson, nice!
<paulk-collins_> you have a link to that?
* atsampson scrabbles in mailing list
<paulk-collins_> also is fedora the full-blown gnome-shell experience?
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<paulk-collins_> thanks
<paulk-collins_> gnome-shell or not?
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<atsampson> dunno offhand -- I was using it when testing and only got as far as the installer
<paulk-collins_> ok
<atsampson> I built a Debian image for it once I'd figured out what I had to do to get it to boot, set up graphics, etc.
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<atsampson> paulk-collins_: was the last announcement with some details
<paulk-collins_> nice
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<leviathanch> hi folks
<leviathanch> is emilion around?
<leviathanch> *emilio
<mnemoc> leviathanch: Turl
<leviathanch> mnemoc: hi
<mnemoc> leviathanch: emilio is Turl, not me ;-)
<leviathanch> ah
<leviathanch> ok
<mnemoc> but hi
<leviathanch> hi :-)
<leviathanch> thx!
<leviathanch> btw
<leviathanch> Turl:;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/sunxi-mmc-cleanup
<leviathanch> it's based on his upstream clock drivers
<leviathanch> but somehow the mmc0 clock can't be requested with the of_clk_get function
<leviathanch> which prevents the driver from working
<leviathanch> Turl: have you received my email?
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<wingrime> mnemoc: why we have progres ans sql on server together?
<wingrime> wtf, mplayer build fails with error again
<wingrime> *mysql
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<n01> uhm why on the wiki is suggested an old version of codesourcery as toolchain?
<oliv3r> real men crosscompile their own!@
<atsampson> crosscompiling your toolchain is a bit perverse, but that's Canadians for you...
<n01> oliv3r: or crosstool-ng
<n01> btw which rootfs are you guys using?
<n01> I don't want again to setup buildroot
<oliv3r> i use turls'
<n01> link pls :))
<oliv3r> that's his newest, remove the -2 for the one i use
<n01> cool ... thanks
<oliv3r> paulk-collins_: xfce4 :)
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<n01> oliv3r: you crosscompile your own toolchain and you don't use a tailing wm? ;)
<oliv3r> haha
<oliv3r> crossdev -t arm -s4
<oliv3r> :p
<oliv3r> gentoo compiles the compiler for me really easily :)
<oliv3r> i got avr and msp430 crosstoolchains aswell, without much worries
<n01> haha that's why
<n01> what is the status of usb-booting with linux?
<oliv3r> non-existant afaik
<oliv3r> fel-mode we do have
<atsampson> you mean having your root filesystem on a USB stick, or what?
<n01> but do we have client linux for using the fel-mode?
<oliv3r> erm, it's some manual work
<oliv3r> you basically upload the mmc SPL
<oliv3r> and launch that via fel
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<Turl> leviathanch: hi
<Turl> leviathanch: let me have a look at my inbox
<leviathanch> Turl: ok, thx
<leviathanch> Turl: somehow of_clk_get(np,1) gives me NULL instead of the mmc0 clock
<leviathanch> and yes
<leviathanch> I've got defined it in my devicetree :-)
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<oliv3r> leviathanch: i thin mripard was working on an sdio driver, don't know its status but could compare it to that
<leviathanch> oliv3r: the one of mripard doesn't even compile right now
<leviathanch> that's why I recycled his functions
<oliv3r> ah ok
<leviathanch> and rewrote it in order to compile and initialize with device tree
<wingrime> oliv3r: YEAX
<leviathanch> the issue is that the driver is accessing a clock which obviously doesn't get initialized
<wingrime> oliv3r: 1920 h264 big-bug-bunney playes GOOD
<leviathanch> mripard: has pointed me to the patchset of Turl
<leviathanch> I figured I should ask Turl if mod0 clock is working at all
<leviathanch> before I furter tinker around on my code
<leviathanch> :-)
<oliv3r> wingrime: fucking. awesome.
<oliv3r> wingrime: amazing, just amazing :)
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<diego71_> hi, i'm making some experiment with gpio on a board A13 with linux 3.4
<diego71_> but it seems that lack of interrupt support
<diego71_> [ 179.590000] sunxi_gpio driver init ver 1.3
<diego71_> [ 179.590000] GPIO irq support disabled in this platform
<diego71_> I'm doing something wrong?
