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<hno> Note that the PATH needs to be set for make to find the compiler. Or alternatively specify full path in CROSS_COMPILE=...
<xtofury> ok those steps I think I am seeing what went wrong...
<xtofury> I was expecting apt-get commands to just grab everything I needed.
<hno> There is also an arm toolchain in ubuntu. Should work assuming it's not yet updated to gcc 4.8.
<hno> (sunxi kernels do not play well with gcc 4.8)
<xtofury> I refused to let it update because I figured it might have updated it to 4.8
<xtofury> There's too many of these toolchains in here, which one am I using exactly?
<hno> xtofury, see FirstSteps. It says exactly which you should pick.
<xtofury> none of them have {milestone} in it
<arokux> hno, what program do you use for uart communications?
<xtofury> gcc-linaro-arm-linux-gnueabihf-4.7-{milestone}_linux.tar.xz
<hno> arokux, I use screen.
<xtofury> ctrl+f does not find that specific one.
<hno> {milestone} is a placeholder. Pick the latest.
<xtofury> that'd be april 18th?
<hno> probably. doesn't really matter that much. 4.7 and linux, and you should be set.
<xtofury> allright, downloading it..
<hno> II find this page easier to navigate:
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<hno> "Binaries" section.
<deasy> hno, when some weird caracters appears on serial console, it's the "little hardware bug" when the cpu almost start via the uart current?
<xtofury> got it, so I have to put the bin folder into the export path, I am just wondering where that is?
<xtofury> export PATH="$PATH":/home/user/folder/gcc-linaro-arm-linux-gnueabihf-*_linux/bin/
<xtofury> I have a /home/cubie/sunxi-bsp folder but not quite sure where I am putting this thing.
<hno> xtofury, you need to extract the toolchain, which will give you a folder with a complete toolchain tree in it..
<xtofury> extract to where though?
<hno> where it is depends on where you place it.
<hno> your choice. I have mine in $HOME/toolchains/
<xtofury> so just modify the path command to relfect the install directory of the tar?
<hno> yes
<woprr> can You guys access
<xtofury> ok, makes more sense now
<woprr> Cloning into linux-sunxi-3.4...
<woprr> error: Failed connect to; Operation now in progress while accessing
<hno> woprr, try again. Probably just temporarily overloaded.
<woprr> ok it's counting now :)
<hno> deasy, could be. Or just wrong connection.
<hno> cables wrong, or wrong baud rate.
<deasy> nop the setting is good
<deasy> and cable too
<deasy> i have move it when it works ok (means without weird caracters)
<deasy> and it does nothing(no weird caracters generated by the moves)
<hno> deasy, to avoid the UART current leak issue first power on the board, then connect UART cable
<deasy> yes i have read it on forum
<deasy> i have also see if sd plugged and power removed, then remove the sd with only uart plugged
<xtofury> ok getting the same error
<deasy> the power red led is on with the remove of the sd card
<hno> deasy, just unplug the RX pin of the UART cable.
<deasy> thank for the tips :)
<hno> (RX pin on the board side)
<xtofury> thanks so much for helping me get through this, I've been running around in circles for 2 weeks and have ignored this for another 2 weeks because my patience ran out...
<hno> xtofury, echo $PATH
<woprr> Receiving objects: 0% (4081/3368066), 824.00 KiB | 517 KiB/s (stalled), trying hansg's repo
<xtofury> blank
<hno> blank? Can't be.
<hno> xtofury, open a new terminal window, then cd sunxi-bsp/u-boot-sunxi; make CROSS_COMPILE=$HOME/gcc-linaro-arm-linux-gnueabihf-4.7-2013.04-20130415_linux/bin/arm-linux-gnueabihf- Cubieboard
<xtofury> no go
<xtofury> getting rid of the Cubieboard part produces an error as well
<xtofury> oh my bad path is case sensitive
<xtofury> here is the value
<navlrac> hno: to get started with u-boot for A20, is there any particular branch I should use?
<navlrac> hno: assume I need sunxi-tools as well for the SPL image generation?
<xtofury> ok stupid mistake but still not working...
<xtofury> ok the * is the screw up I think... my bad...lemmie try again
<xtofury> still no go... I am copying the folder into a couple of places to get it to work, I'll try that...
<woprr> which uboot branch for A20, sunxi-current or one of the 2 /A20? cannot find a commit log viewer on github...
<xtofury> ok this is confusing I've copied the toolchain to sunxi-bsp and u-boot-sunxi, and still no results.
<xtofury> oh I am using A10 btw, not A20 cubie
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<deasy> xtofury, you have probably do a mistake somewhere
<deasy> i need to do it too
<woprr> Cloning into u-boot-sunxi...
<woprr>[0:]: errno=Connection timed out
<deasy> i want the last code :)
<woprr> giving up
<navlrac> github is overloaded? error: Failed connect to; Operation now in progress while accessing
<navlrac> hmm, working now
<deasy> github is evil hehe
<hno> navlrac, for u-boot use sunxi-current branch.
<deasy> command not found is like you have not set well the path
<deasy> i do it soon...if something in the wiki is wrong i correct it
<hno> xtofury, ls -l $HOME/gcc-linaro-arm-linux-gnueabihf-4.7-2013.04-20130415_linux/bin/
<hno> and also ls -l $HOME/gcc-linaro-arm-linux-gnueabihf-4.7-2013.04-20130415_linux/
<hno> something very fundamentally wrong here...
<deasy> it's an obligation to use ubuntu or it can works on others distro?
* hno never use Ubuntu.
<deasy> me too
<xtofury> oh I'll try that one second
<hno> Hmm... one thing.. the downloaded toolchain is 32-bit, maybe your ubuntu is 64-bit? It then need some additional packages to provide 32-bit compatibility.
<hno> don't remember exacly what those packages are called on ubuntu.
<xtofury> that could be it, the instructs said for me to grab amd 64
<xtofury> I'd assumed since it said to grab that version of ubuntu, that the rest of the instructs were written for that.
<hno> there is no mention of what OS you should use in FirstSteps. Doesn't need to, instructions is mostly generic (except a little apt part that have sneaked in in suxi-bsp part)
<xtofury> now I can't even find where it said for me to grab amd 64 but I can see why that could be a problem... (it might have been in some other instructs, not on that first steps page, I am trying to find it where it said that)
<hno> doesn't matter. If your Ubuntu is a 64-bit clean install then the errors makes a lot sense.
<hno> xtofury, apt-get install ia32-libs
<hno> might still work.
<hno> (old method, but I think a compatibility meta package is still around to keep things simple)
<xtofury> it looks like its downloading
<hno> you'll get a bit more 32-bit libraries than you need, but it's a bit of a mess to find which ones you really need.
<xtofury> unresolvable error
<hno> ok, so need to use the new method for installing those..
<xtofury> which is?
<hno> apt-get install libc6:i386 libstdc++6:i386
<hno> I think... as said earlier I am not an Ubuntu user.
<xtofury> that seems to be working
<xtofury> the apt-get command is downloading
<xtofury> the library
<hno> should get yout 2. and maybe a little more.
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<hno> with libc there is should start saying better error messages than "File not found" if ther eis more libraries needed.
<xtofury> its installing a bunch of dependencies and structures
<hno> all normal.
<xtofury> ok, thats done installing
<xtofury> error while loading shared object file: no such file or directory
<hno> which one?
<hno> I guess that becomes libz1:i386 in ubuntu speak.. but see page I linked before.
<hno> which seems to say that it's libz1g:i386 have no idea what the g is about, completely senseless to me.
<jelly-home> zlib1g
<deasy> don't forget the i386
<hno> right.. that lib is not renamed to lib... name syntax like all other libs.. and suddenly have a letter after the so version. Very consistent naming standard.
<jelly-home> the package name is historical and there's little reason to rename things for consistency
<xtofury> it seems to be working its flooding the terminal with a bunch of data
<deasy> i do not love the naming convention on fedora, they have upper character
<deasy> like in the original names of apps i think
<hno> deasy, yes, Fedora uses original names where possible.
<deasy> i prefer all lowercase
<jelly-home> if one needs "", one uses apt-file to find it on Debian
<xtofury> after using the
<xtofury> make mele_a1000 CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabihf-
<hno> which means some packages have as stupid names as the thing they package.
<deasy> VirtualBox haha
<deasy> i find it annoying
<hno> xtofury, you don't really want a mele_a1000 u-boot.
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<xtofury> why not?
<deasy> you have not a cubieboard a10?
<xtofury> yes
<xtofury> cubieboard a10
<deasy> so why compil with board mele ?
<deasy> compile*
<hno> deasy, VirtualBox is not in fedora. But sure we have some other packages with capital letters.
<xtofury> just following instructions, what should I put in that line then?
<hno> VirtualBox is not allowed in Fedora because it requires custom kernel modules which they have not cared to mainline.
<deasy> hno, oh ok but the name of the package is VirtualBox, i need to change of distro because i really dislike it
<hno> There is no VirtualBox package in Fedora.
<xtofury> I'd assumed mele_a1000 was referencing a10 and mele_a2000 the a20... do I need to get rid of those extra 0's or something?
<hno> xtofury, mele_a1000 is the Mele A1000 multimedia "PC".
<deasy> a short time ago was the OSE version
<deasy> but now it seems than only the original is available on rpmfusion
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<hno> deasy, what do you mean by OSE version?
<deasy> Open Source Edition
<deasy> without usb part
<woprr> I've just stolen the uimage from the A20 archlinux image, was the smallest, but does not boot
<woprr> Image Name: Linux-3.3.0-1-ARCH
<hno> deasy, VirtualBox project have split the usb part from VirtualBox.
<woprr> Starting kernel ...
<woprr> aw_clkevt_init: sun7i_timer0_clockevent mult 6442450, max_delta_ns 170000, min_delta_ns 1000, cpumask 0xc048f800, irq 54
<hno> "Extension Pack".
<woprr> thers something hardcoded
<xtofury> ok so then what am I putting in there instead?
<woprr> checking if github up again
<hno> xtofury, yes.
