<GorDonFreeMan> ok
<GorDonFreeMan> 2012-01-06 12:46 <whitequark> I don't know.
<GorDonFreeMan> 2012-01-06 12:46 <whitequark> well, maybe.
<GorDonFreeMan> 2012-01-06 12:44 <whitequark> uh
<GorDonFreeMan> 2012-01-06 12:23 <whitequark> and I hope he'll never return.
<GorDonFreeMan> 2012-01-06 12:23 <whitequark> oh yes. http://irclog.whitequark.org/qi-hardware/2012-01-06#1325852469;
<GorDonFreeMan> 2012-01-06 12:22 <whitequark> wolfspraul: can you please ban the idiot? for the sake of clean logs.
<GorDonFreeMan> 2012-01-06 12:22 <whitequark> that's _whitelogger
<GorDonFreeMan> 2012-01-06 12:22 <whitequark> viric: irclog.whitequark.org != qi-bot
<wolfspraul> do I think GorDonFreeMan could learn a thing or two? you bet
<GorDonFreeMan> ok :)
<GorDonFreeMan> ;>>
<GorDonFreeMan> you said i blog here
<whitequark> GorDonFreeMan: please, spare me from your presence.
<GorDonFreeMan> [131222] <roland> thanx, now I feel hungry :D
<GorDonFreeMan> [131136] <GorDonFreeMan> I think i'll have fried potatoes with fried cheese slices with a bit mustar you?
<GorDonFreeMan> [131052] <_7nb> What's for lunch?
<GorDonFreeMan> [131028] <GorDonFreeMan> next question?
<GorDonFreeMan> [131020] <GorDonFreeMan> glad we figured this out
<GorDonFreeMan> [130946] <_7nb> Linux is communism (others say). Religion does not belong into socialist states. Therefore, you get the picture.
<GorDonFreeMan> [130921] <GorDonFreeMan> cool
<GorDonFreeMan> [130916] <_7nb> Yes, Linux 2.4 is a religion.
<GorDonFreeMan> [130840] <_7nb> GorDonFreeMan: There is even a God. Or at least, they claim...
<GorDonFreeMan> [130857] <GorDonFreeMan> ohh i see you mean religion
<GorDonFreeMan> [130856] <roland> you're been lied, there more than 1 god
<GorDonFreeMan> [130855] <_7nb> some even say there are many, but nobody has scientifically observed any.
<GorDonFreeMan> [130830] <GorDonFreeMan> -where ? how many ? - i don't know...
<GorDonFreeMan> [130754] <GorDonFreeMan> ;>>>
<GorDonFreeMan> [130818] <_7nb> Heh.
<GorDonFreeMan> [130811] <GorDonFreeMan> there are a lot of flying cats around the world
<GorDonFreeMan> [130755] <GorDonFreeMan> ok
<GorDonFreeMan> [130158] <_7nb> I always hear people saying "a lot of 2.4", but they don't know any numbers in comparison to 2.6/3.0
<GorDonFreeMan> [130143] <roland> ?
<GorDonFreeMan> [130142] <roland> quantify
<GorDonFreeMan> [130136] <roland> don't understand
<GorDonFreeMan> [130124] <_7nb> Quantify that.
<GorDonFreeMan> [130108] <roland> there are a lot of 2.4 embedded devices in industrial applications
<GorDonFreeMan> [130024] <roland> _7nb: only really old embedded devices
<GorDonFreeMan> [130042] <roland> _7nb: to you
<GorDonFreeMan> [130030] <_7nb> which are of no importance..
<GorDonFreeMan> [125959] <_7nb> nobody uses 2.4
<GorDonFreeMan> [125552] <roland> Hi. Does linux 2.6 support RSTP ?
<GorDonFreeMan> [125517] * roland (~quassel@phobos.martem.ee) has joined ##kernel
<GorDonFreeMan> yeah, you only need to make tires.
<GorDonFreeMan> whitequark<< i see an advantage of the automatic irclog :) :"what you say can, and will be used against you"
<GorDonFreeMan> ;>>
<GorDonFreeMan> no
<whitequark> GorDonFreeMan: can you give a hint why are you logged in from a machine called nude.lesbianbath.com?
