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<WarheadsSE> steev: you're just not lazy enough to install Arch then :P
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<hramrach> hello
<hramrach> anyone got the BT on CT working with sunxi kernel?
<hramrach> I tried to hack the fex like this bat all I get is that wifi gpio was initialized. http://paste.debian.net/59779/
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<oliv3r> i think you need some BT uart stuff; but that's just a guess
<oliv3r> i know the Ap6x uses uart for btw, sdio for wifi
<oliv3r> i think it's 2 devices in 1 package
<oliv3r> but that's from just looking at the pinout
<hramrach> yes, I have those
<hramrach> but the ony thing I Get from wifi module is wl_android_wifictrl_func_add: platform_driver_register timeout
<hramrach> did not try bt
<hramrach> what would I use for that?
<hramrach> the wifi modules seems to be bcmdhd
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<oliv3r> er, you asked if anybody got the BT on CT workin
<oliv3r> so your question really is, if anybody got wifi workign
<hramrach> it's the same chip, w/e
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<hramrach> anyway, I Have the bt stuff in fex but no BT device
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<hramrach> no idea what module would I load for uart BT
<hramrach> but it's something sunxi specific since it has fex entries
<hramrach> hmm, the wifi drivers seem to do something with the bt parameters
<hramrach> so I will assume the bt module is loaded by the wifi driver
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<oliv3r> well bt uart is driver agnostic usually, there's some common bt drivers, but we need a fexified version
<oliv3r> sounds messy
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<hramrach> so BT is not supposed to work with current kernel
<hramrach> ok, idc
<hramrach> but the wifi is broken too and there is a driver for it
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<arokux2> focus: if I were you, I'd stick to Ubuntu LTS releases. you'll spent too much time fiddling with each release. but I do not know your real goals...
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<hramrach> there are like 5 different BT over UART protocols and ofc the datashit does not provide any info whatsoever on the protocol used. Or the wifi IP contained inside the chip (which is known from the fex file but may well be wrong)
<aep> is there a crypto module in the A20 i can use?
<aep> like aes or something
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<aep> sounds like it http://linux-sunxi.org/TrustZone but what is the driver called?
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<libv> autotooled libump, with debian build, is starting to look good
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<libv> it probably is the best and nicest that this little crappy library has ever seen :)
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<Turl> aep: not trustzone, you want the Security System
<Turl> aep: but there's no working driver as of today
<aep> damn. ok thanks
<Turl> aep: Montjoie is working on it
<montjoie[home]> yes
<montjoie[home]> sha1 and md5 is working
<montjoie[home]> currently benching it
<aep> cool
<aep> any plans for aes?
<montjoie[home]> yes
<montjoie[home]> I need it
<aep> awesom
<montjoie[home]> it is my high final priority
<montjoie[home]> need it for cryptoluks
<aep> me too
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<ssvb> steev: have you managed to identify the source of your cb2 stability problems?
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<vgrade> hi Guys,
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<vgrade> I have a cubie1 and 2, cubie boots fine, cubie 2 only boots if I enter u-boot and give bootm 0x48000000, if I leave it to boot it loads boot.scr, script.bin, uImage. OO get Starting kernel ... message followed by resetting ...
<vgrade> so bootm command seems to be doing different things when executed as part of boot.src then just from u-boot commandline
<vgrade> uImage is ok as its boots fine manually.
<vgrade> 2013.10-rc2 uboot version from git
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<vgrade> is there a watchdog which may be resetting
<Turl> vgrade: different cmdline?
<Seppoz> do we have display support yet in uboot?
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<hramrach> no
<hramrach> only serial
<Seppoz> i mean for splash
<hramrach> but you are welcome to add it :)
<Seppoz> if it just wsa that easy
<vgrade> Turl: I have setenv bootargs console=ttyS0,115200 root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rootwait panic=10 ${extra} in my boot.scr
<vgrade> Turl: and this does not change from booting automatically and running bootm manually from commandline
<vgrade> Turl: boots ok if I break into u-boot after script has failed to run, and give bootm 0x48000000
<hramrach> Seppoz: actually, there is kernel support for using u-boot ssetup framebuffer so it would give us graphics on mainline ;-)
<vgrade> so difference is between manual run of bootm and it running automatically in voor.scr
<Seppoz> uboot runs boot afik
<Seppoz> and boot runs bootm
<vgrade> Seppoz: ok thats a clue
<Seppoz> type printenv and paste it plz
<hramrach> vgrade: you probably have different arguments in boot.scr, bootargs and/org the kernel built-in commandline
<Seppoz> hramrach: i know that
<hramrach> so fix boot.scr to do the right thing
<Seppoz> hramrach: but that is still a problem for early init of the backlight
<hramrach> Seppoz: it's probably just setting some gpio - as specified in script.bin
<hramrach> vgrade: and boot.scr?