<hno> deasy, and VirtualBox name is really VirtualBox, not virtualbox. Trademark lawyers would frown upon you and throw you to jail :)
<deasy> ow trademark :(
<deasy> ok seriously? ok i understand
<deasy> someone have say me than tvbgone is also a trademark...bad bad
<hno> Thats surely why they call the source repository vbox
<deasy> xtofury, you must use cubie or if the command can show you the list of boards
<deasy> cubieboard*
<deasy> xtofury, linux-sunxi is community website for allwinners cpu support
<deasy> they have information about several boards allwinner based
<deasy> the tutorial is not specific to cubieboard
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<deasy> so there can be somes parameters to change
<deasy> maybe YOURBOARD can be a better thing to show :)
<xtofury> I don't understand why nobody has just uploaded a vbox image with this stuff already done :(
<hno> oh, trademark wonders.. Oracle do not allow other distributions of VirtualBox than their own to go under the name VirtualBox. If this ever is going into Fedora it will needto use another name,,,
<xtofury> aha cubieboard works
<deasy> yes
<xtofury> so I replaced melee_a1000 with "cubieboard"
<deasy> yes
<deasy> # change to your board model
<deasy> with the good advice :)
<hno> xtofury, because no one here likes huge binary images.
<deasy> xtofury, if you get the experience you can do a proper one
<xtofury> so not this: make cubieboard CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabihf-
<hno> and it will be obsolete in 3 months.
<hno> or maybe 6 if lucky
<deasy> xtofury, not understand your last sentence
<xtofury> the #boardmodel thing, is that referring to the cubieboard part in there or do I have to add it to the end, this is vague.... or is that just there to tell me that if I got a20 to do make cubieboard2 instead of make cubieboard
<xtofury> ok yes, nvm
<xtofury> I get it
<xtofury> slow today
<arokux> hno, any idea how pinctrl-0 works?
<hno> arokux, what do you mean?
* hno for sure knows how the PIO controller works...
* deasy is registered on the wiki
<deasy> wouhou
<arokux> hno, in device node, you can assign a group of pins to it. you first define this group.
<hno> arokux, DT syntax question?
<arokux> hno, no.. "how it works"-question
<arokux> hno, :)
<hno> what works?
<hno> need a little more detailed question.
<hno> PIO as such do not care how you group pins.
<hno> to PIO it is just a bunch of pins connections in the chip.
<deasy> hm the wiki had detected me as spamers
<deasy> vilain !
<hno> deasy, you are already spamming?
<deasy> normaly not :(
<deasy> xtofury, in fact the firststeps page says in the above "While we currently focus on the mele A1000, most of it seems reasonably universal."
<arokux> hno, so my question is: how those assigned pins are used in the code?
<hno> deasy, you are only an "Autoconfirmed User" from what I can see. Is it maybe your IP that have been blocked?
<arokux> hno, 2 hours of grepping and i cannot understand a *shit*
<deasy> so i have not try to add about the device to change like it's write in the top
<deasy> hno, maybe yes i think the message received from my contribution talk about ip, i can retry if you need
<hno> deasy, seeing the actual error would help..
<hno> arokux, pin names is in the code I think.
<hno> the & in the first is a reference to the other, which lists which pinmuxer and pins to set up on it.
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<arokux> hno, yes, this is clear.
<arokux> hno, but how to get to those pins in the code to poke at them?
<hno> arokux, you don't poke at pinmux pins normally.
<xtofury> ok almost at the sdcard setup, but now I am going to run into the raw access with vbox and I have no spare sdcard thing for use with usb to setup so I guess I do this next time...isn't there a way I can skip the sd card bit and just flash it onto my cubie like I do with livesuit?
<arokux> hno, I need to enable the pin.
<hno> which pin?
<deasy> hno, We have doubts if you are a spambot or not, please <a href="/IRC">join us on IRC</a> to sort this issue out.
<hno> Hm.. maybe you need to be approved to have write access.
<arokux> deasy, have you answered some question? like if allwinners produces chips or smth else?
<arokux> hno, the pin PH6 should be enabled in the ohci driver
<hno> deasy, try now.
<hno> arokux, why?
<arokux> hno, because chinese code does so, VBUS power, remember?
<arokux> hno, maybe it should be directly enabled in device tree?
<hno> arokux, but that's not pinmuxing, thats gpio. You need it listed twice. Once for the pinmuxing setting, and then in another attribute definint it as the gpio needed for vbus control.
<hno> or actually, listing it as the gpio might be sufficient, that should bring in the needed pinmuxing as well from gpio.
<hno> but others know this much better than me. But I am sure that you DO NOT define that in the pinmuxing part.
<arokux> hno, so you say I use pinctrl only if my pins are muxed for device?
<deasy> arokux, yes it have ask
<deasy> and i have answer CPUs like it have ask
<hno> arete74, pinctrl is for pinmux control, configuring the pin to the right hardware function.
<hno> gpio/i2c/spi/nand/whatever
<arokux> ?
<arokux> hno, hm... seems to be exactly what you are saying
<hno> arokux, that makes sense to me. One pinmux section wiring up the pins, and one section defining their GPIO usage.
<hno> just would think there is some smartness so you don't really need all that pinmux baggae when also referencing the same pin via a gpio controller, but maybe you do.
<xtofury> how long does this take to compile?
<arokux> xtofury, "this"?
<hno> same gpio may have multiple different pin mappings, even if sunxi chips only have one possible physical pin per gpio pin.
<xtofury> oh on this step : "make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabihf- -j5 uImage modules"
<xtofury> been about 10-15 minutes so far into it.
<deasy> i have been marked as spammer? maybe it's my ip if i have dos a website of a scriptkiddies really annoying...
<arokux> do you have 4 cores?
<hno> xtofury, some minutes to an hour depending on what processing powers you have... but based on the fact tat you can run VirtualBox under 10 minutes.
<hno> deasy, have you tried again?
<xtofury> 2 cores :(
<arokux> then -j3
<deasy> hno, nop
<arokux> xtofury, not -j5
<hno> deasy, I asked you to...
<xtofury> ok what is this j5 thing for then?
<xtofury> just remove it?
<arokux> xtofury, it is trying to spawn 4 threads from compilation and one master thread for control
<hno> I would use -j4
<arokux> xtofury, do ^C and restart with proper -j
<xtofury> ok restarting with -j4 option....
<deasy> hno, works
<hno> having slightly too large -j does not make much bad, provided there is sufficient RAM in the box.
<arokux> xtofury, you are compiling s-3.4?
<hno> deasy, approved you as a person.
<arokux> hno, won't the OS keep scheduling threads imposing context-switch overhead?
<deasy> xtofury, i have added the fact this page is focus on mele a1000 in stronger characters, hope it helps people to don't pass on it
<hno> we also have a bureaucrat level, need to check what that means..
<arokux> deasy, now you are a person :)
<hno> arokux, Linux is quite good at identifying batch jobs such as compilers.
<xtofury> when I am done I am going to pop cubie specific instructs on my blog.....
<arokux> xtofury, and on our wiki too, plz
<hno> to be exact I added you to the group "people".
<xtofury> ok can do once I get this done... I figure this is a good way to n00b proof things since I'm starting out on this, was gunna use a pi but the specs are too good to pass up on the cubie. I'm actually getting interested in this cubietruck2 coming out but not sure if it's worth the wait for an A30 offering....
<arokux> xtofury, what are you up to? how are you going to use the board?
<xtofury> home automation controller with attached arduino and touchscreen -- specific use is for a greenhouse but I want to make it useable for multiple purposes.
<arokux> hno, any idea what is 7 for here:
<xtofury> I wanted the arduino integration to provide expanded GPIO with 5v rather than 3.3v, there's more add-ons specific for arduino, plus it'll be easier to plop the RTC on the arduino since with cubie it is a definite issue.
<hno> arokux, no, you need to check pio for what the pin definitions means.
<arokux> xtofury, in my opinion RPi is nothing more than big advertisement... for almost the same money you could get much better perf
<arokux> xtofury, have you checked olimex devices and their ext modules?
<hno> Olimes boards are very nite to work with.
<hno> Olimex.
<arokux> hno, did it.. but no number 7
<hno> arokux, the pio gpio driver. Not hardware.
<arokux> hno, nite?
<xtofury> no but now that you mention it I might give it a look... For now though I'm trying to get arduinocommander running on this with the screen in portrait mode, w/ RTC, w/resistive touch working (will have to find a capacitive one later, for this'll do, on a budget)...I'll be happy with it running in kiosk mode... still seems a ways away, gotta do something with USB to get arduino to work
<xtofury> correctly for arduinocommander.
<xtofury> ok all done :) thanks guys
<xtofury> sdcard is going to have to wait till tommorow
<arokux> hno, 7 stays for H :)
<arokux> arokux, good night hno. thanks for help.
<arokux> hno, tomorrow I'll enable this gpio..
<xtofury> thanks everyone, night. help has been really appreciated
<arokux> xtofury, night :)
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<hno> arokux, yes, just figured the same.
<arokux> hno, but this is the guess
<hno> night, or actually morning..
<arokux> hno, how to know which function gets called in pio, i.e. drivers/pinctrl/pinctrl-sunxi.c
<deasy> nite as nightmare?
<deasy> nice*
<deasy> almost morning
<hno> arokux, Documentation/gpio.txt
<arokux> hno, and? not dev. tree info there.
<arokux> gpios = <&pio 7 20 0>; /* LED2 */
<arokux> pio is pinctrl-sunxi.c
<arokux> hno, my question is where 7, 20 and 0 are passed to
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<woprr> the archlinux A20 kernel wont boot on olimex micro with olimex or cubie uboot or I got a "disc geometry" problem with dd here...
<woprr> to sdcard #1: 238+1 Datensätze aus, from sdcard #2 (olimex): 238+0 Datensätze aus with count=238 ???
<woprr> wtf means "+1"
<woprr> 243828 31. Jul 09:11 u-boot.bin , -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 244736 4. Aug 05:33 olimex-u-boot.bin
<woprr> -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 243712 4. Aug 05:33 olimex-u-boot.bin.238
<woprr> *yawb* bed time
<woprr> n8i guys
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<ganbold_> does anybody have cubieboard and cubieboard2 dtb files? if so can someone send those to me?
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<adrian> hy, i discovered on problem in sun7i_wemac.c
<adrian> if(SCIRPT_ITEM_VALUE_TYPE_STR != script_get_item("dynameic", "MAC", &emac_mac))
<adrian> this i think is taking the mac addres from the fex file
<adrian> looking for dynamic
<adrian> but in this file is dynameic
<adrian> so maybe change only in hexfile
<adrian> so maybe change only in fexfile
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<Seppoz> mornin
<Seppoz> is it possible to use the USB device as usb host in A10?
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<arokux> Seppoz, hi
<arokux> Seppoz, you mean usb otg?
<Seppoz> can i use that like a normal usb host?