<wingrime> lkcl_: 1920x1800 h264 big-bug-bunney playes GOOD (but I can't see it fully my tablet is 480x800 screen
<hno> wingrime, congratulations!
<hno> timer for some celebrations
<oliv3r> wingrime: just too awesome
<oliv3r> if you won't, i'll make an annoucement page on the wiki
<oliv3r> wingrime: make some pics (even if scaling is bad) with your digi cam if you can
<oliv3r> or a short movie would be better
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<wingrime> oliv3r: yeax, there some glitches presents, but, usable almost like vlc
<oliv3r> wingrime: awe, some
ykchavan has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
<wingrime> oliv3r: I can't make screns
igor__ has quit [Ping timeout: 264 seconds]
<wingrime> oliv3r: hw overlay
<oliv3r> wingrime: nono, foto :p
<oliv3r> wingrime: with your tablet :)
ykchavan has joined #linux-sunxi
<oliv3r> like put the tablet on the desk, take a foto running big buck bunny
<oliv3r> or a little movie off of it
<wingrime> oliv3r: I need setup my canon
<oliv3r> wingrime: yeah, we can show that off on phoronix etc
<Turl> sorry, got sidetracked with something else leviathanch
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Black_Horseman has joined #linux-sunxi
<leviathanch> Turl: no problem
<leviathanch> have you taken a look over my code?
<Turl> leviathanch: enable CLK_DEBUG and print ./clk/clk_summary from debugfs
<Turl> not yet :)
<leviathanch> ok :-)
<Turl> but that's a good start for debugging regardless :)
<oliv3r> Turl: why is it so frustrating to wait for other replies :(
<lkcl_> wingrime: awesome
<Turl> oliv3r: replies to what?
<oliv3r> Turl: patches :p
<oliv3r> Turl: i wanna fix mripard's comments, but would wait for atleast 1 or 2 more replies before doing so
<oliv3r> but alas, nothing yet
<lkcl_> oliv3r: :) that's why when i was on #htc-linux when there were only 5 of us we asked tim rikers to run the ibot, so we could keep an eye on things. just.. moving at a different pace dude... :)
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<oliv3r> lkcl_: a little more context? :)
<oliv3r> lkcl_: if its from backreading; i forgot lol
<lkcl_> oliv3r: <oliv3r> Turl: why is it so frustrating to wait for other replies :(
<lkcl_> :)
<Turl> leviathanch: this is wrong,;a=blobdiff;f=arch/arm/boot/dts/sun7i-a20.dtsi;h=ed603826197194cd6748288c2229dbd23008f81c;hp=550cf7b1d40eb7ef8f3dc0b18c25db18446cee7e;hb=bf67d66afe31361d0a5ebca1734116579d6adece;hpb=47c35b9110e836c03a3d639dc84f6726c694ba42
<lkcl_> doh!
<Turl> leviathanch: the gates clock takes an argument identifying which gate you need
<oliv3r> lkcl_: ohh yeah on the mailinglist i ment :)
<leviathanch> Turl: ok!
<leviathanch> I'll try that
<oliv3r> lkcl_: got any news from the far east with violations that is
<Turl> leviathanch: 8 for mmc0;a=blob;f=Documentation/devicetree/bindings/clock/sunxi/sun7i-a20-gates.txt;h=357f4fdc02ef9e512995c1c704e07b845f945dbb;hb=592ba5c26533caf2ded687ef3c83e96c4c8633ce
<oliv3r> lkcl_: i think BROM was in violation, and still no sources for boot01 for a10 (not sure if it was a31 or a20 which we did get)
<oliv3r> lkcl_: maye we can get sources for cedarX once they hear that we got stuff running :)
<leviathanch> Turl: <&ahb_gates 8>
<leviathanch> right?
<Turl> leviathanch: yep
<leviathanch> ok
<leviathanch> <&mmc0> doesn't require any parameter, right?
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<Turl> leviathanch: right
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<Turl> leviathanch: you can spot the need for extra parameters on #clock-cells
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<hno> seriously dubt anyone here have crosscompiled their armv7hf toolchain.
