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<akaizen> hmm, I'm working on a project I wonder if I should switch to Allwinner instead of Rockchip devices
<akaizen> is there VPU support (mainly need x264 decode) for the PowerVR SGX 544 ?
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<drachensun> akaizen: I think the cedar VPU handles that, not the PowerVR there are a few options
<drachensun> vlc, XBMC
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<Seppoz> is it normal that i only see 324MB ram yet i have 512 on the allwinner a10s?
<mnemoc> there is memory reserved for the GPU and VPU
<mnemoc> which you can disabled depending on the usage you'll give to the device
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<boycottg00gle> for u-boot compilation for a olimex a20 should i use the wip/a20 or the sunxi-current branch?
<boycottg00gle> will use current
<Seppoz> current is fine
<Seppoz> mnemoc: thanks
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<boycottg00gle> yeah kernel booting with new u-boot
<boycottg00gle> :-)
<boycottg00gle> and green status led is on :)
* boycottg00gle dancing
<boycottg00gle> oh hmm ethernet doesn't work?
<boycottg00gle> looks like the module is missing
<rellla> <offtopic on>whitequark uses some html coding style, that i cannot scroll the logs to the end with vanilla android browser. anyone else with this problem?
<boycottg00gle> hmm no ethernet with sunxi and a20?
<boycottg00gle> # CONFIG_SUNXI_EMAC is not set
<mnemoc> a20 has GMAC, don't know if the drivers are backcompatible when using 10/100
<mnemoc> sun[67]i support is slooooooooooowly getting into the community (and mainline) trees
<mnemoc> and my frelling build server is STILL not entirely transfered to the new hw.... damn
<mnemoc> ~3MB/s feel so crappy when you have to transfer a gazillion of files/GBs :(
<ynezz> wigyori: on the owrt wiki you claim, that there's some basic support in owrt/BB for sunxi, but 'git grep sunxi' shows nothing :)
<ynezz> wigyori: it's in some private branch?
<mnemoc> git grep sun.i ?
<mnemoc> or maybe he called it a10,....
<ynezz> :)
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<boycottg00gle> will the sun7i_wemac driver from the android4.2 sources work?
<rz2k> <mnemoc> a20 has GMAC, don't know if the drivers are backcompatible - gmac is separted from emac and only shares the same pins
<rz2k> and we have zero drivers for gmac
<rz2k> lucky for us, emac is still the same.
<boycottg00gle> puh i don't get it
<boycottg00gle> have an olimex a20, downloaded an image that contained an android 4.2 kernel somehow bases on a 3.3 linux kernel - i have the supposed sources - ethernet worked just fine with that kernel but hdmi didn't => i compiled the sunxi kernel but now ethernet doesn't work
<rz2k> [11:34:29] <rellla> <offtopic on>whitequark uses some html coding style - i know this dude in person, he's sort of busy right now with his Foundry project, if you are skilled enough in Ruby - sources of the logger are open
<boycottg00gle> looking at the image it tries to load the sun7i-wemac module
<rz2k> rellla: you can fix the CSS/html and pull req. fixes
<rellla> rz2k: ok thanks. i have no clue in ruby, but some in css/html. i'll look into it. maybe i find the reason.
