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<GitHub192> [rubinius] brixen pushed 4 new commits to master: http://git.io/s-7dMw
<GitHub192> rubinius/master 5c61993 Brian Shirai: Revert "Removed most rubinius:bug calls from JIT."...
<GitHub192> rubinius/master b6016f4 Brian Shirai: Reworked handling JIT failures....
<GitHub192> rubinius/master 1d34aa5 Brian Shirai: Added spawn specs for STD{IN, OUT, ERR}.
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<travis-ci> rubinius/rubinius/master (b0134e8 - Brian Shirai): http://travis-ci.org/rubinius/rubinius/builds/44891148: The build passed.
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<|jemc|> yopp: the error you see when trying to start the docker container means that it can't bind to port 80 because something else already is bound to it (which could be one of the other parts of your app, or it could be a dead version of the docker container that is persisting around - check the output of `docker ps -a` to see what containers are still "around")
<|jemc|> you can also modify the command given in the README to use a port other than port 80, or leave off the port assignment entirely and use `docker inspect <container id>` to see what arbitrary port docker gave it
<|jemc|> goyox86, brixen, jc00ke: regarding the docker container and blog post - I'm not entirely happy with the influxdb/grafana solution - goyox86, weren't you looking into a server-side graphing solution that would help us to avoid some of the problems with the fact that the grafana graphig/querying runs client-side? If we can come up with a cleaner solution, I'd like to promote that instead
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<yorickpeterse> morning
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<yopp> |jemc-bot|, yeah, I've already found out that it's listening on boot2docker ip, not on localhos
<goyox86> Morning!
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<brixen> the keyword argument parsing is total sweetness
<brixen> MRI 2.1.5 still fails a keyword spec
<brixen> despite opening several issues related to keyword parsing
<yorickpeterse> but if MRI fails that means it's a feature
<brixen> pretty obvious MRI is never going to consider or contribute to rubyspec
<brixen> which means there's no point wasting time maintaining it as a separate project
<yorickpeterse> brixen: I'd disagree
<yorickpeterse> There's opal, jruby, topaz in the past, etc
<chrisseaton> brixen: we really appreciate having RubySpec as a project we can use - it's invaluable to us
<brixen> they don't contribute to it either
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<brixen> whether or not it's invaluable to some other project does not make it valuable to rubinius
<chrisseaton> brixen: that's simply not true - I've got open PRs, and eregon has contributed work as well
<brixen> a few PRs is not contributing
<yorickpeterse> wat
<yorickpeterse> I normally don't disagree, but that's a bit shortsighted
<brixen> I don't think it is
<brixen> I've been working on this a very long time
<yorickpeterse> I'd argue that the primary reason more Rbx people work on it (today) is due to us having more control
<brixen> I've wasted an enormous amount of time and effort on it
<yorickpeterse> That is, we typically sync things, etc
<brixen> that's not true
<chrisseaton> I even reformatted and contributed the bibliography I put together for RubySpec because you suggested it
<brixen> chrisseaton: yep, that was nice
<brixen> if this was money though, it would be very simple
<brixen> "I have you $5"
<brixen> cool, it costs 2000 to keep the lights on
<chrisseaton> brixen: if you need some help maintaining RubySpec, suggest some tasks for us to help with
<chrisseaton> brixen: I can't promise anything radical but I'll lend a hand
<brixen> write specs
<brixen> it's that simple
<brixen> there's a ton of MRI behavior that no one writes specs for
<brixen> despite implementing it
<yorickpeterse> brixen: that's like saying "just fix the world", I'd start with cleaning up the existing issues where possible
<brixen> and write specs in way that conforms to the standards I set
<chrisseaton> brixen: I actually opened a PR just yesterday that fixed a spec so it conforms to your standards
<brixen> the existence of a project doesn't give you some magical entitlement to it
<brixen> gotta do a call, bbl...