<Seppoz> so i have 3 USB host
<Seppoz> not 2
<arokux> Seppoz, the hardware can do this, but i dunno how to switch it on
<Seppoz> ok
<arokux> Seppoz, marsboard has 2 usb anywasy?
<arokux> anyway*
<Seppoz> yes
<arokux> Seppoz, one of them is otg?
<Seppoz> and they ship an adabpter for the miniusb to normal so i was wondering
<Seppoz> 2 host and 1 otg
<Seppoz> it might be auto detect
<Seppoz> o so
<Seppoz> i just plugged in an usb stick using this adabter
<Seppoz> and it worked
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<arokux> Seppoz, no idea
<arokux> Seppoz, what are you doing anyway? :)
<Seppoz> im discovering the kernel sources and how things are setup, e.g how the script.bin setus up the hardware
<Seppoz> its pretty crappy, they also use the script.bin in the drivers itself
<arokux> Seppoz, well of course they do, why it would be there then?
<arokux> mripard_, hi, there? :)
<Seppoz> well
<Seppoz> arokux: it could be some handler in the board files that do the setup and let the drivers be standalone
<Seppoz> like the handler pasing the correct info to the drivers instead of the drivers grabbing them from the script file
<Seppoz> but its what it is.
<arokux> Seppoz, i see. what would be the difference then?
<Seppoz> well the drivers would work even if there is no file
<Seppoz> if you set them up by yourself
<Seppoz> allso porting them to mainline would be much faster i guess
<arokux> Seppoz, no, it won't be faster. you'd need to rewrite them from scratch.
<Seppoz> oh i see
<arokux> Seppoz, they haven't used existing kernel infrastructure, or it wasn't around at the time
<arokux> Seppoz, then kernel moved along and allwinners code stayed...
<Seppoz> oh ok
<arokux> Seppoz, I hope they'll pick up the mainline, once it is there...
<Seppoz> you mena allwinner?
<Seppoz> *mean
<arokux> Seppoz, yep
<Seppoz> well they probably develope for a new cpu right now based on thair old crap..
<Seppoz> do you know any a10 device with ttl screen?
<arokux> what is ttl screen?
<Seppoz> lcd
<arokux> Seppoz, there are tablets
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<Seppoz> arokux: but no open platform like cubieboard right?
<zerodamage> hello, i'm having issues getting an LVDS LCD to work. a10disp util says it is 65454x65454 although i have edited the script.bin
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<arokux> Seppoz, google about an KDE tablet, forgot its name
<zerodamage> (on cubieboard 1G with linux 3.0)
<arokux> Seppoz, so you do not have an intention to hack on mainlining?
<Seppoz> arokux: i do but firts i really wanna understand this whole thing
<zerodamage> i went through that config (several times infact :) ), i can show you my fex if that would assist
<Seppoz> zerodamage: i have not done it yet i just googled a bit
<arokux> zerodamage, sorry, cannot help you. the others are not there yet, i think
<Seppoz> you did convert the fex to script.bin right?
<zerodamage> yes
<zerodamage> the lcd backlight turns on if i tell it to use LCD, so it "knows" the lcd is there
<Seppoz> lcd backlight is pwm only i think
<Seppoz> only pwm
<zerodamage> pwm and lcd-bl-en are connected
<deasy> it's only a community effort?
<Seppoz> cat /sys/class/graphics/fb1/modes
<Seppoz> @zerodamage
<zerodamage> will do after reboot, ty
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<zerodamage> (unrelated) resistive touchscreen works out of box?
<Seppoz> there is no out of the box with touchscreens
<arokux> deasy, yes
<Seppoz> zerodamage: check if the driver is enabled and if it has edev support, if so you should be able to use it in x11 or whatever, if not look into tslib
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<Seppoz> arokux: have you been using gpio before?
<Seppoz> with export?
<arokux> you mean out of sysfs?
<Seppoz> yes
<Seppoz> on the a10 i mean
<Seppoz> because i dont see gpiochips
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<Seppoz> is that ok?
<arokux> Seppoz, i do not know nothing about 3.4
<arokux> sorry
<Seppoz> how is it i mainline?
<Seppoz> should be the same if there is sysfs gpio support aint it?
<zerodamage> a10disp utility output: see what i mean with the crazy framebuffer size WTFF
<Seppoz> whats the cat giving you?
<zerodamage> sec
<arokux> Seppoz, but i try to use gpios now in ml
<zerodamage> U:65536x65536p-0
<zerodamage> which as you guess, is not usable nor right :P
<Seppoz> thats wired
<Seppoz> with the default script.bin i get 800x480
<Seppoz> did you just tried using the default cubieboard fex?
<zerodamage> yes, but the timings are not right for my display unfortunatly, i can try it though to see if it give usable modes
<Seppoz> even if the timings are incorrect you will see something on the screen
<Seppoz> allso i think that this setting is for ttl not lvds
<PaceyIV_> Hy! I've got a Olimex A20 board. I'm using kernel and boot scripts from official debian release 2. I create a custom uEnv.txt where I set root path to my sata hard disk.
<PaceyIV_> When kernel try to boot from /dev/sda1 seams that sda doesn't exist. Without my uEnv.txt sda is recognized after init, when kernel populate /dev
<PaceyIV_> How can i load rootfs from my sata hard disk, instead of micro SD?
<Seppoz> PaceyIV_: mybe your eEnv is not loading script. bin and thus sata is not enabled ot so?
<Seppoz> PaceyIV_: mybe your eEnv is not loading script. bin and thus sata is not enabled or so?
<zerodamage> yeah now it just cycle-reboots, need to restore using other labtop, be back later
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<PaceyIV_> i don't understand. in my uEnv I only set root path:
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<Seppoz> PaceyIV: can you post your boot log please
<PaceyIV_> this is with my uEnv.txt
<PaceyIV_> this without my uEnv.txt
<Seppoz> is sata working if you boot from mmc?
<Seppoz> ls /dev/sd*
<Seppoz> maybe your sd driver is compiled as module or so
<PaceyIV_> using default debian release 2 image I can mount my rootfs e change data...
<hno> Seppoz, you can set mode of the OTG port in script.bin. Supports off, otg, host-only, device-only.
<Seppoz> cool!
<hno> OTG is automagic switching between host & device.
<hno> and some extra twists..
<Seppoz> ahh ok
<Seppoz> hno: where would i look on how to add i2c chips?
<Seppoz> PaceyIV_: when mounting the sata drive check if a module is loaded for sata
<Seppoz> if you want to boot from sata you need the driver static in the kernel
<PaceyIV_> ok... i know how to check this! just a few minuts
<Seppoz> ok
<ganbold_> hno: does u-boot that you maintans include cubieboard[1,2] dts for including dtb in u-boot?
<Seppoz> ganbold_: i think you have to take the dts from the kernel and just change the default boot args in uboot
<Seppoz> PaceyIV_: there is sata_para in the script.bin, maybe you need to enable this?
<PaceyIV_> I use the default script
<PaceyIV_> there is the option and it's on
<Seppoz> ok
<PaceyIV_> i think u-boot don't support sata. i haven't got a sata init or somthing similar
<ganbold_> Seppoz: I'm thinking of having one kernel for both cubieboard1 and 2, but not linux
<PaceyIV_> also with ext4ls i can access to sata ata or ide
<Seppoz> ganbold_: what do you mean by not linux?
<ganbold_> freebsd
<Seppoz> PaceyIV_: you want to start u-boot from sata?
<PaceyIV_> no. i want kernel on microSD and only rootfs to sata.. i more simple to do this...
<Seppoz> that shouldnt be a problem
<Seppoz> did you chek if sata support is compiled in?
<Seppoz> ganbold_: shouldnt matter for uboot i guess
<PaceyIV_> i used this configuration with my old igepv2... not yet.. i can't see kernel config
<PaceyIV_> oh oh! I can't see sata anymore!
<Seppoz> what do you mean by you cant see it anymore?
<PaceyIV_> no /dev/sdx
<PaceyIV_> sdaX
<Seppoz> whats your lsmod
<PaceyIV_> found the problem! olimex board can't power up my sata... with an external power source sda is visible
<Seppoz> ok
<Seppoz> type lsmod now
<Seppoz> and past the output plz
<hno> ganbold_, u-boot do not use dts. But it can load the dts for your kernel if you tell it to.
<PaceyIV_> here my lsmod before and after mount
<Seppoz> hno: i think script.bin has support for cetail twi devices right? but no support in general
<Seppoz> sw_ahci_platform
<Seppoz> you need this module static
<PaceyIV_> yah :(
<hno> Seppoz, I am not sure how much you can specify the i2c bus in script.bin.
<Seppoz> also the ata one
<Seppoz> its in device drivers Serial ANA and Parallel ATA drivers
<Seppoz> hno: if i check the touchscreen stuff its more like support for some ready to go drivers
<PaceyIV_> linux.sunxy doen't provide support for A20... olimex make the debian realease with allwinner sdk adding some missing support like sata and ethernet wired...
<PaceyIV_> i wrong?
<ganbold_> hno: thanks
<arokux> hno, hi
<arokux> hno, I need some help..
<arokux> hno, do you have any idea how to test if the power is on after I write to gpio?
<ganbold_> arokux: measure the voltage?
<arokux> ganbold_, in software..
<mripard_> arokux: yep, not for very long :)
<mripard_> I'm in holiday for ~2 weeks, so I only have a limited internet access
<arokux> mripard_, cool! plz, explain how to use gpio!
<mripard_> but go ahead if you have a question :)
<mripard_> in userspace, in a driver?
<arokux> mripard_,
<arokux> in driver
<arokux> mripard_, will this ugly code set it to OUT and 1?
<mripard_> yep, you got it right
<arokux> mripard_,
<mripard_> I'm not sure about the of_get_gpio though
<arokux> mripard_, why 7 6 0?
<arokux> 7 for H, 6 for 6 and 0 for?
<mripard_> 'a' + 7 = H
<mripard_> pin 6
<mripard_> 0 for active high iirc
<arokux> active high means?
<arokux> mripard_, the point is that if I write 1 to it and test it with:
<arokux> echo 230 > /sys/class/gpio/export
<arokux> cat /sys/class/gpio/gpio230/direction
<arokux> cat /sys/class/gpio/gpio230/value
<arokux> then the value is 0
<mripard_> yeah, the extra 0 is for flags for the gpio subsystem
<mripard_> 0 being no flags.
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<mripard_> active high means that whenever you set value to 1, the actual value of the pin is 1
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<mripard_> some times, you have active low pins, that are by default set to 1, with a reversed logic.
