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<amiloradovsky[m]> The F|L|OSS browser just kindly informed me that the certificate is untrusted… Apparently it doesn't recognize Let's Encrypt. Whatever.
<amiloradovsky[m]> On a more substantial note: I suppose, federation is a more important feature, if it's missing ATM, especially since there is already a Markdown support.
<amiloradovsky[m]> WRT the headers' names: I like the capitalized version more; partly because it emphasizes the respect for established conventions (that's preferable), partly because it is more aesthetic, IMO.
<amiloradovsky[m]> OTOH, I don't think renaming them to "the closest analogues" is a good idea; because it would obscure their meaning, for the sake of what?
<amiloradovsky[m]> Make the format easier for newcomers to understand, than those with pre-existing deep knowledge of HTTP and the e-mail format. — Better borrow from *TeX.
<amiloradovsky[m]> P.S. I know I should reply into the list — maybe next time :)