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<Shadowghoster> good morning
<luca020400> Same to you
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<Xeo> Hi Luca
<Shadowghoster> hi Xeo
<Xeo> hi shadowghoster
<Xeo> what do you do?
* Shadowghoster is waiting for an answer from ü880-devs because cpu isn't downscaling
<Shadowghoster> *p880
<Xeo> *p880 ?
<Shadowghoster> Lg Optimus 4XHD, named p880 by lg
<Xeo> hmmmm
<Xeo> Developer...!
<Shadowghoster> #p880-dev
<Xeo> oH K
<Shadowghoster> LP is running fine now, even with 3.1 kernel and grouper-blobs
<Xeo> Great...!
<Shadowghoster> jup
<Shadowghoster> only problem I hve is downscaling cpu
<Shadowghoster> and that is sucking the battery
<Xeo> mmm
<Xeo> Oh You will resolve it..... always there is a way...
<Shadowghoster> jep but I have to ask :D
<Xeo> I am no developer... :-)
<Shadowghoster> me neither ^^
<Shadowghoster> I just have some knowledge
<Xeo> Yah i wana learn too
<luca020400> And I'm unable to make a flashable zip u.u
<Shadowghoster> lol :D
<Xeo> you did find your shirt.....remember Lol..... zipping is not difficult then that
<luca020400> lol
<Xeo> XD
<luca020400> Maybe I used the wrong binary
<luca020400> XD
<luca020400> Hmm
<luca020400> no
<Xeo> Yah you look every where but not in the washing machine just look in that you will find your answer... clue for zip Lol
<luca020400> I found the problem
<luca020400> #!/bin/bash
<luca020400> Lol
<Xeo> As i told you....
<Xeo> :D
<luca020400> :p
<Xeo> You know that how brain work.....
<Xeo> he just need a hint clue...
<Xeo> zip flashed........!?
<luca020400> no
<Xeo> .....!
<Xeo> :?
<Xeo> :-?
<luca020400> no :/
<Xeo> what happened...!
<luca020400> Typo
<luca020400> Cryng XD
<luca020400> ohoho
<Xeo> Lol .... penitence.....
<Xeo> you are too quick....
<luca020400> Worked
<luca020400> Lol
<Xeo> i used to be in such kind of hurry it havbeen time
<luca020400> “ext4″
<luca020400> Should be
<luca020400> "ext4"
<luca020400> For this
<luca020400> XD
<Xeo> format....!
<Xeo> :D
<luca020400> ok
<luca020400> Now I have to fix another thing
<Xeo> hmmm
<luca020400> Fixed lol
<Xeo> Great
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<Xeo> hi flea
<luca020400> Hi "secchia"
<luca020400> Hmm hi flea997
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<Xeo> luca
<luca020400> ?
<Xeo> why people dont answer?
<luca020400> Flea
<luca020400> Muoviti XD
<Xeo> muoviti ????????
<luca020400> XD
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<Xeo> wellcome back shadowghoster
<Shadowghoster> zhx
<luca020400> FLEA997 !!!!!!
<luca020400> He's playng dota
<luca020400> I'm sure XD
<Shadowghoster> ?
<Flea997> hey
* Shadowghoster isn't playing LoL odr DotA
<Xeo> hmm
<luca020400> hey xd
<Flea997> nope i'm playing csgo
<luca020400> Ok sorry
<Flea997> XD
<luca020400> XD
<Xeo> I play Dead Space 3
<luca020400> csgo , dota or minescraft . And maybe tf2
<Xeo> Tomb-rider (basecamp)
<Shadowghoster> tf2, pa, gw2
<Flea997> and supermeatboy u.u
<Shadowghoster> mainly
<Shadowghoster> But nowadays I'm amainly watching animes :D
<Xeo> which one Naruto
<Xeo> One Piece
<Xeo> Attack one titan my favorate
<Flea997> i don't watch many animes :C
<luca020400> me tooooooo
<luca020400> Finally I can use single sim roms in my dual sim phone
<luca020400> :D
<Xeo> i watch good anime to all of them
<Shadowghoster> I'm watching animes since two months ago :D
<Shadowghoster> started with SAO ^^
<Xeo> you should watch Naruto from beginning
<Shadowghoster> nah
<luca020400> I used to watch it
<Xeo> Sword Art Online
<Shadowghoster> I ave naruto and Dragonball Z on my HDD
<luca020400> Boring
<luca020400> Dragonball
<Shadowghoster> Sword Art online is best :D
<Xeo> no
<Shadowghoster> and Log Horizon is also very good
<Xeo> beginning was good
<luca020400> And hasdh tei too
<luca020400> XD
<Flea997> i only watch studio ghibli's films
<Xeo> hasdh tei.....???????? never heard
<luca020400> hahahahah
<Xeo> wow all Ghiblis my favorate
<Shadowghoster> Xeo season 2 is better than second part of season one
<Shadowghoster> but first part of season one is still best
<Xeo> seson one was best SAO
<Xeo> Totoro.... my fav
<Flea997> porco rosso
<Flea997> my fav
<luca020400> What XD
<Xeo> spirited away...
<Xeo> Laputa
<luca020400> Yea
<luca020400> wikiwand
<Flea997> yeah also spirited away
<Xeo> KIki delvery service
<Xeo> Howeling moving castle is best
<Flea997> yeag
<Xeo> Ponyo nice story
<Flea997> everyone
<Flea997> princess mononoke
<Xeo> Yah Monoke jungle spirt story
<Xeo> did you saw ghibili latest
<Flea997> i fell asleep
<Flea997> i was very tired
<Flea997> xD
<Xeo> arriety like tomb thumb story
<Flea997> very sad
<Xeo> sad????????
<Flea997> wtf i wrote
<Flea997> why i wrote sad?