<arokux> mripard_, I see. any idea why I get 0 after cat then?
<mripard_> you're not in the right direction?
<mripard_> when you set it with your driver, you set it to 1, in output
<mripard_> and now, you read the value, but it can't be output anymore, it's only input, and that depends of your wiring after that.
<mripard_> but you shouldn't be able to export it at all, since your driver requested it.
<Seppoz> that might also help a bit
<arokux> mripard_, I freed it, so I could. did it for testing
<Seppoz> its for s3c but probably the same for this
<arokux> mripard_, so you think that I actually did what i wanted? turned it into OUT and make it output 1?
<Seppoz> isnt there gpio_direction_output
<mripard_> arokux: ah, right. I'm not exactly sure about the side-effects gpio_free has, but yeah, your code looks fine.
<mripard_> the only way I'm thinking of to test that is actually to check it with a multimeter on the line connected to that gpio
<Seppoz> why would you free it?
<arokux> mripard_, :) ok. I'm adding usb host support. the hub appeared already. not I want to see something happens if i plug in flash drive
<arokux> Seppoz, to be able to use it from sysfs
<Seppoz> then export it right away
<Seppoz> gpio_export
<mripard_> arokux: using the musb driver ?
<arokux> arokux, no, normal usb host, usb1 and usb2
<arokux> mripard_, musb is usb0
<mripard_> ok
<arokux> mripard_, hm.. if i'll insert some device into the usb port, it should start to charge, if the power is there, or?
<mripard_> I must admit I never looked too much at usb, the USB OHCI and EHCI specificatiosn also specify the register layout and all? or is it another shared IP ?
<hno> arokux, connect your phone to the port, or anything else that indicates if there is power.
<arokux> mripard_, yes, I hope so. we just need to get it up, the rest is done by drivers/usb/host/ohci-ucd.c
<hno> arokux, using an USB lamp of fan if you have one is alsy very obvious indication of power.
<arokux> hno, yes, also got this idea.
<arokux> hno, no power...
<hno> is the GPIO set?
<arokux> hno, how do i know which port corresponds to which controller?
<hno> arokux, by looking in schematics..
<hno> it is possible none of them are directly connected to the controller. Might be a HUB inbetween.
<arokux> hno, we do not have mele schematics.
<hno> arokux, what board are you using=
<mripard_> arokux: ok
<arokux> hno, mele a1000
<ganbold_> arokux: connect usb stick that has led inside
<arokux> ganbold_, i'm poking with a phone already :)
<mripard_> maybe you can enable the debug of the usb stack, to get what's going on
<hno> The mele have all ports behind a hub I think. but not 100% sure. Maybe one of the host ports have direct connection.
<hno> did map them out before, but have forgot.. might have put it in the wiki.
<arokux> hno, if i poke that gpio from uboot, the power should be on? I don't need the usb setup
<hno> Not sure what happens when there is a hub.
<arokux> hno, oh, ok
<arokux> hno, ok, no power from under uboot too.
<mripard_> I guess the gpio is just to power up the PHY, maybe not the devices connected to it
<hno> The GPIO is for powering VBUS. The PHY is internal.
<mripard_> ok
<arokux> vim drivers/usb/host/sw_hci_sunxi.c +449
<hno> The mele have 5 USB ports, 3 external and 2 internal. The A10 have two USB controllers. What we know for sure is that the hub connects to one of the controllers and provides 4 ports.
<hno> What we do not know is if the wifi is on the other controller or if it's connected on the hub.
<hno> should be easy to look this up from a 3.4 kernel.
<hno> or even the default android.
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<arokux> hno, I think i need a diode.........
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<hno> arokux, diode for?
<arokux> hno, usb2serial
<hno> right. haven't had that problem on mele. But haven't tried in a long while as my mele is also powered via the same usb connetion these days.
<hno> so I naver have UART without power on the mele.
<woprr> lo
<hno> hi woprr
<woprr> now, first e-cigarette then back to work... kernel, uboot, sata, etc
<woprr> hi hn o
<hno> h no would be more appropriate spelling.
<woprr> dont't want to highlight you without important reason ...
<hno> don't worry.
<arokux> hno, which diode will you recommend
<arokux> ?
<ganbold_> arokux: why diode?
<woprr> I need a good toolchain or a unstable chroot for emdebian on oldstable :D
<ganbold_> arokux: if you can have usb flash with led inside
<arokux> ganbold_, usb2serial gives power to my mele a1000 board and this confuses it
<ganbold_> arokux: then you can see whether power is coming or not
<arokux> ganbold_, yep, no power, but this is different issue
<hno> ganbold_, having the UART port connected with no power to the AXP controller makes most Allwinner boards go crazy.
<arokux> mripard_, still there?
<hno> quite likely also applies to HDMI port btw.
<woprr> kernel on my oldstable is squeeze bpo / vanilla 3.2.x, so chroot may work
<woprr> reading wiki first... first steps, etc
<arokux> mripard_, why would I want to specify pinctrl-0 in the device none when after this i still need to say that the gpio shoud be out, when requesting it. I've thought pin function is specified in pinctrl-0 already?
<hno> woprr, the linaro 4.7 toolchain work on any distribution if you want an easy path.
<woprr> k, thx
<hno> woprr, just keep in mind that it's 32-bit binaries so you need 32-bit libraries installed (libc + libstdc++ + zlib)
<arokux> hno, connected withOUT or with power makes them crazy?
<woprr> easy not necessary, but low on HD space on my "compile engine" /dev/sda4 45G 20G 23G 47% /mnt/data
<hno> arokux, without.
<woprr> ok
<arokux> hno, but my problem is because usb2serial provides power, or?
<hno> arokux, without any power to the AXP controller makes the AXP controller go crazy due to the current leakage from the UART.
<woprr> arokux, a self powered usbserial cable? for what is that for?
<arokux> woprr, usb2serial is connected to the PC, and it powers it, from what i understand
<woprr> all my are bus powered and some are crap, not all RS232 pins are used, only one works with my UPS
<hno> woprr, no we are talking about hardware design issues in 99.9% of all Allwinner devices if you have an UART cable connected.
<woprr> ah ok
<arokux> hno, ok.. so how can I avoid this problem (without soldering)
<woprr> arokux, that's what lsusb -v says "bus powered"
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<hno> arokux, provide power to the board, the nconnect UART cable.
<arokux> hno, i'm confused. my problem there is current leakage from uart and it is cured by providing even more current?
* woprr uart cable is handmade, max3232 and 5 caps, a sub D plug and 4 PIN bar plug, thats it, 15min work
<arokux> hno, sorry..
<arokux> woprr, you mean I can check if the bus is powered by lsusb -v?
<woprr> ask hn o ^^
<arokux> woprr, that was your message!
<woprr> no you can see how a device is powered
<woprr> usually on x86 but may not be implemented here?
<Seppoz> lsusb shows you how devices are connected and whats on the bus
<hno> lsusb shows how a device claims it is powered. Says nothing about how it is actually powered.
<hno> and is irrelevant to todays topic.
<Seppoz> what are you guys trying to find out anways
<woprr> sorry
<arokux> hno, you said i need a diode to prevent current leakage?
<hno> arokux, yes, if having the UART cable connected before you connect the power cable is causing problems for you.
<Seppoz> just drop GND of the uart and you should be fine aswell
<mnemoc> o_O
<Seppoz> if we talking about a ttl levelshifter conntected to tx tx and gnd of an uart
<arokux> mnemoc, hi :)
<mnemoc> arokux: hi :)
<Seppoz> arokux: what are you trying to do?
<arokux> mnemoc, i'm adding usb host (1 and 2) but as i'm a noob i need to test every step, are you into usb stuff?
<woprr> gnueabihf-4.7 is minimum required toolchain version?
<Seppoz> woprr: just use the arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc from universe
<mnemoc> arokux: need to urgently finish a $milestone$, sorry :(
<woprr> Seppoz, not on ubuntu , debian oldstable here
<Seppoz> oh well just update those packages then?
<Seppoz> or just use the one you asked
<arokux> Seppoz, if i have usb2serial connected to my board it confuses it. maybe it could influence the usb stuff, that i'm working on..
<Seppoz> oh i see
<Seppoz> maybe use ssh instead?
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<wickwire> Hi guys, I'd like to use a USB webcam with A10 (sunxi kernel), any special requirements? The webcam has MJPEG, will I be able to take advange of it?
<arokux> wickwire, have u tried it?
<wickwire> I'm at it right now
<wickwire> I plugged the camera in, I'm getting lsbusb results I think
<wickwire> I'm following a guide originally for the Raspberry Pi, which worked for this camera as well
<wickwire> hopefully similar results ->
<wickwire> hmmm ok I got ERROR opening V4L interface: No such file or directory
<wickwire> I actually don't have /dev/video0 or similar
<wickwire> do I have to rebuild the kernel? I have a prebuilt image loaded on the NAND
<wickwire> it's a cubieboard A10
<wickwire> with linux linaro and - Linux cubieboard 3.4.43+ #1 PREEMPT Fri May 31 19:48:17 CST 2013 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux
<wickwire> Another guide mentions the uvcvideo kernel driver
<wickwire> which this kernel image doesn't seem to have as a module
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<woprr> toolchain correct, uboot build OK
<woprr> eh.. wildcards in PATH do not work in debian oldstable bash export PATH="$PATH":/home/user/folder/gcc-linaro-arm-linux-gnueabihf-*_linux/bin/
<woprr> export PATH=/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/bin/X11:/usr/games:/mnt/data/usr/local/src/gcc-linaro-arm-linux-gnueabihf-4.7-2013.04-20130415_linux/bin/
<woprr> can I skip this step? Note: If the [dynamic] section does not exist in your .fex file, you can just add it with your MAC address.
<woprr> MAC is random on each boot, setting it in /etc/network/interfaces
<woprr> or which MAC is this
<woprr> not any dynamic section in other cubie, etc fex.files
<woprr> board type a20-olinuxino_micro
<woprr> well, tea time :)
<Seppoz> wickwire: is the webcam V4L compatible?
<Seppoz> wickwire: and did you add V4L support to the kernel?
<Seppoz> wickwire: check your .config for V4Lsupport
<wickwire> Seppoz: the kernel was included in the image I downloaded, for my A10 Cubieboard
<wickwire> so perhaps that's the issue
<wickwire> the pre-built kernel not having the setup...?
