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<BingoBoingo> tyvm
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<mircea_popescu> BingoBoingo sadly there's no such film.
<BingoBoingo> Yet!
<mircea_popescu> it'd also be ungodly long. pubescent girls are usually too derpy to manage in under a coupla minutes.
<mircea_popescu> meanwhile in 2014 rereads, http://trilema.com/2014/the-great-post-of-rebuttals/
<mircea_popescu> did that fucktared 5 columnist in the hat sink or is he still derping about ?
<asciilifeform> aah but where is hallway coat!11
<mircea_popescu> she's writing for the atlantic.
<deedbot> http://trilema.com/2018/fuck-argentina/ << Trilema - Fuck Argentina.
<a111> Logged on 2017-04-04 00:25 asciilifeform: ( i will say, 0 of the things that drove mircea_popescu barking mad about the place, bother me at all. then again i was there for a week.. )
<a111> Logged on 2018-07-21 03:21 deedbot: http://trilema.com/2018/fuck-argentina/ << Trilema - Fuck Argentina.
<asciilifeform> on top of this, asciilifeform strongly suspects that dumber, sadder aboriginals than his current ones, exist entirely nowhere outside of perhaps africa
<asciilifeform> ( fact however remains : asciilifeform needs 'night life' like fish needs thyratron. )
<mircea_popescu> hey, i liked it fine the first week.
<mircea_popescu> meanwhile in blockchain experts, http://truths89.tumblr.com/
<spyked> http://btcbase.org/log/2018-07-20#1836601 <-- afaik they make aggressive use of k-othrine (possibly others) in public places. /me has been hearing the bug-spray cars consistently pass by during warm seasons. I dun remember being stung by mosquitoes for more than a coupla times in the last few years.
<a111> Logged on 2018-07-20 13:12 asciilifeform: spyked: very interesting -- did they bring back the use of ddt ??
<spyked> ftr, this does nothing for flies. still fulla them.
<spyked> also ftr, there are places throughout town which are abundant in vegetation (e.g. the vacaresti delta) which I expect are populated with the variety huge of mosquitoes.
<spyked> *variety of huge
<spyked> in other news for the rotaku:
<spyked> !S en-ro mud
<spykedbot> muddle things together/ up, to: a amesteca/ incurca lucrurile
<spyked> also works the other way around:
<spyked> !S ro-en fata
<spykedbot> a acoperi cheltuielile, a face fata cheltuielilor: to meet the expenses
<spyked> this will serve as demo for trilemabot command handling, as per http://btcbase.org/log/2018-06-05#1820730
<a111> Logged on 2018-06-05 12:49 spyked: I'm reserving another bot for the rss functionality. but I want to use spykedbot to make a small trilemabot example for implementing prefixed commands. spoiler: I have some code that looks up definitions in asciilifeform's ro-en dictionary ( http://www.loper-os.org/?p=2211 ), it's the smallest application that I could find that also does something useful.
<spyked> (currently bot only looks up expr dictionary. if anyone is interested by this functionality and wants moar, lemme know)
<mircea_popescu> nb.
<asciilifeform> spyked: pretty neat
<mircea_popescu> !S ru-fr
<asciilifeform> mircea_popescu: was thinking, about your argentines : remember the oddball who ordered FG and never picked up at the post ? i still can't fathom.
<mircea_popescu> !S ru-fr кто не с нами тот против нас
<mircea_popescu> asciilifeform conceivably hadn't the dough.
<asciilifeform> i think his bot is just a grep in the old ro idiom dict
<mircea_popescu> o ho.
<asciilifeform> mircea_popescu: oh ha, they taxed'em, didn't they. like brits.
<mircea_popescu> prolly 3x like brits, because gotta show they to real country.
<asciilifeform> still interesting that somebody might have btc but can't muster pesos.
<mircea_popescu> except when subs don't work by themselves, of course. that's unfair comparison.
<mircea_popescu> asciilifeform notrly. lotta people had btc for accident, in the 2010s.