<jeremb> no driver for gmac? I thought gmac was already working on the future cubietruck
<rz2k> jeremb: cant see public cubietruck kernel around, so zero drivers :p
<rz2k> i bet there's some blob from allwinner, but I couldnt find it in A20-SDK
<mripard> and the A20 has both an EMAC and a GMAC
<rz2k> guess, I'm blind
<rz2k> :p
<mripard> :)
<wigyori> ynezz, thats sunxi - its in a private branch yet, discussed ijt with the guys over there and the conclusion is that until there is no mmc or nand driver in mainline, it'll be hold off
<rz2k> interesting, is it possible to launch this with the olinuxino-A20's realtek ethernet PHY? I think you need different one from standard one used for emac
<wigyori> s/in/for/
<mripard> rz2k: yeah, I think oliv3r looked at that, and the outcome was that the PHY couldn't be used for gigabit
<mripard> for both the olinuxino and the cubie2
<rz2k> yeah i thought so
<wigyori> ynez i might push it in anyway as i'd want to see the buzz around it - how are people interested in it an a router platform - and i'd want to seee the packages built against it, if there's any regression/etc
<ynezz> yep, one can build initramfs for testing
<rz2k> boycottg00gle: for android you need to use android A20-SDK from olimex, it is around in .torrent form
<wigyori> ynezz - yep, so thats the plan over there
<rz2k> boycottg00gle: our community kernel will likely fail with android, unless you know android internals and willing to fix everything. all the testing for community kernel is going on native linux
<boycottg00gle> i don't want android
<boycottg00gle> i just want to have ethernet with the sunxi kernel
<rz2k> and sun7i_defconfig
<rz2k> it should work out of the box
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<rz2k> if it doesnt - write to mailing list, all bugs should be sent there.
<boycottg00gle> rz2k: what's the difference to the stage/sunxi-3.4 branch?
<rz2k> is the most updated right now with patches from mailing list community
<rz2k> the linux-sunxi/stage and everything will be updated soon
<boycottg00gle> would prefer to just compile the ethernet module
<boycottg00gle> kernel compilation took ages on my machine
<boycottg00gle> hmm github still a pmtu black hole
<boycottg00gle> hmm looks like a different problem
<boycottg00gle> looking at git diff stage/sunxi-3.4..remotes/jwrdegoede/sunxi-3.4 i don't get it
<akaizen> none of the A20-SDK mirrors work, anyone have a link and i'll get a mirror up
<boycottg00gle> rz2k: why should ethernet work with the jwrdegoede/linux-sunxi/tree/sunxi-3.4 branch and not with the stage/sunxi-3.4 branch?
<boycottg00gle> which module should be used for ethernet on the olimex a20 using the sunxi kernel?
<hno> akaizen, not many here uses the Allwinner GPL violating SDK releases. We use the cleaned up stuff mostly.
<akaizen> oh cool
<akaizen> whatever helps
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<boycottg00gle> uh looks like the problem simply was that the default config for the a20 is wrong
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<deasy> as the nand on cubie is 8GiB, why 4GiB available?
<rm> where do you get that it's 8GB
<deasy> the wiki
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<rm> which wiki
<Olaff> deasy, 256*16 / 1024 =4
<deasy> you are wrong, you have look at the ram
<deasy> 256Mbits/8 = 32Mo 32Mo x 16 = 512Mo
<rm> 4GB
<deasy> i have find it rm already
<Olaff> deasy, ;)
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<deasy> information corrected on the wiki
<boycottg00gle> the sunxi_emac works just fine on the a20
<boycottg00gle> it is only disabled in the arch/arm/configs/sun7i_defconfig default config
<rellla> boycottg00gle: i compared sun7i_defconfig and sun4i_defconfig. seems, that the sun7i one is *very* improvable and blown up.
<rellla> preferable way would probably be to build a new sun7i_defconfig based on sun4i_defconfig
<boycottg00gle> hmm
<boycottg00gle> rellla: in the stage/sunxi-3.4 branch?
<rellla> yes
<rellla> but i'd wait, until all summed up patches are merged.
<boycottg00gle> current state isn't that bad
<boycottg00gle> ethernet works
<boycottg00gle> hdmi works
<boycottg00gle> usb host works
<boycottg00gle> hdmi works somehow
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<boycottg00gle> in summary: for erthernet to work on olimex a20 add CONFIG_SUNXI_EMAC=m to arch/arm/configs/sun7i_defconfig if not there yet
<boycottg00gle> (and maybe adjust your /etc/modules)
<boycottg00gle> (module name is sunxi_emac not sun7i-wemac like on android image)
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<boycottg00gle> no luck with the hdmi ioctls so far
<soletti> which u-boot and linux repo should i use for booting cubieboard 2? tried hno uboot and sunxi-3.4-cb2 branch from cubieboard2 repo but when i try to boot all i get is some startup errors when loading kernel: Kernel panic - not syncing: ERROR: Failed to allocate 0x1000 bytes below 0x0.