<yorickpeterse> chrisseaton: right now one of the bigger issues (besides kwargs) is https://github.com/rubyspec/rubyspec/issues/286
<yorickpeterse> and at some point I want specs for the entire CAPI, but that's _a lot_ of work
<yorickpeterse> I at some point toyed with the idea of a tool that converts MRI's test-unit tests into rubyspec, but it would be an equal amount of work to get that going compared to just doing things by hand
<chrisseaton> brixen: I can't imagine at all where you're getting 'entitlement' from - I said I love your work and if you need more help maintaining it let me know - but I've already got open PRs that conform to your standards
<brixen> chrisseaton: you're extremely new to this
<brixen> you have a few PRs
<brixen> that's nice
<brixen> again, put that in monetary terms and see what you come up with
<yorickpeterse> chrisseaton: heh, I completely forgot about that PR
<brixen> I have decisions to make about what benefits Rubinius
<brixen> the biggest waste of time for us is keeping track of MRI crap
<brixen> MRI has had almost 8 years to get on the ball using rubyspec
<brixen> they aren't, it's extremely unlikely they will and I'm not wasting more time with them
<yorickpeterse> brixen: unrelated, we have those fucking bundler Git issues on Rubyspec, I believe that could be fixed by adding a Gemfile.lock, any objections against that?
<yorickpeterse> brixen: I messed with that on a branch at some point, but for some reason never merged it
<enebo> brixen: I agree you should do what you want with rubyspec, but you keep saying other projects never helped and it is flat out weird. nurse #5 contrib commitwise, mame #12, ujihisa #13, yugui #17, akr #22. I think they stopped largely because you keep saying they don’t contribute
<enebo> (I omitted drbrain #20 because he used to work on rbx full time)
<enebo> whoops missed kachick at #8
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<yorickpeterse> chrisseaton: another thing that would help: jruby 9k claims to have (almost) full 2.2 compatibility, rubyspecs for that would be tremendously useful
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<chrisseaton> yorickpeterse: good idea - I don't know anything about how they've tested the 2.2 stuff personally though
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<brixen> enebo: number of commits is meaningless
<brixen> enebo: go sum # of lines of current specs by contributor
<brixen> I've had to fix a ton of crap committed by many people
<brixen> enebo: also, a disconnect between your perception and reality is not "flat out weird"
<brixen> ad hominem much
<enebo> brixen: hahahahga
<enebo> brixen: well you have zero interest in acknowledging that contributions are contributions and you say I cannot use weird?
<enebo> brixen: like I said you can you do what you want I just wanted to point out the fallacy of your statement.
<brixen> did you go sum # of current lines by contributor?
<brixen> I pointed out the flaw in your supporting evidence
<brixen> you tell me I'm wrong
<brixen> but you don't actually follow the argument or look at the evidence
<enebo> brixen: My only burden was to show that MRI have active contributors by a common metric (commits). I really feel I only have the burden of not-zero
<brixen> also, "you have zero interest in acknowledging that contributions are contributions..." is ad hominem
<brixen> don't impute my interest or motivations
<enebo> heh
<tenderlove> a few PRs isn't contributing, and number of commits doesn't seem to matter. I guess you can't win.
<enebo> tenderlove: no one wins against brixen
<brixen> put it in monetary terms and make your argument
<brixen> there are ~20,000 specs
<tenderlove> brixen: what is the criteria to be considered "a contributor"
<brixen> a PR that changes one is 1/20,000
<brixen> tenderlove: what would you define it to be?
<tenderlove> brixen: doesn't matter what I think. *you* define the rules for this project, obviously
<brixen> enebo: again, stop with the ad hominem or leave
<brixen> tenderlove: why are you in this discussion?
<tenderlove> I'm on the MRI team, I want to know
<brixen> you want to know what?
<brixen> what is your question?
<tenderlove> brixen: what is the criteria to be considered "a contributor"?
<brixen> ok
<brixen> if you actually want to have this discussion, I have some questions
<brixen> do you actually want to, or are you trolling?
<tenderlove> ya, I actually want to know
<brixen> ok, cool
<brixen> so, what is the value of defining the term "a contributor"?
<tenderlove> idk, you're the one using the word
<brixen> no, I said contribute
<chrisseaton> you said MRI and JRuby don't contribute - I don't believe that's true
<chrisseaton> but I'm open to being convinced otherwise
<brixen> since yugui said, MRI 1.9.2 won't ship until it passes rubyspec, MRI devs have contributed very very little, or not at all
<yopp> yay, rubyspec fight!1
<brixen> chrisseaton: go look at the commits in the past 2 years
<brixen> a useful metric for contributor impact is not # of commits
<brixen> it's # of current lines in the project
<chrisseaton> would you at least agree it's hyperbole? that you meant they don't contribute as much as you think they should
<brixen> part of the problem with rubyspec quality is letting people commit without adequate review
<brixen> that costs the project a lot
<brixen> tenderlove: are we discussing this or not?