<Seppoz> you probably wanna do another then, if you gimme a sec i could make you one iguess
<wickwire> I'm fetching the sunxi kernel
<Seppoz> ok!
<wickwire> I don't have the .config for the included kernel image, but I think it might work, if I go with the sunxi wiki
<wickwire> bottom line is, there is no reason for this not to work as it did on the Pi,
<wickwire> as long as any of you were to say that sunxi kernel sources don't support it
<Seppoz> unless your kernel doesnt have V4L
<Seppoz> this has nothing to do with sun4i
<wickwire> so I think I just have to rebuild it myself
<Seppoz> or sunxi
<Seppoz> as the V4L stack is not arch specific
<wickwire> I agree
<wickwire> I'll work on it then, thanks for the help! :)
<Seppoz> ill upload you a uImage with modules that have v4l support
<Seppoz> if you want
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<AndroUser2> I compiled the kernel
<AndroUser2> For a20 CPU 3.3
<AndroUser2> If i set the rootfs to the mmc is working perfectly
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<AndroUser2> But it wont mount the nfs
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<vinifr> ping mripard_
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<arokux> hno, ping
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<woprr> no olimex A20 defconfig in # On branch stage/sunxi-3.4, use sun7i_defconfig ?
<woprr> Already up-to-date.
<Seppoz> A20 is sun7i
<Seppoz> so sun7i defconfig should be fine yes
<woprr> ack
<woprr> olimex supplied debian sdcard uboot identifies with machid(?) EOMA86-A20
<woprr> near match omap1,p2 ...
<woprr> using sun7i
<Seppoz> i think the sunxi current branch has support for the olimex boards
<Seppoz> the uboot
<woprr> yes , make a20-olinuxino_micro CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabihf- succeeded
<Seppoz> ok
<Seppoz> and you know how to flash it to the card right?
<woprr> first build kernel
<Seppoz> ok
<woprr> if the wiki is up to date?
<woprr> topics, first steps,debian, building on debiab
<woprr> more?
<Seppoz> ?
<Seppoz> sorr yi dont understand the question
<arokux> hno ?
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<woprr> never mind
<woprr> why is FPU emulation needed, A20 has got an FPU
<woprr> in sun7i_defconfig ?
<hno> arokux, what?
<arokux> hno, nothing already. I decided to clean up old 3.4 tree and gradually move usb host to mainline
<hno> ok
<arokux> hno, hope dropping of unused code is welcome
<woprr> enable the ugly gpio driver as M?
<hno> arokux, sure. Killing unused code. refactoring used code so it makes sense, all allowed.
<woprr> A20 needs CONFIG_SATA_AHCI_PLATFORM=Y or is CONFIG_SW_SATA_AHCI_PLATFORM=Y sufficent for use with SATA?
<woprr> do not know "softwinner"
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<ssvb> woprr: there are some legacy vfp instructions not supported by vfpv4 anymore, and it may be reasonable to keep the vfp emulation enabled in the kernel just in case
<woprr> OK
<woprr> enabling both sata drivers, not mutually exclusive
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<woprr> colliding recommendations:
<wingrime> oliv3r: ping
<woprr> enabling both sata options
<woprr> hi win :)
<wingrime> lkcl_: ping
<Seppoz> anybody have lcd support working in uboot?
<woprr> anyone tried SATA Port Multipliers on A10/A20 ?
<wingrime> Seppoz: notsupported
<wingrime> woprr: As I hear this not works
<woprr> OK thx
<woprr> hdmi support in uboot *duck* ^^ ?
<wingrime> woprr: uboot not have any disp support for AW
<woprr> ok
<wingrime> woprr: disp driver most problematic driver for mainline
<Seppoz> ok
<woprr> heard of it
<hno> Seppoz, not that I know of.
<Seppoz> too bad
<woprr> enabling CONFIG_SUNXI_EMAC and realtek phy, wemac depends on sun3i
<woprr> win, so there cannot be kernel diagnostic messages over hdmi, disabling splash screens? I don't like them
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<woprr> is it recommended to enable arm amba drivers?
<woprr> no amba bus on olimex...
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<wingrime> oliv3r: ping
<wingrime> hno: ping
<hno> wingrime, what?
<wingrime> hno: good news for you
<wingrime> hno: very impressive
* hno needs some good news... trying to get the kids to stay in bed..
<wingrime> hno: SATA can be supported in mainline with patch -- 300 lines only
<hno> nice.
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<wingrime> hno: becose sunxi use IP from synopsys
<wingrime> hno: patch can be writen in no matter of time
<arokux> how to restore autobooting in uboot?
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<Turl> wingrime: :O great find
<wingrime> Turl: it realy need sunxi glue for PLL6 and ...
<Turl> that will make rootfs-ability a possibility
<wingrime> Turl: but patch realy small
<wingrime> Turl: I need your clocks support
<Turl> wingrime: just PLL6?
<Turl> wingrime: what is mainline driver for this synopsis ip?
<wingrime> Turl: mclk and hclk
<wingrime> Turl: ahci-platform.c
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<wingrime> Turl: it already have device tree support
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<Turl> wingrime: what is mclk and hclk?
<Turl> wingrime: pll6_sata and ahb_sata?
<wingrime> Turl: we need only glue code from sw_ahci_platform.c
<wingrime> Turl: not sure, I look at code
<Turl> wingrime: looks like so, I will double check after lunch
<Seppoz> arokux: what do you mean by restore?
<arokux> Seppoz, you can cancel autoboot
<wingrime> Turl: I sure that we will have sata faster than mmc
<Turl> wingrime: :)
<Turl> wingrime: mmc already being worked on by mripard_
<arokux> Seppoz, what command to issue so that it continues to boot
<arokux> Turl, are you into gpio stuff? :)
<Seppoz> boot?
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<Seppoz> i mean did you change the default env?
<Turl> arokux: not really, pinctrl & gpio is all done by mripard_ :)
<arokux> Turl, he's on vacation for two weeks
<Turl> arokux: I know, yet he flooded my inbox with ~30 patches this morning :p
<arokux> Turl, I've spoken with him shortly, he said I got it right, but it doesn't work
<arokux> Turl, yes, this surprised me too :)
<arokux> Turl, I've played with 3.4 kernel, and if I do not turn on gpio there, I have same symptoms as in my case with mainline..
<Seppoz> still playing with usb?
<arokux> Seppoz, till it will work...
<Seppoz> i still dont understand what doesnt work
<arokux> Turl, can I poke gpio like we do with clocks? directly write to some memory location?
<arokux> Seppoz, power isn't supplied to the ports
<arokux> Seppoz, at least
<Seppoz> you mean the 5V?
<arokux> hno, -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------^
<arokux> Seppoz, yes
<Seppoz> usually that is supplied by a seperated current regulator and has nothing to do with the port itself
<Seppoz> which board are you testing on?
<arokux> Seppoz, I'm not turning some gpio on, i suppose.
<arokux> Seppoz, mele a1000
<Seppoz> well the 5V souldnt have anything to do with gpios
<mripard_> arokux: I'd try to remove the gpio_free, I'm not sure what kind of side-effects it has
<mripard_> or just use the sysfs interface for now
<arokux> mripard_, you are here! :)
<mripard_> like set it to 1 in sysfs, load your driver, and see if it's working
<wingrime> mripard_: ping
<mripard_> wingrime: yes?
<wingrime> mripard_: are you readed backlog?
<Seppoz> arokux: may i ask what exactly is not working? what makes you think there is no 5V supply?
<arokux> Seppoz, i connect my phone to it and it's not charging :)
<wingrime> mripard_: there impressive news for you
<arokux> mripard_, maybe drive should be 1 here?
<Seppoz> well if its an andoid phone it might not change because the usb port is incorrect
<Seppoz> you cant charge any android phone on any usb port
<Seppoz> try drive 1, maybe 0 means external power supply
<arokux> Seppoz, if I boot old kernel and connect it to the board it charges. but with new kernel with my new driver it won't charge.
<Seppoz> oh ok
<Seppoz> it does not have to be the 5V still, it might only chanrge when it detects an actual USB signal
<mripard_> wingrime: about sata? yep, it's great :)
<Seppoz> also it might not charge if the USB port is disabled
<arokux> Seppoz, well that's the point. i'm not enabling something.
<mripard_> arokux: I don't know, what amount of current do you want to send?
<wingrime> mripard_: I still need cb2 dt support
<Seppoz> there is a pin called USB1DRV
<Seppoz> and so on
<wingrime> mripard_: is it ready to push mainline ?
<arokux> mripard_, should I look it up in fex?
<wingrime> mripard_: also I need IR0 clock support for IR driver
<mripard_> wingrime: everything I had for the A20 is ready to push mainline, and actually, it's the cubieboard2 dt has been sent today.
<wingrime> mripard_: nice
<wingrime> mripard_: about IR0 clk....
<mripard_> if I didn't submit everything yet, it's just to avoid a maintainer overflow :)
<wingrime> mripard_: driver is ready but it use hack
<mripard_> about the clock, hmm, no idea what it's about, let me look at it
<wingrime> mripard_: I pushed to linux-sunxi for RFC
<wingrime> Turl: ^
<Turl> arokux: yes, you can poke directly, but there should be no need. make sure you've got the latest patches from maxime, the pinctrl bug had quite a few bugs that might be getting to you
<arokux> Turl, oh..
<arokux> Turl, I just want to poke directly so that I know this is the problem. how do I do this?
<mripard_> wingrime: it looks like it the exact same clock than on the A10
<mripard_> so if Turl come up with a clock for it, you can use it on the A20 as well.
<Turl> arokux: read the user manual and look for the pin bank stuff
* hramrach emerges from the woods
<Turl> mripard_: I just need to write bindings, user manual in hand :)
<wingrime> Turl: mripard_ I want get rid hacks soon as possible
<mripard_> the only difference seems to be the clock sources it uses, but that's not a big deal, just a few tweaks in the DT
<Turl> mripard_: wingrime discovered the SATA IP is from synopsis :) should be good to go with a bit of glue he says
<mripard_> wingrime: then, either do it yourself or see if Turl can do/did it
<Turl> mripard_: I'll do it before I send v2 of my series
<Turl> need to do so for sun5i too
<wingrime> Turl: aw sata driver are 500 lines
<mripard_> because I won't have time to hack this kind of stuff for something like two weeks
<mripard_> Turl: yep, he told me, that's great :)
<wingrime> Turl: I need only normaly port it to DT
<wingrime> Turl: sata use own dma ,
<arokux> mripard_, another stupid question. I set interrupts = <N> in device tree. then I do irq = platform_get_irq(pdev, 0);, but I get different number from this function. it's ok?
