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<ganbold> popolon: try unsen-sambar.com and you can check
<ganbold> yes
<popolon> I see vertical writing and select work :)
<popolon> nice
<popolon> default is -1 for this
<popolon> in chinese inner mongolian
<popolon> there are both writting
<popolon> in plates on train/streets
<ganbold> popolon: you can see some small poem, essays etc there too, in public, Khalmyks, Buriats also can use that
<popolon> I mean, chinese characters writting of mongolian + mongolian writting + latin writting, but not cyrillic one
<popolon> khalmyks and buriats are mongolian people isn't it ?
<ganbold> right :)
<popolon> there are some in china if I'm not wrong
<ganbold> yes
<popolon> and probably russia or some countries around mongolia
<ganbold> right
<popolon> what is the name of a recent country, something near bora bora
<wingrime> newer thinked that there some mongolian
<popolon> (borabora is in polynesia)
<popolon> only know morin khuur in mongolian :)
<ganbold> popolon: cool, that is one of the famous and traditional thing
<popolon> I really like mongolian music in fact
<popolon> throat singing
<popolon> mongolians have strong influence in China
<ganbold> Yuan dynasty :)
<wingrime> popolon: they rule china
<popolon> yes :)
<popolon> ruled
<wingrime> yes
<popolon> and mandchou are not too far from mongolian in writting/languages/culture
<popolon> => the Qing dynasty
<ganbold> popolon: true, they were nomads too
<popolon> but I mean, today mongolian music is really popular in china
<ganbold> popolon: in inner Mongolia probably yes, but how about in other parts of China?
<popolon> the chinese erhu I really like too, is probably coming from mongolian morin khuur
<popolon> in the whole china
<popolon> on tv there are lot of mongolian music
<popolon> often translated in mandarin, but sometime in mongolian too
<popolon> mongol
<ganbold> interesting
<popolon> at least, this is pop music, inspirated by mongol music
<popolon> inner mongolia is a huge part of the country, and not too far from beijing
<ganbold> I see
<popolon> only have to pass the great wall :)
<ganbold> yeah, throat singing, long singing are nice, I feel like in steppes :)
<popolon> :)
<ganbold> Huns made China to buil great wall :)
<popolon> and come to hungary with chinese sauerkraut, that become a popular european dish
<wingrime> ganbold: monogolia nice country for fishing
<popolon> is there lakes or something for fishing ?
<popolon> few rivers perhaps ?
<ganbold> wingrime: it could be, russians came so often I think
<ganbold> I'm not good at fishing, but in some lakes even kids can fish
<popolon> I see some documentaries with kids hunting with eagles
<ganbold> that's Kazaks
<popolon> ok, sorry :)
<ganbold> north western part of Mongolia, close to Kazakstan :)
<ganbold> but they are Mongolian :)
<popolon> I've a kazakh friend in paris
<wingrime> I not far from Kazakstan
<popolon> from west of kazakhstan
<ganbold> yeah, lot of people from that part went to Kazakstan during 1990s
<popolon> she have more a vision of mongolian as invading kazakhstan
<wingrime> popolon: only 300-400 km to kazahstan board
<popolon> but when I look at her, I really think she looks like mongol
<wingrime> err
<wingrime> border
<ganbold> right, it is close
<popolon> probably old time of genghis khaan is still in their memories ?
<ganbold> it could be :)
<wingrime> genetic memory )
<popolon> yes and she say that mongolian rapped lot of kazakhs...
<wingrime> popolon: I can say it in reversive order, and nothing changes
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<popolon> probably :)
<popolon> an example of what I said about the writting
<popolon> it's derivated from tibetan writting, that is itselve derivated from indian writting
<popolon> there are graphics units
<popolon> with variation
<popolon> there is a link along the syllabe
<ganbold> popolon: understand
<popolon> I believe in arabian / persan writting too
<popolon> but arabian is abjad, only consomnant, no vowel
<popolon> feel like need to rotate the screen :)
<popolon> In beijing, there are some old palaces with 4 (or sometime 5) main writings of china
<ganbold> I see
<popolon> hanzi, mandchou (that's from qing dynasty era), mongolian, and tibetan
<popolon> some time arabic too (don't know if that's ouighour or hui one)
<ganbold> some turkish?
