<arokux2> naobsd: if it is power - than it's good. you know it works in sunx-3.4. it is not board specific kernel. so the power enablement should come from fex, right?
<arokux2> naobsd: yep, it works.
<naobsd> arokux: probably yes
<arokux2> naobsd: usb2ethernet for example?
<naobsd> arokux: did you tried USB device which has EP more than 1?
<naobsd> arokux: then it should not be power issue, sorry
<arokux2> naobsd: http://sprunge.us/Qihe
<arokux2> naobsd: it is found, everything seems to work, but once I try "ip link set wlan0 up" I get hardware erorrs.
<naobsd> arokux: is on-board wifi detected? is kernel driver attached and error/panic at some point? or it's totally not found?
<naobsd> arokux: no idea which pin is VBUS...
<arokux2> naobsd: yep
<naobsd> arokux: left bottom is wifi?
<naobsd> I should learn how to build/use mainline kernel...
<naobsd> arokux: is there any a1000 internal photo?
<naobsd> arokux: sorry, not sure
<arokux2> naobsd: can I measure with multimeter? I've tried each pair of pins and for some there were 3.3V, so I assume it is powered, right?
<naobsd> arokux: well... it seems there is no information :( so it should work w/o any special handling for power. if on-board wifi can be found, it should be powered
<arokux2> naobsd: here is fex for my board, it should be there, right? https://github.com/linux-sunxi/sunxi-boards/blob/master/sys_config/a10/mele_a1000.fex#L762
<arokux2> naobsd: hm... how do I know? :(
<naobsd> arokux: what I said is not about host controller, I guess there is board specific GPIO pin to give power for on-board USB wifi... is it detected?
<arokux2> naobsd: do not know, but i do same gpio trick for both controllers..
<naobsd> arokux: is on board USB wifi powered properly? I guess it's controlled by GPIO
<arokux2> naobsd: I see. are u interested in testing a mainline a bit? I have a problem with on-board wifi, I wonder if it is because its on-board.
<naobsd> arokux: can you tell me summary of devices which are working, or not working?
<naobsd> well, I don't have NetBSD userland(rootfs) for now :(
<arokux2> naobsd: can you try if it works with your cubieboard and netbsd?
<naobsd> arokux: I have USB wifi dongle


<arokux2> naobsd, hi, you there? I have a problem with my USB driver. storage works, but USB WiFi won't. can you try if some USB WiFi module works in *BSD you are using? I do not know if *BSDs have support for wifi..


<vaxholm> naobsd, thanks.
<naobsd> hmm
<oliv3r> naobsd: wouldn't really care for running it, only to compare against it
<naobsd> does anyone try 3.4 kernel from SDK2.0 for A20?
<steev> hno: naobsd: those work with cb2?


