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<klynastor> Hi guys, new Pine64 user here. I'm trying out the 4.7 kernel using apritzel's "a64-v5i" branch. Is there a quick fix to get USB working like in "a64-wip"? I patched in the 2 USB patches from "a64-wip" but get this error on bootup: sun4i-usb-phy 1c1b810.phy: Err requesting id-det-irq: -22 / sun4i-usb-phy: probe of 1c1b810.phy failed with error -22
<klynastor> (I meant a64-v5 branch)
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<|Jeroen|> Hi!
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<|Jeroen|> any idea with deps this are ? warning: (ARCH_SUNXI) selects PINCTRL_SUN50I_A64 which has unmet direct dependencies (PINCTRL && ARCH_SUNXI)
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<oliv3r> ssvb: from a uart pov i completly agree
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<apritzel> |Jeroen|: which branch are you on?
<|Jeroen|> i am on your a64-v5
<|Jeroen|> but i am begining to think my sd card is fucked
<apritzel> mm, interesting, did you use defconfig?
<|Jeroen|> yes i did use defconfig but modified it
<|Jeroen|> there was quite a lot of stuff in defconfig
<apritzel> so this is a bug in Kconfig then
<|Jeroen|> i think it is
<|Jeroen|> dunno if it mathers, it does compile
<|Jeroen|> and my kernel does boot, but is says waiting for root device
<|Jeroen|> but not sure its related
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<apritzel> what do you have on the command line?
<|Jeroen|> to compile the kernel?
<|Jeroen|> ARCH=arm64 CROSS_COMPILE=aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu- make -j8 Image
<apritzel> sorry, I meant on the kernel command line
<apritzel> root=???
<apritzel> I think I found the Kconfig bug, will send a fix later
<|Jeroen|> ah root=/dev/mmcblk0p2
<|Jeroen|> i think my sd had bad blocks, but it should still have found the partition
<apritzel> |Jeroen|: so you have an SD card in there? And you haven't deselected MMC_SUNXI?
<|Jeroen|> correct
<|Jeroen|> it boots the kernel form the first partition of the sd so
<apritzel> can you put the log somewhere?
<|Jeroen|> ok will try
<apritzel> on pastebin.com, for instance
<apritzel> klynastor: USB support is on my list
<apritzel> Amit_T had some success with enabling it in U-Boot lately, so there is hope that the kernel support isn't far away
<apritzel> |Jeroen|: mmh, can you post your config as well? I guess there is something missing to enable the MMC driver
<|Jeroen|> k one sec
<apritzel> |Jeroen|: and btw: you should use the default load addresses in U-Boot: makes your life easier and prevents subtle errors (though your addresses are OK here)
<apritzel> |Jeroen|: fatload mmc 0 $kernel_addr_r Image
<|Jeroen|> ah i thought there where the default lol
<|Jeroen|> ok thx will do that in the future
<apritzel> |Jeroen|: fatload mmc 0 $fdt_addr_r $fdtfile
<apritzel> this way you pick up any changes automatically in the future
<|Jeroen|> yeah didn't knew that thx
<apritzel> for instance the kernel load address is different now (40080000 instead of 41080000), we can load it early since ATF is no longer in DRAM
<apritzel> |Jeroen|: thanks for the .config, I need to take a closer look
<|Jeroen|> ok np
<apritzel> |Jeroen|: so you started from defconfig, then deselected stuff?
<|Jeroen|> correct
<|Jeroen|> but only wifi etc i think, can't remember turning anything usefull off
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<apritzel> |Jeroen|: so I think it is due to the PINCTRL Kconfig issue, because you are missing CONFIG_PINCTRL at all
<|Jeroen|> ow ic, can i just put it in .config and compile?
<apritzel> try to add "select PINCTRL" just before the "select PINCTRL_SUN50I_A64" in arch/arm64/Kconfig.platforms
<|Jeroen|> k
<apritzel> |Jeroen|: I think you cannot select it directly in menuconfig, for instance
<apritzel> because it is a "hidden" symbol
<|Jeroen|> ok adding it seemed to removed the warning
<|Jeroen|> and CONFIG_PINCTRL is now set in .config
<apritzel> |Jeroen|: yeah, same here
<|Jeroen|> il give it another go then
<|Jeroen|> seems logical that whitouts pins it can't do much :p
<apritzel> which makes it obvious that this is dependency bug of mine
<|Jeroen|> and is there a reason i am the first to encounter it?