<tenderlove> my attention span is way too short for socratic dialogue
<tenderlove> just tell me what we should be shooting for
<brixen> I want to understand your opinion?
<brixen> that's not valid?
<tenderlove> my opinions don't matter. *you* define what are considered useful contributions to your project.
<brixen> has MRI spec'd any features since 1.9.2?
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<tenderlove> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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<brixen> and if they have, what is the % of features they spec'd versus features implemented
<brixen> tenderlove: this isn't abstract
<brixen> and your funny emoji isn't helpful
<brixen> you attitude is obviously hostile
<tenderlove> ok, so the yard stick for contribution is the % of spec'e features vs implemented featues?
<brixen> the Thread::Backtrace::Location bug is a big deal
<brixen> it breaks a lot of 4.1 apps
<brixen> MRI doesn't even have a test for Thread::Backtrace::Location#path
<brixen> and this is just one tiny case
* yopp reseting "Ruby community without drama" counter
<brixen> tenderlove: a useful metric for whether MRI is contributing is the % of specs they add for features they implement
<brixen> tenderlove: do you disagree with that?
<tenderlove> nope, it makes sense to me!
<brixen> ok
<brixen> so, how much has MRI contributed in the past 3-4 years?
<brixen> any specs for ObjectSpace::WeakMap?
<brixen> any specs for keywords?
<brixen> any specs for Thread::Backtrace?
<brixen> etc etc
<brixen> I don't think I'm being unreasonable if you look at this metric
<brixen> furthermore, matz could say, "use rubyspec"
<brixen> he doesn't
<brixen> it is what it is
<yopp> Maybe it's time to crowdsource some devs, to do that?
<brixen> yopp: please do!
<brixen> and ensure they abide by my quality requirements
<jc00ke> Do we know why Matz, et al, don't use or contribute to RubySpec? I'd sure like to know the reason, if there is one.
<jc00ke> Sorry, didn't mean to use "contribute" like that. Meant more in the "actively" sense.
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<brixen> chrisseaton: I made a comment on your PR
<yopp> brixen, also planting a secret agents to MRI core might help :B
<brixen> tenderlove: 2.1.5 still fails a keyword spec
<brixen> tenderlove: despite opening tickets, despite the specs being there, etc
<jc00ke> There has to be some barrier; what is it and how do we address it?
<brixen> tenderlove: I recently tried to address the rubyspec failures on 2.1 and there are really obscure things that I can't find in redmine
<brixen> tenderlove: it takes a ton of my time to do this because MRI devs don't contribute
<enebo> brixen: or they no longer contribute
<brixen> enebo: what is your point?
<brixen> do they get perennial credit for having contributed?
<brixen> is 1.9.2 still used?
<brixen> it's not even supported by MRI any more
<brixen> they don't contribute
<enebo> brixen: most OSS people do get credit if the contributed at one time
<brixen> present tense, relevant context
<chrisseaton> brixen: (aside from the argument) are you happy with PRs that change spec names to correct spelling and grammar? I often see problems but not sure about changing them, because I guess it will invalidate people's tag files?
<brixen> chrisseaton: all changes to improve the quality and clarity are needed
<brixen> people can very easily retag
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<enebo> brixen: I also think the fact they stopped is the crux of the problem and realizing they used to means something made them stop
<brixen> enebo: so please go find out why
<brixen> instead of blaming me
<enebo> hmmm
<enebo> brixen: ok well I said my piece whether you got anything from it or not. I am done…for now
<brixen> enebo: it's interesting to me how quickly you defend whether other contribute
<enebo> brixen: ok
<brixen> enebo: 15 commits, most recent in jan 2011 https://github.com/rubyspec/rubyspec/commits?author=enebo
<chrisseaton> well I'll put my money where my mouth is today and write some specs for #local_variables - is there a style guide?
<brixen> enebo: you've implemented basically all of the jruby parser
<brixen> I know how thorny eg keywords are
<enebo> brixen: but I told you back then I stopped contributing because I did not like working with you. I do still encourage people contribute to rubyspec though. I say virtually every time I speak at a conference.