<oliv3r> o/
<oliv3r> hno: i have! :)
<hno> n01, yes we have a client for FEL booting. See sunxi-tools.
<oliv3r> gcc (Gentoo 4.6.3 p1.13, pie-0.5.2) 4.6.3
* oliv3r shuts up while he waits for hno to backread :)
<Turl> oliv3r: does it work any faster? ;)
<oliv3r> Turl: it's gentoo, come on; everybody _knows_ its faster
<oliv3r> na, it's just much easier (and cleaner) to install it in gentoo
<n01> hno: good to know
<oliv3r> Turl: crossdev -t arm-pc-linux-gnueabi -s4 will build and install it for me :)
<oliv3r> Turl: similarly crossdev -t msp430 will install the msp toolchain
<oliv3r> Turl: so it's just too easy to install a toolchain :)
<hno> oliv3r, you cross-compiled your cross-compiler?
<oliv3r> Turl: i suppose in debian it's nearly identical to doing apt-get install :)
<Turl> oliv3r: I just wget, untar, put in PATH ;)
<oliv3r> hno: LOL ok no, i don't do that :)
<oliv3r> hno: interesting concept however; compile the x86-armhf toolchain, on my cubie :)
<oliv3r> Turl: what distro you using?
<oliv3r> Turl: see, you have to do like lots of work there!
<n01> no fellow arch users here?
<leviathanch> Turl: ok, it didn't fail at loading the clocks this time
<leviathanch> Turl: thx!
<hno> n01, there is arch users here, but I am not one of them...
<n01> hno: let me guess .... slackware?
<oliv3r> n01: fedora is my guess
<oliv3r> i used slackwar3e from 1997 - 2002 i think
<n01> same here .... then I decided that I needed a package manager
<oliv3r> lol yeah
<oliv3r> 'swaret' wasn't cutting it
<oliv3r> in 2001 or 2002 i started using gentoo
<n01> hahaha not yet
<Turl> oliv3r: arch at the desktop
<Turl> <-- n01
<Turl> leviathanch: :)
<oliv3r> i use ubuntu, debian and wanna try feodra on my laptop next
<n01> \0/
<oliv3r> arch, gentoo, whats the difference!
<Turl> arch is all the difficulty of gentoo with the simplicity and abi breakage of binary packages
<leviathanch> Turl: right now the Arch build system is absolutely broken
<Turl> leviathanch: how so?
<leviathanch> it's broken in the sense that gcc assumes newlibc as only available libc for the build environment
<leviathanch> you can guess that building gnat or ghdl won't work under such a condition
<leviathanch> tried to help a friend of mine recently to build ghdl on his Arch linux
<leviathanch> until we found out that it's only possible on the laptop which is outdated for 3 months
<leviathanch> so the breakage happened around then
<Turl> (luckily?) I dunno what gnat or ghdl are :p
<leviathanch> GNU Compile for VHDL
<leviathanch> gnat is the Ada compiler
<leviathanch> of gcc
<leviathanch> since GHDL is written in Ada
<leviathanch> ;-)
<Turl> :)
<Turl> error: target not found: scilab
<Turl> I hate Arch at times :)
<oliv3r> Turl: so you arch is more broken then gentoo? :p
<Turl> oliv3r: pacman has no scilab package :(
<Turl> it's probably in AUR, but it's time consuming to go there and grab it
<oliv3r> Turl: does arch have seomthing called 'overlays'?
<Turl> besides it needs to be built, it's not binary
<oliv3r> [ Applications found : 0 ]
<oliv3r> neither does gentoo :p
<Turl> oliv3r: like extra repos?
<oliv3r> Turl: yeah
<oliv3r> there's extra repo'st hat have it though
<Turl> Debian has all the things :)
<wingrime> oliv3r: where better place video?