<GorDonFreeMan> FBI — Intelligence Collection Disciplines
<GorDonFreeMan> to give you insight of the meaning i meant
<GorDonFreeMan> neat project hmmmm
<GorDonFreeMan> "best way to share your wifi"
<GorDonFreeMan> i was here http://corp.fon.com/en
<GorDonFreeMan> blogic<< hehe, you created the internetz on wifi ?:)
<GorDonFreeMan> whitequark<< yet i don't know you are picking on me, or just probing me
<GorDonFreeMan> well currently i don't have the words to describe alternative meanings to you in english now
<GorDonFreeMan> i did not mean the basic meaning of intelligence
<GorDonFreeMan> i'm not native
<GorDonFreeMan> well i don't know if you interpreted this as i intended
<whitequark> GorDonFreeMan: you know all the meanings of word "intelligence", do you?
<GorDonFreeMan> blogic<< just collecting intelligence, no threats
<blogic> GorDonFreeMan: you scare me
<GorDonFreeMan> blogic<< well i looked at his website, still one more to go
<GorDonFreeMan> blogic<< and what are your projects? :)
<GorDonFreeMan> whitequark
<blogic> GorDonFreeMan: who do you mean ?
<GorDonFreeMan> i see so you're new to market :)
<GorDonFreeMan> do you have a blog?
<GorDonFreeMan> whitequark<< what are your projects?
<GorDonFreeMan> it started with whitequark questioning me using an array of logic blocks (FPGA) for direct logic functions
<GorDonFreeMan> it's just waste of time
<GorDonFreeMan> nothin'
<GorDonFreeMan> blogic<< what are your ?'s ? :)
<GorDonFreeMan> or rather a huge macro of macros of logic blocks
<GorDonFreeMan> an AVR is a huge macro of logic blocks.
<whitequark> GorDonFreeMan: still, my point about AVR being a "logic block" (whatever do you mean by that) is avlid
<GorDonFreeMan> whitequark<< so i see we have different aspects of problem solving
<GorDonFreeMan> i just do it using whatever method i want
<GorDonFreeMan> i have an input data, i have a logic (black box), and i need an output
<GorDonFreeMan> i'm not developing new CPUS
<GorDonFreeMan> ok
<GorDonFreeMan> ;/
<GorDonFreeMan> but still waste of logic blocks
<whitequark> GorDonFreeMan: how do you think Intel makes new CPUs? they get a huge FPGA from Xilinx and assemble it there
<GorDonFreeMan> "Having the core already implemented, you then only need to work with HDL for the parts of the project the AVR was unable to handle. "
<GorDonFreeMan> i see
<GorDonFreeMan> it will be only a waste of logics.
<GorDonFreeMan> but why would you ?
<GorDonFreeMan> you can make an X86 CPU from an FPGA...
<GorDonFreeMan> this is the difference
<GorDonFreeMan> whitequark<< soo, since AVR is made out of logic blocks, you can make an AVR from an FPGA
<GorDonFreeMan> and expensive.
<GorDonFreeMan> :) that will be inefficient, and slow.
<whitequark> GorDonFreeMan: sure, I'll just use an arbitrary number of AVRs
<GorDonFreeMan> in theory i can multiply arbitrary amount of floatingpoint numbers in parallel with an FPGA, do this with any atmel AVR.
<GorDonFreeMan> my point is, it executes instructions in serial, not parallel
<GorDonFreeMan> hmm whitequark cool, i see someone took the time to make an FPGA act like an AVR8, but the AVR8 is still not a logic block
<GorDonFreeMan> ok i clicked it
<GorDonFreeMan> ahah
<GorDonFreeMan> no
<GorDonFreeMan> this will bring up lots of results interfacing FPGA to an AVR
<GorDonFreeMan> this is not what you said ;/
<GorDonFreeMan> hmm, no please tell
<GorDonFreeMan> tell me more about
<GorDonFreeMan> ;>>
<GorDonFreeMan> [114328] <whitequark> proof: you can program FPGA to act like an AVR microcontroller - ahah ok then i'll never use an atmel again
<GorDonFreeMan> an FPGA is a HUGE logic block array
<GorDonFreeMan> a microcontroller executes instructions one after one
<GorDonFreeMan> no
<GorDonFreeMan> hm, yes, but microcontroller is not a logic block. and i can use the cheapest FPGA
<GorDonFreeMan> not really matter for a stepper motor though
<GorDonFreeMan> as a side effect, it would have a step rate limit of 300MHz...