<brixen> and know MRI tests don't cover the edge cases
<brixen> enebo: I'm in #jruby
<brixen> I see all the discussions
<enebo> brixen: ok
<brixen> it's as if there's an alternate reality
<brixen> anyway, back to the original point
<brixen> I have a budget of 24 hours every day
<brixen> I have to make decisions about how to spend that in the context of what is actually valuable for rubinius
<brixen> MRI devs clearly make a decision about what is valuable to them
<brixen> enebo: as do you, whatever reason you want to label it with
<enebo> brixen: I agree with that btw
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<enebo> brixen: My original statement said I think you should do what you feel wrt to rubyspec
<brixen> |jemc-bot|: can you send me the creds for the Rubinius docker account, please
<brixen> |jemc-bot|: you can use keybase.io if you have it, or I can send you an invite if you need it :)
<brixen> cpuguy83: got a sec?
<cpuguy83> brixen: Yep
<brixen> cpuguy83: ok, sorry for going over this like the third time, but I'd like to get the docker situation squared away
<cpuguy83> sgtm
<brixen> cpuguy83: so, if I put this Dockerfile in rbx repo root https://github.com/cpuguy83/docker-rbx/blob/master/Dockerfile
<brixen> and we tag a release, that will automatically build?
<brixen> for Docker Hub?
<brixen> cpuguy83: |jemc-bot| made an account for rbx
<cpuguy83> brixen: If you want to have an account and an automated build yes. It would actually happen at every commit currently (limitation in DockerHub)
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<brixen> ah hmm
<brixen> that's gonna be a lot of builds
<brixen> cpuguy83: what would be the best way to do only release tags?
<brixen> could we have travis ping the docker hub hook on release?
<brixen> instead of docker hub listening to github directly?
<cpuguy83> brixen: Yes, indeed.
<brixen> ah ok
<brixen> any doc on that?
<cpuguy83> one sec
<brixen> sweet
<yopp> brixen, what the most up to date ruby-building tool for rbx?
<yopp> with latest versions
<brixen> yopp: what do you mean?
<yopp> I have ruby-install from HEAD, but it's still 2.3
<brixen> cpuguy83: oh awesome, thank you!
<brixen> yopp: ruby-install includes the most recent release it knows about when released
<brixen> yopp: which makes it kinda suck if you just ruby-install rbx
<brixen> you need to give it a version
<brixen> eg ruby-install rbx 2.4.1
<yopp> ah, wow
<brixen> yopp: what platform are you on?
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<yopp> osx
pietr0 has joined #rubinius
<brixen> ok, you can use my binary builds
<cpuguy83> brixen: And if you like, we can also do a top-level image as well, but this is a more manual process
<brixen> yopp: in brew
<yopp> just brew install rubininius?
<brixen> yopp: brew update && brew tap rubinius/apps && brew install rubinius
<cpuguy83> brixen: Ala https://registry.hub.docker.com/_/jruby/, which I currently maintain from here https://github.com/cpuguy83/docker-jruby
<brixen> yopp: it's keg only but if you already have ~/.rubies/, the recipe will put the binary there
<yopp> nice
<cpuguy83> Up to you if you want to do that. It's significantly more manual.
<brixen> cpuguy83: ok
<brixen> cpuguy83: well, it's better to only build releases, I think
<brixen> cpuguy83: we push multiple times a day
<brixen> cpuguy83: so how does https://registry.hub.docker.com/_/rubinius/ come into existence?
<brixen> yopp: are you on yosemite?
<yopp> yep
<brixen> ok, good
<brixen> I messed up the -macosx_version_min for 2.4.1
<cpuguy83> brixen: We merge a build manifest here: https://github.com/docker-library/official-images/tree/master/library
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<brixen> but it should run on yosemite
<cpuguy83> brixen: This has to be updated each release.
<yopp> ABORT: unable to set up LLVM :B
<brixen> cpuguy83: ok, so I need to send a PR each release?
<yopp> (i've tried via ruby-install)
<brixen> yopp: brew install llvm?
<cpuguy83> brixen: Yes, with the commit sha to point to.
<yopp> brixen, it should be already there. I'll try to get in from the keg
<brixen> cpuguy83: ok, is it ok if I automate that via travis release?
<cpuguy83> brixen: That would be amazing
<brixen> ok
<brixen> cpuguy83: sorry, I have many silly questions :P
<brixen> so dockerhub and the https://registry.hub.docker.com/_/rubinius/ are separate?
<cpuguy83> brixen: All good, it can be a lot.
<brixen> ie, anyone can put up a pkg, but the "official" ones need a PR to that repo?
<cpuguy83> brixen: Yes, those top-level images are gated at the linked git repo
<brixen> ahh ok
<brixen> it's all making sense
<cpuguy83> And vetted by Docker, Inc.