<Turl> I guess I'll install on my lappy and ssh -Y scilab :)
<leviathanch> oliv3r: yes, Arch is more broken then gentoo
<leviathanch> oliv3r: maybe you try openSUSE
<n01> Turl: use pacaur
<leviathanch> it's quite easy to package new rpms
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<leviathanch> and with the build service it's like compiling it yourself
<leviathanch> you can even build a whole rootfs from scratch
<leviathanch> with kiwi
<leviathanch> for example if you wanna compile a customized rootfs for let's say A20 SoCs of Allwinner
<leviathanch> :-)
<wingrime> oliv3r: no I mean, thats tablet showcase
<oliv3r> wingrime: oh, not really, the big buck bunny IS kinda 'the' sample video
<wingrime> oliv3r: ok I recoded video and upload it to mediafire
<oliv3r> wingrime: is it ok if i reshare it on youtube?
<wingrime> yes
<wingrime> but youtube kinda not opensorce specific
<Turl> wingrime: youtube has html5
<oliv3r> yeah i'd upload it in html5 mode if possible
<wingrime> oliv3r: ok, I share myself
<oliv3r> wingrime: better
<oliv3r> mnemoc: maybe we should have a linux-sunxi 'channel'?
<mnemoc> ?
<hno> n01, fedora on the desktop. No distro at all on the Allwinner boards, unless you count my miniroot as a distro.
<mnemoc> go ahead. i have no idea how to make a video
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<Turl> <- qcom mocking mediatek :p
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<n01> ehi wingrime do you have a mechanical keyboard?
<oliv3r> wingrime: you have some russian distro!
<oliv3r> my sound is off, i'll check that tomorrow :p
<wingrime> oliv3r: no, simple debian with rusian locale
<oliv3r> ok for some reason i'm like 'wow they made some slick android app!'
<wingrime> n01: no, simple cheap
<n01> hu, noisy
<wingrime> n01: thats only for some tablets
<oliv3r> i can hear your password!
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<oliv3r> wingrime: truely truely amazing :)
<oliv3r> what's the CPU usage when playing the bunny
<wingrime> oliv3r: also, nearly at and I rewind
<oliv3r> everybody is quiet and watching in awe
<wingrime> oliv3r: also, amounts of log messages slow all down
<wingrime> sometimes
<oliv3r> yeah but that's okay
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<wingrime> I ask jemk make it once
<wingrime> oliv3r: I will test it on a13 tommorow
<oliv3r> wingrime: make what? 'top'?
<oliv3r> 'gallium HUD' :D
<oliv3r> no worries this is good enough for a demo
<wingrime> oliv3r: what are you mean?
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<oliv3r> gallium 3D (mesa stuff) has 'hud' mode, that overlays cpu info etc
<oliv3r> but you said 'i ask jemk to make it once'
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<oliv3r> not sure what you ment
<wingrime> oliv3r: print warning once
<wingrime> endless message flood
<oliv3r> ohh ok
<wingrime> oliv3r: I tryed make video text much readable, but I not sure why Canon EOS looks soo bad
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<oliv3r> wingrime: it looks perfect
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<oliv3r> wingrime: some extra movies;)
<oliv3r> nn all
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<leviathanch> Turl: big problem
<leviathanch> when I try to enable the clock which I get with <&ahb_gates 8>
<leviathanch> it crashes
<leviathanch> well
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<leviathanch> not in the way that it kills the whole system
<leviathanch> but something happens
<leviathanch> basically there isn't an Oops
<leviathanch> only a warning
<leviathanch> but still
<leviathanch> input doesn't react
<leviathanch> freeze
<Turl> leviathanch: can you copy&paste it?
<leviathanch> yes
<leviathanch> moment please
<Turl> [ 0.881576] sunxi-mci 1c0f000.sdc: no regulator found
<Turl> [ 0.886626] /soc@01c00000/sdc@01C0f000: could not find phandle
<leviathanch> no regulator makes sense
<leviathanch> cubie board has a static regulator
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<leviathanch> Turl: could not find phandle
<Turl> leviathanch: you should use a fixed regulator then and use it there
<leviathanch> oh
<leviathanch> ok
<Turl> but that's unrelated to the oops
<Turl> the oops is because you're clk_enable'ing unprepared clocks
<Turl> you need to clk_prepare_enable and clk_disable_unprepare
<leviathanch> ahh!
<leviathanch> thx
<leviathanch> ok
<leviathanch> totally forgot that
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