<Seppoz> bootcmd is thats run i think
<hramrach> wtf is @MAKE_TARGET@-script.bin
<hramrach> it's probably not loading script.bin and then kernel fails without one
<Seppoz> vgrade can you paste the boot log
<vgrade> thats replaced with boardname before
<vgrade> converting to .scr
<vgrade> if I break in and give bootm 0x48000000 then all boots fine
<Seppoz> it looks like the wrong kerel args are passed
<Seppoz> oh sec
<Seppoz> your not reading script.bin do you
<Seppoz> yup
<Seppoz> you missing the script.bin part
<Seppoz> ext2load $device $partition 0x43000000 ${bootpath}script.bin
<Seppoz> try adding this
<Seppoz> before bootm
<Seppoz> fatload $device $partition 0x43000000 script.bin
<vgrade> the reading Cubieboard2-script.bin
<Seppoz> depending on your script.bin location
<vgrade> 49680 bytes read in 7 ms (6.8 MiB/s)
<Seppoz> add this to your file
<Seppoz> oh sec
<Seppoz> sorry
<vgrade> Seppoz: It does load Cubieboard2-script.bin
<vgrade> you can see it 49680 bytes read
<Seppoz> i just saw sorry
<vgrade> np
<Seppoz> 3.4 kernel?
<Seppoz> yap
<vgrade> 3.4.61
<vgrade> so the theory is should read my boot.scr and execute the commands there
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<Seppoz> let me ask you this
<Seppoz> what are you trying to do
<vgrade> boot my kernel from sdcard
<vgrade> without having to break into u-boot and give bootm 0x48000000 manually
<Seppoz> there are several options to do this
<Seppoz> you cna use uEnv.txt
<Seppoz> your script.src
<Seppoz> or recompile uboot and use no 2nd file
<vgrade> I'd like to use current method as the same files are working on other boards
<vgrade> same structure I mean
<Seppoz> im still looking
<vgrade> if I do boot command from u-boot command line I get the same behaviour of that helps, ie a reset and no kernel boot
<Seppoz> can you send me a log of "autoboot"
<Seppoz> restart board autoboot and enter
<Seppoz> your script should be fine
<vgrade> not sure what you mean
<vgrade> yea my scripts etc run fine on cubie1
<Seppoz> sec
<Seppoz> remve your script
<Seppoz> and pleast post a boot log
<vgrade> by autoboot you mean lust let it boot nirmally
<Seppoz> yes
<Seppoz> without script
<vgrade> ok sec
<Seppoz> maybe your script.bin is the problem
<Seppoz> also type
<Seppoz> setenv bootargs console=ttyS0,115200 root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rootwait panic=10 ${extra}
<Seppoz> fatload mmc 0 0x48000000 uImage
<Seppoz> bootm 0x48000000
<Seppoz> and see if it boots
<Seppoz> and if it does try
<Seppoz> setenv bootargs console=ttyS0,115200 root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rootwait panic=10 ${extra}
<Seppoz> fatload mmc 0 0x43000000 @MAKE_TARGET@-script.bin
<Seppoz> fatload mmc 0 0x48000000 uImage
<Seppoz> bootm 0x48000000
<Seppoz> maybe there is something wrong with script.bin
<vgrade> the @MAKE_TARGET@ is not in the script.bin
<Seppoz> fatload mmc 0 0x43000000 Cubieboard-script.bin
<Seppoz> or whatever
<Seppoz> try booting whit script loading
<Seppoz> and without
<vgrade> ok I've let it boot with my script and broken in
<vgrade> if I now type bootm 0x48000000 kernel boots
<Seppoz> with script or without?
<vgrade> with boot.scr in sdcard
<vgrade> now you want me to remove this?
<Seppoz> just enter uboot
<Seppoz> console
<Seppoz> and type
<vgrade> and do same again but do fatloads
<Seppoz> sec
<Seppoz> just enter uboot console
<Seppoz> and type
<Seppoz> setenv bootargs console=ttyS0,115200 root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rootwait panic=10 ${extra}
<Seppoz> fatload mmc 0 0x48000000 uImage
<Seppoz> bootm 0x48000000
<Seppoz> does it boot then?