<asciilifeform> troo
<asciilifeform> country of great tombs, and ??? people, sorta like egypt ( iirc mircea_popescu did egypt, wouldja say similar ? )
<asciilifeform> http://btcbase.org/log/2018-07-21#1836936 << this might be the key re why mosquito hell in usa 'suburbia' -- the only public land there, is the asphalt. ( who wants spraying , has to specifically pay , and they come and spray out poison that kills errything that moves, frogs, cats, dogs, etc )
<a111> Logged on 2018-07-21 09:59 spyked: http://btcbase.org/log/2018-07-20#1836601 <-- afaik they make aggressive use of k-othrine (possibly others) in public places. /me has been hearing the bug-spray cars consistently pass by during warm seasons. I dun remember being stung by mosquitoes for more than a coupla times in the last few years.
<mircea_popescu> hey, third world shithole is third world shithole, what.
<asciilifeform> when 'shopping center' or 'condo block' monstrosities built in usa , they also seem to invariably feature what is by all appearances a purpose-built mosquito breeding pond.
<asciilifeform> ( nominally 'rainwater runoff' )
<BingoBoingo> AHA, back in old country they did Malathion
<BingoBoingo> Like with Uncle Al's medflies
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<deedbot> http://qntra.net/2018/07/south-african-government-refusing-documents-for-refugees-resettling-elsewhere/ << Qntra - South African Government Refusing Documents For Refugees Resettling Elsewhere
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<mircea_popescu> lmao. so great that the fucktard pantsuit fought apartheid. 10 years later, they can fight the first white massacre since haiti.
<mircea_popescu> awareness engine produces its own inputs.
<BingoBoingo> History rhymes
<mircea_popescu> their history is fucking copy-paste, what rhymes.
<asciilifeform> BingoBoingo: ru does have infamously lulzy immigration laws
<BingoBoingo> The rhyming is a side effect of copypasta
<asciilifeform> ( for aficionados -- https://archive.is/7zELS << orlol on subj )
<asciilifeform> ^ he moved there, and still only counts as 'tourist'
<asciilifeform> naturally orlol omits to mention ~why~ ru immigration laws. ( there's a quite straightforward prime mover -- millions of su plankton formerly living in various newly-'independent' goatfuckistans packet suitcases in '90s and all tried to squeeze somehow into moscow and petrograd , quite impossible to fit )
<asciilifeform> *packed
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<trinque> shenanigans.
<mircea_popescu> asciilifeform eh, that was rank nonsense. VERY fucking stupid choice. 1990 ru was a) perfectly equipped to produce 10-100mn smq of hruscheba living space per month. b) 1990s ru was EXACTLY in the position where the best use for its effort was to do just that. buy the losers 30 years in which to decide if they really wanted petrograd residence.
<mircea_popescu> they TOTALLY should have laid track, brought in the cranes, prefab to the skies.
<asciilifeform> 1990 yes, 1993 nope.
<asciilifeform> was ~zimbabwe.
<mircea_popescu> should have done in 1990, no 1993.
<mircea_popescu> the way they went, ended up "crisis", usg fuckpuppet.
<asciilifeform> 'if i knew where will fall, would've put something soft' (ru proverb)
<mircea_popescu> eh gimme a break. everyone fucking knew except for the "factors responsible"
<mircea_popescu> fuck them with a sharp stick for being condolezza rice without even being niggers.
<asciilifeform> the sharp still is still in, and prolly won't even emerge from mouth for another 100y.
<mircea_popescu> i'd say "they should have come to #trilema and asked", but i guess they get a break for pre-trilema age.
<asciilifeform> *stick
<mircea_popescu> just those 10 trn cubic meters of poured concrete would have created "russian miracle" by itself.
<mircea_popescu> observe how well it worked for china.
<asciilifeform> su brass was in full nest-feathering miami mode, the d00d who sold the coal that was meant to keep primorye above 0c in winter being prime example
<mircea_popescu> idiots.
<asciilifeform> to the extent there was a logic, i suspect it was a venezuelan logic, 'washington will pay for titanium and petro, but didn't say it wants 40mil aboriginals with these'
<asciilifeform> pretty much whole of su brass 'strategy' from ~1985, was http://trilema.com/2018/the-principal-agent-problem-or-how-america-went-away/#selection-231.0-243.1 .
<mircea_popescu> who the fuck asked shittington any fucking thing jesus christ.
<asciilifeform> ~none of the managerial caste showed any symptom of desire to keep the boat floating, but plenty of enthusiasm re tearing off choice planks to make rafts.
<mircea_popescu> this is EXACTLY like, instead of using programmable machines to talk to every girl on fetlife and enslave some, i'd use them to "start-up". because "san francisco never said it wants a bunch of enslaved women with computers".
