<apritzel> I think I tried TOC0 on my Remix at 128K, and had an image that booted on a normal Pine64 and a Remix


<apritzel> smaeul: if you don't have time, I can try to work it out. I have one secure H64 (Remix Mini) and one secure Pine64, so both are A64


<apritzel> I still have this Remix Mini, which was shipped with the secure fuse burnt (and ROTPK hash empty)


<buZz> parco: there was also talk the r8 would be remixed to gr8


<KotCzarny> remix jide rm1g tv box uses h64


<focus> A full KiCAD circuit diagram accompanies each board - so you can go remix your own / remix with other boards


<MoeIcenowy> (Jide Remix Mini burned the secure boot bit, however, it doesn't burn any key


<bombuzal> Hello! Has anyone here had much luck with the A/H64 Jide Remix Mini? I noticed a lot of stubs on the wiki entry but thought I'd ask here :P


<ssvb> either way, we need to support Jide Remix Mini somehow, so we are not getting away without TOC0 format support


<jemk> ssvb: i compared with the remix mini image and also generated my own with their tools, they are bit-identical with my script


<ssvb> a bit of confusion about the boot priority originated from Jide Remix Mini box, which has the secure eFUSE bit set and uses https://linux-sunxi.org/TOC0 format for the bootloader instead of old eGON.BT0


<ssvb> jemk: that's good to know, maybe Jide Remix Mini can be converted to use eGON.BT0 again, but I also do not want to try it yet :-)
<ssvb> as for the Jide Remix Mini device, we don't know if eFUSE is programmable there (do they have voltage supplied to the right pin?)


<apritzel> interesting, only black screen on the Remix Mini
<apritzel> jernej: I might give it a try on my Remix Mini PC, then


<ssvb> jemk: I can finally solder an UART header to my Jide Remix Mini box PCB and play with it a bit :-)


<apritzel> and here we go: the Remix Mini PC boots into upstream U-Boot, with just an SD card inserted, no FEL magic needed


<apritzel> so either one can't read the keys or there is none as well on the Remix
<MoeIcenowy> apritzel: it's now the time to read Remix's SID out! ;-)
<apritzel> so yes, this smc works on the Remix Mini PC
<beeble> apritzel: you have a remix?
<MoeIcenowy> can you do this on Remix?


<apritzel> jemk: I was wondering if I could use the two security holes in AW's software to access the secure side on the Remix Mini
<apritzel> jemk: right, toc0, I saw this on the Remix Mini PC
<willmore> apritzel, Did you try that same sequence on a Remix box?


<apritzel> MoeIcenowy: yes, I wanted to do experiments with the Remix tonight, among them the things you mentioned (booting Remix boot0 on Pine64, dumping Remix eMMC)
<MoeIcenowy> apritzel: can you provide a dump of your Jide Remix Mini's first several MIB of eMMC ?
<MoeIcenowy> apritzel: I think you can do the following try: read out boot0 from Remix Mini PC and write it to a SD card, then insert the SD card to your "secured" Pine64
<apritzel> KotCzarny: vendors know how to do this: my "bricked" Pine64 looks now the same the Remix Mini PC
<apritzel> my board is now almost bricked: it behaves as the Remix Mini PC: FEL mode starts in _nonsecure_ SVC, so no 64-bit switch anymore


<MoeIcenowy> apritzel: do you still have the boot log of Remix Mini?


<Kosaka-Honoka> apritzel: I think more precisely the problem you met on Remix Mini is that you cannot inject not signed code into secure world
<kristina> apritzel: well it depends, on pine don't you gain control of the chain of trust much earlier than on remix?
<apritzel> on the Remix Mini NS is set already
<Kosaka-Honoka> apritzel: you cannot fully access SID on Remix Mini?
<apritzel> this Remix Mini PC observes the security settings
<apritzel> I have a Remix Mini PC, which has a very similar H64 CPU


<buZz> remix it :P


<MoeIcenowy> apritzel: are you interested in reading all of your Jide Remix Mini's eFUSE?
<MoeIcenowy> the Jide Remix Mini enabled secure boot features
<MoeIcenowy> maybe we should write a program and let apritzel run it on his Jide Remix Mini


<apritzel> dgp: but thanks for pointing me to that "secure boot" feature, that probably explains the long-standing mystery of why the Remix Mini behaves differently
<MoeIcenowy> apritzel: so maybe it's the SID which is the reason of different BROM behaviour in Remix Mini?
<apritzel> dgp: ah, the Remix Mini indeed uses this!
<apritzel> dgp: I have a Remix Mini PC, where I see it working


<hramrach> hm, remix os


<apritzel> but there must be some way around this, as the Remix Mini eventually loads a 64-bit kernel


<apritzel> and that's different between BPi-M64 (A64, SDC0 first) and Remix Mini (H64, SDC2 first)
<MoeIcenowy> According to apritzel's experiments on Banana Pi M64 and Jide Remix Mini
<MoeIcenowy> I think your Jide Remix Mini is H64


<apritzel> ssvb: I might check back with the Remix Mini, but IIRC this booted just from the normal eMMC part


<codekipper> which board are you using?..Remix?


<apritzel> on the Remix Mini PC eMMC has priority over uSD, though


<MoeIcenowy> but on Remix Mini it ends up in non-secure SVC?
<MoeIcenowy> Remix Mini have some kind of lock?
<apritzel> MoeIcenowy: I have a a Remix Mini at home, and at least MMC2 worked there in U-Boot


<MoeIcenowy> remix...