<Seppoz> only those 3
<vgrade> ok sec
<vgrade> no, took a few seconds at starting kernel now in boot loop. I guess it needs Cubieboard2-script.bin
<vgrade> added to the 3 commands
<Seppoz> tray again with script
<vgrade> ok
<vgrade> yea boots fine
<vgrade> so why when those 4 commands are read by uboot as a scr it fails
<Seppoz> now please show me the boot log if you let it boot by itself without script.bin
<Seppoz> trying to find out
<Seppoz> make sure script.bin is not loaded
<vgrade> you mean without fatloading script.bin
<Seppoz> you realize that you just need to name your script script.bin right?
<Seppoz> no
<Seppoz> just let it boot
<Seppoz> withtouth the src
<vgrade> but remove script.bin from sdcard
<Seppoz> and rename cubieboard2-script.bin to script.bin
<Seppoz> no
<Seppoz> remove the .src
<vgrade> remove the .scr?
<Seppoz> ya
<vgrade> boots ok
<Seppoz> so just leave it like this?
<vgrade> Seppoz: thanks, still not sure why my boot.scr did not work
<Seppoz> well
<Seppoz> i would need to look closer
<vgrade> do you think I should raise a bug?
<vgrade> as the boot.scr I created was the same as the one at https://github.com/linux-sunxi/u-boot-sunxi/wiki
<vgrade> the default boot action noted there which we are now using also seems to have a watchdog 0 line
<vgrade> which is why I asked about watchdog earlier
<vgrade> I assume by going into u-boot cli it will set watchdog 0
<arokux2> Seppoz: hi
<libv> who is reponsible for cubian, and why is he not providing source packages?
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<Turl> libv: some guy on the cubie ML I think
<Turl> are there any new/modified packages?
<libv> well, there are "some" packages, but no means of seeing what they are really made of
<Turl> libv: you should probably ask the guy to publish them then
<libv> yeah, already filed something in his tracker
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<wingrime> libv: can you say something about what currently archived ?
<libv> wingrime: do you mean, what i just packaged for quantal?
<wingrime> libv: no, I asking about lima
<libv> wingrime: then what do you mean by "archived"?
<wingrime> libv: what possible will run on it
<libv> wingrime: the current state of the mesa driver?
<wingrime> libv: yes
<libv> nothing atm, as mesa is currently refusing to load it
<libv> and being its usual helpful self about it too
<libv> it runs a large portion of glmark2-es2, and the known broken cases there are known TODOs, and the route to fixing them is clear
<libv> all the limare tests run, es2gears runs
<wingrime> libv: cool
<wingrime> libv: I simply hoped I can try something with SDL 2.0
<wingrime> libv: it's possible somehow currently try run android with it
<wingrime> ?
<wingrime> better ask Paulk about his futurethings about use it in replicant project
<libv> wingrime: no, none of what you are dreaming of atm is currently possible.
<libv> it barely runs some glmark2-es2 tests
* wingrime return to real
<wingrime> libv: witch tool are you using to trace mali?
<libv> wingrime: it's in the tree.
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<Turl> arokux2: huh
<arokux2> Turl: I've removed it from featured hardware
<arokux2> Turl: they (whoever they are) should provide PCB schematics at least.
<Turl> I agree
<arokux2> wingrime: ping
<wingrime> arokux2: pong
<arokux2> wingrime: is it something that could be useful to you?
<arokux2> http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?act=url&depth=1&hl=en&ie=UTF8&prev=_t&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=auto&tl=en&u=http://forum.cubietech.com/forum.php%3Fmod%3Dviewthread%26tid%3D620&usg=ALkJrhiK_MR2fX3Gm4lUJhOlDHs7Lz-YTw
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<wingrime> arokux2: who is blessed
<popolon> ahhh
<popolon> google translate is really bad
<arokux2> good night guys
<popolon> a guy say it search this for a long time, and google translate near the opposite : to find a long time
<popolon> that doesn't mean anything :)
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<wingrime> oh cb clone
<popolon> I don't know how the aglorithm can translate 找 (to search) by 找到 (to find)
<popolon> meaning ~reaching the search
<wingrime> popolon: without hw samples it not intersing for me
<lunra> Google Translate is particularly poor on CJK :\
<wingrime> popolon: but there good thing in swiftboard
<wingrime> popolon: looks they used standart tablet connector for monitor
<popolon> but I thought this was really easier
<wingrime> popolon: err, lcd
<wingrime> popolon: I have chance get it work
<wingrime> popolon: with some lcd from broken tablet
<popolon> because there is no syntax change depending on time or anything in chinese
<wingrime> popolon: same for jap
<wingrime> popolon: only 2 kind of time
<wingrime> popolon: past, future/now
<wingrime> popolon: past and _future/now_
<popolon> in chinese no time
<popolon> at all
<popolon> verbs are independent of time, person, etc...