<apritzel> |Jeroen|: if you send me your email address, I'll add you in the fix as Reported-by:
<apritzel> |Jeroen|: possibly no one deviated from defconfig so much
<|Jeroen|> k nice :p thx
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<apritzel> I think this is due to you deselecting all the other architectures
<apritzel> which selected PINCTRL
<|Jeroen|> ah yes, i did deselect all other arm archs
<|Jeroen|> seems silly to leave them in for a embedded board
<|Jeroen|> but maby i am a fanatic :p
<apritzel> well, this is arm64, the idea is to have one kernel image to rule them all
<|Jeroen|> ah ic, yeah i understand that for debian buils etc
<apritzel> like you have on x86, there is no Thinkpad kernel or Dell kernel or whatever
<|Jeroen|> but i always build a quite custom system, gentoo
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<apritzel> and btw: I think you deselected Ethernet as well, was that intentional?
<|Jeroen|> no it wasn't lol
<|Jeroen|> must turn that back on then lol
<|Jeroen|> mhz witch one is it for the Pine64 plus?, i thought it was the Drivers for Realtek PHYs
<apritzel> Device Drivers -> Network device support -> Ethernet drivers -> Allwinner devices -> Allwinner H3 EMAC support
<|Jeroen|> ah thx then i selected the wrong one
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<apritzel> the PHY should be selected automatically
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<|Jeroen|> ok it boots! thx
<|Jeroen|> now al i need its a better sd card
<KotCzarny> um, wrong chan
<KotCzarny> samsung evo+ ?
<|Jeroen|> tis says evo , but i think its a samsung fake
<KotCzarny> might be, it's a lucrative bussiness
<|Jeroen|> yeah i tend to but the cheapers on ebay or ali, but it might be a bad idea
<|Jeroen|> buy
<KotCzarny> i buy from a store, bit pricey, but if something is not right its easy to fix
<|Jeroen|> pretty hard to know if you are buying real or fake
<KotCzarny> size/speed/ids?
<|Jeroen|> yeah i do test the size and speed when they arive
<|Jeroen|> well i am off, party time!
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<Ntemis> hello
<Ntemis> i need some help please
<Ntemis> i need to get a series of patches off linux-sunxi google groups
<Ntemis> is there a walkthrough?
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<jelle> Ntemis: what do you mean off?
<Ntemis> jelle: pulling them from
<Ntemis> can you please help me out
<jelle> download the seriies and git am them?
* jelle has never done that
<jelle> but that is what I would attempt or find the developers public git repo
<Ntemis> i need this patches 5/5
<Ntemis> so i can make opi pc work with openwrt
<Ntemis> how i pull those down?
<jelle> save the emls and git am them?
<Ntemis> emls?
<Ntemis> dont know how to do that
<jelle> well that depends on your mail client
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<apritzel> Ntemis: you could try the web interface:
<Ntemis> like?
<apritzel> click on "more actions" right to the date: "Show original"
<apritzel> then show message only
<apritzel> then "Save as..." in your browser
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<Ntemis> apritzel: thanks this is what is left
<Ntemis> dont think will do
<Ntemis> right?
<klynastor> apritzel: thanks for answering up above. I too am one of those people who disabled all the other ARCH's from my linux config. I had a problem with PINCTRL not being defined (even though it was a dependency for something else ARCH_SUNXI uses). I'm not well-versed in Kconfig, but I made it into a kernel option so I could turn on PINCTRL just to get it to compile.
<apritzel> Ntemis: yeah, like this
<apritzel> Ntemis: Ideally you would "git am" this as jelle said
<apritzel> I think you have to add "From foo" as the first line, but still "git am" is quite picky
<apritzel> patch -p1 < file
<apritzel> is more robust
<apritzel> but you loose the commit message with this
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<apritzel> unfortunately montjoie seems to have removed his branch with those patches from his github
<apritzel> NiteHawk: good point, you can even download a mbox from there
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<klynastor> To anyone looking to strip out everything except ARCH_SUNXI from their defconfig, I put up my sample config (which works) at: http://www.winds.org/pub/pine64/
<Igor2> hi; I have an orange pi with an USB OTG port; I am trying to configure it as a gadget/device (g_ether or g_serial); on the orange pi it seemingly goes well, but when I plug it in, there's no sign of detection of the other side on either systems
<Igor2> I also echo 2 to /sys/bus/platform/devices/sunxi_usb_udc/otg_role
<Igor2> (which causes good things: some kernel messages and lsusb output suggests the OTG port stops being a host port and is turning to a device port)
<Igor2> any way to debug this?
