<naobsd> all I need was someone's confirmation
<naobsd> something in my environment
<naobsd> hno: I understand it works fine on your environment. then my environment should have problem
<naobsd> hno: thank. I understand it's my env issue
<naobsd> I should try different machine :(
<naobsd> hmmmmmmmm
<hno> naobsd, -rwxrwxr-x. 1 henrik henrik 11632 23 jun 14.57 build/Cubieboard2_FEL/spl/u-boot-spl.bin
<naobsd> can anyone try "fel clear 0x4000 1" with your board?
<naobsd> could anyone succeed fel/usbboot on cubieboard2?
<naobsd> on my cubieboard2
<naobsd> fel write 0x4000/fel clear 0x4000 are also hang
<naobsd> fel write 0x2000 file will hang if file is larger than 8KB
<hno> naobsd, 11KB is fine.
<naobsd> a lot of functions are compiled/linked
<naobsd> I did "make cubieboard_fel_config" and "make cubieboard2_fel_config", both are about 11KB
<hno> naobsd, have you built the fel version for your board? see boards.cfg.
<naobsd> (lichee u-boot?)
<naobsd> I guess fel binaries under sunxi-tools/bin/ were built from old u-boot
<naobsd> hno: I want to try fel/usbboot, but currently u-boot-spl.bin for fel is larger than 8KB
<naobsd> then uSD -> UART works only when executing kernel, right?
<naobsd> script.bin need to be midified to use uSD -> UART, right?
<naobsd> well, I know such a thing...
<hno> naobsd, u-boot-spl.bin is the actual SPL binary. sunxi.spl.bin is the same wrapped in a sunxi boot header added by mksunxiboot.
<naobsd> well, sorry, I couldn't understand "not sure how you get the spl anywhere"
<naobsd> anyway, problem is gone now, everything should be ok :)
<naobsd> (as far as I know)
<naobsd> sunxi-spl.bin is always used for a10 and same for a20
<naobsd> is there any docs which mention u-boot-spl.bin?
<naobsd> or modify kernel source
<naobsd> is necessary with hno's u-boot
<naobsd> saveenv
<naobsd> setenv machid 0xf35
<naobsd> and tried already?
<naobsd> hramrach_: do you have another SD card?
<naobsd> hmm
<naobsd> same as a10
<naobsd> I didn't use so much, only few testing mainly about booting
<naobsd> no, currently no video out
<naobsd> nothing is wrong ;)
<naobsd> 1920*1080*4*60=500MB/s
<naobsd> btw I was surprised 1080p fb consumes memory bus :(
<naobsd> I see
<naobsd> do you have same measurement with cb1?
<naobsd> sounds good
<ssvb> naobsd: yes, just uSD card and ethernet
<naobsd> it should be smaller than 8k...
<naobsd> anyway I think all I need is dram/clock/power to load real u-boot
<naobsd> I couldn't write 0x4000- on cb2
<naobsd> https://github.com/hno/Allwinner-Info/blob/master/FEL-usb/USB-protocol.txt "0x2000-0x5cff Free for program use" hmm?
<naobsd> hmm, probably spl for fel is not ready yet in this u-boot...
<naobsd> ssvb: all 7zip benchmarks are less than 500mA, very interesting :) no peripherals except uSD card, right?
<naobsd> all *.bin in sunxi-tools/bin/ are less than 8K
<naobsd> "make cubieboard_fel_config" (for A10 board) also makes 11KB spl.bin
<naobsd> hno: but spl/u-boot-spl.bin is still 11KB
<naobsd> hno: I modified Cubieboard2_FEL line which has only "sun7i:CUBIEBOARD2,SPL_FEL" in boards.cfg, and add some undefs in include/configs/sunxi-common.h


<hno> naobsd, see boards.cfg
<hramrach_> naobsd: thanks. will try the script.bin hack
<naobsd> for fel
<naobsd> hno: how to make u-boot-spl.bin smaller than 8k?
<naobsd> if my understanding is correct, it must be smaller than 8K for fel write 0x2000 u-boot-spl.bin
<naobsd> mmm, make cubieboard_fel_config and make cubieboard2_fel_config generate 10K+ bytes of u-boot-spl.bin :(
<rz2k> naobsd: may be http://linux-sunxi.org/A20/Sources ?
<naobsd> for now I added link to Hans de Goede's repo on my site, but probably it's not good place ;)
<naobsd> such as hno's u-boot
<naobsd> for pointing sources for A20 boards
<naobsd> which wiki page is good for A20 sources