<GorDonFreeMan> this was my logic
<GorDonFreeMan> and everything would fit in a tiny tqfp FPGA
<GorDonFreeMan> so, i can make it like on a 20cm board
<GorDonFreeMan> and i have stepper motor driver logic using logic ics
<GorDonFreeMan> i see FPGA as a HUGE collection of ANY logic ics
<GorDonFreeMan> i see
<GorDonFreeMan> so?
<GorDonFreeMan> yes
<GorDonFreeMan> [112611] <blogic> have you used / seen a cnc machine before ? - here
<GorDonFreeMan> or troll
<GorDonFreeMan> ou/you
<GorDonFreeMan> well ou just assumed i'm retard
<blogic> GorDonFreeMan: dont get it
<GorDonFreeMan> sqrt(-1)
<GorDonFreeMan> blogic<< if you ask me this i'm thinking over why am i here
<GorDonFreeMan> what is the meaning of that log whitequark ?
<GorDonFreeMan> it's single ended
<GorDonFreeMan> blogic<< well the simplest form is not a h-bridge
<GorDonFreeMan> you know, metal-oxide semiconductor
<GorDonFreeMan> :P
<GorDonFreeMan> blogic<< ok not with the FPGA's ports, i'd connect mosfets to them
<GorDonFreeMan> ;>>>
<GorDonFreeMan> ;>>
<GorDonFreeMan> then... maybe a robot arm, walking spider or whatever :)
<GorDonFreeMan> i would use an FPGA for stepper motor control too...
<GorDonFreeMan> :P
<GorDonFreeMan> my next project is a 3 axis CNC machine
<GorDonFreeMan> i surely will benefit from this
<GorDonFreeMan> and i can make everything with 1 FPGA
<GorDonFreeMan> but i have used several logic ics ;/
<GorDonFreeMan> with Xilinx? no
<GorDonFreeMan> in a few month i will have one
<GorDonFreeMan> no i have not made a blog yet
<GorDonFreeMan> because i'm not contributing
<GorDonFreeMan> this delays my FPGA project
<GorDonFreeMan> so they allow you to make things that you give them
<GorDonFreeMan> aham i see
<whitequark> GorDonFreeMan: nope, there's only Xilinx tool and it sends your netlist to Xilinx, unless you've bought it for $1000 or so.
<GorDonFreeMan> tracking/spyware/logging etc...
<GorDonFreeMan> and not with forced registrations
<GorDonFreeMan> possibly not $$$ ?
<GorDonFreeMan> is there some c00l linux tool for this?
<GorDonFreeMan> but i would need to "program" them with something
<GorDonFreeMan> i have chosen some new 1.8V Xilinx FPGAs
<GorDonFreeMan> so, can you recommend things for my FPGA project?
<GorDonFreeMan> i'm planning to do both
<wolfspraul> GorDonFreeMan: qi hardware is an open source project and definitely not 'non-profit' or 'non-commercial'
<GorDonFreeMan> or a nonprofit organization supporting electronic projects?
<GorDonFreeMan> soo qi-hardware is an electronic company?
<GorDonFreeMan> so you are a haxx0r
<GorDonFreeMan> ;>>
<GorDonFreeMan> hey Textmode
<GorDonFreeMan> wazup?