<tkaiser> Igor2: You're dealing with 3.4.x and a H3 device? Or the first OPi with A20?
<Igor2> 3.4.x on H3
<Igor2> (3.4.39)
<tkaiser> Igor2: 3.4.39 I've no idea, just as two suggestions: http://forum.armbian.com/index.php/topic/1089-usbootpi/ (only to confirm that the USB gadget stuff is working)
<tkaiser> And then regarding legacy kernel versions for H3: post #2 here: http://forum.armbian.com/index.php/topic/1351-h3-board-buyers-guide/?p=10144
<Igor2> thanks, reading
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<Igor2> forgot to mention I use loboris (maybe this why my CPU runs hot)
<Igor2> random related question: I have a standard usb male A <-> micro usb male cable, I normally use it with a nokia N900 where the nokia is a gadget and PC is the host - should this cable work with the orange PI (gadget) - PC (host) thing?
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<Igor2> hah! the USBootPi was a great idea, it's detected by the PC now
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<Igor2> so I am sure the cable and the orange PI board are good and I am doing something wrong with the kernel
<Igor2> unfortunately I still have no idea how to debug this other than trying with the mass storage driver instead of g_serial or g_ether
<Igor2> no luck
<GeneralStupid> i told you that i had problems with USB. So i will try armbian based image. they use a newer kernel
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<GeneralStupid> anyone tried a mainline kernel on an allwiner chip?
<GeneralStupid> i would like to know if it works with hdmi, graphics, vpu and stuff
<jelle> which chip
<GeneralStupid> h3
* vagrantc was running mainline v4.7-rc1 on an orangepi plus 2 and it crashed daily and now the it doesn't boot anymore
<jelle> GeneralStupid: no video on the mainline I think
<GeneralStupid> nice
<GeneralStupid> so thats what "Although it depends on the SoC, the status of mainline kernel is now almost suitable for normal use. " means :D
<vagrantc> granted, i was running it with builds regularly...
<GeneralStupid> i will try the 3.4.112 from armbian.
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<GeneralStupid> i think building software should be a normal thing :D
<GeneralStupid> vagrantc what clock are your cpus and did you use cooling?
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<vagrantc> GeneralStupid: no idea what clock it ran at ... whatever the default was running mainline u-boot with mainline kernel
<vagrantc> GeneralStupid: just a small heatsink on the H3 chip
<GeneralStupid> vagrantc: i would measure the current and clock it to 1Ghz or smth.g
<GeneralStupid> my devices run fine... jkust slow
<vagrantc> GeneralStupid: measure the current how?
<vagrantc> best i can tell, when it tries to access USB now, it hangs.
<Igor2> tkaiser, I am stuck; I may as well try a different kernel, which fork/version do you recommend?
<GeneralStupid> vagrantc: i used an voltmeter and looked at it
<GeneralStupid> vagrantc: sounds like a bad power supply
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<vagrantc> worked for several weeks ... but that's definitely worth trying!
<GeneralStupid> vagrantc: i had that too and fixed it by using a better cable between power supply and orangepi
<GeneralStupid> vagrantc: i mean, if you try to transport 2 Ampere with ~10 little copper wires... bad idea
<GeneralStupid> i bought a cheap ipad cable and the usb cable they shipped me was a joke :D
<vagrantc> ah, using a 5v3a power supply with the barrel connector
<GeneralStupid> vagrantc: i use the pin header
<GeneralStupid> but, its worth a try, you could just measure on you pinheader. I did that with these alligator clips ,. is that the correct translation?
<vagrantc> i've got two others that have been running fine for months
<GeneralStupid> ok then, try downclocking. H3 is not really made to run on 1.6Ghz
<vagrantc> it overclocks by default?
<GeneralStupid> yes ...