<popolon> you only have to add a character, then syllabe to give the time
<popolon> I mean 1 character == 1 syllabe
<popolon> there is a better term than syllab in the case of chinese I believe ?
<popolon> wingrime, korean use about the same grammar than japanese
<popolon> with polite forms etc...
<popolon> and probably mongol too
<wingrime> popolon: I still trying learn kanji
<wingrime> but this is hell
<popolon> lot of japanese don't know all the kanjis
<popolon> I don't think there is chinese knowing all the hanzi too :)
<wingrime> but problem, If I learn it, I still have to use dict
<lunra> Harder than learning kanji themselves with stroke order, for me, is learning the readings and how they become useful vocabulary :(
<popolon> wingrime, if you learn chinese first, kanji are really easy to learn :)
<popolon> lunra, same answer
<Turl> arokux1: I cleaned their page a bit
<popolon> http://zhongwen.com/ <= that's a good answer
<wingrime> popolon: how many reading usualy hanzi have
<popolon> depend if you speak about pronounciation or meaning
<wingrime> popolon: In jap there two kinds of reading
<popolon> for pronounciation that's more easier than in japanese
<popolon> in japanese, there is chinese reading (on) and japanese reading (yun if I'm not wrong) ?
<wingrime> popolon: so, thats bad for me I have learn on-emi, kun-emi, meaning
<popolon> and there are often several japanese readings :D
<popolon> kun, not yun, thanks
<popolon> that's not emi
<popolon> that's yin i believe
<popolon> because emi = kun yin, yin = on yin :D.
<wingrime> yomi
<wingrime> er
<wingrime> thats "read" verb form
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<popolon> on yomi !
<popolon> yes
<popolon> so that's kun yomi too
<wingrime> popolon: there is special symbol in russian alphablet for yo , yu , ya
<popolon> ah ok, 'on' is like yin = sound in chinese, on is on yomi
<wingrime> popolon: ё ю я
<popolon> kun mean semantic
<popolon> is one of these used in nadrovié ?
<wingrime> popolon: "on" only like word part
<popolon> nazdrovié
<wingrime> popolon: no
<wingrime> popolon: наздоровье
<popolon> thanks :)
<popolon> 音 <= on
<popolon> (or yin in chinese)
<wingrime> popolon: "яма" = 'yama' == pit
<wingrime> yes, thats 'on' in jap , I still remeber that kanji
<wingrime> popolon: 'sound'
<popolon> 訓/训 <= kun (xun in chinese)
<popolon> speaking + the river
<popolon> or the voice
<wingrime> popolon: jap use same signs, but It was 'stealed' from china in 5-centry a.e
<popolon> not stealed from china
<popolon> that chinese monks that give their writting to korea, japan, vietnam
<popolon> at about the same time than printing, paper, ink and most of chinese culture
<wingrime> popolon: some mongols use cyrilic, thats more simple
<popolon> more simple for people already using cyrili
<popolon> c
<wingrime> popolon: kore not use that nowdays
<wingrime> *korea
<popolon> but traditionnal mongol is pure phonetic writing
<popolon> they still use, for some religious things
<popolon> for some poems/arts
<popolon> and still keep for their names in rare cases
<popolon> vietnamese use 'latin' alphabet
<wingrime> but korean writing/reading can be learned in month
<popolon> yes
<wingrime> popolon: not like this hell
<popolon> that's pure pronounciation writing system
<popolon> :)
<popolon> I like to ear from chinese I'm really smart, when I show them I'm able to read some chinese texts
<popolon> but they are able to do this :)
<popolon> is it a self compliment ?
<wingrime> popolon: I maybe know 100 kaiji fully, and maybe 400 by meaning only
<popolon> or a polite thing
<wingrime> popolon: but is not even enought to read something
<popolon> if you know how is made a character, that's far easier
<wingrime> popolon: yes, I know key system
<popolon> you have 214 basic pure pictographs
<wingrime> popolon: only 186 in jap as I remeber
<popolon> and after that, you put them together to make some ideas
<popolon> most japanese don't know 1/4 of japanese usage of kanji
<wingrime> popolon: but thats mostly lost sence in
<wingrime> times
<popolon> the left part (key, root), is like root, in european languages, generally for the category of the word
<wingrime> popolon: 'pictogtams' meanings lost in times
<popolon> and the right part, in lot of case, is to give the element in the category, or often for pronunciation
<wingrime> I can say that 'sound' = 'day' + 'stand'
<popolon> so in chinese that's often easy to find the pronunciation, or something that is not too far
<wingrime> popolon: oh, good questing
<popolon> can be used for japanese on'yomi, not for kun'yomi
<popolon> not day, but sun instead
<wingrime> popolon: how chinese write foreign words?