<Flea997> xD
<Xeo> "grave of the fire files " very very very sad anime
<Xeo> you will cry..... in the end
<Xeo> seriously
<Xeo> A story of War.....
<Flea997> i was so young when i saw it
<Flea997> ;(
<Flea997> i cried
<Xeo> so do I... ;(
<Xeo> well its developer channel we forget
<luca020400> Yes and no ;)
<Xeo> y-no
<Xeo> 60% yes 50% no
<Xeo> Flea what do you do
<luca020400> Study XD
<Flea997> lol ^
<luca020400> Me too
<luca020400> Weird XD
<Xeo> i dont :D
<Xeo> I work :(
<luca020400> My father bought "cannocchie"
<luca020400> And they are alive XD
<Xeo> hmmm
<Xeo> its look like prwon
<Flea997> wat
<luca020400> Do you want a video XD
<Xeo> No
<Xeo> i would like to eat....
<Xeo> Yummi
<luca020400> Let's flash XD
<luca020400> Package Complete: /home/luca/cyano/out/target/product/titan/cm-12-20150117-UNOFFICIAL-titan.zip
<Xeo> can i flash it mine...?
<luca020400> no XD
<Xeo> I wana CM12 ........ Lol
<luca020400> A lot of guys want it
<Xeo> ok
<Xeo> It is not flashable in my g510 Lol
<Xeo> XD
<Xeo> Flea what you study
<luca020400> Everyting XD
<Xeo> Every and Nothing both are limit less
<Xeo> human have limits
<luca020400> Art
<Xeo> Like S-Art-o
<Xeo> lol
<Xeo> great
<Xeo> so you are Artist.....
<luca020400> No
<luca020400> Like me
<luca020400> XD
<Xeo> Luca you study Art... of flea997
<Xeo> of flea
<Xeo> or
<Xeo> flea997
<luca020400> Flea is studing art ( not sure )
<Xeo> you are studying art. then you are Artist
<luca020400> No
<luca020400> In Itaòy you study art in every school
<luca020400> So sad
<luca020400> XD
<Xeo> Artist a person you know art....
<Xeo> Every thing is Art
<luca020400> I'm studing dalvik right now
<Xeo> you dont think dalvik is not piece of Art
<luca020400> Lol
<luca020400> Yes it is XD
<Xeo> Developing is an Art
<luca020400> art and dalcik runtime . I'm studing them XD
<Flea997> i don't study art
<luca020400> *dalvik
<luca020400> XD
<Flea997> D:
<luca020400> So what are you studing ?
<Flea997> right now?
<luca020400> Yea
<Flea997> dots
<Flea997> dota
<luca020400> ok
<Flea997> xD
<Xeo> hey Flea997 you didnt told me what you study.
<Flea997> i'm in a scientific high school
<luca020400> Me too
<luca020400> Lol
<Flea997> i'm at the 4th year
<luca020400> I'm 1st
<Xeo> i dont study... :)
<luca020400> You work
<Flea997> how old r you?
<luca020400> Me * 2
<Xeo> YAH
<Xeo> i am double of luca
<Xeo> and both are misterious
<luca020400> Why ?
<Xeo> I told you Luca means
<luca020400> Lol
<Xeo> Luca *2 = Xeo yaaaaaaaaah
<Xeo> Cut me into two equal then you have three Luca
<Xeo> XD
<luca020400> XD
<Xeo> 3?
<luca020400> Why XD
<Xeo> You luca
<Xeo> Luca + Xeo= Luca + Luca + Luca
<luca020400> ok
<luca020400> lol
<Xeo> yah
<Xeo> Lol
<Xeo> How old you are Flea997
<luca020400> Me + 3
<Xeo> Luca 14 and Me 28
<Flea997> 17, going for 18
<Xeo> 17
<luca020400> 14 goind for 15
<Xeo> and i am going for 29, while working :(
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<luca020400> I was bron the day after april fals
<Xeo> 14-April
<luca020400> 2 April
<luca020400> *fool
<Xeo> 14 * 2 you know that
<Xeo> 14th genius you are 2nd genius
<Xeo> I dont like making someone fool.....
<Xeo> Curiosity is a human nature...... you can make fool curious person.
<Xeo> Flea plaing DOTA
<Xeo> playing
<Xeo> what you play?
<Xeo> Now i need to go
<Xeo> Bye
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<luca020400> Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
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<spanitzer> Hi
<luca020400> HI I III
<spanitzer> :(
<luca020400> ban spanitzer
<spanitzer> Why?
<luca020400> Does Y300 have gyro ?
<spanitzer> No
<luca020400> ok
<spanitzer> I'm so happy!
<spanitzer> In the next days i have faster internet!
<Shadowghoster> fine
<luca020400> Great
<Shadowghoster> here we'll get it on 29th I think
<luca020400> Here never :/
* Shadowghoster don't knows what a phone to uy
<spanitzer> From 2MBit to 50MBit :D
<spanitzer> 25x faster:)
<luca020400> I have 18 MBit
<luca020400> Up ?
<spanitzer> Next week comes probably the router
<spanitzer> Download 50MBit and 10MBit Upload
<luca020400> Fuck you
<luca020400> XD
<spanitzer> Again German Telecom
<luca020400> Vodafone it :/
<spanitzer> Luca how fast is your upload? xD
<luca020400> 1 MBit XD
<spanitzer> Loooooooool
<spanitzer> By the way
<spanitzer> I repaired my Tablet Touchscreen :)
<spanitzer> Touch is now working fine
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<spanitzer> Now i flash cm11
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<spanitzer> Cm12 is very nice
<Shadowghoster> ?
<Shadowghoster> yes it is, but on which device you tested?
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<spanitzer> I dont test it
<spanitzer> I see videos
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