<NiteHawk> GeneralStupid: crocodile clip ;)
<GeneralStupid> NiteHawk: ahh :D
<GeneralStupid> NiteHawk: thanks
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<GeneralStupid> 1.2... Ghz are maximum
<GeneralStupid> is
<GeneralStupid> "It's rated to run at 1.296GHz, anything higher is overclocking (and usually overvolting). If you run it without heatsink, fan and proper dvfs settings, you risk overheating. "
<NiteHawk> but alligator clip or spring clip is also common, see e.g. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crocodile_clip
<vagrantc> depends on what continent you're on weather it's alligators or crocodiles
<GeneralStupid> europe?
<vagrantc> i guess i could just patch the .dts file to max out at 1.2GHz?
<jelle> I wonder how reliable that orangepi pc openelec port works
<GeneralStupid> vagrantc: i did that by i decided to use a userland tool for clocking -.-
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<vagrantc> are there typically some /sys values you can check the running clock speed?
<GeneralStupid> cpufreq-set -g userspace …
<vagrantc> i couldn't find last i tried ... but maybe mainline needs more patches for that to work
<GeneralStupid> cpufreq-info
<GeneralStupid> thats what i use
<Amit_t_> While compiling pine64 kernel , I am seeing this message make: *** No rule to make target `zImage'. Stop.
<Amit_t_> I can build only Image file
<Amit_t_> not the zImage or uImage
<vagrantc> Amit_t_: i think you need Image in order to boot
<Amit_t_> I need a uImage or zImage
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<vagrantc> Amit_t_: i haven't seen uImage or zImage used on arm64 platforms ... but admittedly, i've only seen 3
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<Amit_t_> vagrantc: with Image file what u-boot command I should , bootm is not working
<Amit_t_> *I should use
<vagrantc> GeneralStupid: with the stable opi2 boards i've got, cpufreq doesn't know anything about the running kernel
<vagrantc> Amit_t_: booti
<vagrantc> GeneralStupid: no or unknown cpufreq driver is active on this CPU
<Archaon> Hi together, I'am trying to boot a mainline 4.6 kernel on the Cubieboard 4 I've got u-boot compiled with ftd support and try to boot the kernel with: bootm 0x
<Amit_t_> vagrantc: I need to pass DTB also
<Archaon> <kernel_addr> - <dtb_addr>
<vagrantc> Amit_t_: help booti
<Amit_t_> would booti 0x42000000 - 0x43000000 works for pine64?
<Amit_t_> I mean are these address OK ?
<Archaon> the last line on the serial uart console is: Uncompressing Linux.... done, booting the kernel.
<vagrantc> if the u-boot support is done well, booti $kernel_addr_r - $fdt_addr_r
<GeneralStupid> vagrantc: hmmm -.-
<GeneralStupid> i think mainline iss no option for me :D sounds a bit buggy
<vagrantc> GeneralStupid: mainline is a work in progress
<vagrantc> GeneralStupid: those are running 4.4-rc6 kernels with some patches ssvb pointed me to
<vagrantc> given how my experiments with 4.7-rc* have gone, i didn't want to upgrade those...
<vagrantc> hopefully it's just a power supply issue
<Amit_t_> vagrantc: Thanks I booted just stuck at filesystem
<vagrantc> Amit_t_: setenv bootargs root=/dev/mmcblk0p1 (or whatever your root device is)
<Amit_t_> Yup trying it , kernel bootup log shows [ 1.226836] mmcblk0: mmc0:e624 SS08G 7.40 GiB
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<Amit_t_> vagrantc: Just stuck at this plymouth, [ 3.440292] init: ureadahead main process (959) terminated with status 5
<Igor2> is there a way to download a recent 3.4.11x-sun8i source? I mean just download, not git clone something then apply 10 patches, just a simple tarball
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<Archaon> I now get some output from the kernel on cubieboard 4 with mainline 4.6 after adding earlyprintk to bootargs. Now botting fails with "Failed to allocate 0x2000 bytes below 0x0". Does someone know howto progress from here?