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<boycottg00gle> soletti: don't have a cubieboard2 but a afaik very similar olimex a20
<boycottg00gle> soletti: had some success with sunxi
<boycottg00gle> soletti: for the kernel i used the stage/sunxi-3.4 branch
<boycottg00gle> soletti: for u-boot i used the sunxi-current branch
<soletti> i might have something missconfigured in uboot i think
<boycottg00gle> soletti: my kernel first didn't boot either, then i updated u-boot and it worked
<soletti> which toolchain are you using? build your own?
<boycottg00gle> soletti: emdebian
<boycottg00gle> soletti: basically i followed:
<soletti> oh ok
<soletti> ill take a look on it
<boycottg00gle> embdebian that is
<soletti> i build my own toolchain, perhpahs a did something wrong there
<soletti> heh
<boycottg00gle> oh i shouldn't use /dev/disp
<boycottg00gle> wasted lots of time and still can't produce output on hdmi my monitor likes
<naobsd> if you need working u-boot binaries built from sunxi-current
<naobsd> for cubieboard2
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<xDR1TeK> howdy
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<soletti> naobsd, using those binaries i get the same error if i build mine own kernel/uboot: ERROR: Failed to allocate 0x1000 bytes below 0x0.
<naobsd> soletti: sorry, which file are you using from my site? I said please use my u-boot but you said you're using your own u-boot
<soletti> i tried your too
<soletti> your files i tried: spl-uboot, uboot.bin, uImage
<soletti> and script.bin
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<soletti> and the minimal bootargs entry with console setup and memory
<soletti> bootargs=earlyprintk console=ttyS0,115200n8 root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rw ip=off mem=32M@0xc0000000 mem=64M@0xc4000000 rootwait
<soletti> this mem entry is prolly wrong
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<boycottg00gle> regarding hdmi i think i see 2 problems: my monitor doesn't like it that audio is always on, my tv somehow chops of the borders
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<soletti> no way to make cb2 boot
<soletti> tried everything :/
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<boycottg00gle> soletti: olimix a20 boots just fine
<boycottg00gle> ~s/mix/mex
<soletti> meh, i get no console output, terminal stops working, seems like the cubie has frozen
<boycottg00gle> soletti: do you have a serial console?
<soletti> yep
<boycottg00gle> soletti: kernel starts booting?
<soletti> well, its says it starts, but no console output
<boycottg00gle> soletti: missing/wrong console kernel parameter?
<soletti> tried ttyS0, S1 and S2
<soletti> with/without earlyprintk param
<soletti> were supposed to be S0
<boycottg00gle> anything on ethernet if you built the module and load it...?
<soletti> im trying the easiest, using pre-built images
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<soletti> right now im trying to boot using naobsd image from
<soletti> still no console output
<soletti> heh
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<hno> soletti, Cubieboard2 support is in linux-sunxi u-boot repo branch sunxi-current.
<boycottg00gle> do you have a uEnv.txt in your first partition of the sd card (if this is your setup at all)
<soletti> yep, i had
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<boycottg00gle> you removed it?
<hno> soletti, those mem= arguments looks very wrong to me.
<soletti> indeed hno
<soletti> i removed then couple hours ago
<soletti> *them
<hno> ok, reading backlog here..
<boycottg00gle> do you have other output than serial? vga? hdmi?
<soletti> didnt connected my cubie to any monitor
<soletti> lemme see
<boycottg00gle> i use the uEnv.txt to pass some arguments to the kernel
<boycottg00gle> maybe you can test:
<boycottg00gle> extraargs=console=ttyS0,115200
<boycottg00gle> (i use something like: extraargs=disp.screen0_output_type=3 disp.screen0_output_mode=EDID:1280x720p60 console=tty1)
<boycottg00gle> to get console on hdmi
<soletti> no vga/console output
<soletti> tbh, i think cubie is freezing
<soletti> hno, do you have cb2?