<apritzel> and the Remix had some deviating settings


<apritzel> which explains why I can't access some peripherals or do a RMR call to get to 64-bit on the Remix
<apritzel> and the Remix was executing in _non_secure SVC mode, whereas the Pine64 comes up in secure
<apritzel> loading the same code on a Remix Mini PC and a Pine64


<apritzel> but on the Remix I can't touch SRAM A2, even the l.nop instructions aren't visible


<ssvb> wens: but I haven't experimented with eMMC yet, and will probably do it some time later with Jide Remix Mini


<ssvb> for example, in Jide Remix Mini


<apritzel> datagutt: hey, you are playing around with the Remix Mini?
<ssvb> Remix Mini is using eMMC, so it is nowhere as complicated as NAND
<datagutt> I recall one or two people in here having a Remix device, while Pine is the main dev device for A64
<datagutt> What i am trying to do, is flash a boot.img to a Remix Mini using FEL or FES
<datagutt> Well, neither Remix Mini or Pine A64 seems to have a fes1.fex in their images


<lennyraposo> which longsleep was correct in stating that android or remix is the only choices for that at the moment


<apritzel> jelle: the eMMC on the Remix MiniPC (H64) worked out of the box with U-Boot, I could read stuff from there and write that to an SD card
<willmore> Remix does sound interesting.
<lennyraposo> in remix specifically
<lennyraposo> been trying to make a decent img for remix and android but that stupid Phoenix software builds a messy overlapping partition scheme


<lennyraposo> for Android and Remix from what I have read
<lennyraposo> why the ethernet causes remix not to boot
<lennyraposo> both android and remix


<longsleep> tkaiser: i doubt they will release a newer kernel, the newer stuff is already in remix OS and that is 3.10
<longsleep> haha also if i look at the pictures, the remix os launcher takes 2/3 of the screen height already - i really do not see the use case


<lennyraposo> wonder if they figured the 2gb board issue in remix


<longsleep> the remix folks did probably something


<wens> lennyraposo: my coworker complained remix mini was very slow :/
<lennyraposo> was just wondering about jide (remix OS)


<longsleep> good moment to try remix os


<longsleep> so maybe pulse is doing some remixing


<apritzel> mmc2 is not connected on the Pine64, but has the eMMC on the Remix Mini
<arokux> apritzel: is Remix Mini a capable machine?
<apritzel> arokux: I did this with U-Boot the other day (no DT in this case, but similar idea) and it worked out of the box on the Remix Mini


<apritzel> ssvb: I can read from (and probably write to) the eMMC on the Remix Mini (from U-Boot)


<apritzel> libv: but the Remix Mini PC was already out before, I think they shipped August last year
<apritzel> also the same fix allows U-Boot to run on the Remix Mini!


<ssvb> oh, so you get the main U-Boot starting and printing something on the Remix Mini?
<apritzel> (on the Remix Mini PC it's loaded via U-Boot's SPL via FEL, of course)
<apritzel> interestingly it hangs at the very same place on the Remix Mini PC for me


<wens> any chance the remix mini is rooted, so one could just dd it out?
<ssvb> apritzel: probably we need to extract 'dram_para' data from the Remix Mini boot0
<apritzel> ssvb: by the way: I tried your U-Boot on the Remix Mini (via FEL)


<ssvb> tkaiser: yes, I have taken and uploaded some Remix Mini pictures, but I did not bother removing the heatsink
<ssvb> apritzel: do you also have remix mini?
<MoeIcenowy> remix mini>
<wens> apritzel: fyi the remix mini can be opened up, and you can add an uart


<apritzel> I was just wondering because this whole Remix things sound like more about the software to me
<tkaiser> apritzel: And how to recover from a bricked Remix Mini?
<wens> apritzel: fyi the remix mini has no screws, so i'm likely to destroy the case taking it apart :|
<tkaiser> Now I wonder whether the Remix Mini contains a hub or does it exactly the same as Pine64. OTG with type A receptacle
<apritzel> does anybody know here whether the Remix Mini PC has a locked firmware or something? Could I load my own kernels there?


<tkaiser> And I don't get how the Remix folk might profit from this deal. Their business modell is to sell Remix OS to hardware vendors
<ssvb> tkaiser: my understanding is that Pine64 people are currently negotiating with the Remix OS guys


<libv> remix OS offers "Experience unparalleled performance"


<wens> anyone heard of the remix mini? supposedly has Allwinner 64bit SoC in it


<RSpliet> they mark Remix OS as popular... their statements require a moderately-sized salt factory
<arete74> os is remix os


<libv> hrm, hans and his fedora remix images... his emails always gets random "it doesn't work" questions...


<Night-Shade> I've used both the fedora arm remix and the linaro ubuntu image


<libv> by yet another person who needs to reply to the "fedora arm remix" email


<hansg> Right, I still plan to do the remix for a while, it just won't get much of a focus wrt adding really new stuff (just rebase to latest Fedora + new boards from sunxi-boards
<mripard> you'll get a remix with the 3.4 kernel, just like you do


<oliv3r> i'd install gentoo, but since I installed one of the early ssd's on it years ago (32gb only) and i wanted my laptop to 'always work' and have 'fluff' i choose mainstream distro; i'll see how gnome remix of ubuntu goes, and if its as bad as 12.04, i'll try something else :) one of the reason i've stuck with ubuntu for so long though, stupidly is I like the default colorscheme :p i hate feodra's