<Turl> wingrime: you got good dma consumer to test now
<wingrime> Turl: no
<wingrime> Turl: it have OWN dma
<Seppoz> arokux: there is a chip called SY6280
<Turl> wingrime: :/
<Turl> two dma?
<arokux> Seppoz, and?
<Seppoz> arokux: this chip is able to interrupt the 5V power supply and does the current detection
<wingrime> Turl: we have bunch dma
<wingrime> Turl: mmc have
<Seppoz> the USBDRV is enabling or disabling this chip
<wingrime> Turl: cedar have
<mripard_> arokux: yes, the number you set in the DT is the hardware number (ie, the one given in the datasheet)
<Seppoz> when its disabled the 5V is gone
<mripard_> the one you get by platform_get_irq is virtual
<Seppoz> if you dont meassure 5V its most likely that this pin is off or there is too much power taken
<arokux> mripard_, and the one I get is some kind of handle?
<arokux> mripard_, ok, thanks
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<wingrime> Turl: for sata I need PLL6 support
<Seppoz> arokux: can you pastbin me the driver please? with coloring
<Turl> wingrime: PLL6 will be there, don't worry
<arokux> Seppoz, it won't help. it's to messy atm
<Seppoz> just set all 3 pins manually to 1 on probing the driver
<arokux> mripard_, does the settings here: help in anyway? if cat /sys/class/gpio/gpio230/direction it give me "in", shouldn't it be out?
<vinifr> dwilkins, hi
<Seppoz> IMO the driver should do that allready
<wingrime> mripard_: I can't find yours a20 patches in gmane
<mripard_> arokux: default value is in
<wingrime> mripard_: only some pinctl fixes
<Seppoz> arete74: maybe there is something that suspends the USB port?
<Seppoz> arokux: ^^^^
<arokux> mripard_, so the setting function=gpio_out doesn't do anything?
<wingrime> Turl: mripard_ I claim sata
<arokux> Seppoz, maybe-maybe, who knows.
<wingrime> arokux: also, check cb scheme , axp can be related with usb
<mripard_> arokux: it depends, show me the DT
<mripard_> wingrime: then put it on the wiki
<wingrime> mripard_: ok
<arokux> mripard_, ^
<mripard_> pastebin timesout for me :(
<Seppoz> did you try drive 1?
<mripard_> arokux: show me the full DT please
<woprr> what kernel debug option to enable for developers # On branch stage/sunxi-3.4 sun7i_defconfig ?
<woprr> options
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<mripard_> arokux: not the DTSI, the DT you're using for your board
<arokux> mripard_, sorry, I've thought it's not relevant
<arokux> mripard_, I haven't touched anything in dts
<mripard_> wingrime: I don't know about gmane, but everything is on my github account anyway
<wingrime> mripard_: cubieboard.dts too?
<mripard_> yes
<wingrime> mripard_: great thanks
<wingrime> [PATCH v4 0/6] ARM: rockchip: add smp functionality
<wingrime> hex
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<arokux> mripard_, no difference. but maybe it's something else..
<mripard_> arokux: have you tried removing the gpio-related stuff in your driver, and drive the gpio directly through sysfs ?
<mripard_> what power do you have on the USB port?
<wingrime> mripard_: it possible related with AXP
<arokux> mripard_, what power? <--- no idea. how do I know? from fex?
<mripard_> arokux: nah, using a multimeter and probing the pin directly
<mripard_> it's still the best way to know if your pin is actually set or not :)
<arokux> mripard_, sysfs <--- how can I change direction so it appears correctly as OUT in sysfs?
<mripard_> I told you, sysfs won't work.
<arokux> mripard_, why are you asking if i tried then?
<mripard_> because as soon as you try to read the value, it will change the direction to in, and the SoC won't be driving the pin anymore
<mripard_> because you can set the pin to an output value with sysfs as well
<mripard_> and to change of direction, echo out > ../direction
<wingrime> arokux: also, are you MUXed gpios to usb?
<Seppoz> is there allready a wiki on how to debootstrap debian on an sdcard?
<arokux> mripard_, that easy?!
<arokux> wingrime, no need to mux, it's gpio_out
<mripard_> well, yes, what did you expect ? :)
<wingrime> arokux: not sure
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<arokux> mripard_, ok, doesn't work too. there are other setups, maybe it's not gpio. I'll try to clean my code and will post it to the mailing list.
<arokux> wingrime, what have you meant about AXP?
<mripard_> arokux: do you actually have something on the pin?
<wingrime> arokux: according cb2 cheme
<arokux> mripard_, have something? the chinese code says it powers VBUS
<wingrime> arokux: usb have direct power line from
<wingrime> arokux: DLLVDD
<wingrime> arokux: from AXP
<arokux> wingrime, and why it won't work with mainline?
<wingrime> arokux: that connected to DCDC3
<wingrime> arokux: 1) you possible need poke AXP
<wingrime> in uboot
<wingrime> to get power to DCDC3
<wingrime> 2) something wrong else
<wingrime> so
<wingrime> best way check it
<wingrime> take multimiter and measure power on (17) pin AXP
<wingrime> with linux-sunxi and mainline
<arokux> wingrime, no multimeter here.....
<arokux> wingrime, maybe you have mele a1000?
<wingrime> arokux: no
<arokux> hno can u measure please? -----^
<mripard_> arokux: doing kernel dev on a board without schematics and without proper tools, especially on something as tricky as USB, isn't probably a good idea :S
<mripard_> maybe if you are interested, you can do easier stuff to begin with.
<arokux> mripard_, ok.. didn't know...
<wingrime> arokux: do you have buttons on mele?
<arokux> yes 1
<mripard_> maybe working on the keypad or the ADC driver depending where it's wired to would be a good idea then
<mripard_> the IPs look simple enough
<arokux> mripard_, that seemed to be easy. a bunch of clocks and pokes at different registers
<wingrime> arokux: only powerbutton
<wingrime> >
<wingrime> ?
<arokux> wingrime, yes
<wingrime> arokux: bad,
<wingrime> arokux: if there some other buttons like volume
<arokux> wingrime, no
<wingrime> arokux: you can possible debug lradc
<arokux> wingrime, what's that?
<wingrime> arokux: low resoluton alnalog digital converter
<wingrime> arokux: used for buttons on tables
<arokux> mripard_, if I do keypad or ADC, how do I test them? :)
<wingrime> arokux: vol+ vol-
<arokux> wingrime, ok, no buttons here, as I said
<wingrime> arokux: keypad=lrdac
<arokux> wingrime, there is remote control only :)
<mripard_> arokux: I thought you had :)
<wingrime> arokux: you can test my driver
<wingrime> arokux: for IR
<mripard_> it will probably be trickier without any button connected to it :)
<arokux> wingrime, with pleasure. tell me what to do.
<mripard_> yeah, testing wingrime's driver looks like a good idea
<wingrime> arokux: wait when trul push all stuff
<mripard_> anyway, off for tonight
<wingrime> arokux: hacks still there
<arokux> wingrime, ok
<arokux> mripard_, thanks a lot
<mripard_> have a good morning/afternoon/evening/night :)
<wingrime> arokux: also LRADC should be not difficult
<arokux> wingrime, but I won't be able to test it
<wingrime> arokux: more difficult , but not requires any HW - cryptoengine
<wingrime> arokux: you can try implement hardware Random generator
<arokux> wingrime, to tell the truth I want usb.. and wifi.. :(
<wingrime> arokux: there is no way, but try and try again blind
<wingrime> arokux: thats way also works
<wingrime> arokux: but need more time
<wingrime> arokux: first things that you can try
<wingrime> arokux: check GATE and CLOCKS set right way
<wingrime> arokux: reading usb regs
<wingrime> arokux: if you setuped all things correct
<wingrime> arokux: you must read registers non zeroed
<arokux> wingrime, ok
<wingrime> arokux: otherwice you will get read only zeros
<wingrime> arokux: and second check, write 0xffffffff to it and readback
<Seppoz> are we armel or armhf?
<wingrime> arokux: this will help figure Is ip configured right way
<wingrime> arokux: also a20 manual now have registers for usb
<arokux> wingrime, this info is not needed as ohci and ehci are standardized. chinese just dumped it info I do not know for which reason.
<arokux> wingrime, in the code they actually use kernel stuff. everything they do is just poking at clocks and PHY to turn it ON
<wingrime> arokux: then check it
<wingrime> arokux: registers sould act
<wingrime> *should
<arokux> wingrime, so that's why I thought I should be easy thing, once I've understood it is like I said
<Turl> Seppoz: both, but you'll probably prefer armhf for perf reasons
<arokux> wingrime, yes, I need to triple check each step.
<wingrime> arokux: check registers, if it reads/writes normaly than gate and clock correct
<wingrime> arokux: and if it right we will look for other things
<arokux> wingrime, but now i'm asking myself how I can use the working 3.4 kernel to see if AXP is working correctly
<wingrime> arokux: just boot
<arokux> wingrime, booted it. USBs working fine.
<wingrime> arokux: you can try use aw axp sysfs for see
<wingrime> arokux: also do you try set PB09 to "1"
<arokux> wingrime, no, what is that for?
<wingrime> usb_drv_vbus_gpio
<woprr> LATENCYTOP [=n] cause Depends on: HAVE_LATENCYTOP_SUPPORT [=n] && DEBUG_KERNEL [=y] && STACKTRACE_SUPPORT [=y] && PROC_FS [=y]
<woprr> no support On branch stage/sunxi-3.4 sun7i_defconfig ?
<wingrime> mripard_: I just thinked
<wingrime> mripard_: most tables have 3.7 voltage
<wingrime> mripard_: usb have 5v
<wingrime> mripard_: so, DC-DC is required to make 5V from 3.7
<wingrime> Turl: ^
<wingrime> arokux: ^
<wingrime> arokux: also I checked cb2 scheme, looks like gpio used onlt for OTG
<arokux> wingrime, DC-DC needs a driver too?
<wingrime> arokux: AXP have DC-DCs
<wingrime> and MOSFET too internaly
<wingrime> hno: ping
<arokux> wingrime, (sorry, I know nothing about electronics)
<wingrime> arokux: simply say AXP required, for make 5V from 3.3-3.7 for usb
<arokux> wingrime, yes, this one I've got.