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<oliv3r> ssvb: i'm looking through our "documented" brom dump, and i'm wondering if the booted_from_media stuff was actually inteded to be at 0x28 or if it was a side-effect from something
<oliv3r> ssvb: but i guess (will check when i have hardware and time, so monday i guess as I have some nand and mmc2 booted boards, that SUNXI_BOOTED_FROM_NAND 1 and SUNXI_BOOTED_FROM_MMC2 is 2
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<ssvb> oliv3r: it's unlikely to be a side effect, because it's the only byte that gets modified in SRAM *after* the SPL is loaded, and this behavior seems to be the same on all Allwinner chips, though I have only tested it on A10, A13, H3 and A64 so far
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<ssvb> oliv3r: I haven't looked at the disassembly of the BROM code yet, but this is a indeed a good idea
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<NiteHawk> oliv3r, ssvb: you might also dig into the bootloader code that allwinner published, e.g. https://github.com/allwinner-zh/bootloader/blob/master/basic_loader/boot0/load_boot1_from_sdmmc/load_boot1_from_sdmmc.c#L103-L112
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<tkaiser> Igor2: Latest 3.4.112 for H3 with loads of patches (improved OPi camera driver being the most recent one)
<tkaiser> Igor2: But if you run a loboris image you might have to convert the kernel image and better replace script.bin contents: https://github.com/igorpecovnik/lib/tree/master/config/fex
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<Igor2> thank you! I give it a try
<oneinsect> KotCzarny: are you here today
<oneinsect> remember the discussion we had on u-boot not picking up files automatically from fat partition?
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<Igor2> tkaiser, sorry, I meant a source tarball, not binaries - I'd like to configure & compile the kernel
<Igor2> (normally I just download one from kernel.org, but reading armbian wiki pages I think I shouldn't use vanilla mainline on H3)
<oneinsect> here the pastebin ...if can someone guide me...i use an armbian kernel and mainline u-boot...the thing it reads boot.scr but says file not found however when manually loaded it works
<oneinsect> says Unable to read file /vmlinuz....however it works if manually load it ...load mmc 0:1 0x45000000 /initramfs-sunxi-new
<oneinsect> anyone?
<tkaiser> Igor2: Nope, use Armbian's build system, put your kernel config in 'userpatches' dir and let a kernel build. We currently have 113 patches on top of the latest BSP legacy kernel. I wouldn't miss them ;)
<apritzel> Amit_t_: there is no zImage for arm64, as there is no kernel decompression
<apritzel> so Image is the one to use
<tkaiser> Igor2: Off now (busy in the kitchen :)
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<apritzel> also you use "booti" for booting a kernel
<Amit_t_> Yes, I just used it and able to boot kernel
<Amit_t_> I am just stuck at 3.655904] init: plymouth-upstart-bridge main process ended, respawning
<Amit_t_> its package inside ubuntu14.04 filesystem
<apritzel> you have to enable a login for the serial console
<Amit_t_> In bootargs ?
<Amit_t_> or using chmod?
<apritzel> no, in /etc/somewhere
<Amit_t_> ok
<Igor2> tkasier, thanks, used the script to get the patched kernel source tree
<apritzel> I think in Ubuntu 14.04 you copy the tty0.sh file to ttyS0.sh and adjust the file name inside
<Igor2> btw, I think this is my last shot - if this doesn't work, I revert solving the problem by hardware
<Amit_t_> ok, I will try it
<Amit_t_> Thanks
<Amit_t_> apritzel: just wanted to check, is it ubuntu14.04 specific issue?
<apritzel> Amit_t_: and for the load addresses: just use the default one: $kernel_addr_r, $fdt_addr_r, $ramdisk_addr_r
<apritzel> Amit_t_: well, the solution is usually distribution specific, the problem is generic
<Amit_t_> ok, I just used this booti 0x42000000 - 0x43000000
<apritzel> /etc/init/ttyS0.conf
<apritzel> Amit_t_: please don't
<Amit_t_> my filesystem is in mmc card
<apritzel> a) this involves copying the kernel
<apritzel> b) it breaks if your kernel is bigger than 16 MB
<Amit_t_> I just didn't get it what should I use if not booti ?
<ssvb> oliv3r: hmm, so you had actually disassembled the SPI boot part of the BROM back in 2013? https://github.com/hno/Allwinner-Info/commit/59a6b971d4c38c899803cea4e813f75cd6b2571a
<ssvb> oliv3r: why has nobody considered to use SPI flash in actual devboards yet?
<oneinsect> any suggestions friends?