<brixen> just need to transfer it to my notes so it makes sense tomorrow :)
<brixen> ok
<cpuguy83> brixen: Here is the process for that: https://docs.docker.com/docker-hub/official_repos/
<cpuguy83> official-repos == top-level repos
<brixen> ah, very nice, thanks
<yopp> invalid option in RUBYOPT: -2 (RuntimeError)
<yopp> :|
<brixen> yopp: do you have a space in your directory name?
<yopp> ah, it's just I'm an idiot
<brixen> I've been considering adding support for EIDIOT :)
<yopp> :D
<yopp> okay, seems like keg version is running just fine
<brixen> sweet
<yopp> what should I do to get stats to grafana?
<brixen> yopp: I'll be improving the key asap and hopefully get it back into official brew
<brixen> yopp: just gotta kill Ruby from the build reqs
<brixen> trying to get as far away from source building as possible on all platforms
<brixen> yopp: er s/key/keg/
<brixen> unfortunately, the recipe will have to be keg only but the option to brew link is decent
<brixen> a more ambitious goal would be to get chruby to understand brew kegs
<brixen> so it could select a ruby installed there (similar to detecting /opt/local or w/e)
* brixen foods
<yopp> nice idea
<yopp> is there any way to check, that rbx connected to grafanadb?
<yopp> hum
<yopp> getting stats
<yopp> but logging is broken: log writing failed. Device not configured
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<brixen> yopp: logging failed for which? rbx?
<brixen> yopp: you can set logging to stdout/stderr
<brixen> I think that's the docker way
<brixen> yopp: -Xsystem.log=console
<yopp> brixen, for our app when running under rbx
<brixen> yopp: er ok
<yopp> for some reason
<brixen> yopp: what's it using for logging?
<yopp> rails default logger
<yopp> unicorn logging just fine
<yopp> but seems like rails can't open file for some reason
<brixen> rails default logger is SyslogLogger no?
<brixen> yopp: which version of rbx?
<yopp> rubinius 2.4.1
<yopp> I've checked with 2.2.10 couple days ago, it was fine
<yopp> let me check again
<brixen> hmm
<brixen> I will release 2.4.2 as soon as I fix this keywords issue
<brixen> there are some important fixes in master
<yorickpeterse> brixen: re rubyspec guidelines being ignored, I think we need to be much stricter on that matter. That is, if somebody submits a PR that doesn't match the requirements and doesn't really want to fix it, we close it
<yopp> yep, it's working just fine on 2.2.10
<yopp> and can't open logs on 2.4.1
<brixen> yopp: any chance you could throw up a repo with the same rails version and logging setup?
<brixen> yopp: if that repros it
<yopp> let me try with blank rails app, but it might be anything, it's huge project with a lot of deps :|
<brixen> yopp: ok
<brixen> yorickpeterse: I have been, people bitch about that, too
<yorickpeterse> brixen: well, then I'd say "fuck em"
<brixen> I do ;)
<yorickpeterse> brixen: perhaps this is Dutch honesty, but I couldn't care less about drive-by commits
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<yorickpeterse> I've dealt with those in the past for some of my own stuff, I just close them
<yorickpeterse> if somebody can't be arsed to change a few bytes I can't be arsed spending 30 minutes reviewing and merging things
<yorickpeterse> I'm personally very fond of closing things after a certain period (e.g. a month), but I'm reluctant applying that to rbx/rubyspec/rubysl unless we have some sort of consensus on the matter
<brixen> yep
<brixen> the problem with all the open PRs is that they will take a significant effort to make useful
<brixen> generally, I just rewrite the specs at a certain point because that takes less of my time
<yorickpeterse> well yeah, that's what I've done in the past as well: basically hijack what somebody was doing and do it right
<yopp> ah, it was bundle issue
<yorickpeterse> heh
<yorickpeterse> where have we heard that before :P
<brixen> yopp: what issue exactly?
<yopp> with logging
<brixen> heh
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<brixen> I guessed that much
<brixen> can you describe it more than "bundle issue"?
<yopp> I've started app without fucking bundle exec, so it used some random version of rails
<brixen> sweet
<yopp> but seems like it's working with rails 4.2.1!
<brixen> cool
<yopp> (apart of broken logging)
<brixen> wait, logging is still broken?
<yopp> No-no. with bundled deps it's working
<yopp> Without bundled deps, with random gems, it's not.