<wingrime> arokux: also you must know, that battery usualy discharge, and voltage is decreacing
<wingrime> arokux: but for CPU and USB you must have stable voltage
<arokux> wingrime, mele is not powered by battery
<wingrime> arokux: AXP up volate to noraml level
<arokux> wingrime, ok, but CPU works, so AXP is doing something...
<arokux> wingrime, maybe not everything :)
<wingrime> arokux: axp have default config
<wingrime> arokux: cpu must be on for boot
<wingrime> arokux: and turn on voltage for usb
<arokux> wingrime, from where do you know all this?
<wingrime> arokux: logic
<arokux> wingrime, for logic you need to know the principles, where is this from?
<wingrime> arokux: I have RF engineering barcelor degree
<Turl> arokux: basically wingrime is saying you need axp driver (or uboot hack) to get vbus on usb
<arokux> Turl, yep
<Seppoz> is there a howto on how to make any debian/ubuntu from cratch?
<wingrime> Seppoz: see wiki
<wingrime> Seppoz: all there
<Seppoz> if i debootstrap debian on armel or armhf i allways get stucked
<Seppoz> oh really?
<wingrime> Seppoz: yep
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<Seppoz> this one?
<wingrime> pmu_usbvol = 4000
<wingrime> Seppoz: not only
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<Seppoz> that one wont work for me anways
<Seppoz> probably this than
<arokux> Turl, btw, I've found some new acronym. chinese code says sie_clock. SIE - serial interface engine, part of usb controller.
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<arokux> Seppoz, "boot" does default booting in uboot
<wingrime> arokux: axp20-sply have code for usb
<arokux> wingrime, in the old kernel?
<wingrime> arokux: linux-sunxi
<wingrime> arokux: it have code for setup current limit for usb
<wingrime> Turl: ^
<wingrime> and more
<arokux> wingrime, maybe this is solution!
<arokux> wingrime, is this something standard? ---> axp20-sply
<arokux> wingrime, with a datasheet available?
<wingrime> arokux: yes but axp202
<wingrime> axp209 cn only
<arokux> wingrime, wait, what does axp20-sply have to do with sunXi?
<wingrime> arokux: AW original axp209 driver part
<arokux> it's from, so I thought it is not related
<arokux> wingrime, isn't it some battery charging stuff?
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<wingrime> arokux: too
<wingrime> arokux: it allwinner satelite company
<mnemoc> allwinner's x-powers = AXP
<arokux> :)
<arokux> wingrime, maybe you'd better do AXP, than SATA?
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<Seppoz> why is the APC connected via i2c anways?
<wingrime> Seppoz: I2c simple bus
<Seppoz> ?
<Seppoz> what do you mean
<wingrime> Seppoz: it need only 3 wire to connect
<mnemoc> it's a simplest way to make both chips talk
<Seppoz> yes but WHY is it connected ;)
<mnemoc> the PMU helps the SoC do power management
<wingrime> Seppoz: dynamic voltage change
<mnemoc> they need to talk
<wingrime> Seppoz: poweron button
<wingrime> Seppoz: reboot/poweroff
<Seppoz> oh so its a co unit for frequency scaling?
<mnemoc> also cpufreq
<wingrime> Seppoz: charge control
<Seppoz> ok so it snot only monitoring the APX but also controling it?
<wingrime> Seppoz: yes
<Seppoz> cool, didnt realize :)
<wingrime> Seppoz: you can ask for poweroff
<wingrime> mnemoc: do you read backlog about SATA
<wingrime> ?
<mnemoc> wingrime: that you found the original IP already mainlined?
<Seppoz> wingrime: i start linking all the tweaks those boards have
<Seppoz> :)
<arokux> wingrime, if the problem is chinese datasheet, then I can ask one of my chinese friends to help with translating of the needed paragraphs
<mnemoc> wiki wiki
<Turl> nvidia using dt-based system :O;a=blob_plain;f=README;hb=rel-roth-ota-1-partner
<woprr> hmm the fritzbox crosscompiler is much faster... removing unneccessary module on next turn
<arokux> mnemoc, I've sent a patch with cleanup of the usb host. was it ok? i meant the form of it.
<wingrime> mnemoc: yes, synopsis sata, we need port orignal AW driver thats only 500 lines long
<wingrime> mnemoc: for DT using
<mnemoc> need to sleep... tomorrow the day starts early. arokux: will check it after work tomorrow. thanks
<mnemoc> wingrime: nice :)
<arokux> mnemoc, ok
<wingrime> mnemoc: it have OWN dma too, so DMA not required here
<arokux> Turl, tegra stuff is using dt in kernel already. or it is not nvidia's work?
<mnemoc> wingrime: oh
<Turl> arokux: yes it is, just interesting to see it being used in the real, shipping world :)
<Turl> bbl
<Turl> night mnemoc :)
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<wingrime> mnemoc: I only need wait Trul's PLL6
<mnemoc> whip him
<arokux> wingrime, what makes you think axp20-sply provides power for usb? usb word in the code?
<mnemoc> usb0 has some electrical voodoo before the connector
<mnemoc> and the axp is in care of that
<arokux> mnemoc, i'm doing usb1 and 2
<wingrime> arokux: also, you can try feed USB directly
<arokux> wingrime, hm.. that gpio pin actually turns on powering of VBUS too.
<arokux> wingrime, is VBUS something unique?
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<arokux> wingrime, feed USB?
<wingrime> arokux: acccording cb scheme you not need touch gpios for host
<wingrime> arokux: you can coonect +5 form power source dirrectly
<wingrime> and avoid PMU
<arokux> wingrime, ok, it wont work with mele, I've tried already with 3.4
<wingrime> arokux: try commect out
<wingrime> arokux: that code in axp20-sply
<wingrime> arokux: and boot mele
<arokux> wingrime, will try now.
<arokux> wingrime, why it's called VBUS?
<wingrime> arokux: if you will work......
<Seppoz> wingrime: for host there is also a drive pin connected, if this one isnt provided to the driver it wont come up
<wingrime> Seppoz: I have no mele schnematic
<Seppoz> well its on cubie and marsboard
<Seppoz> i would gues siths there aswell
<wingrime> Seppoz: so you can always connect +5 in avoid
<Seppoz> no because there is a chip that will cut off 5V if the drive is not enabed
<wingrime> Seppoz: no, you can simply connect DP and DM, and get GND and +5 from power supply directly
<Seppoz> yes from supply directly you can
<Seppoz> but not if you use the host plug
<Seppoz> you need to solder the pins to have 5v direct
<wingrime> Seppoz: its for OTG
<Seppoz> no, this chip is on host aswell
<wingrime> Seppoz: host connected using other wires
<Seppoz> chek the schematics
<Seppoz> from marsboard
<Seppoz> e.g
<arokux> wingrime, no, still works :)
<Seppoz> page 6
<Seppoz> right bottom area
<Seppoz> all 3 ports have SY6280 surge protection
<Seppoz> so if you dont set the drive pin high you wont get the 5v
<wingrime> Seppoz: marsboard have
<wingrime> Seppoz: cb not
<wingrime> Seppoz: cb have no driver on hosts
<Seppoz> you are right my bad!
<wingrime> arokux: wait
<Seppoz> cubieboard doesnt have them!
<Seppoz> sorry
<wingrime> Seppoz: mele other question
<Seppoz> yea we dont know
<arokux> wingrime, can I try to exclude the whole folder axp_power from kernel and see if it works?
<wingrime> arokux: bad idea
<arokux> wingrime, ok
<Seppoz> fun question: cna one just tell the apx to overvoltage the cpu and kill it?
<wingrime> Seppoz: better not try))
<Seppoz> just wondering :)
<Seppoz> i really dont like the thing the came up with this script.bin
<Seppoz> you can only configure stuff they wanted
<Seppoz> so if you want to add your own you need to base it on script.bin aswell
<Seppoz> and that stuff they did with the drivers... no idea what they smoked
<arokux> Seppoz, then help to mainline. you'll get everything you want
<Seppoz> i would but that device tree stuff really kills my head :( never used it and dont kow how it works
<Seppoz> i read about it but i dont see how it integrates with the kernel source
<Seppoz> also it liiks like a replacement to script.bin to me
<Seppoz> cant we just have a mach file for each board?
<wingrime> arokux: can you try
<Seppoz> i will help with everything i understand thats for sure arokux
<wingrime> arokux: comment axp_gpio_set_io and return 0 onlt
<Seppoz> arokux: its just alot of new stuff i gotta learn first
<wingrime> Seppoz: maybe worse
<Seppoz> whats worse?
<wingrime> Seppoz: axp have 4 gpio
<wingrime> Seppoz: thats can be changed
<arokux> you mean axp_gpio_set_io should return 0 and do nothing?
<Seppoz> what are attached to them?
<wingrime> yes
<Seppoz> :)
<Seppoz> can we shortcut the PSU? xD
<arokux> wingrime, -------------------------------------------^
<Seppoz> like echo 1 > /sys/class/apx/killme
<wingrime> arokux: yes
<Seppoz> :P
<Seppoz> by the way that debian works great :)
<wingrime> Seppoz: AXP have own GPIO that can be controled using i2c
<wingrime> Seppoz: like I2c gpio expanders
<Seppoz> ahh ok
<Seppoz> there is full support for all 4 uarts right?
<wingrime> Seppoz: not sure, they can be muxed to something
<Seppoz> wingrime: what did you mean by maybe worse?
<wingrime> Seppoz: I mean usb keys conneted not to CPU GPIO,
<wingrime> to AXP GPIO
<Seppoz> oh..
<Seppoz> yes
<Seppoz> never know..
<wingrime> axp_gpio_set_io function that can set low or hi level on it
<arokux> wingrime, usb still works.
<wingrime> arokux: usb host?
<arokux> yes
<arokux> wingrime, i connect my phone and it charges
<arokux> wingrime, this is my multimeter
<arokux> :)
<arokux> wingrime, maybe it's something else. do not waste you time. i'll continue to do research on it.
<Seppoz> does it actually make sense to think about adding more i2c debices based ons cript.bin?
<Seppoz> or is it obsolete anyways?
<wingrime> Seppoz: mainline will use device tree
<Seppoz> btw whats the difference between script.bin and dt beside the fact that dt has generic support in the kernel?
<wingrime> Seppoz: dt can do even more
<wingrime> Seppoz: not only AW defined stuff
<wingrime> Seppoz: for example you can add any i2c to it easy
<arokux> wingrime, axp_gpio_set_io wasn't even called.