<popolon> by meaning, or by phonetics
<wingrime> popolon: jap too kind to have speical alphabet to that
<wingrime> *for that
<popolon> all foreign well known people, have their chinese hanzi for their pronunciation, and generally trying to give a bit of good meaning
<popolon> not alphabet
<popolon> but sound writting yes
<popolon> this kind of alphabet was used in china (still in taiwan) to learn the pronunciation of the hanzi
<wingrime> popolon: jap have two alphabets
<popolon> that's called zhuyin
<wingrime> popolon: hiragana , katakana
<popolon> that's not alphabet
<popolon> alphabet : 1 caracter = 1 sound
<popolon> in japanese that's more near from 1 character = 1 syllab
<wingrime> popolon: in russian 1 caracter != 1 sound many times
<wingrime> popolon: but it still aphabet
<popolon> that's called kana
<popolon> and the exact term in english is mora
<popolon> not syllabe
<wingrime> popolon: vietnam use latin in selfish way, add some thing on top
<popolon> yes but in japanese kanas, only 'n' sound is drawed by one character
<popolon> they add diacritics for tones
<popolon> vietnamese is really near from chinese language
<popolon> I believe that's not bad to say that's a chinese language
<popolon> there are tones like chinese and some africans languages
<popolon> the sound go up/down/flat/....
<popolon> depending on this change, the meaning change
<wingrime> popolon: As I remeber they used 'old china' for admistrative language
<popolon> don't know, but lot of words are really near from chinese language
<popolon> but that's the case for lot of japanese/korean words too
<popolon> for japanes/korean, lot of english terms too (at least south korea)
<popolon> since about 50 years
<wingrime> popolon: yeax
<wingrime> popolon: but there OLD china language that used before revolution?
<popolon> don't know about it
<popolon> some temple still have chines characters
<popolon> but chinese for them are like latin, for western europe/catholics...
<popolon> I don't think orthodox christian use latin at all
<popolon> as the monks had the books, the knowledge, the time to write in both cases
<wingrime> popolon: they sometimes use old russian
<popolon> most of knowledge learning needed monks language learning first
<wingrime> popolon: but very rare
<popolon> probably due to first translated books
<popolon> are you from russia ?
<wingrime> yes
<popolon> I will try to ask to friends that come from other slavic language + mainly orthodox countries
<popolon> if they know some special languages of their pop
<popolon> I'm really curious about that :)
<popolon> do they speak old russian, or an old language of their own countries or from a country where orthodox christianism growed first
<popolon> greeks are orhtodox too, the helenic writing is near from cyrillic one
<popolon> could be a source ?
<popolon> I believe the first bibles was written in something really near from greek too ?
<wingrime> yes
<popolon> oh, cyrilic is derivated first in bulgaria from greek
<popolon> and from glagothic ?
<popolon> glagolitic
<popolon> https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Глаголица
<wingrime> popolon: As I remeber there not only one cyrilic
<wingrime> popolon: but cyrilic becomes popular
<popolon> nice characters, didn'tt know
<wingrime> popolon: thats in unicode too))
<wingrime> popolon: notable things
<wingrime> popolon: if you read alphabet letter names
<wingrime> popolon: you get 'Know alphablet,say everyone good things...'
<wingrime> popolon: err
<wingrime> popolon: more correctly "I know book,Say good things"
<ganbold> popolon: mongol?
<popolon> mongol writting, like mandchou come from indian writtings
<popolon> so that's a pronunciation writting too
<popolon> syllabes, with some addition on the character that can change the prononciation of the syllabe
<ganbold> for example?
<popolon> https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Wikipediah.PNG <= traditionnal mongol is vertical writting
<ganbold> Although I'm not good at language thing, I'm Mongolian
<popolon> that's a pain on wikipedia
<popolon> I try to add from several sources names from west of china in wikipedia
<wingrime> popolon: they use cyrilic now days as I rember
<popolon> where at the same place, there is mongolian, tibetan, turkish speaking (and arabian writting or derivated) people
<popolon> need to mix all the names of the place/thing in those languages
<popolon> copy past is not enough
<ganbold> yes, we use Cyrillic now, Traditional Mongolian is getting popular soon
<popolon> because mongolian is vertical, and all computer fonts are from vertical writting, but html renderer don't do that really well today
<popolon> at leaast not firefox
<ganbold> popolon: if you interested in writing or just want to see something, you can visit www.unsen-sambar.com
<popolon> ganbold, thank you very much !!!
<ganbold> popolon: you can set harfbuzz to 87 I think in firefox
<popolon> is this a variable ?