<arokux> thanks to naobsd


<naobsd> are you thinking 18d1:0003 is for Allwinner devices???
<naobsd> well
<hno> naobsd, err. sorry. See it now.
<hno> naobsd, yout u-boot patch looks odd to me.. don't see how that disables THUMB in FEL build.
<arokux2> naobsd, ok, thanks
<naobsd> I can't prepare file system on USB media for now
<naobsd> I can't try now
<arokux2> naobsd, ah, ok, so usb storage works?
<naobsd> arokux2: NetBSD kernel source? no, I just tried daily snapshot binary
<arokux2> naobsd, have you compiled all the new code already?
<naobsd> arokux: I can't try now
<arokux2> naobsd, so root on usb actually worked?
<naobsd> arokux2: usb stick? root file system on usb storage?
<arokux2> naobsd, still around? can you test if usb stick will work?
<naobsd> good night
<naobsd> 3AM now :(
<naobsd> sleepy
<naobsd> that's all
<naobsd> register space is assigned, mii can be used
<arokux> naobsd, ah, ok
<naobsd> it's almost empty! just a skelton
<arokux> naobsd, but there is awin_eth.c
<naobsd> :D
<arokux> naobsd, ...as I hoped all previous nights :D
<naobsd> arokux: sounds very nice!
<arokux> naobsd, I hope I'll add usb to mainline tonight!
<arokux> naobsd, you brought this code to my attention, more wasn't needed
<naobsd> I did nothing ;)
<arokux> naobsd, thank you a lot!!
<arokux> naobsd, wow, svn.. progress!
<arokux> naobsd, can you be so nice and give a link to freebsd's implementation of usb support for cb?
<arokux> naobsd, yes, found it, I think my problem is i'm not enabling usbc0
<naobsd> http://cvsweb.netbsd.org/bsdweb.cgi/src/sys/arch/arm/allwinner/awin_usb.c?rev=1.9&content-type=text/x-cvsweb-markup&only_with_tag=MAIN awinusb_attach() should do SoC specific initialization
<arokux> naobsd, ok, maybe he is experienced enough to understand docs from sources
<naobsd> I guess no docs. he made a lot of NetBSD port, not only ARM
<naobsd> only com, gpio and usb are supported, I guess
<naobsd> yes. ethernet driver is almost empty.
<naobsd> probably ethernet doesn't work yet
<naobsd> well, TCP/IP thing? or community?
<arokux> naobsd, network with netbsd on cb
<naobsd> what network?
<arokux> naobsd, do you have network?
<naobsd> anyway, I just tried things that I found
<naobsd> ah, I forgot I'm (was?) FreeBSD user too ;)
<naobsd> same for Android, Linux, Windows, etc
<naobsd> I can't answer why I'm NetBSD user
<arokux> naobsd, why have you become one? ;p
<naobsd> because I'm NetBSD user...
<arokux> naobsd, why NetBSD instead of FreeBSD?
<naobsd> and probably it can access media, but I don't prepare file system on it
<arokux> naobsd, oh, I haven't got to that point yet :(
<naobsd> I can see vendor/product string from my USB card reader
<naobsd> hmm, it seems device descriptor can be read on NetBSD/cb2
<arokux> naobsd, to tell the truth i do not get the point why ppl would develop all those *BSDs..
<arokux> naobsd, do you know the guy that added usb to netbsd? is he here?
<naobsd> https://wiki.freebsd.org/FreeBSD/arm/Cubieboard it seems FreeBSD supports USB
<naobsd> not tried yet
<arokux> naobsd, and USB works?
<naobsd> just an user
<naobsd> yes
<naobsd> NetBSD uses CVS
<naobsd> I'm not developer
<naobsd> I did nothing
<arokux> naobsd, so you guys do not use git?
<arokux> naobsd, well, I need to see what parts of the hardware they touch, since I'm struggling to add usb host support to mainline
<naobsd> mmm.... "it's not allwinner source"
<naobsd> arokux: it will not help you because it's not sunxi source at all
<arokux> naobsd, yes, I could google, but you know where it is... :)
<naobsd> ...
<naobsd> well...
<arokux> naobsd, where is the tree with src?
<naobsd> porting
<naobsd> well
<naobsd> arokux: I can't guarantee it helps you
<naobsd> arokux: I did nothing. I just see ML. http://mail-index.netbsd.org/source-changes/2013/09/08/msg047282.html
<arokux> naobsd, but it was needed to adapt sunxi-3.4 sources, you cannot just copy sunxi-ehci.c over, right?
<naobsd> FreeBSD is also run on CB(2) already
<arokux> naobsd, you've got USB host working???
<naobsd> always
<naobsd> somebody (re)write code for *BSD
<naobsd> in general
<naobsd> well
<naobsd> no SMP ;)
<arokux> naobsd, how comes? is somebody rewriting sunxi-3.4 for *BSDs??
<naobsd> of course it's wip, only USB can be used for now
<naobsd> btw, NetBSD is going to be run on Cubieboard(2) http://mail-index.netbsd.org/port-arm/2013/09/07/msg001991.html
<naobsd> asm code and/or ldscript and/or something else may cause it, I have no idea for now
<naobsd> hno: https://github.com/linux-sunxi/u-boot-sunxi/pull/48 I'm not sure "disable thumb mode" is correct way
<hno> naobsd, ok. Makes sense.
<naobsd> I'm confusing :(
<naobsd> well
<naobsd> please forget "3 ways to boot u-boot"
<naobsd> there is 3 ways to load spl, from usb, from nand, and from mmc
<naobsd> sorry
<arokux> naobsd, ok. but spl should be on mmc for all of those 3, right?
<naobsd> I'm not talking about "where to load Linux kernel etc. on u-boot"
<naobsd> there is 3 ways to boot u-boot, from usb, from nand, and from mmc
<naobsd> I can boot u-boot from usb
<arokux> naobsd, ok. any advantages you can get booting over usb?
<naobsd> I'm talking about spl, not u-boot
<arokux> naobsd, ah, usb boot. ok. I boot over NFS
<naobsd> arokux: I don't know detail. it generates spl for fel(usb boot)
<arokux> naobsd, just curious: what does _fel do?
<naobsd> hno: with CONFIG_SYS_THUMB_BUILD, there is no output after fel exe 0x2000
<naobsd> hno: CONFIG_SYS_THUMB_BUILD need to be disabled for SPL_FEL :(
<naobsd> hno: u-boot-spl.bin built w/ cubieboard2_fel_config doesn't work :(


