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<hno> arokux1, who?
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<mnemoc> moin
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<hno> morning.
<navlrac> wikihelp - antispam preventing me adding a link to in
<mnemoc> navlrac: what's your username there?
<navlrac> same as ircname
<mnemoc> meh... forgot my irc credentials :(
<mnemoc> navlrac: but instead of adding the link to a pastebin, add the content
<mnemoc> pastes expire, and so the content will get lost
<navlrac> ok
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<mnemoc> no commit accounts to ?
<mnemoc> s/accounts/access/
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<rellla> mnemoc: maybe yes.. i'll try to push it
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<rellla> mnemoc: pushed. maybe i should set right date locally ;)
<mnemoc> ntp? :p
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<arokux1> hno, who what?
<rellla> vmware without ntp ;)
<mnemoc> shouldn't vmware provide as "system time" the time of the host?
<arokux1> (hi all)
<rellla> mnemoc: at booting time, imo yes. but it doesn't keep it up to date if suspending...
<Colani1200|work> time sync with the host the can be enabled in the VM options, but you need vmware tools running in the guest system...
<mnemoc> or installing ntp inside :p
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<mnemoc> but it's crappy that the virtual machine doesn't detect the new "RTC" time on resume
<mnemoc> without fancy tools
<rellla> time sync enabled, thanks
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<mnemoc> in general i think designing a SoM or any board with DDR3 is not something a hobbiest can do
<mnemoc> but i'm just a software ape
<arokux1> mnemoc, because of lacks of docs or knowledge?
<mnemoc> complexity
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<mnemoc> proper timming for the ddr3 paths, etc
<arokux1> mnemoc, it is time that is needed to be spend or lack or proper design tools?
<arokux1> lack of*
<mnemoc> i believe it's a mix of those and experience, screwing it up several times before
<mnemoc> otoh making the board where you connect the module should be doable
<mnemoc> with hobbiest knowledge, tools and time
<Turl> you should ask lkcl
<mnemoc> Turl: the eoma card was designed by witz at the end
<Turl> mnemoc: I think that sums it up :p
<mnemoc> :)
<arokux1> who's witz? (it means "joke" in german, btw)
<Turl> wits
<Turl> wits tech in full
<mnemoc> a sister company of allwinner
<arokux1> ah, who's paid for that?
<Turl> lkcl and associates I believe
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<mnemoc> but luke is doing the tablet board where to plug the eoma68 card on his own, hobbiest and oshw style
<arokux1> ok, I've thought everything was done by you guys
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<Turl> arokux1: we do kernel and some userspace work in here
<arokux1> yes, but there are other people sitting here who are silent, i thought they are hardware guys
<mnemoc> arokux1: different channels different topics, even if some people is in severals
<arokux1> ok
<mnemoc> several*
<arokux1> mnemoc, do you know some good irc on oshw?
<Turl> #olimex probably :)
<Turl> bbl
<mnemoc> but olimex is a company, and you should expect them to prefer to talk about their own oshw products
<arokux1> mnemoc, so what is your recommendation?
<mnemoc> don't know, try #olimex and ask them for a better place
<mnemoc> maybe they are happy to help you design your module
<arokux1> mnemoc, :) i'm not yet designing, just curious. thanks.
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<Colani1200|work> hm.... is sunxi-bsp broken for mk802-1gb?
<Colani1200|work> it says: make: *** No rule to make target `mk802-1gb_config'. Stop.
<hno> arokux1, Open Source Hardware is a pretty broad term spanning many disiplines. There is no single channel, but very many project channels.
<Colani1200|work> mk802 works fine
<hno> Colani1200|work, maybe it's using wrong u-boot version..?
<arokux1> hno, I'd like to know more about hardware design. I'm thinking to start at top level and dig in with time. anything you can recommend?
<Colani1200|work> hno: don't know, quite a n00b here. Just ordered such a device and started digging in here
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<hno> arokux1, designing PCB boards?
<arokux1> hno, are there other board?
<arokux1> boards*
<hno> arokux1, the general advice applies as usuall.. find an itch of yours that you want to solve with hardware. Solve it because it's fun.
<hno> arokux1, open hardware is about a lot more than only PCB design.
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<arokux1> hno, I was thinking I should start with "how to design a board from available components"
<arokux1> hno, it should be pretty high level in the first step
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<arokux1> hno, it should be more high level, if it could.
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<Colani1200|work> hno: mk802-1gb is missing in sunxi-bsp/u-boot-sunxi/boards.cfg
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<swdwdw> How to modify partition of the system image size on android platform
<swdwdw> ?