<GorDonFreeMan> hi


<GorDonFreeMan> [230102] <TheLifelessOne> I want to be able to use my DVI port to recieve video from a game console and output it to something
<GorDonFreeMan> things like this can make you smile
<GorDonFreeMan> [230100] <Star2012> is it possible to use my graphics card to recieve video from it's DVI port...no
<GorDonFreeMan> sure with baseline AI
<GorDonFreeMan> i need those logs for a retard bot
<GorDonFreeMan> btw i'm on hardware to collect bullshit sentences only
<GorDonFreeMan> yeah and not being egoist
* GorDonFreeMan is Godlike
* GorDonFreeMan is dominating
<GorDonFreeMan> i didn't say that, but, maybe
<GorDonFreeMan> i don't have time for crap now
<GorDonFreeMan> you wanna play IQfighter ?
<GorDonFreeMan> all wells gone to viric
<GorDonFreeMan> yes
<GorDonFreeMan> ok, well i'm somewhat sure you will find coders in #programming, and unsure about #software
<GorDonFreeMan> #programming not
<GorDonFreeMan> well #software sound retard
<GorDonFreeMan> well you have not much options here
<GorDonFreeMan> but come to #programming if you have questions
<GorDonFreeMan> and scientist
<GorDonFreeMan> i'm a coder
<GorDonFreeMan> haha
<GorDonFreeMan> well i dont have any
<GorDonFreeMan> i don't know, but never was thinking of joining a channel like that
<GorDonFreeMan> haha well they mean pc hardware you know
<GorDonFreeMan> and /or trolls
<GorDonFreeMan> well i was just sarcastic, they are retards
<GorDonFreeMan> and i have been told that oled is not led
<GorDonFreeMan> and tft is crap because newer than crt
<GorDonFreeMan> and led sucks
<GorDonFreeMan> i just read on #hardware that ccfl is cool
<GorDonFreeMan> ...
<GorDonFreeMan> 240 x 320 QVGA resolution, RGB 65K true to life colours, AMOLED screen.
<GorDonFreeMan> - VCC, TX, RX, GND, RESET.
<GorDonFreeMan> Easy 5 pin interface to any host device:
<GorDonFreeMan> Low-cost 2.4" AMOLED display graphics user interface solution.
<GorDonFreeMan> even better
<GorDonFreeMan> wow
<GorDonFreeMan> Driver IC: S6E63D6, COG Assembly
<GorDonFreeMan> Color Mode: Full Color (262K color)
<GorDonFreeMan> Viewing Angle= CR>10
<GorDonFreeMan> 10000:1 contrast ratio
<GorDonFreeMan> 170deg viewing angle
<GorDonFreeMan> response time of 50us
<GorDonFreeMan> 260mW at 30% of pixels on
<GorDonFreeMan> it states 20000 hours operation
<GorDonFreeMan> only ~60 euros.
<GorDonFreeMan> i have found an 320x240 oled display module in 2.4" http://www.tme.eu/dok/06_optoelektronika/DEP240320A-RGB.pdf
<GorDonFreeMan> The amount of power the display consumes varies significantly depending on the color and brightness shown. As an example, one commercial QVGA OLED display consumes 3 watts while showing black text on a white background, but only 0.7 watts showing white text on a black background.[10] Because the black pixels actually turn off, AMOLED also has contrast ratios that are significantly better than LCD.
<GorDonFreeMan> i use a computer with linux
<GorDonFreeMan> no i am not interested in your light effect box
<wolfspraul> GorDonFreeMan: since you seem to be new here, let me also introduce you to our other core project, Milkymist One
<GorDonFreeMan> hack an oled for you at home
<GorDonFreeMan> "just connect the letters together approximately, and the software will guess what da fuck you want to type"
<GorDonFreeMan> does this mean retardness will increase globally?
<GorDonFreeMan> Offering a new 3D-viewing style with movie theater-like virtual screen*2 experience -
<GorDonFreeMan> Introducing World’s First*1 3D Compatible Head Mounted Display Equipped With High Definition OLED Panel
<GorDonFreeMan> 0.7-inch (Diagonal 18.0mm), Ultra-Small High-Definition
<GorDonFreeMan> Color OLED Display Achieving 2.8M Effective Pixels
<GorDonFreeMan> Overview of ultra-small, high-definition OLED display
<GorDonFreeMan> ah
<GorDonFreeMan> hah c00l
<GorDonFreeMan> the letters should glow in color, and bachground should always be dark.