<naobsd> hmm, I have to go out, see you later...
<naobsd> hno: I see, good night
<naobsd> ... and clean my desk...
<naobsd> I have to open my gadget box to try
<naobsd> I also not tried to load yet
<naobsd> on 4.8
<naobsd> I guess there is some optimization which is enabled only on non-thumb mode...
<naobsd> -rwxr-xr-x 1 fun fun 18340 2013-09-01 10:34 u-boot-spl.bin (with linaro gcc 4.7)
<naobsd> I did git pull on sunxi :)
<naobsd> I see, there is Cubieboard2_Falcon in boards.cfg
<naobsd> thanks, I added CONFIG_SYS_THUMB_BUILD in include/configs/sunxi-common.h :)
<naobsd> cb2
<hno> naobsd, what board do you have?
<naobsd> retrying with sunxi...
<naobsd> grr
<naobsd> oops, I'm still on sunxi-current
<naobsd> hno: very nice :)
<naobsd> but it seems it's running, no problem :)
<naobsd> I worried if it needs additional code
<naobsd> but I guess they use same ABI etc... sorry, I really have no knowledge about them ;)
<naobsd> I think some code are written in arm32 asm
<naobsd> maybe it's compatible(can be mixed w/o special handling) with arm32(armv7) code?
<naobsd> I don't know well about thumb(2)
<naobsd> oh, very good!
<naobsd> ?
<naobsd> i'm trying... is there any chance to enable falcon again ;)
<naobsd> hmm, only omap4_common.h defines CONFIG_SYS_THUMB_BUILD
<naobsd> I see, thanks
<naobsd> but there is no binary blobs provided by allwinner, right?
<naobsd> I think there is no direct relation between such an old thing and recent libvdpau-sunxi
<naobsd> used for early xmbc/vlc work?
<naobsd> maybe
<naobsd> well
<naobsd> I just think it's in kernel source
<naobsd> I have no idea about "allwinner cedarx drivers"
<naobsd> did you try CONFIG_SYS_THUMB_BUILD?
<naobsd> oops, where is my working dir...
<naobsd> is u-boot built with thumb(2)?
<naobsd> if software is incompatible, driver or library need to be fixed. if hardware is incompatible, need more RE. from message on google groups, it sounds something need to be provided from allwinner, I felt strangeness
<naobsd> ah, I see
<naobsd> hno: thanks
<hno> naobsd, there is plenty of blobs in the 3.3 kernel, but none that is relevant to CedarX.
<naobsd> I think there is no binary blob in 3.3 kernel...
<naobsd> I'm not sure missing == not ported yet, or == only binary blobs for 3.3 are available
<naobsd> I guess they are talking about 3.4 kernel, I'm not sure
<naobsd> (it was mentioned on cubieboard google groups)
<naobsd> is there any missing driver for A20 to use libvdpau-sunxi? I can't find any detail about it


<naobsd> my files are just for example, I don't know if it's really useful for some specific purpose other than "it could be booted" :)
<soletti> naobsd, right - ill try to boot your images later wheni get back home
<naobsd> s/from non-USB miniB port/from power connector/
<naobsd> soletti: and if you used v1.04 script.bin on my site, you have to supply power before starting kernel from non-USB miniB port.
<naobsd> soletti: if you used my uImage, it's lichee linux-3.3 kernel, you need to set machid to f35. otherwise you can't see anything after "Starting kernel..."
<soletti> right now im trying to boot using naobsd image from androtab.info/cubieboard2
<naobsd> soletti: sorry, which file are you using from my site? I said please use my u-boot but you said you're using your own u-boot
<soletti> naobsd, using those binaries i get the same error if i build mine own kernel/uboot: ERROR: Failed to allocate 0x1000 bytes below 0x0.
<naobsd> for cubieboard2
<naobsd> http://androtab.info/cubieboard2/ if you need working u-boot binaries built from sunxi-current


<naobsd> it seems there are a lot of changes in kernel source in Android SDK for A20
<naobsd> hmm


<naobsd> (just a monologue: I want to try q3a on some boards with Mali)


<oliv3r> naobsd: i still have to confirm, but my branch should setup the memory identically as boot0
<oliv3r> naobsd: that's almost impossible, since u-boot only ... boots :)
<naobsd> hno's u-boot with fix for mbus_clk_cfg is working and better performance w/o fix... so something may be wrong in another place :(
<naobsd> it seems stack is broken...
<naobsd> e.g. [ 31.127569] Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address aaaaaaa8
<naobsd> random
<naobsd> oliv3r: I got ramdom crash with your u-boot wip/a20
<naobsd> oliv3r: thank you
<naobsd> mmm
<oliv3r> naobsd: a20 yeah :)
<naobsd> there is #ifdef CONFIG_SUN7I
<naobsd> sorry
<naobsd> mbus clock is not fixed yet?
<oliv3r> naobsd: yeah it's horrible
<naobsd> dram init code is tooo cryptic for me ;)
<naobsd> hmm, there are some forks on github, how can I find better one...