<popolon> turkish language family, that use arabic writting
<popolon> because today turky use latin script
<popolon> Phags-pa <= the second from the left on the Yonghe gong sign picture, if I'm not wrong
<popolon> or perhaps tibetan :)
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<ganbold> it says tibetan :)
<popolon> yes, just seen :)
<popolon> real tamagochi :/
<popolon> this looks strange ?
<popolon> if that's sealed, how can they have air :)
<popolon> I don't believe they can survive 2 month with so few oxygen
<popolon> I often seen alcools with some animals inside, like snakes, bees, scorpions
<popolon> that's true ! :/
<popolon> yugur are a mix of mongols & ouighours from qinghai (kokonor in mongol)
<popolon> for long time, this lake had mongol name in european maps of the area
<ganbold> right
<popolon> some of the languages of the video sounds near from korean, other from turkish for me :)
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<popolon> have some common sounds
<ganbold> :)
<popolon> near from oirat
<lunra> tamagotchi = tamago + tomodachi, apparently
<lunra> egg + friend
<popolon> yes
<popolon> tamagochi
<lunra> I thought that was cool, but perhaps it was just nostalgia that made it cool.
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<popolon> good night
<popolon> 3:04 here, I work tomorrow :))
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<libv> bfree: i have some more SD cards on the way, one of those is going to receive the ubuntu LTS version, which means that it should be possible to package things even for debian stable
<libv> bfree: i am quite interested to see what you or the debians you would package for, think of libump and fbturbo
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<benn> I've install ubuntu 12.04 desktop(with 3D effect) to SSD on cubietruck. And I found the following error: dlopen of /user/.../../sunxi-mali_dri.so: cannot oepn shared object file: No such file or directory. anyone can help ?
<libv> benn: ignore that
<libv> that's sunxifb/fbturbo having set an invalid but hopeful mesa driver string
<libv> benn: where did you get this ubuntu version?
<libv> benn: how did you get "3D effect"?
<libv> benn: so do you get this as an error when trying to run es2_info ?
<benn> livb: no error with es2_info. but glmark2-es2 display nothing
<libv> benn: what EGL_VENDOR is reported by es2_info?
<benn> I installed the rootfs to SD card using the same image, it work fine. but iowait is high
<benn> libv: ARM
<benn> libv: EGL_VENDOR = ARM
<libv> ok
<libv> and es2gears works?
<benn> libv: no, black screen on the window
<libv> in any case, it seems like the person writing up that "howto" buggered up quite a few things.
<libv> the udev rules not working is because he didn't know how to use udev
<libv> installing mesa-utils-extra is what will pull in the mesa-egl dir
<libv> so telling people to move it out of the way before installing it seems quite wrong
<libv> benn: go through our Binary_drivers howto please
<benn> libv: ok, thanks
<libv> ah, it's focus' doing
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<benn> libv: sorry no 3D effect. a mistake :)
<libv> benn: ?
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<benn`> libv: I thought the image has 3-D effect :D, but no
<libv> benn: our binary drivers howto should make that happen
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<oliv3r> mornin' all
<Sonicadvance1> Good morning sir
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<mnemoc> moin
<mnemoc> fired for using irc. nice
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<n01> ?? are you joking, right ??
<rellla> morning
<rellla> mnemoc??
<popolon> sometime companies don't understand value added by external exchanges
<mnemoc> yup
<mnemoc> n01: 100% serious
<n01> mnemoc: sorry dude, I bet in no time you will find a better job
<mnemoc> hope so ;-)
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<Sonicadvance1> lol
<lunra> With skills like yours (or anyone in here), I'd be surprised if you couldn't get a great job. Well, then again, I wouldn't be that surprised :(.
<Sonicadvance1> Well, nothing to laugh about, but wtf
* rellla is speechless
<mnemoc> weirdly enough that sociopath told me on thrusday how happy he was with my work andwas going to make me a new offer this week. but now irc usage means total lose of trust... so.. let's the hunt begin again
<lunra> Was this just after once?