<naobsd> I was toooo careless, I never save any information about factory image!
<naobsd> bootloaders in factory image may do or do not something...
<naobsd> I wonder why factory image booted
<naobsd> I replaced whole [usbc0] section in cubieboard2.fex by [usbc0] in mine, it booted
<naobsd> confirmed. [usbc0] is wrong
<naobsd> I wonder why I can't change fb size by screen0_output_mode on android image :(
<naobsd> now I'm watching diff...
<naobsd> hmm... [usbc0]?
<naobsd> my script.bin is taken from android image
<naobsd> ssvb: do you have factory image in nand? I lost it because I flashed android image
<ssvb> the script.bin from naobsd is different, and it works
<ssvb> oliv3r, naobsd: it is interesting that the script.bin generated from fex has md5 e2e5446fdd070ff16e1a62e512f81e47
<ssvb> naobsd: thanks a lot, using your script.bin fixed the problem
<leowt> naobsd: yeah, true.
<naobsd> sorry, rk thing is little off-topic here
<leowt> naobsd: all i have from rk is a 8168, so im glad to help. I am stuck in the kernel compile, the soc is new, supposedly the sources for rk8188 are the same for this one
<naobsd> leowt: making community for rk sounds good. long time I could find very few people who can play with source
<leowt> naobsd: i have a rk8168 'crap' tablet, im cool to help share some info
<naobsd> leowt: yes
<leowt> naobsd: are you the maintainer of androtab?
<ssvb> naobsd: thanks, the binaries for test would be appreciated
<naobsd> add toolchain info...
<naobsd> oops
<naobsd> ssvb: do you need my binaries such as uImage, sunxi-spl.bin, u-boot.bin?
<naobsd> anyway I'll put more info on somewhere
<naobsd> (btw, I'm sure 500mA is not enough for actual use like as Android with USB mouse/wifi)
<naobsd> I just use script.bin in nanda from "Android 4.2 support rtl8192cu wifi DDR480MHz" on https://github.com/cubieboard2/manifests
<naobsd> I see, which wiki page
<ssvb> naobsd: but I'll try to test some other PSU first
<ssvb> naobsd: what kind of fex file did you use? could you please add some detailed instructions to the wiki (with all the repositories, commmit id's, etc.)?
<naobsd> I'm using PC's USB port, probably it's 500mA... it can boot if nothing is connected to USB/SATA on cb2
<naobsd> ssvb: strange, it can boot on my cb2
<naobsd> ssvb: which kernel source are you using?
<ssvb> naobsd: something is not right, it prints a single line to the serial console and reboots
<naobsd> ssvb: why you can't boot own kernel on cb2?


<naobsd> oliv3r: connect it to GND to used as host cable https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USB_On-The-Go#OTG_mini_plugs
<naobsd> I used init=/bin/sh due to my lazyness ;)
<naobsd> userland is basically working
<hno> naobsd, good.
<naobsd> oh I should use cubieboard2_defconfig, not sun7ismp_defconfig ;)
<naobsd> I'll prepare rootfs...
<naobsd> sunxi-3.3-cb2 booted (and halted due to no rootfs) w/o modification...
<naobsd> hmm
<hno> naobsd, that can only unpack/repack AW images. No flashing supported.
<naobsd> https://github.com/Ithamar/awutils interesting...
<naobsd> hmm. I'll try 3.3 kernel
<hno> naobsd, there is no community A20 kernel tree yet.
<naobsd> is there any community kernel source for a20? I'm not sure https://github.com/cubieboard2/linux-sunxi/tree/sunxi-3.3-cb2 can be booted from your u-boot
<naobsd> hno: for now I only tested led on/off and mmcinfo ;)
<hno> naobsd, looks fine. Merged.
<naobsd> anyway, thank you Turl
<naobsd> DRAMC_init() should be dramc_init()... sunxi-tools/script_uboot.c should be updated
<naobsd> I see :)
<Turl> naobsd: that's why usually new boards consist on adding fex on sunxi-boards, then fixing up dram_para with aid of a10-meminfo, then disabling unused stuff in the fex depending on the device, then adding support to uboot :)
<naobsd> Turl: thanks. it worked, but some values in script.bin/fex are -1, so output is not correct :(
<Turl> naobsd: btw, I found out you can autogen the dram stuff this way
<naobsd> Turl: thanks. this cb2 should be only for dev, so it may not have MAC address... I'll ask hipboi(or on #cubieboard)
<Turl> naobsd: the original one wasn't, I think they generate one from SID when flashing images now though
<naobsd> it may be too late ;)
<naobsd> hmmmmmmm... is cubieboard shipped with unieque MAC address? should I check it before flashing image?
<naobsd> what should I do?
<naobsd> hno: I copied and modified dram_cubieboard.c, it worked, and now I noticed "this file is generated, don't edit it yourself" ;)
<naobsd> I can see u-boot prompt :)
<naobsd> hno: will you get cb2 soon?
<naobsd> anyway, for now, I have curious about your u-boot/wip/a20
<naobsd> hmm. then I have to prepare Windows ;)
<naobsd> while flashing linux image, I can see a lot of output from serial console. it's tooooo much. I guess it slows down flashing procedure
<naobsd> oh course I used new LiveSuite for Linux 64bit from github/cubieboard2/manifests. flashing android was OK
<naobsd> oops
<naobsd> <6>[ 0.530938] dram config [dram_para] [dram_baseaddr] : 1073741824 <6>[ 0.530955] dram config [dram_para] [dram_clk] : 480 <6>[ 0.530969] dram config [dram_para] [dram_type] : 3 <6>[ 0.530982] dram config [dram_para] [dram_rank_num] : 1 <6>[ 0.530996] dram config [dram_para] [dram_chip_density] : 4096 <6>[ 0.531011] dram config [dram_para] [dram_io_width] : 16 <6>[ 0.531025] dram config [dram_para] [dram_bus
<naobsd> it worked too. I tried to flash linux image again, then I noticed flashing linux image never complete lol
<naobsd> shipped with linux, it worked, and I flashed android from https://github.com/cubieboard2/manifests
<naobsd> strangly, dram params are slightly different from dram_cubieboard.c...
<naobsd> hno: I got cb2 today
<hno> naobsd, no meminfo output from cb2 yet.
<naobsd> hehe, no cubieboard2 support yet ;)
<naobsd> I'm looking for A20 resources, but probably nothing is committed yet on github.com/linux-sunxi/ repos, right?
<naobsd> hi