<naobsd> hmm, script.bin in new Android image for CB2 has many difference from previous image... http://forum.cubietech.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=653


<hno> naobsd, A10 and A20 have different MALI. There is no guarantee one userland build will work on the other. Hopefully, but...
<naobsd> I see
<naobsd> I thought about this http://dn.odroid.com/MALI400_R3P2/
<hramrach_> naobsd: they used ericsson blobs on odriod, obviously
<hramrach_> naobsd: it's not board specific afaik
<naobsd> s/board/SoC/
<naobsd> is userland mali binary board specific?
<naobsd> hmm
<ssvb> naobsd: yes, but it will not use g2d, and there is no mali
<hramrach_> naobsd: it will od something
<naobsd> ssvb: https://github.com/ssvb/xf86-video-sunxifb is this work with a20 3.3 kernel?
<naobsd> I just added "setenv ..." on my web site ;)
<naobsd> it's time to make "community kernel" which just has proper machid ;)
<naobsd> anyway, sorry for taking your time for my bad brain
<naobsd> if I can modify Makefiles easily ;)
<naobsd> single target per board, it builds full u-boot.bin and 2 spl.bin
<naobsd> probably I like single full u-boot.bin ;)
<naobsd> if I don't need mmc spl, I can use u-boot.bin built by fel target... I understand know :(
<naobsd> I used u-boot.bin built by non-fel target, but
<naobsd> ah
<naobsd> anyway, SUNXI_EMAC word is not necessary in _FEL line
<naobsd> I understand right way now...
<naobsd> only tools/ and spl/ have .o
<naobsd> I just do it
<naobsd> surely no emac.o under spl/drivers/
<naobsd> (I did "make mrproper" at 1st)
<naobsd> just "make" after "make cubieboard2_fel_config" does some unnecessary thing? there is ./drivers/net/sunxi_emac.o
<naobsd> hmm, emac.o is build, but not linked, right?
<naobsd> yes, I read your allwinner-info too
<naobsd> I think SUNXI_EMAC word can be removed from _FEL in boards.cfg
<naobsd> anyway
<naobsd> I always copied mmc one instead of fel one compiled on different directory :(
<naobsd> really sorry
<naobsd> yup
<naobsd> yes, 11KB is fine, I copied 22KB (probably not for fel) spl bin. I wonder why I believed there is 8KB limit :(
<hno> naobsd, there likely is some KB that can be shaved off, the early fel boot binaries wer about 7KB in size. But as 11KB well within allowed size I have not cared to try to minimize the FEL SPL further.
<naobsd> really sorry
<naobsd> please don't mind, my brain was too bad
<naobsd> yes
<hno> naobsd, FEL SPL for cubieboard & cubiebord2 is almost the same size.
<naobsd> (sorry, I don't have enough time to write something in wiki)
<naobsd> http://androtab.info/cubieboard2/ u-boot-spl.bin is added too
<naobsd> so cool...
<naobsd> "E: The update command takes no arguments"
<naobsd> apt-get update my-brain
<naobsd> 3402368 is uImage
<naobsd> 45088+246+242800+11632+3402368=3702134 bytes transfered
<naobsd> real0m12.872s
<naobsd> sorry for noise!
<naobsd> fel/usbboot works fine ;)
<naobsd> anyway
<naobsd> shell history function must be evil, my brain is not wrong!!! ;)
<naobsd> ah
<naobsd> I noticed u-boot-spl.bin (copied from build machine) is not 11KB when trying to run dd...
<naobsd> I need to get better brain at first
<naobsd> really sorry
<naobsd> I found where is the problem: my brain
<naobsd> aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhh
<naobsd> all I need is init code, right? ;)
<naobsd> lets try dd if=u-boot-spl.bin of=xxx bs=8192 count=1 ;)
<naobsd> hmm
<naobsd> bin for cubieboard1 is smaller than 8K so my insane fel binary can handle it
<naobsd> I never said hang after DRAM: is problem
<naobsd> oliv3r: I said I pushed bin for cubieboard1 into cubieboard2
<naobsd> I thought 11kb is issue, but hno confirmed it's ok
<naobsd> oliv3r: hno's wip/a20. but it's not u-boot source issue. fel is not working properly
<naobsd> but "fel write 0x2000 11kb-bin" never complete
<oliv3r> naobsd: what a20 u-boot branch are you using?
<naobsd> I can do "./fel write 0x2000 bin/fel-boot-cubieboard.bin; ./fel exec 0x2000", I can see "DRAM:" in serial console (then it hangs, probably expected result)
<naobsd> hmmmm
<naobsd> fel ver works fine: AWUSBFEX soc=00165100(unknown) 00000001 ver=0001 44 08 scratchpad=00007e00 00000000 00000000
<hno> naobsd, "fel clear 0x4000 1" also works fine for me.
<naobsd> connect USB miniB while pushing fel button
<hno> naobsd, how are you entering fel mode?