<yopp> hum
<yopp> rbx responds in 1500ms, mri 2.1.2 in 250 :|
<brixen> yopp: show me those stats :p
<yorickpeterse> yopp: hit F5 a bunch of times
<brixen> yopp: oh, you could try running with RBXOPT=-Xprofile
<yorickpeterse> or run siege or something like that
<brixen> start the app, run a few requests, exit the app, and you'll get the profile on stdout
<brixen> show me that
<brixen> yopp: if you're running "hello, world", I swear to god...
<brixen> :p
<yopp> :B
<yopp> nope
<brixen> I didn't think you were
<brixen> anyone using Boundary?
<yopp> where it will flush thre profiles?
<brixen> the -Xprofile will write the results to stdout when the process exits
<brixen> you can get fancier if you want
<brixen> need to make a rack middleware for this
<brixen> but integrated in the Console
<brixen> which I'd have more time for if I weren't wasting it implementing this bonkers keyword argument behavior
<yopp> ah
<yopp> seems like it's unicron's stats
<brixen> oh, I thought you were running this on puma
<brixen> die, unicorn, die
<brixen> yopp: could you try running on puma?
<yopp> it's not that easy
<brixen> why not?
<yopp> we have our own wrapper, to boot all the stuff
<yopp> who knows how many shot it might set in ENV before actually starting something
<yopp> •shit
<yopp> but lemme check
<yorickpeterse> brixen: I once hacked this together https://gist.github.com/YorickPeterse/1724eb9184e27a23e6df
<yorickpeterse> note the emphasis on "hacked"
<brixen> mar 2011
<brixen> lol
<brixen> wycats gave me the template
<brixen> clearly I've wasted far too much time on irrelevant MRI compat
<yorickpeterse> well my thing at least does something :P
<brixen> yeah, put your 3 lines in there
<brixen> rack middleware is pretty simple
<brixen> I do like the idea of a sampling profiler accessible at any time better, though
<yopp> brixen, seems like it's working, but still, there only Puma in profiler report
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<yopp> Is there any way to tell profiler to write to specific file?
<brixen> are you using threaded puma or worker process puma?
<brixen> you can pass an IO to the profiler
<yopp> dunno, I've just did "bundle exec puma"
<brixen> or the docs I linked
<brixen> I think puma tells you when it boots up
<brixen> what does it say?
<yopp> * Version 2.10.2 (rbx 2.1.0), codename: Robots on Comets
<yopp> * Min threads: 0, max threads: 16
<yopp> * Environment: development
<brixen> yeah, should be threaded
<brixen> what does profile output look like?
<yopp> that with yorickpeterse's middleware
<yorickpeterse> Yeah that profile output looks familiar
<yorickpeterse> That is, Hash/String#tr being high in the profile output is not very surprising to me
<yorickpeterse> (having seen lots of similar profiler output before)
<brixen> Arrays and Hashes sittin' in a tree, using all the CPU...
<yorickpeterse> interesting enough the time spent is rather low
<brixen> why is Dir.glob that high in the profile
<yopp> hum
<yorickpeterse> Yeah I was about to ask the same :P
<yorickpeterse> stat'ing the disk on every request is not going to help a lot
<brixen> yopp: any chance you could make me a repo that does close to the real thing?
<yopp> brixen, nope :|
<brixen> heh, oh c'mon how proprietary can it be, are they going to kneecap you
<yopp> Dir.glob was there, because it was the first request, perhaps it's autoloaded some stuff
<brixen> but anyway, I mean, does the "same thing" where "same thing" means eg renders JSON
<brixen> ok, that's plausible
<yorickpeterse> 0.79 1.36 0.03 2464 0.01 0.55 Builder::XChar.encode
<yorickpeterse> where's that coming from?
<yopp> I bet it's Rails XML builder
<yorickpeterse> "Mongoid::Attributes#respond_to?" oh boy
<yorickpeterse> But yeah, it looks like a lot of hashing is going on
<brixen> yeah, thrashin' the hashin'
<brixen> yopp: in 2.4.2 I'll be able to see more about how the JIT is working on that
<brixen> yopp: so, could you save your test env so you can re-run for me?
<yorickpeterse> yopp: can you run the app with -Xhash.hamt
<brixen> you could try
<brixen> but this is insertion heavy: 8.67 0.55 0.30 78974 0.00 0.01 Hash#new_bucket
<brixen> and that's more expensive right now in HAMT
<yorickpeterse> hm
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<yopp> brixen, sure
<brixen> down to 6 F on keywords
<yopp> Yeah, it's building a lot of hashes
<yopp> And one huge hash for xml
<brixen> yopp: what is building them
<brixen> which xml generator is used?
