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<drebs> hello,! i've setup Sandstorm's tinytinyrss app to send feed updates using Actions -> Preferences -> Enable email digest. But i'm not getting email sent to the configured address. I have set up a cron rule curling the webkey url using the token in authorization header, but i'm not sure this would trigger the sending of emails. Does someone know if that is the way to do it?
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<kentonv> catern, TwoPartyVatNetwork's constructor does that. The main purpose of TwoPartyServer is to manage accepting multiple connections. If you have just one connection you want to server then TwoPartyVatNetwork is the class to use.
<kentonv> drebs, unfortunately I don't think that features of TTRSS works in Sandstorm, since it hasn't been adapted to use the necessary Sandstorm APIs to send e-mail.
<catern> I see, and the fact that TwoPartyVatNetwork is a VatNetwork, and therefore supports connect/accept methods, is just an additional generality that I should ignore?
<catern> (the connect/accept methods, as far as I can understand it, don't have a meaningful function in the case of a single connection)
<kentonv> right. A general VatNetwork could have more than two parties, and then those functions make sense. But TwoPartyVatNetwork only has the two existing ends of an existing connection.
<kentonv> actually I think connect() and accept() do work, but there are only two "addresses"
<kentonv> in any case, the interface is intended to be consumed by RpcSystem
<kentonv> which in turn gives you the application-level interface
<catern> okay, makes sense. I'm just curious then: so an RpcSystem is based on a VatNetwork; and conceptually it would make sense to me if there was some class that represented a single RpcConnection which was based on a single VatNetwork::Connection; but I can't find that class; does it only exist inside the internals of RpcSystem?
<kentonv> catern, yes, that exists internally. But at the application level, everything is a capability, and the application need not concern itself with which physical connection any particular capability is served over.
<catern> okay, cool. thanks!
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<drebs> kentonv, thanks for the info
<ocdtrekkie> I wouldn't imagine adding email support to TTRSS would be incredibly difficult, for outgoing only, but someone would have to actually put in the time and expertise to figure it out, and we're a little short on people working on that stuff right now, it seems. :/
<ocdtrekkie> It might be worthwhile, drebs, to throw an issue report in so that it's known that support for that in Sandstorm would be appealing/interesting.
<ocdtrekkie> I wouldn't expect Jason to actually do anything about it or respond to it, but if someone decides to take up working on the TTRSS package maintenance in the future, they'd be able to refer to existing issues as points of interest to work on.
<kentonv> ocdtrekkie, there's also the problem that we need scheduled jobs in order for the app to wake up to send the e-mail...
<kentonv> and that in turn is blocked on figuring out how to make sure Oasis doesn't get bogged down by abandoned grains that keep running on a schedule forever
<ocdtrekkie> kentonv: Indeed, though I'm hoping that cron API sees love someday. :P As it stands, TTRSS essentially depends on opening the grain regularly to work alright to begin with.
<ocdtrekkie> A lot of websites have only the last 10 articles listed in their RSS feed, and post more than 10 articles a day.
<ocdtrekkie> If you don't open your TTRSS grain multiple times a day, you miss things.
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<ocdtrekkie> Regarding Oasis/abandoned grains, I think it would be fair to limit cron to paid users.
<ocdtrekkie> Or another option would be for cron to expire after a certain amount of time after the grain was last opened. If I had to open TTRSS once a week to keep it checking every half hour, that would still be amazingly helpful.
<ocdtrekkie> (Or to tie those options together, you could let Cron expire for free users, and not expire for paid users.)
<kentonv> that might work, but I'm also worried that the feature would increase resource usage in general, and we don't have capacity for it. Might need to finally implement the CPU/RAM metering...
<drebs> ocdtrekkie, isn't there a specific repo/issuetracker for the tinytinyrss grain in sandstorm? Or, in other words, is there anything upstream would have to do so the feature is implemented in sandstorm's grain?
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<bobvador> hi there
<kentonv> hi
<ocdtrekkie> hi also
<bobvador> :)
<ocdtrekkie> drebs: The link I gave you was to the Sandstorm-specific repo for TTRSS.
<ocdtrekkie> And a patch to make that feature use the Sandstorm email API would not be an upstream issue, the correct place is jparyani's repo.
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