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<hanbot> asciilifeform nah, it's bw drainage > "no funds in account". domain registered long ago somewhere else.
<asciilifeform> odd, i get a 'no resolve'
<BingoBoingo> asciilifeform: "no resolve" sounds like a side effect of the DNS settings allowing NFS to do its thing not pointing at an NFS doing its thing as advertised
<deedbot> http://qntra.net/2018/03/five-years-later-omidyars-snowden-trickle-catching-up-to-trilema-report-on-nsa-in-bitcoin/ << Qntra - Five Years Later Omidyar's Snowden Trickle Catching Up To Trilema Report On NSA In Bitcoin
<mircea_popescu> heh.
<BingoBoingo> Amazing how these things break
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<mircea_popescu> BingoBoingo ftr, it's euphEmisms and venezuEla. are your voewls shifting from all the tuna you're eating or what!
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<douchebag> Alright, I still haven't written a V implementation. I would like to help, however programming is not my main area of expertise. I feel like writing a V implementation would not waste my time, but yours as well considering d
<douchebag> others have written V implementations that would be much better than the one I would write.
<mircea_popescu> you're a twenty year old, what "area of expertise".
<douchebag> I've been focused on web application security for the past decade, just becase I'm only 20 doesn't mean I'm not skilled.
<mircea_popescu> whether you're skilled or not has no bearing on this whole "area of expertise" nonsense. i've been writing for twenty years, doesn't mean i'll sit with my laptop while the girls eat each other out because fucking "isn't my area of expertise".
<mircea_popescu> the whole point, not just of the "write a v" task, but of the republic altogether, is to make this sort of non-thinking you're going for both ridiculous and impossible.
<mircea_popescu> i get it, it's hard and especially unpleasant in that it requires your getting off your ass, and god forbid confronting the unpleasant side of things. hurr.
<douchebag> It would not be unpleasant if it had not already been done before multiple times, what's the point of reinventing the wheel?
<mircea_popescu> that it will force you to abandon your current mental rut. hopefully before it does any permanent damage.
<mircea_popescu> you understand most people aren't ~born~ stupid, but become stupid through systematic effort over long intervals. do you ?
<douchebag> No, I constantly put effort towards learning more and improving my skills as well as my self.
<mircea_popescu> good for you.
<douchebag> I'd like to be helpful, I am generally a pretty helpful person. However, I just feel like I could be of more use if I focused on something I'm better suited to help with
<mircea_popescu> what you're actually saying is "i opt to waste my youth". which is fine, it's yours to waste.
<douchebag> How though?
<mircea_popescu> because you're sitting there waiting for reality to change so it may be admitted in yoru movie. that's not how reality works, though there's a bunch of people still waiting for bitcoin to be what they thought of it, back in 2015 or 2013 or 2011 or w/e the fuck they first heard of it, formed a fantasy and adhered to it.
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<douchebag> Well I don't understand how I'm sitting here waiting for reality to change? Are you saying there's absolutely nothing that I could help with here in regards to Information Security?
<mircea_popescu> i'm saying that your notion of helping is so constructed so as to preclude helping, yes.
<douchebag> Okay, and suppose I do write a V. What's next?
<mircea_popescu> i don't know.
<douchebag> Like I said, I would like to help. I know how to code but I would be much better at helping w/ security related topics. I would not want to write a V just to find out that the only way for me to help would be for me to code stuff
<mircea_popescu> right.
<douchebag> So, do you think I should even bother?
<douchebag> or do you think I would just be disappointed
<mircea_popescu> i don't think you can be anything but disappointed, in your current state.
<douchebag> What is my current state?
<douchebag> I love what I do
<douchebag> I'm good at what I do
<a111> Logged on 2018-03-22 10:46 mircea_popescu: because you're sitting there waiting for reality to change so it may be admitted in yoru movie. that's not how reality works, though there's a bunch of people still waiting for bitcoin to be what they thought of it, back in 2015 or 2013 or 2011 or w/e the fuck they first heard of it, formed a fantasy and adhered to it.
<diana_coman> douchebag, learning something is never a waste of time; and learning what you "are not good at" is quite doubly NOT a waste of time; "outcome" as you currently define it doesn't enter into it at all; and for that matter: http://trilema.com/2015/causes-and-purposes/
<douchebag> diana_coman: I agree with you. The reason I'm a bit hesitant is because I know what I'm not good at. I know how to code, I write code almost every single day. However, I don't code for the same reasons most people do
<mircea_popescu> what reason is that ?
