<Turl> labrador: you need to use the rtc-sun5i driver and backport some changes from the A13 sdk


<Turl> razlept: did you disable old driver? make sure you are using rtc-sun5i
<Turl> razlept: you should have the same identical rtc-sun5i as https://github.com/linux-sunxi/linux-sunxi/blob/sunxi-3.4/drivers/rtc/rtc-sun5i.c
<razlept> Turl: i dont understand what am i doing wrong.. I git clone the linux-sunxi but the rtc-sun5i.c is different from the one you pointed me
<razlept> Turl: i try the link you gave me for the rtc-sun5i.c but too many error @ compilation
<razlept> i will merge the rtc-sun5i.c with my current kernel sources
<Turl> but rtc-sun5i appears to do so


<oliv3r> hno: rtc-sun5i.c is a wrapper around a philips i2c driver
<hno> n01, there is also an rtc-sun5i.c from Allwinner... but there is no RTC inside sun5i.


<oliv3r> hipboi: ah, that's why rtc-sun5i.c is a raped version of rtc-pcf8563.c