<mircea_popescu> DUH ?!
<mircea_popescu> asciilifeform made wrong raft the wrong way. mine fucking floats. theirs floated so fucking well, putin's cut their heads off.
<asciilifeform> he's the fella with the biggest raft, even has identifiable pieces of the bridge and periscope still attached, is all.
<mircea_popescu> this is altogether unclear.
<asciilifeform> plox to expand ?
<asciilifeform> and i'll admit, it is unclear still to me where the inhabitants of '100mn sqm of hruscheba' were to be employed , fed with what. su industry imploded, the ex-su space is to this day a land of ruined factories with missing roofs , like the outskirts of timis.
<asciilifeform> su circa '90 was , sure, 'healthy but for one thing', like the organs of guillotined man.
<mircea_popescu> the reason soviet industry imploded was lack of demand. construction drives all sectors, the building itself would have bought them ~decade to figure shit out.
<mircea_popescu> and in a decade of figuring shit out, they may have found something. that's ~their~ fucking job.
<asciilifeform> why is 'we'll eat by brushing each other's hair' hilariously stupid when modern usa does it, but somehow could've worked in su ?
<mircea_popescu> building is very different from doing laundry.
<mircea_popescu> coupled with a general feeling of "cheap life" (ie, all the ukr whores going to moscow instead of milan), it'd have attracted, eg, me.
<mircea_popescu> if russia went as described, i'd have likely moved there when i was looking around in early 2000s
<asciilifeform> afaik there was no shortage of whores etc. in '95 ( and even some mircea_popescus ) , didn't seem to help
<mircea_popescu> all the better ones were out of there.
<asciilifeform> not so easy to compete with milan, where, what, 7 months of springtime
<asciilifeform> right, correct whores
<mircea_popescu> not ~easy~ to compete with milan, but spring over idiots-speaking-idiot-language is not a pushover.
<mircea_popescu> the mistake, as usually when people make large scale mistakes, was in incorrectly handling cunt.
<asciilifeform> re the other kind ( 'It's a forced thing, which they don't enjoy and at which they're therefore not any good, predictably enough' ) reminds me of shalamov's anecdote where 2 gulag zeks hear a call for carpenters and say 'me, me, i'ma carpenter' despite never having held a saw 'because what, any idjit can cut wood' and promptly falling into lulz
<mircea_popescu> mmmyeah.
<mircea_popescu> and the above, ftr, is not idle "woulda coulda". i actually did send both people and materiel, and even followed briefly in early 2000s, research expedition.
* asciilifeform believes
<mircea_popescu> set moron bit on new-soviet exactly as on previous set and moved on.
<mircea_popescu> all graham's wank re "omg, what does it take to produce silicon valley" is entirely besides the point. what it takes to produce the town is the town-lie, and "take your pick of teenaged cunt, weekly auctions" is much better implementation of that than mission district's own "money for nothing".
<mircea_popescu> nobody ~really~ wants money.
<asciilifeform> right, can't eat it, or fuck it
<mircea_popescu> quite.
<mircea_popescu> amusingly, 100% of requisites were on the table. just, blockhead "leadership" assembled pc into wooden block.
<asciilifeform> hence 'guillotined man' summary.
<asciilifeform> post-'85 or so, there was no brain.
<asciilifeform> just biomass.
<mircea_popescu> same could be said of whatever tmsr reject. yet THEY DIDNT HAVE TO not have a brain
<mircea_popescu> for the exact same money, could have had brain.
<asciilifeform> goes back to the fundamental thread, of why 'brain' packed off to miami, milan, etc.
<asciilifeform> ( not only brain. arse, also -- iirc gorby nao in germany )
<mircea_popescu> heh
<asciilifeform> sorta what death is, neh; head, arse, 'go their own way', stomach happily digests self, gut bacteria open up 'independent biznis' while there's fat to eat.
<mircea_popescu> i suppose this is true.
<asciilifeform> in other lulz, http://summaries.logs.esthlos.com soldiers on , pretty good summaries imho.
<mod6> yeah, i like this ^
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<esthlos> speaking of which asciilifeform : past two weeks have shown that 4 logs a day is unsustainable. my log reading time is not decreasing as I had hoped it would
<esthlos> current plan is to push the reading hard I can manage next few weeks, and get a better sense of the sustainable rate