<Seppoz> cou you define an ads1015 with dt?:
<Seppoz> or only basic devices with address and no configuration
<wingrime> Seppoz: you fistly need add some DT support
<wingrime> to it
<Seppoz> oh i see
<Seppoz> mach files for the win!!!!
<Seppoz> :P
<wingrime> Seppoz: configuration also can be readed
<Seppoz> i like the idea of dt files
<hno> wingrime, pong?
<wingrime> hno: do you know anuthing about usb power and axp
<Seppoz> but only if you have some kind of editor and support for everything
<Seppoz> what does apx have to do with usb power?
<Seppoz> i mean its either direcltly connnected to the 5V regulator or indirectly using this chip
<wingrime> hno: arokux trying get usb
<wingrime> hno: but no power
<Seppoz> arokux: did you meassure that there is no 5V?
<arokux> Seppoz, nothing to measure with. if i connect my phone it won't charge.
<Seppoz> want me to meassure it for you quickly?
<wingrime> arokux: whait, change can be related with datalines
<Seppoz> told him allready :P
<wingrime> arokux: better connect something more simpler
<Seppoz> ye like usb fan xD
<Seppoz> or your thoung
<Seppoz> lol
<hno> wingrime, AXP209 and AXP202 seems virtually identical to me. Did translate most of 209 datasheet and always end up in same description (taking auto translation in account) as the 202 datasheet.
<arokux> nothing simple here
<Seppoz> arokux: want me to start your uImage and meassure?
<arokux> Seppoz, not now, will test everything else works.
<Seppoz> ok :) if you want me to just tell me
<arokux> Seppoz, ok, thanks!
<hno> AXP don't do much for the power of USB HOST ports.
<hno> It monitors the VBUS of the OTG port and draws power from there, but that's about it I think,
<hno> 5V for HOST VBUS is taken directly from the power source on 5V powered devices such as Mele, Cubieboard etc.
<hno> i don't know how they make the 5V in battery powerd devices, but doubt it's done by the AXP. Probably separate DCDC.The AXP is more used for voltage sensitive uses such as CPU core power,
<arokux> hno, do you know why kernel log get's duplicated in 3.4? same message with time stamp and same without
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<hno> yes, it's an allwinner hack.
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<Seppoz> yea i wanna get rid of it too
<hno> old leftover and can be torn out.
<hno> just don't remember where it is...
<arokux> hno, let's do it!
<arokux> :)
<Seppoz> i thought its because of the debuglevel in uboot
<Seppoz> that is passed to the kernel
<hno> no.
<arokux> Seppoz, those are kernel msgs
<hno> arokux, "gpio set ph6" from u-boot powers on the side USB port on my a1000.
<hno> gpio set ph9
<hno> err, wrong window.
<hno> no power from u-boot on the back USB ports.
<hno> guess those are controlled by the hub chip
<arokux> gpio set ph6 <--- does nothing to me
<hno> for me it turns on the usb led light I connected in the port.
<arokux> hno, how do you check it gets power?
<arokux> hno, hm, i've pluged in the card reader
<arokux> hno, and it's led flushed
<arokux> hno, it also flushes when i clear/set
<arokux> hno, but the phone won't charge
<hno> right.. phone is probably too smart.
<hno> it won't charge unless it can negotiate sufficient power. a smart device is only allowed to draw 100mA without negotiation.
<hno> which isn't sufficient for charging.
<arokux> hno, btw, my cardreader's LED flushes for the ports at the back too
<hno> arokux, when you do what?
<arokux> hno, when my *new* driver starts :)
<Seppoz> arokux, hno: this provves that the a1000 has the sxxx chip
<Seppoz> because if it wouldnt have it the led would be on all the time
<hno> led light indicates side USB port is on USBC1
<Seppoz> SY6280
<hno> Can be some other as well, but yes.
<arokux> hno, why? as I said LED is flushing for all the ports for me
<Seppoz> IMO the drriver need to handle this pin anyways
<hno> arokux, maybe everything is working?
<arokux> hno, maybe... I just need to find a way to understand it.
<arokux> hno, I thought working should mean "registering of the usb stick" if i plug it in
<arokux> hno, or charging of the phone.
<hno> arokux, do you see the GL850G USB hub chip on the bus?
<arokux> hno, yes, hub is up
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<hno> then it likely also powers the hub ports.
<arokux> hno,
<Seppoz> the bux is standalone usually
<Seppoz> *hub
<Seppoz> so if you see the hub usb should work
<Seppoz> atleast cpu usb
<arokux> maybe there is something else needed to see usb stick registered...
<wigyori> guys, just for my curiosity, can you post a full dmesg of your 3.11 kernel?
<arokux> like some kernel option or stuff
<arokux> wigyori, i have pretty limited config, will it do?"
<hno> arokux, are you sure that's the hub chip? The usb controllers also have internal hub for the usb1.0/usb2.0 connectivity.
<wigyori> arokux: anything that boots up will do - getting a bit desperate on my a13
<wigyori> :)
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<hno> arokux, for the hub chip you should see "4 ports detected".
<hno> <6>[ 1.570000] hub 1-1:1.0: USB hub found
<hno> <6>[ 1.570000] hub 1-1:1.0: 4 ports detected
<Seppoz> lsusb would tell dont it?
<Seppoz> <6>hub 1-1:1.0: 4 ports detected
<wigyori> arokux: many thanks, cheers
<Seppoz> line 1261
<arokux> hno, --^ yes, that is what make me feel happy yesterday.
<hno> I guess it should show up in lsusb. Only have Andoid booted.
<arokux> Seppoz, but no progress since then :D
<hno> arokux, do you have a powered USB hub? Or some USB device that do not require power?
<Seppoz> arokux: if the hub is working it svery unlikely that there is a problem with USB itself
<arokux> hno, no :(
<Seppoz> it might be some addition you need for the hug
<Seppoz> *hub
<Seppoz> maybe hub needs some GPIO pin setup
<hno> hmm.. your phone should work on unpowered USB I think.
<Seppoz> not for charging i guess right?
<hno> not for charging, but for USB.
<arokux> hno, well, it does so how can it be used? :)
<hno> what do you mean?
<arokux> lsusb
<arokux> Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002
<arokux> this is what i see in buildroot, btw
<Seppoz> lsusb only shows this 1 line?
<hno> that is the builtin hub.
<arokux> Seppoz, yes.
<Seppoz> something fishy then
<Seppoz> should show atlast 4 lines
<hno> you should see one 1d6b:0002 and one 1d6b:0001 per USB controller.
<hno> plus any USB devices you have.
<hno> assuming you have both UHCI and EHCI enabled.
<hno> or is that OHCI, always mix all those *HCI ones..
<Turl> hno: EHCI, OHCI and XHCI I think
<arokux> hno, no, i have only EHCI enabled
<arokux> and only one host, USBC1
<arokux> arokux, I thought I start with one host and one interface
<arokux> hno, ok, maybe you shouldn't waste your time
<arokux> I need to double check everything else, like clocks
<arokux> hno, it would be could you can find out the code that doubles kernel log, though
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<arokux> could -> cool
* hno looked up on wikipedia.. UHCI is Intel USB 1.1. OCHI the rest USB 1.1. EHCI is USB 2.0. XHCI is USB 3.0 (+ 2.0 & 1.1)
<hno> sunxi USB controller is OHCI and EHCI.
<arokux> hno, yes, but should both o and e be on? i thought either o or e is enough
<hno> not sure.
<hno> arokux, sun4i_defconfig have both. CONFIG_USB_EHCI_HCD=y
<arokux> hno, well, that is just for completeness maybe
<arokux> hno, but as i said do not waste your time
<hno> and 4 USB interfaces show up on the mele, two EHCI and two OHCI.
<hno> but you know more of USB than me really.
<deasy> tomorrow maybe i try gentoo with last vanilla on my cubie
<arokux> deasy, why for? :)
<arokux> arch linux is the best
<arokux> hno, find plz the code which duplicates kernel log :(
<deasy> arokux, don't troll too much
<deasy> Else.... else !
<hno> arokux, all three external USB ports are from the hub. No idea why the gpio only turned on the light in the side port.
<hno> bottom back is port 1, upper is port 2 and side is port 3 of the hub.
<hno> err, back upper port is 1, lower 2, side 3.
<hno> and likely internal pin header 4.
<hno> wifi on the other controller port.
<deasy> ow ok it was not a troll :)
<hno> arokux, I think you just need to look for CONFIG_SW_DEBUG_UART
<deasy> gn :)
<woprr> whew! report sata working [ < 2.405598] ata1.00: ATA-8: WDC WD800BEVE-00A0HT0, 11.01A11, max UDMA/100
<woprr> but lost sound & lan on olimex A20 micro
<woprr> [ 1.692388] emac driver is disabled
<hno> woprr, that means you have emac_used=0 in your script.bin.
<woprr> [ 5.814594] ALSA device list:<6> No soundcards found.
<woprr> should I use wemac, but menuconfig says its for older < sunxi
<hno> arokux, can't find it now.
<arokux> hno, ok
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* woprr is checking schematics for realtek phy <-> Ports PA...
<woprr> wemac from the olimex debian card worked with the olimex kernel
<woprr> no wemac in a20-olinuxino_micro.fex
<arokux> hno, good night
<hno> odd..
<hno> arokux, goot night.
<hno> woprr, please extract script.bin from that debian image and compare with the sunxi-boards one to find if anything else is missing.. and submit a patch fixing.
<woprr> ok, tomorrow
<hno> machine is obviously completely wrong as well.
<hno> makes me wonder if it's at all the right fex.
<woprr> may not fit, I've got a rev.C board , other reported D, so we need revision suffixes?
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<hno> Hmm.. was me that added that fex..
<woprr> olimex uboot said EOMA86-A20
<woprr> make help has a list
<woprr> but don't know the matching name
<hno> The A20 OLinuXino fex is sys_config/a20/a20-olinuxino_micro.fex
<woprr> A10 rev.b sch confirms ethernet connected to PAx ports
<woprr> yes, used that
<hno> where is the debian image?
<woprr> olimex said A10 = A20 board
<hno> yes it is the same PCB.
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<woprr> don't know, all links a dead, some torrent, lol, android guys...
<hno> only differen CPU soldered, and some other small component changes.
<woprr> ok enabling emac
<woprr> any idea whats wrong with sound? the olimex kernel got codec+hdmi A
<woprr> enabled all sound drivers in menuconfig
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<woprr> dcc olimex script.bin ?
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<hno> woprr, dcc not working here.. might work if you are on ipv6.
<woprr> no
<woprr> k
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