<apritzel> Amit_t_: booti is correct, just not those addresses
<Amit_t_> ok
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<ssvb> oliv3r: do you happen to know which SoC was that? It should be presumably A10, but I get a somewhat different BROM dump from A10
<ssvb> oliv3r: in fact the initial part matches precisely, but there are some differences later on
<Amit_t_> apritzel: ok I don't have /etc/init/ttyS0.conf (I have /etc/init/tty1/2/3/4.conf) in filesystem, so I need to do cp tty1.conf ttyS0.conf
<ssvb> oliv3r: In my A10 BROM disassembly dump, grep finds the following
<ssvb> ffff521c:e5c40028 strbr0, [r4, #40]; 0x28
<ssvb> ffff5230:e5c40028 strbr0, [r4, #40]; 0x28
<ssvb> ffff5374:e5c80028 strbr0, [r8, #40]; 0x28
<ssvb> ffff5e64:e5c70028 strbr0, [r7, #40]; 0x28
<ssvb> which seem to be the places where the boot device identifier is written to the SPL header
<ssvb> however I don't see anything like this at https://github.com/hno/Allwinner-Info/blob/master/BROM/ffff4000.s
<ssvb> so I wonder if this boot device identifier was something that was only introduced later in some BROM code update in more recent revisions of the A10 SoC?
<ssvb> we do have some A10 revision checks in http://git.denx.de/?p=u-boot.git;a=blob;f=arch/arm/mach-sunxi/dram_sun4i.c;h=f7b4915037cd3eec58d7b45cff636133945d28f8;hb=HEAD#l72 after all
<ssvb> does anyone have some really ancient Allwinner A10 device?
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<ssvb> NiteHawk: thanks, this code snippet also looks somewhat interesting, however it shows that the boot0 code for some reason *writes* these identifiers to the header instead of checking them
<ssvb> NiteHawk: is it some sort of a trampoline to chain load another boot0 from a different boot media?
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<allwinner> just wanted to know the progress of pine64 mainline kernel
<allwinner> will it include mali blobs as well?
<ssvb> allwinner: you can check the progress updates here, https://linux-sunxi.org/Linux_mainlining_effort
<ssvb> no, the mainline kernel will not include blobs (in fact the mali blobs are only in the userland)
<ssvb> but you can always compile the mali kernel driver yourself and use it with the userland mali blobs
<NiteHawk> ssvb: i haven't quite gotten the overall picture of AW's github code yet there... but isn't writing to the boot file header (that how i interpret that "bfh->") what you observe? oh. just realized i may be wrong here - this is boot0 code, and we see this write straight from the BROM already, right?
<ssvb> NiteHawk: yes
<allwinner> ok i m seeing that not many functionalities are available, so my only option is to use the current 3.10 kernel with full functionality - mali driver
<allwinner> so just wanted to know if there is any guide to build mali myself on 3.10 kernel?
<ssvb> allwinner: frankly speaking, mali adds very little practical value, unless you are into playing 3d games
<allwinner> when i tried to watch a video it is not watchable
<ssvb> you don't need mali for hardware accelerated video decoding
<ssvb> allwinner: my understanding is that with longsleep's images you already get hardware accelerated video decoding via https://github.com/linux-sunxi/libvdpau-sunxi
<allwinner> but the video is not comparable with what I watch in android system
<ssvb> you can try to seek for further assistance in the pine64 forums
<ssvb> for example, start here - http://forum.pine64.org/showthread.php?tid=424
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<jelle> time to make a working h3 hdmi u-boot driver another try
<ssvb> jelle: yay!
<jelle> ssvb: I'm pretty sure I'm missing something related to clocks
<jelle> for EDID to work
<jelle> maybe I should dump the related ones in the orange pi pc image
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<jelle> ssvb: do you know some basic info about the hdmi driver here http://moinejf.free.fr/opi2/
<jelle> might just be that I miss some initialization.. come to think of it
<ssvb> I haven't even tried the moinejf's driver yet, but I might soon become interested in adding video and hdmi support in u-boot for a64
<jelle> ah ok
<jelle> ssvb: I guess it should be similiar?
<ssvb> yes, at least according to linux-sunxi.org/DWC_HDMI_Controller
<jelle> hmm that says something about a READ_LOCK
<KotCzarny> oneinsect: pastebin your boot.scr?
<oneinsect> KotCzarny: let me ....
