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<RX14> i might just register a finalizer on every allocated object
<RX14> at least it's worth a try...
<RX14> that or hope the memory leak is in sidekiq and just rip out sidekiq
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<FromGitter> <MisterBianco> Is there a docs section on symbols? I am having a hard time grasping them and their use cases. I read the docs and still am not sure. I hate asking such noob questions, but I really like this language and want to learn it to the fullest extent.
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<FromGitter> <MisterBianco> Read it
<FromGitter> <MisterBianco> So let's say I have
<FromGitter> <MisterBianco> :symbol
<FromGitter> <MisterBianco> : symbol
<FromGitter> <MisterBianco> What can I do with that besides printing it out...
<FromGitter> <alehander42> they can be used as quicker version of strings, something like ad hoc enums
<FromGitter> <alehander42> if you have a limited number of strings describing stuff, e.g. months, categories of something, colors etc
<FromGitter> <alehander42> it makes sense to use symbols, as internally they are just a number, but they are written and printed as names
<FromGitter> <alehander42> hav you used enum-s in another language?(not important, just would help you with similarity)
<Yxhuvud> RX14: didn't groogy have some tool related to tracking allocation?