<mnemoc> yes
<Sonicadvance1> mnemoc: IRC is where hackers are. They can't have hackers in the company
<Sonicadvance1> :P
<mnemoc> =)
<lunra> I don't know, if the person is communicating with a lot of hackers, would it be wise to fire them over something like that?
<lunra> They might become a "disgruntled employee" and cause "unprecedented damage". "Millions of dollars in lost profits" (because the site going down for a day obviously meant that Steve Ballmer didn't buy the company out for way more than it's worth)
<lunra> (sarcasm!)
<mnemoc> lunra: I was the new guy there. it was probably a "signal" to the others/older devs too
<lunra> Ah, right, "making an example". *sigh*, workplace politics.
<mnemoc> =)
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<oliv3r> mnemoc: you got fired for using IRC?~!
<mnemoc> sh*t happens
<oliv3r> mnemoc: but you used it from your phone, so how can they tell you what you do with your time
<oliv3r> i mean, smokers geta few minutes per day to smoke
<oliv3r> hackers should get a few minutes to IRC ;)
<oliv3r> and i hope it's not like you where typing full time on it
<mnemoc> yes. phone.
<oliv3r> stupid
<oliv3r> so last day week?
<mnemoc> i was sent home when my boss arrived at 11 today
<oliv3r> oh what a little bitch
<oliv3r> so the company basically has a 'no phone policy'
<gzamboni> sorry to heard that mnemoc, i hope you didnt move to germany specificly for this work =(
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<mnemoc> gzamboni: i moved to berlin because i love this city *and* because there are more job opportunities than in Spain ;-)
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<mnemoc> oliv3r: worse are the unwritten policies no one knows
<oliv3r> as always :(
<lunra> I'm pretty sure that here, a policy like that would have to be written down and made clear for them to fire you for it, but perhaps that's optimistic.
<cubear> cubietruck has on-board wifi I see.
<cubear> Does anyone know what chipset does it use?
<oliv3r> 'ap6xxx'
<cubear> does that support master mode?
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<n01> lunra: where is "here"?
<lunra> Australia
<lunra> I've not really looked into how unfair dismissal laws work... luckily haven't had a need to.
<lunra> sorry, I should have made it more clear that 'here' was 'not Germany'
<oliv3r> well if you are in your '1 month trial'
<oliv3r> there's proabbly anything they can fire you fore
<lunra> It's all crap.
<lunra> Working for someone shouldn't be seen as a privilege as bosses try to make it seem.
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<arokux1> mnemoc: I'm really sorry for you. where did they know you were using IRC on the phone?
<mnemoc> spies
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<Sonicadvance1> Caught him with his pants down
<BluesBoy> NSA
* buZz hugs mnemoc, dont let it get to you
<buZz> i tell bosses that complain about irc usage that its my outside-of-head brain and i need it
<oliv3r> look at it from the upside; now you have more time for sunxi :D
<buZz> :D
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<[7]> does someone have a clue whether the sunxi SD/MMC driver can handle multiple cards on a bus?
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<n01> in my old job we had an internal irc server for techincal discussion
<oliv3r> [7]: is that even possible with mmc at all? I don't think you can
<[7]> isn't that the whole point of designing that as a bus? with those card ID features and everything?
<[7]> IIUC you repeatedly send ALL_SEND_CID, then address the card that responded, then send ALL_SEND_CID, address the next one, etc, until no more cards are left (and you thus get no response)
<[7]> and after that you can select cards with CMD7
<oliv3r> you obviously know more about it then me, and thus, I cannot answer your question ;)
<oliv3r> [7]: mrripard was working on an SDIO driver for the SD interface, maybe ask him?
<[7]> the question is just if that particular driver supports that case, and if it needs a second presence detection pin for that :)
<oliv3r> mripard: ^
<oliv3r> [7]: but with the a10 having 3? SD interfaces, I guess nobody has trie
<[7]> (my guess is that it doesn't support it)
<[7]> the point is that there is just one on the expansion connector on A20-OLinuXino-MICRO
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<oliv3r> [7]: but you do have 2 sd interaces, micro and normal
<oliv3r> so you could hijack one :)
<oliv3r> or change the pinmuxes maybe?
