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azonenberg changed the topic of #homecmos to: Homebrew CMOS and MEMS foundry design | Wiki: http://homecmos.drawersteak.com/wiki/Main_Page | Repository: http://code.google.com/p/homecmos/ | Logs: http://en.qi-hardware.com/homecmos-logs/
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<azonenberg> Sync__: nice
<azonenberg> i have stages from digshadow
<azonenberg> but not wired up yet
<azonenberg> the controllers didnt show up
<azonenberg> so i'm gonna have to hack something up
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<SpeedEvil> I'm kinda wondering how hard a teeeeny arm would be.
<SpeedEvil> being able to tie knots in 50um wire would be cool.
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<Sync__> yeah, my stages have dc servos azonenberg
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<azonenberg> Sync__: these are steppers
<Sync__> I guess
<Sync__> nota friend of steppers
<Sync__> yeah nice
<Sync__> right on the money... repeatable within 1µm on the ball screw stage
<Sync__> the regular screw has around 3/100 backlash but I can compensate for that
* SpeedEvil is doing CNC soon - maybe - but the initial resolution will be +-0.5mm hopefully.
<Sync__> well, there is not much point in doing it cnc then
<SpeedEvil> Sure there is.
<SpeedEvil> If I can cut 20 shapes in plywood to +-0.5mm - that is quite adequate for making some forms of furniture.
<SpeedEvil> Or building components.
<Sync__> I'm probably faster with the bandsaw
<Sync__> but yes for wood that might be acceptable to some degree
<SpeedEvil> I'm pondering a full sheet cutter.
<SpeedEvil> Though other projects for a similar platform are something along the lines of a microbonder.
<Sync__> I found that it is way easier just to get an old westbond off eaby
<Sync__> get a complete one
<Sync__> building the rest is just too annoying
<SpeedEvil> More actually aimed at microsoldering - I want to be able to point-point wirebond 0.5mm BGA.
<SpeedEvil> And alas - funds are a major issue
<Sync__> for most things a manual bonder is good enough
<Sync__> or rather for 99.9% of the things that are not in production
<SpeedEvil> I'm wondering about PCB elimination
<Sync__> o.0
<SpeedEvil> And yes - it's probably silly.
<SpeedEvil> But - meh.
<SpeedEvil> If we only did sensible stuff, where would we be.
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<Sync__> what benefits would cause you to do this?
<SpeedEvil> rapid inexpensive prototyping, amongst other things.
<Sync__> well, if you are forced to use .5mm bga I guess you can pay for getting 6 layer pcbs
<Sync__> otherwise you are also not going to be able to use the chips as they were designed due to parasitic effects
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<azonenberg> Sync__: not necessarily
<azonenberg> i've seen some 0.5mm bga chips that are i2c interface :p
<azonenberg> 3x3 wlcsp
<Sync__> well yeah.
<Sync__> but everything that uses .5mm bga for a reason is high speed
<SpeedEvil> I have ideas about parasitics.
<Sync__> well it is way easier just to get pcbs made
<SpeedEvil> true.
<Sync__> also way more cost effective
<SpeedEvil> For 2 layer PCBs, totally.
<Sync__> even with 4 or 6 layers
<Sync__> getting pcbs made is not expensive anymore
<SpeedEvil> Where can I get inexpensive 6 layer PCBs made? I seem to have missed that. Even relatively small ones - say 4*4cm
<Sync__> it depends on your design rules
<Sync__> but 4 layer out of china is around $45/5pcs at 50x50mm
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