<yopp> rabl, mongoid and serialization stuff
<yopp> rabl + nokogiri
<brixen> oh that thing
<yopp> yeah, this pice of crap
<yorickpeterse> Hm, I should probably benchmark how fast Oga is in _generating_ XML
<brixen> yorickpeterse: uh yeah ;)
<yopp> If my contract will be extended to next year, I'll try to fix rabl. Because I don't know why it takes 250ms to generate 25kb of xml
<yorickpeterse> Granted it might be a bit unfair since it's just `Oga::XML::Element.new(:name => 'div').to_xml`
<brixen> yorickpeterse: could you also fix rubygems so an Oga wrapper can "provide" Nokogiri?
<yorickpeterse> brixen: I won't be providing a compatibility layer for Nokogiri
<yopp> yorickpeterse, I can give you a hash
<brixen> yorickpeterse: you don't have to
<yopp> to serialize it to xml
<yorickpeterse> brixen: or do you mean an adapter in RubyGems so it can use Oga?
<yorickpeterse> (does RubyGems even use nokogiri?)
<yorickpeterse> yopp: ah, that it can't do out of the box, you have to build the nodes yourself
<brixen> yorickpeterse: no, I mean, fix rubygems so it's possible to specify that a different gem "provides" a dependency
<yorickpeterse> brixen: euh, not sure if I'm following.
<brixen> so that Rails dependency on nokogiri can be satisfied by oga-nokogiri
<yorickpeterse> Hmm
<brixen> it's a simple facility
<brixen> using the new index metadata
<brixen> and, of course, fixing dependency resolution to consider it
<yorickpeterse> Well, I first have to fix my parser generator, then I have to fix the fkn aws-sdk (or replace it with their v2), then I have to fix a bunch of other things :P
<brixen> haha
<brixen> indeed
<brixen> so, you'll need to prioritize your time
<yorickpeterse> So maybe by next christmas
<brixen> hmm, takes me back to an earlier conversation today
<brixen> heh, next christmas is still only 2 days away :)
<yorickpeterse> nah, tomorrow is spent on putting data through an entire new DB stack and having christmas brunch at the office
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<yopp> so rubygems are ended with xml?
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<yorickpeterse> ended with?
<yopp> last time I've heard discussions about rubygems, it was about having plain text stuff
<yopp> with content-disposition support
<yorickpeterse> oh right
<yorickpeterse> I think that's in now
<yorickpeterse> but not sure how much it's used
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<brixen> anyone got MRI trunk build handy? https://gist.github.com/brixen/fbd4a1cebb23ef6b4d85
<brixen> pretty sure the new index is flat files
<brixen> with a simple format
<brixen> yopp: ^^^
<yorickpeterse> brixen: I think my current trunk is at least a year old, but I can build it, gimme a sec
<brixen> yorickpeterse: no worries, I can build it
<yorickpeterse> July 15 2014, not too bad
<brixen> interesting what one discovers writing specs for MRI features
<headius> that should be reported as a bug
<brixen> it's unconfirmed
<headius> unconfirmed?
<brixen> yorickpeterse: build done yet?
<headius> confirmed in trunk build from Sept anyway
<brixen> yorickpeterse: mine is processing rdoc :p
<yopp> hum
<yorickpeterse> brixen: mine is what appears to be compiling extensions
<yorickpeterse> currently doing openssl
<brixen> yorickpeterse: done :)
<yorickpeterse> curses
<yorickpeterse> ah, rdoc
<brixen> existing keyword parsing bug that I opened an issue for still exists in trunk
<brixen> hm, issue is closed
<brixen> I wonder if a comment on a closed bug gets noticed
<slaught> was it closed as fixed?
<headius> I get what you expect on head
<headius> for both bugs
<slaught> they claim it is done. so it must be. :)
<brixen> I'm running it on head and I get the same output as the repro
<brixen> of course, there's not a single comment in the ticket
<brixen> this is so not fixed
<headius> the builds you reported against are very old
<headius> ruby 2.2.0dev (2014-12-24 trunk 48948) [x86_64-darwin14]
<headius> 2300 commits off, if what you put in those bugs is the last time you tested
<yorickpeterse> fuck, I have to recompile Ruby since I forgot to set a prefix ._.