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<soletti> no luck boycottg00gle
<boycottg00gle> sorry i am of no help then
<soletti> damn, thought it would be easier like bbb, rpy, omap
<boycottg00gle> but maybe try to compile your own u-boot+kernel
<soletti> that was my frist attempt
<soletti> ct-ng + own uboot + own kernel
<soletti> at least it gave me some screen errors
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<boycottg00gle> anyone tried to build limare on sunxi a20?
<hno> soletti, I do, but not with me at the moment.
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<soletti> thx god, finnally i got mine cb2 working
<soletti> cheers
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<ojn> mripard: good timing on the pull requests, i just got the cubies (1 and 2) going on the boot test board farm here. :)
<ojn> oh wait, no a20 material yet
<ojn> grmbl. :)
<deasy> what is the best kernel now for cubie1? the 3.10?
<naobsd> soletti: if you used my uImage, it's lichee linux-3.3 kernel, you need to set machid to f35. otherwise you can't see anything after "Starting kernel..."
<naobsd> soletti: and if you used v1.04 script.bin on my site, you have to supply power before starting kernel from non-USB miniB port.
<naobsd> s/from non-USB miniB port/from power connector/
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<mripard> ojn: yeah, poke linusW for A20/A31 materials :)
<mripard> ojn: if he didn't answer by monday, I'll merge the basic DTs for A20/A31 boards and let the pinctrl related patches for 3.13
<mripard> (and I really need to get a cubie1, I don't have any A10 boards with schematics.)
<ojn> I ended up ordering one. Interesting experience. It was sent from HK -> Singapore -> Sweden -> US
<ojn> mripard: wouldn't pinctrl go through his tree anyway, so you can merge everything else at least?
<mripard> they must have thought that would be an optimized path given your last name :)
<ojn> he's back from vacation now so he should be possible to hassle. :)
<ojn> mripard: weird thing is that it went with swedish post service _from_ singapore. Just weird. Must have been the cheapest way to do it for some reason.
<mripard> ok, that's good to know (that Linus is back from vacation)
<mripard> but yeah, he'll end up merging only the pinctrl stuff anyway
<mripard> I just don't think I ever had any feedback from him on my pinctrl-related changes
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<ojn> yeah, you posted while he was out/off I think
<ojn> probably drowned in email backlog
<soletti> naobsd, right - ill try to boot your images later wheni get back home
<mripard> yeah, probably :)
<soletti> right now trying to boot my rootfs from nfs
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<naobsd> my files are just for example, I don't know if it's really useful for some specific purpose other than "it could be booted" :)
<soletti> odd, my kernel isnt attempting to boot any rootfs
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<Turl> mripard: I still haven't got my cubie2 :( damn customs
<mripard> Turl: really ?
<mripard> wow
<mripard> I got mine for more than a month now
<mripard> are you sure it wasn't lost ?
<Turl> mripard: tracking says it's in process of being classified since 2/8, and reached the processing center on 15/7 :)
<Turl> mripard: I'll give them a call on monday and see what they have to say
<Turl> but the last 2 miles are often the slowest ones
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<soletti> anyone managed to boot cb2 rootfs from nfs?
<oliv3r> vacation is almost over :(
<oliv3r> Turl: even wingrime got his faster :p
<oliv3r> Turl: argentina affraid you importing high-tech equipment?
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<Turl> oliv3r: :p my cubie1 passed through unmolested
<Turl> oliv3r: I bet they just forgot it sitting on a shelf or something
<oliv3r> high tech CPU import
<oliv3r> terroism n shit!
<Turl> lol
<Turl> it's not like it's a bitcoin ASIC thing :p
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<soletti> Linux Cubieboard 3.4.43-stage/sunxi-3.4+ #9 SMP PREEMPT Fri Aug 16 19:30:08 BRT 2013 armv7l GNU/Linux
<soletti> working like a charm
<soletti> cheers
<soletti> :P
<geecko> soletti, using the A20?
<soletti> yep
<soletti> now i have a reference to start workin on it
<soletti> :P
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<geecko> nice :)
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