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<arokux1> just making sure everyone's seen it: http://linux-sunxi.org/Phoenix_Board
<arokux1> yet another board..
<FR^2> hehe
<FR^2> there are so few! ;)
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<arokux1> yeah, not sure if this one has something special to offer, seems not.
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<rellla> mailing list on vacation?
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<mnemoc> rellla: any outstanding patch I should use to wake it up?
<rellla> no. only wondering about silence ;)
<mnemoc> v4 of the cedarx unification... interestin
<mnemoc> g
<mnemoc> there is also a reply at 07:44 confirming a usb regression between 3.4.43-r1 and -r2
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<arokux1> focus: so you got LCD working! :)
<arokux1> mnemoc: I've set a link to the kernel with a revert off the list, now i'm waiting for the guy to test it.
<focus> yeeehaaa!!
<focus> arokux1: i put it under the scope - all the settings were wrong - so I repaired the numbers and got it working first try
<focus> stage 3.4 kernel
<focus> i do full write up soon
<arokux1> focus: nice!
<arokux1> focus: on non-related stuff: have you tried if usb host works if you have any?
<focus> gambas applications are compiled and running on that machine - easy to autoboot into openbox with just the one application to make products on the fly
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<focus> haven't tried otg - but i will soon - are there any problems?
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<wingrime> ssvb: ping
<ssvb> hi wingrime
<wingrime> ssvb: Patrick pushed new patch version to ML
<ssvb> good
<wingrime> ssvb: I still not fully agree with [PATCH v4 3.4 4/6] sunxi:cedar Clean up video decoder IOCTL_SET_VE_FRE
<arokux1> focus: not with otg, with USB host ports.
<arokux1> focus: otg worked fine for lkcl
<wingrime> ssvb: he do some magic with pll4, thats can broke mali
<wingrime> ssvb: can you see it
<ssvb> wingrime: no, he is just setting the divisor for VE, the PLL4 clock frequency is kept intact
<wingrime> ssvb: it looks correct for sun4i and sun7i?
<ssvb> wingrime: it only tweaks VE_CLK_REG (you can check the manual), which takes the base clock frequency from PLL4 and applies a divisor
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<ssvb> wingrime: that's the only good way to implement this for sun4i and sun5i hardware
<ssvb> wingrime: and it also works for sun7i
<wingrime> ssvb: ok, I will send ACK him
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<wingrime> mnemoc: ping
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<wingrime> oliv3r: ping
<wingrime> oliv3r: article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.hardware.netbook.arm.sunxi/3299/match=
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<wingrime> hipboi_: http://swiftboard.org/ <- are you saw this?
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<focus> arokux1: the USB ports work with kit like mouse, keyboard, webcam (stage/sunxi 3.4) etc - it works with USB hubs - haven't yet tried with powered hubs yet
<arokux1> focus: this is fine already.
<focus> arokux1: i misunderstand something when you mention USB host
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<arokux1> focus: no, you got everything correctly. there were some regression spotted in stage/sunxi-3.4 with usb host, but you seem to be fine.
<focus> ok
<focus> arokux1: i remember i build stage/3.4 fresh kernel weekend and find USB dead - i revert to older kernel
<arokux1> focus: you should always say either a hash code of the HEAD or a tag name you have built. these describe the contents of the whole tree.
<focus> ok: i post it when i get back home - in home machine - I did not think much of it at the time
<focus> as i got it working with older kernel
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<nove> the joys of trying to get a binary blob to work, how i did had forgotten
<rellla> nove ;) - feeling with you
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<oliv3r> god why are some devs talented with good ideas but suck so horrenously in execution
<oliv3r> also, spaces for intendation users should be shot in the head and executed on site
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<Sonic1> oliv3r: What about the ones that suck at ideas but are amazing at execution?
<oliv3r> rather have that 10x over :p
<Sonic1> I'm one of those
<oliv3r> better have 10 amazing devs
<Sonic1> give me a job @_@
<oliv3r> ok ...