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<brixen> whatever is trunk of github/ruby/ruby is what I'm testing
<brixen> unless this didn't install
<headius> trunk of github matches mine
<headius> my build was from rvm, but it appeared to get current head
<headius> no problem
<brixen> chruby wtf
<yorickpeterse> lemme check
<yorickpeterse> ...once compiling is done that is
<brixen> hmm, I have two entries in chruby
<headius> brixen: you might notice your version string says it's from June
<headius> a good indicator you're not on current head
<brixen> oh good, this is fixed
<brixen> jesus chruby
<brixen> yorickpeterse: yep, that's what I get on trunk
<brixen> haha
<brixen> ran the specs on trunk, immediate segv
<brixen> oh well, on to something useful
<headius> you're not going to report it?
<brixen> report that MRI doesn't run rubyspec?
<brixen> hm, that might work
<headius> report a segfault that might affect others
<yorickpeterse> brixen: oh yeah, I had a segfault on Travis too
<yorickpeterse> also I think Rbx also segfaulted somewhere down the line
<yorickpeterse> "also also also"
<yorickpeterse> heh
<yorickpeterse> "This pull request can be automatically merged." oh now Github is lying about PRs
<yorickpeterse> boom, one page of issues down, one more to go
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<brixen> no way 1 file, 123 examples, 316 expectations, 0 failures, 0 errors
<brixen> now for blocks
<brixen> hmm, another obscure edge case possibly bug who knows
<brixen> hmm hmm
<yorickpeterse> https://github.com/rubyspec/rubyspec/pull/231#issuecomment-68001572 oh hey where have I seen this before
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<yorickpeterse> brixen: any objections against me mass-adding MRI licenses to all rubysl Gems in the file MRI_LICENSE?
<yorickpeterse> (it would be a copy of the COPYING file of MRI trunk)
<yorickpeterse> meh, here we go
<yorickpeterse> (going to bed soon)
<brixen> yorickpeterse: LICENSE.mri would be better, I think
<brixen> yorickpeterse: but that's an easy rename
<yorickpeterse> Not a huge fan of using custom extensions though
<yorickpeterse> Though I guess we could do LICENSE.mri.txt
<yorickpeterse> but that's equally wack
<yorickpeterse> brixen: I don't have push access to https://github.com/rubysl/rubysl-continuation
<yorickpeterse> (apparently)
<brixen> uh
<yorickpeterse> huh wtf I do
<brixen> heh
<brixen> yorickpeterse: I'm commenting on https://github.com/rubyspec/rubyspec/pull/231
<yorickpeterse> oh no, that's rubysl-coverage
<brixen> le'me double check
<yorickpeterse> hm, Github is also super slow so perhaps it doesn't like me pushing 120 commits in sequence
<yorickpeterse> "Read from socket failed: Connection reset by peer" ah
<brixen> yorickpeterse: yeah, seeing a bit of lag from github
<brixen> you definitely have access to all of rubysl
<yorickpeterse> hm
<yorickpeterse> oh, can't comment now either
<yorickpeterse> D: I broke Github
<yorickpeterse> or maybe it's north korea
<yorickpeterse> brixen: I'm trying to comment on the same PR :P
<yorickpeterse> but it's not working
<yorickpeterse> So much for Git being decentralized but Github being anything but
<yorickpeterse> oh hm, I thought you were talking about the Dir.glob spec
<yorickpeterse> heh
<yorickpeterse> brixen: it's indeed not intentionally bad, but I'd say it's extremely lacking. That is, this would basically be the first, rough iteration of the spec
<yorickpeterse> There's also some really questionable shit in there
<yorickpeterse> e.g. why the heck is "Thread.pass if rand(100) >= 99" there
<yorickpeterse> that has a 1% chance to run (assuming it were to be called 100 times at least)
<yorickpeterse> err not sure, either way that line is really confusing
<yorickpeterse> also the use of "::File.open" is odd since the specs are not namespaced
<yorickpeterse> and I just can't figure out what it's actually meant to test
<yorickpeterse> is it testing that it shouldn't raise "Errno::EEXIST"? that the file is simply there?
<yorickpeterse> But yeah, this is basically where I draw a line and I'm not going to bother figuring it out, there's far too much going on
<yorickpeterse> yay push done
<brixen> yorickpeterse: yep
<brixen> yorickpeterse: thanks for all the work on those
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<yorickpeterse> all in a day's work
<yorickpeterse> right I'm off for the night to dream about parser grammars and software bugs, toodles
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