<GorDonFreeMan> that is stupid.
<GorDonFreeMan> also forget white background unless you really need it.
<GorDonFreeMan> !
<GorDonFreeMan> In 2007, experimental OLEDs were created which can sustain 400 cd/m2 of luminance for over 198,000 hours for green OLEDs and 62,000 hours for blue OLEDs.
<GorDonFreeMan> and i can have 100kHz refresh rate, and very low power consumption.
<GorDonFreeMan> i buy a display every year.
<GorDonFreeMan> i can live with that.
<GorDonFreeMan> The biggest technical problem for OLEDs was the limited lifetime of the organic materials.[57] In particular, blue OLEDs historically have had a lifetime of around 14,000 hours to half original brightness (five years at 8 hours a day) when used for flat-panel displays.
<GorDonFreeMan> ;/
<GorDonFreeMan> what you mean by that?
<zear> GorDonFreeMan, oleds rot
<GorDonFreeMan> so, 8 hours is not too much, will you make an OLED screen version?
<GorDonFreeMan> but i guess i only hack the labels on the buttons, and modify key bindings to get any layout :P
<GorDonFreeMan> i have these on my keyboard with alt-gr too natively...
<GorDonFreeMan> also the esc
<GorDonFreeMan> and the volume buttons lol again
<GorDonFreeMan> it only needs a modifier key, and small characters printed lower index to letters
<GorDonFreeMan> ;
<GorDonFreeMan> {}()[]-+<>|^~*
<GorDonFreeMan> dammit make it being able to code
<GorDonFreeMan> :P
<GorDonFreeMan> make it oled
<GorDonFreeMan> that's not much
<GorDonFreeMan> power consumption, power saving
<GorDonFreeMan> i was missing others.
<GorDonFreeMan> i saw that
<GorDonFreeMan> ok
<GorDonFreeMan> so any technical specs?
<zear> GorDonFreeMan, that thing is about the size of a credit card
<GorDonFreeMan> ;/
<GorDonFreeMan> why?
<zear> GorDonFreeMan, i wouldn't use the nanonote for coding
<GorDonFreeMan> uptime?
<GorDonFreeMan> any tech specs?
<GorDonFreeMan> ;>
<GorDonFreeMan> so i could code on linux with geany anywhere with a nanonote
<GorDonFreeMan> ad the 2 vol buttons lol
<GorDonFreeMan> the esc is in wrong place though
<GorDonFreeMan> is it ARM ?
<GorDonFreeMan> i had a 300MHz cyrix MII / IBM cpu in 1998 so i know the approximate processing power of this
<wolfspraul> GorDonFreeMan: yes it can
<GorDonFreeMan> can it handle 32GB sdhc micro?
<GorDonFreeMan> where to get it?
<GorDonFreeMan> wow i want one
<GorDonFreeMan> yeah never heard of
<GorDonFreeMan> #sdl btw
<GorDonFreeMan> wtf is a nanonote?
<GorDonFreeMan> and driving logic
<GorDonFreeMan> also the control mechanism
<GorDonFreeMan> i just hack it together using many parts, but the whole in it's working state is uniq i think
<GorDonFreeMan> scalable for speed, size, and precision
<GorDonFreeMan> my idea is infinitely scalable :)
<GorDonFreeMan> i could use some extra money, and the right to my work
<GorDonFreeMan> maybe i should patent it ;<
<GorDonFreeMan> ok i think my robotic muscle will be open-loop as a prototype
<GorDonFreeMan> and heres my technology test http://matrix.z-labor.com/tmp/C/sdltext_fps_d_asdf2.c
<GorDonFreeMan> here's my timer test
<GorDonFreeMan> i'm writing my software on linux to drive my CNC machine currently
<GorDonFreeMan> you need large steppers only for large moving masses, and increased acceleration/deceleration
<GorDonFreeMan> maybe