<diana_coman> what are the "same reasons most people do" and ..how did you figure out "most people" in there and why they do what they do?
<douchebag> I write code for the simple purpose of making my life easier. 95% of the code I write will never be ran by anyone else except myself
<mircea_popescu> im pretty sure that's how it goes for most everyone here.
<diana_coman> douchebag, why do you concern yourself with what other people do or not do *after* something you didn't even yet do; it's a recipe for insanity this
<diana_coman> mircea_popescu, heh, remember WHY I wrote foxybot?
<diana_coman> out of frustration with click-click-click
<diana_coman> douchebag, your problem still seems to have as root the approach "towards purpose" instead of from causes; try and digest that post
<douchebag> Okay, to clarify what I meant by saying "most people" is that people write code to publicly release and be used by others ect..
<diana_coman> douchebag, nope
<diana_coman> now what?
<douchebag> I don't understand what a V is I have read about it, I have looked at examples and I still don't understand
<mircea_popescu> diana_coman aha
<douchebag> If I understood it completely it would be no problem coding it.
<mircea_popescu> so then there youi go.
<diana_coman> douchebag, that already sounds healthier at any rate
<diana_coman> douchebag, write somewhere a summary of what you understand of it and what you don't - it will help you formulate some clear questions to...ask in here, so people can help you understand
<douchebag> I literally do not understand anything. I don't know what a vpatch is or anything. The concept just does not make sense
<douchebag> From what I can tell
<diana_coman> what concept?
<diana_coman> there are plenty of vpatches around - have a look at them for "what a vpatch is"
<douchebag> It just appears to be way of updating code, pgp signing the updates
<douchebag> and displaying the difference
<diana_coman> so it does make some sense after all
<douchebag> that's all that I understand
<douchebag> if that is even correct
<mircea_popescu> it is.
<diana_coman> douchebag, it's fine, you just need to expand now from that
<douchebag> Alright
<douchebag> So here's the next thing
<douchebag> If I do this and I am successful, am I going to be expected to work on programming projects or could I find something that I would be able to help with in regards to information security
<mircea_popescu> depends what you mean by the latter.
<douchebag> I can identify security flaws & help with properly remediating the issue
<douchebag> I primarily focus on web application and network based penetration testing
<mircea_popescu> right.
<douchebag> So, would those skills be of use here?
<douchebag> Also, I would be interested in starting a security firm
<mircea_popescu> sigh.
<douchebag> Offering remote & in person security solutions both offensive and defensive
<douchebag> That was a plan of mine to do later down the road
<douchebag> However, if you guys would be interested in doing that sort of thing I would be more than happy to help.
<mircea_popescu> you really think you're going to eat out of blabla.php?=<alert whatever ?
<douchebag> Can you elaborate?
<mircea_popescu> information security is what apeloyee's been doing on alf's blog, or ave1 on diana_coman 's or so on and so forth.
<douchebag> Could I read the blogs?
<mircea_popescu> sure.
<douchebag> Link pls
<mircea_popescu> do you read the logs douchebag ? or just stumble in this window now and again and that's it ?
<a111> Logged on 2018-02-04 18:21 asciilifeform: !~later tell apeloyee http://www.loper-os.org/?p=2118&cpage=1#comment-19228
<a111> Logged on 2018-03-21 13:36 diana_coman: found it: http://www.dianacoman.com/2017/12/28/eucrypt-chapter-3-miller-rabin-implementation/#selection-169.0-169.1019 <- ave1
<douchebag> I've read the logs partially, however I haven't finished them
<douchebag> Alright, yes that is some very interesting research. However, that's not exactly the same area of InfoSec that I have been studying.
<mircea_popescu> certainly not.
<douchebag> Yes, and that's one of the reasons why I'm not too sure if the areas I focus would even be relevant to the projects you guys work on
<douchebag> For instance, what you mentioned in regards to XSS. XSS is the sort of thing that would have little to no impact on a site like trilema.com
<douchebag> However, if it was found on an online banking platform it would be very serious.
<mircea_popescu> for some definitions of serious.
<diana_coman> I can't help but read that as "I'm not too sure if my focus on finding rats in take-aways would even be relevant to your actual cooking"
<douchebag> Well, I've stated previously that I intend on learning more about some of the more low level attack vectors