<KotCzarny> load mmc 0:1 0x41000000 /vmlinuz vs load mmc 0:1 0x41000000 vmlinuz
<KotCzarny> though i dont know how important that leading / is
<oneinsect> didnt make any difference
<oneinsect> interestingly i did a few changes and it works but in sense after loading initramfs, board resets itself if i use the following boot.scr
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<oneinsect> that is how it resets itself
<KotCzarny> also, your load addr is weird
<oneinsect> however manually if i load it works
<oneinsect> meaning?
<KotCzarny> i mean, different than usual recommendation
<KotCzarny> or setup
<KotCzarny> are you using mainline?
<oneinsect> no armbian kernel
<oneinsect> with mainline u-boot
<oneinsect> interestingly there is one more aspect to it
<oneinsect> now if i put /extlinux/extlinux.conf it reads, loads and moves forward....
<oneinsect> kinda strange
<oneinsect> extlinux.conf
<oneinsect> but there is no way i can mention script.bin in extlinux.conf
<oneinsect> why doesnt it read from one type of boot.scr but reads from extlinux.conf
<oneinsect> same fat partition and no changes at all
<oneinsect> i have checked for syntax errors etc...but nothin
<KotCzarny> dont know, magic.
<oneinsect> i understand most people use ext4 so they may not encounter this stuff so often
<KotCzarny> on my opi+2e i use vfat for a /boot partition
<KotCzarny> same for opipc
<oneinsect> hmmm
<oneinsect> legacy u-boot works without issues
<KotCzarny> mainline uboot for me
<oneinsect> hmmm
<oneinsect> which version are you using?
<KotCzarny> 2016-something
<oneinsect> hmmm
<KotCzarny> U-Boot SPL 2016.05-rc3-00012-gfccdb28 (May 01 2016 - 09:39:27)
<KotCzarny> but it was working with earlier too
<KotCzarny> have you tried different sd card?
<KotCzarny> maybe its some init timing issue
<oneinsect> well i did
<oneinsect> i think sometimes mmc could be slow? may be its not fast enough?
<oneinsect> hence not found errors?
<oneinsect> but that should not be the case ....
<KotCzarny> i have 2 (2gb) cards that refuse to boot at all
<oneinsect> strange
<KotCzarny> but 1gb and 4gb and samsung evo+ ones work without error
<ssvb> oliv3r: BTW, for the boot media code 0x2, the A64 BROM also stores some additional information in the high 4 bits (maybe that's MMC2 boot and some extra differentiation for handling eMMC boot partitions?)
<ssvb> oliv3r: but you are probably right, 0x1 is likely NAND and 0x2 is likely MMC2
<Amit_t_> What is the password for ubuntu 14.04
<Amit_t_> Downloaded from here https://www.pine64.pro/downloads/
<oliv3r> ssvb: i'll verify it on monday, as i have both boards working
<oliv3r> ssvb: bbrezillon did work for us to get the nand working on the lime2, and we got olimex to produce the lime2 with emmc :)
<oliv3r> ssvb: i still have to dig into the BROM to see if it supports emmc boot partitions though, ...
<jelle> ssvb: moinejf's driver is in a much better shape yet
<jelle> maybe I should add some things to the wiki
<jelle> I broke HPD detect, but I'm trying to refactor my current branch a bit too
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<Archaon> Hi, I got the mainline kernel 4.6 booting on my Cubieboard A80 but now it hangs after: mmc0: req done (CMD0): 0: ...
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<GeneralStupid> Hi i have a mali error DRM: mali_lastclose how to fix that?
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<vagrantc> GeneralStupid: yup, bad power supply
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<vagrantc> GeneralStupid: huh... or maybe just a bad power strip ...
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<vagrantc> hrm. ok, now that i've got a decent power supply ... linux 4.7-rc2 fails to detect (usb) sata, but linux 4.7-rc1 works
<vagrantc> two steps forward, one step back...
<vagrantc> maybe i need usb as a built-in rather than a module ...
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<jrg> guess i have this orange pi plus 2e exactly where i need it to be other than the case that is on its way across the ocean now
<jrg> the thing is a little beast :) seems to be holding up quite well for what i need it to do
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<GeneralStupid> vagrantc: really?
<vagrantc> GeneralStupid: and now it's working fine again with the original power supply, plugged into the same power strip ...
* vagrantc shrugs hard
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