<[TheBug]> hmm if that is A20 even back in the day when I used the old implementation I remember it only really being compat with mpv or something like that and having to use a mpv interface like smplayer for gui playback -- I don'


<TheLinuxBug> for how to setup smplayer in Armbian
<TheLinuxBug> KotCzarny: use smplayer


<TheLinuxBug> in case you want chromium or smplayer for full screen video with on screen controls :)


<TheLinuxBug> KotCzarny: that smplayer I mentioned above to IgorPec is the ticket
<TheLinuxBug> somehow had old smplayer binary in the way
<TheLinuxBug> KotCzarny: interesting just found something I didn't expect - while smplayer use mpv (compiled with vdpau support) it seems it has issues providing full screen for it. While mpv direct seems to not have this issue with 720p/1080p hmmmm
<TheLinuxBug> KotCzarny: finally testing Orange Pi Plus 2E in Debian, have compiled smplayer for a player with OSD and it runs pretty smooth, about to test out 1080p to see if we freeze and I need to tune.
<TheLinuxBug> IgorPec: you should add ' svn co https://subversion.assembla.com/svn/smplayer/smplayer/trunk/ smplayer' to armbian for H3 and config it to use mpv w/ vdpau -- would provide a video player with full working OSD, was originally contributed by ikeeki for A10/A20 but also works for H3 it looks like since you are using vdpau + mpv (you can search this channels log for more info)


<TheLinuxBug> ' smplayer version mpv and mplayer compatible wich uses your vdpau; you can put any window in front of it without decreasing framerate, even at 1080p60.'
<TheLinuxBug> The most productive video experiences I have had on A10/A20 have been using android + Bubbleupnp + mxplayer + neon.1.7.32 OR smplayer - someone who came around here made a very nice version of it that works in x-windows and then had made a version of xbox that integrated the use of smplayer for videos... you can make XBMC work if you spend the time of it, but they still leverage mplayer


<ssvb> GeneralStupid: and if you are allergic to the commend line interface, smplayer is a nice gui frontend


<TheLinuxBug> and has precompiled and setup smplayer and XBMC with hardware accelerated drivers


<TheLinuxBug> and get at least smplayer working at high def
<juser123> smplayer and vlc both work for me. and the build supports both BPi and BP-pro
<TheLinuxBug> one is been trying to make smplayer work as well as I had on the A10


<ikeeki> smplayer 14.9.0 using qt 4.8.4 using mpv 4.2


<ikeeki> Hi, ssvb: I've compiled a smplayer version mpv and mplayer compatible wich uses your vdpau; you can put any window in front of it without decreasing framerate, even at 1080p60. Thanks.


<ssvb> Guest84285: I just recommend to use mplayer for playing hardware decoded videos (with the smplayer gui frontend for extra eye candy)


<ikeeki> and mplayer2 (not mplayer) is worst that mpv in the sense that it getting more and more difficult to to make vdpau work with it + smplayer frontend


<ssvb> vertex_: something like smplayer?


<ssvb> oliv3r: as I said, smplayer plays hd movies and it has a nice gui :)
<ssvb> oliv3r: smplayer + vdpau works quite nicely, we probably don't need to show xbmc (which uses proprietary blob and has a lot of quirks)


<rm> so videos only play at 100% zoom (less also worked in smplayer)