<oliv3r> i want to use emoncms, but they only support mysql; i'm porting it to be db agnostic
<Sonic1> Sorry, the whole living on noodles and bread is getting to me
<oliv3r> lol
<oliv3r> oh like $job
<oliv3r> sorry, only got something for you to work on for free :)
<Sonic1> yea, real money. none of that bitcoin stuff :P
<oliv3r> i work at a horribly shitty job, but it pays to work quite a lot on OSS stuff
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<Sonic1> Sounds like a horribly awesome job
<oliv3r> the pay is shit, but i can eat stake every now and then
<oliv3r> steak*
<oliv3r> :)
<oliv3r> and much idle time == oss work
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<Sonic1> I need to move somewhere that'll give me a job :/
<oliv3r> unemployed atm?
<Sonic1> I've been unemployed for two months at this point
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<oliv3r> ]'
<WarheadsSE> Spent 9 months before I got picked up 40h/week
<WarheadsSE> now I've been at this....... place... for 8 months
<WarheadsSE> and moving to a FOSS position
<arokux2> WarheadsSE: spent 9 months where?
<WarheadsSE> out of paid work
<Sonic1> fancy
<WarheadsSE> ala unemployed..
<arokux2> oh.. hm were you picky about a job?
<arokux2> WarheadsSE: you did a very positive impression on me, cannot imagine how you have looked for a job for 9 months
<arokux2> at last I know how to represent sunxi usb host controllers in the mainline!
<arokux2> hno: hi, how are you? remember you asked me to add USB support to u-boot, I did it, now you owe me pick up my patches ;)
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<WarheadsSE> arokux2: I tend to be over-qualified for most open postions
<arokux2> WarheadsSE: :)
<WarheadsSE> its a really annoying problem
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<arokux2> WarheadsSE: this is quite funny, tbh, never thought this could be a problem
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<nove> finally got what appears to be a complete h264 encoder trace
<arokux2> oliv3r: ping
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<vgrade> have an issue with eoma68 boot, http://pastebin.com/29n44Pej
<vgrade> reads script.bin and uImage from sdcard then kernel boots but does not find mmcblk0p2
<oliv3r> arokux1: pong
<oliv3r> nove: friggin' awesome!
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<ykchavan> Got my cubietruck today.
<ykchavan> It does not gets started with mini-usb cable(same from which I boot my cubieboard1) and worked with usb to power connector cable that comes as accessory.
<Sonic1> I had to google that since it sounded crazy
<ykchavan> It has by default gps + mobile network + accelerometer turned on which it does not have..
<ykchavan> and wifi+bluetooth turned off be default which CT has. :-)
<ykchavan> s/be/by
<ykchavan> In short, It is misconfigured out of the box.
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<arokux2> can u-boot boot the kernel over uart?
<arokux2> oliv3r: ^
<oliv3r> arokux2: yeah
<oliv3r> you can upload the kernel via uart
<arokux2> oliv3r: have you done it?
<oliv3r> oh not me
<oliv3r> wingrime
<oliv3r> you use minicom or the like to send it via x-modem
<arokux2> vgrade: and it hangs forever at that point?
<vgrade> yes
<vgrade> arokux2: yes
<arokux2> vgrade: focus posted his working fex, have you tried it?
<vgrade> yes
<arokux2> vgrade: you have the same hardware, do you?
<vgrade> yea, checkink kernel version and options now
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<vgrade> his linaro boot log is older 3.3.0 while I'm on 3.4.61
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<arokux2> vgrade: focus uses stage/sunxi-3.4
<vgrade> ok good , so I know sdcard should work then
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<arokux2> oliv3r: so what is the best/quickest way to test new kernel on A13-olinuxino, since it is without ethernet :(
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<oliv3r> arokux2: SD card
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<oliv3r> i actually have to scp it; download it; write it to sd, pull it out of work pc; into board; boot
<arokux2> way too long
<arokux2> if the kernel boots fine you could overwrite the image
<drachensun> vgrade: still stuck? maybe the partition is on mmcblk3p2
<vgrade> drachensun: can give that a try
<drachensun> thats the naming scheme I think mmcblk <sd number> p <partition number>
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<vgrade> while I wait for kernel rebuild. looking at focus linaro_log2 he get mmcblk0 with same hardware
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<arokux2> any nice idea how can I fix a board..?