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<isidoro> hi all
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<isidoro> hi all
<arokux1> hi isidoro
<isidoro> I'm looking for people involved in A20 patches, as I'm developing on A20 olinuxino
<arokux1> isidoro, do you work on kernel? which version, then?
<isidoro> the last 3.4 for A20
<mnemoc> stage/sunxi-3.4 has A20 (sun7i) support... but still needs polishing, and there are a bunch of pending commits on the ML
<mnemoc> even mainline got some A20 love
<swdwdw> How to modify partition of the system image size on android platform
<isidoro> mnemoc I see. I'd to test olimex patches made by Maxime Ripard
<mnemoc> isidoro: that's mripard, the mainline maintainer
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<arokux1> isidoro, I recommend you take look at
<arokux1> isidoro, among other things, there is documented who's working on what. what part of the kernel are you interested in, btw?
<isidoro> I'm interesting on supporting several serial ports and sun4i touch screen support
<isidoro> as you yess last ripard patches pointed on adding uart.6 and uart.7 ports
<mnemoc> iirc not all uarts can be used at the same time
<mnemoc> even if you have all the pins available and pinmuxed, you only get 4 or so working
<mnemoc> but that limitation can be gone in sun7i
<isidoro> I know, as olimex default fex does make active uart.6 and uart 7
<isidoro> I've working on olimex boards since a13, had some a10 too
<isidoro> but on a13s there was no way for having more than 1 uart.
<mnemoc> sure, a usb to Nxuart chip ;-)
<isidoro> yes, I used ftdi for ttl values
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<isidoro> i had this ftdi at home because I used to program a fxCasio calculator and a old nokia mobile
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<arokux1> mnemoc, what was the price of first EOMA-68 cards?
<mnemoc> arokux1: i don't think lkcl_ has a price yet
<arokux1> mnemoc, i've thought first batch was sent to people already?
<mnemoc> not that i know of
<arokux1> mnemoc, ah, ok
<arokux1> mnemoc, see at the top:
<panda84kde> arokux1: there are people who're working on it in #arm-netbook
<mnemoc> nice
<panda84kde> for sure hno which I see is here too
<arokux1> thanks panda84kde
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<Seppoz> so my olimex board and my cubieboard arrived today :))
<Seppoz> looking forward turning em on
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<wickwire> Hi guys, I'm trying to play video (VLC with libhybris) and overlay a graphical app over it
<wickwire> so far, the video always runs on top
<wickwire> and is using cedarfb
<wickwire> according to the VLC sunxi guide
<wickwire> is there any way I can define the overlay of the elements, between graphics and video?
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<arokux> Seppoz, cool :)
<arokux> Seppoz, what will you do with so many boards?
<lkcl_> mnemoc: yep 1st batch have all arrived except for one where we were given the wrong address. oops...
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<arokux> lkcl_, will there be a second batch, if so, what is the pricing? (btw, we had a preoders page, it was ignored?)
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<rings_IIV> arokux, I designed an A10, A20 and currently working on an A31 board. I use Altium Designer to do my main design work. There are definite challenges based on language barrier but I was lucky to live in China for awhile and make some good friend that have help me along the way.
<arokux> hi rings_IIV, do you mean EOMA boards?
<rings_IIV> no, I designed SODIMM
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<arokux> rings_IIV, are you from this company? -->
<arokux> (this is the only company I know of, which is/was producing sodimm CoMs with A10)
<rings_IIV> No longer, We have left and formed a new company
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<rings_IIV> But that is my design
<arokux> rings_IIV, ah, I see, very interesting.
<rings_IIV> As mentioned DDR layout and impedance matching are critical
<arokux> rings_IIV, I wonder why you haven't used some standard connectors like SMARC?
<rings_IIV> The product was designed for a commercial application but others asked to buy as well
<rings_IIV> Maybe I will use that standard for next generation.
<arokux> rings_IIV, sodimm signals output aren't standardized, it's just a form factor, right?
<rings_IIV> yes
<arokux> rings_IIV, what are your plans then, will the next (and current) CoMs be available to buy? maybe you have a website?
<rings_IIV> I am using this open source cloud engineering
<rings_IIV> I am working very closely with upverters
<arokux> rings_IIV, thanks for the link to this website, very interesting!
<rings_IIV> I have more but had to make it private because of trouble with BDD. We should be making it public again very soon
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<arokux> rings_IIV, once you do send the announcement to arm-netbook and linux-sunxi mailing lists, please
<rings_IIV> Yes we hope to be back to normal very soon
<arokux> rings_IIV, how much time and people will does it take to produce such design?
<rings_IIV> I do the design work with alot of help from Allwinner engineers.
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<rings_IIV> I did the initial prototype in Canada but then switch to China
<mnemoc> lkcl_: i definitively been away too long
<arokux> rings_IIV, you went to China, to stay closer to Allwinner?
<rings_IIV> No, I lived in China for a different project.
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<wingrime> rings_IIV: there is any difficulties with impenace matching routing
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<rings_IIV> Layout/routing was more of a challenge then the impedance matching.
<wingrime> rings_IIV: I routed some small projects with altium, automatic route totaly crap
<rings_IIV> I manually enter the impedance routing info based on specs from PCB company but then they fine tuned it once they have specific Er values
<wingrime> rings_IIV: how much traces are done manualy, by hand?
<wingrime> rings_IIV: I have no expiriance 4-layers PCB
<rings_IIV> I do it all by hand
<rings_IIV> SODIMM is a 6 layer board, Carrier board were SODIMM plugs into is 1-4 layer.
<wingrime> rings_IIV: also, info from PCB , are you talking about electrial epsylon and loss tangant?
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<wingrime> rings_IIV: better say Dielectric permittivity
<rings_IIV> Sorry Er = Dielectric constant
<mnemoc> iirc someone ranted that bdd's a10 sodimm used two different flat ribbon cables instead of using the same size on both
<mnemoc> pushing costs higher
<mnemoc> and not been able to connect a LiPo in UPSish way
<rings_IIV> Ribbon cables is for legacy analog AV and LVDS
<wingrime> rings_IIV: I can't play with 6-layer PCB - its all about price for prototyping its more than 100$ even with 4 layer
<wingrime> rings_IIV: also how much revisions it cost?
<rings_IIV> Yes, That is why we made the sodimm. We had many projects and need a fast prototyping method.
* mnemoc loves so-dimm SoMs
<rings_IIV> :-)
* wingrime wingrime want supper computer board with 20 so-dimm on single board
<wingrime> rings_IIV: I don't think it difficult place Gigabit switch on header board
<wingrime> rings_IIV: a20 cluster
<rings_IIV> We have a number of very competitive Prototype PCB companies we work with. 4 layer PCB approx $1 USD/sq inch
<wingrime> rings_IIV: china have advantages
<rings_IIV> Yes but need to be very careful. I learned many time about counterfiet components.
<rings_IIV> When I was in China I even saw counterfeit can of compress air.
<wingrime> rings_IIV: ))
<mnemoc> fake air?
<rings_IIV> hehe, yeah
<wingrime> rings_IIV: your price include production preparament ?
<wingrime> rings_IIV: and whan about electical check, with floating needles for example
<rings_IIV> wingrime: Yes but we usually do 200 sq inches
<wingrime> rings_IIV: batch
<rings_IIV> wingrime: not panalize, all the same PCB, with E-Test
<wingrime> rings_IIV: wow, thats only I can say
<rings_IIV> wingrime: Pricing really starts to drop at 400 sq inches
<wingrime> rings_IIV: realy cool
<wingrime> rings_IIV: it realy not possible make something in russia with competentive pricement
<wingrime> rings_IIV: also do yoy have idea about a20 clusters, that idea have any meaning ?
<rings_IIV> wingrime: components?
<wingrime> rings_IIV: no, make base board for 10-20 a20 and switch
<rings_IIV> I could create an open source project on upverters.
<xtofury> ok running into issues again.... cubieboard rev 1 specific, I followed the following instructions for it, here, , I've gotten through the whole thing, but when I try to boot using the sd card, I just wind up back on my android desktop that is in the nanda. So I tried them again with the following HWpack, which gives me the same result.... cubieboard_hwpack.tar.xz
<xtofury> (has all the files in there, I replaced the bootstrap and kernel with the stuff in there).
<Turl> xtofury: try with another card
<wingrime> rings_IIV: have no experiance with upverters
<xtofury> it's a brand new card, my 16gb card had bad superblocks that prevented /dev/sde2 from mounting so I chucked it and bought a fresh 8gb card. now it mounts ok. I'm using a kingston uSD so it should be fine....I specifically made sure I wasn't picking up a cheap one (even though it was on sale).
<wigyori> xtofury: it'll help if you tell which uboot are you using, and if you've dd-ed the spl and the u-boot binary correctly
<xtofury> I am using the u-boot and spl from cubieboard_hwpack.tar.xz, I realized that i used the make command with cubieboard as the target platform but noticed on another page that it said to do it with cubieboard_config instead, so I figured I could have screwed up there and just used the alredy made spl and u-boot from that pack... here's the url for it:
<xtofury> unxi-3.0/latest/cubieboard_hwpack.tar.xz
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<xtofury> srry net went down and had to wait for old ident to time out.
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