<drachensun> I haven't worked with the A20 much myself
<drachensun> vgrade: This part looks suspect 2.350771] [mmc-msg] sw_mci_init
<drachensun> <6>[mmc-msg] get mmc1's IO(det) failed
<drachensun> <6>[mmc-msg] Not using mmc1 due to script.bin parse failure
<drachensun> [ 2.357625] [mmc-msg] get mmc1's IO(det) failed
<oliv3r> arokux2: that's how it is :) can't do it faster; can't compile on work pc
<vgrade> yes I did see that, so maybe fex not matching kernel version?
<oliv3r> can't connect the olimexino to the internet; so no option really :)
<oliv3r> and you get used to it
<oliv3r> i just make sure i don't have to copmiel too much
<drachensun> vgrade: Could be, I know on the A31 features were added that weren't compatible with the A10 tools
<drachensun> so you are using the same fex he used and his log doesn't show that error?
<arokux2> oliv3r: microSD are too small for my hands :)
<oliv3r> haha
<oliv3r> i got tiny nerd hands ;)
<drachensun> oliv3r: Watchmakers hands, have some pride :-)
<oliv3r> hahaha
<oliv3r> i shake to much
<oliv3r> i used to be very steady
<oliv3r> now soldering and microscopic work is hard
<oliv3r> it's fine normally, don't have parkinsons or anything lol
<Sonic1> Coffee makes it hard, yea
<oliv3r> i don't drink caffeine
<drachensun> maybe that is your problem then
<oliv3r> stress
<Sonic1> I tend to drink a couple 14 cup pots a day
<vgrade> drachensun: same fex yes
<Sonic1> Coffee replaces food right?
<drachensun> Sonic1: as long as you never stop drinking it, you might keel over if you try :-)
<Sonic1> I should be fine then
<drachensun> vgrade: but different kernels I guess
<arokux2> oliv3r: how do you switch off the a13-olinuxino?
<arokux2> oliv3r: if in u-boot
<vgrade> drachensun: aligning kernels now
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<oliv3r> yank the power cord
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<vgrade> drachensun: arokux1 found a later fex for eoma has only mmc3 used, fingers crossed thats it. https://github.com/martinbrook/sunxi-boards/commit/736c81f529005e0cca11f6c88461978ee2bbd6fc
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<vgrade> bingo, thanks guys
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<JerryS> I'm trying to follow the instructions at olimex.wordpress.com/2013/06/19/building-linux-for-a10s-from-scratch
<JerryS> When I get to to "make A10s-OLinuXino-M CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabi-" I get Target Not Found.
<Turl> JerryS: are you running it inside the uboot directory?
<JerryS> TurlL Yes, I am, thanks.
<focus_it> arokux1: the broken USB was made with stage 3.4 and its git show is here http://www.gplsquared.com/eoma_boot/broken_usb.txt - typical example of breakage - plug mouse in, the lights don't come on - seems no power
<focus_it> (as i say i went back to an older kernel 2 weeks back and everything seems fine)
<JerryS> Turl: I'm doing this under Ubuntu.
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<Turl> JerryS: can you paste the complete error verbatim somewhere?
<JerryS> Turn: "make: *** No rule to make target 'A10s-OLinuXino-M'. Stop."
<JerryS> I meant Turl: Sorry.
<Turl> JerryS: try "make a10s-olinuxino-m"
<JerryS> ok
<JerryS> Turl: That did it. Thanks!
<Turl> you're welcome :)
<JerryS> I've killed about 3 hours on something so simple :)
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<arokux2> vgrade: is that your git repo?
<vgrade> arokux2: yes
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<kenny> it appears the wiki can't send out email to confirm accounts at the moment.
<kenny> "Error sending mail: Unknown error in PHP's mail() function."
<kenny> There's also a typo on http://linux-sunxi.org/BROM: 0xffff40000 should be 0xffff4000.
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<arokux2> focus: and which one works with respect to usb?
<Turl> oliv3r: mnemoc: ^ mail error, something got foobared
<Turl> kenny: I've removed the extra 0 for now, let me see if I can activate your account
<Turl> kenny: hm, it seems to be confirmed already, did you get the email?