<lamer14536623308> leviathancn: Out of curiosity: Do you know a 'Mr. Xiong' from Allwinner?
<leviathancn> rockets for the HAR
<leviathancn> chips for the FOSDEM
<leviathancn> :-)
<leviathancn> so I'll sleep now, and in a year I present cool hardware
<leviathancn> they like to make people believe they know how the internet works but the way they censor I bet they don't know what IRC is xD
<leviathancn> as long as you keep the head down and don't sell print outs of criticism in a book shop >_>
<leviathancn> HK is actually the best place
<leviathancn> I can use their industry and still can be in an evolved area of this planet
<leviathancn> now I'm in Hong Kong
<leviathancn> anyway
<leviathancn> international troll would a good description
<leviathancn> This bad image they get when people just disappear from HK... or not giving a shit about international laws or anything...
<leviathancn> ^^
<leviathancn> KotCzarny: gn8
<leviathancn> KotCzarny: I patented my rocket ^_^
<leviathancn> hopefully we can teach these mainlanders how free software really works
<leviathancn> with the rocket and this risc-v chip
<leviathancn> our startup will do things right now
<leviathancn> well
<leviathancn> not just think: oh, it's for free, let's just tak it
<leviathancn> they should just honor the free software ideals
<leviathancn> dafuq
<leviathancn> KotCzarny: yes
<leviathancn> that makes my primeval instincts come up of wanting to rip this individual appart
<leviathancn> and showing you the middle finger afterwards
<leviathancn> to a guy who makes profit with your efforts
<leviathancn> not donating without any paypack ever
<leviathancn> sharing
<leviathancn> yes
<leviathancn> and trust at the same time
<leviathancn> ^_^
<leviathancn> but this free software thingy was the most evolved about humans I've seen so far, hope I can teach this to my coworkers now
<leviathancn> hmm
<leviathancn> a lizard trying to understand this culture-thing people are talking about
<leviathancn> hmm
<leviathancn> just different
<leviathancn> :-)
<leviathancn> they are just humans
<leviathancn> so the fact is is
<leviathancn> basically yes
<leviathancn> yes
<leviathancn> and the only advantage are a few smart enough to build nukes
<leviathancn> but many
<leviathancn> not all
<leviathancn> there are many stupid people
<leviathancn> basically: "yes they are are"
<leviathancn> Many Chinese say "We are not stupid"
<leviathancn> KotCzarny: that's what I told them
<leviathancn> maybe we really need to hong-kong-ify people in mainland a little more before they start realizing how free software really works
<leviathancn> well
<leviathancn> that went to beijing
<leviathancn> omfg
<leviathancn> looking forward to a cooperation
<leviathancn> so I build it in Hong Kong and you can over and help with it when you like it
<leviathancn> and you you like my rocket
<leviathancn> but I need your industry to build my rocket
<leviathancn> I don't like your firewall, you don't like that I don't like the firewall in mainland
<leviathancn> saying like
<leviathancn> I was writing a nice email in mandarin to the Chinese space agency
<KotCzarny> leviathancn: yup, thought so
<leviathancn> everything else is irellevant
<leviathancn> KotCzarny: Basically there is just one rule: "Don't say anything against the party"
<leviathancn> buZz: shouldn't be too hard to get, I ask a guy from there
<buZz> leviathancn: this shirt ; http://i.imgur.com/AJO2oxG.jpg
<leviathancn> they follow the typical mainland rules "close enough to what we intended to accomplish, let's ship it"
<leviathancn> since their company doesn't give a fuck about laws, why should I? ^_^
<leviathancn> buZz: ok :-)
<buZz> leviathancn: could you get me one of those booth tshirts? :D
<leviathancn> maybe I get some more specs :-)
<leviathancn> I have some private addresses of some allwinner employees
<KotCzarny> leviathancn: you may enjoy it if you are alive by then
<leviathancn> KotCzarny: "the warp drive was invented in montantana after ww3"
<buZz> leviathancn: usually when ppl ask 'what am i doing wrong' they just dont expect honest answers :P
<leviathancn> so I just go there and beat them
<leviathancn> now I'm physically there
<leviathancn> well
<leviathancn> they now ignore me
<libv> leviathancn: that pattern was visible with allwinner (and other vendors) before
<leviathancn> impossible
<leviathancn> and it's really like "they ask what they are doing wrong" - "you tell them" - *they ignore you* "they ask what they are doing wrong"
<leviathancn> anyway
<buZz> leviathancn: i learned in martial arts training, the bigger they are, the harder they fall
<leviathancn> Chinese
<leviathancn> bigger!!
<leviathancn> these guys are actually bigger than me :-(
<leviathancn> I mean the engineers are nice guys
<leviathancn> no
<leviathancn> arrogance++
<leviathancn> basically that's what I wanted to do during this meeting
<leviathancn> no
<buZz> leviathancn: did that work out well?
<leviathancn> over and over again
<leviathancn> and then hit them again
<leviathancn> and then choke them again
<leviathancn> and then hit them into the face
<leviathancn> well, that I like to just choke some of their manager
<leviathancn> to the highest layer of the management
<leviathancn> libv: my difference was that I just told them the truth into the face
<libv> leviathancn: thanks for whatever difference you did manage to make
<libv> leviathancn: so i take it that allwinner was not that good an employer then
<leviathancn> vagrantc: sorry ^_^'
<leviathancn> or the Chinese with... pro-Tencent or more like everything-provider
<leviathancn> like Haram and Hallal stuff and so on
<leviathancn> like Arabia has totally different issues
<leviathancn> yes
<leviathancn> hmm
<leviathancn> what's on the web, stays on the web
<leviathancn> put him away
<leviathancn> and if someone actually shows criminal behavious
<leviathancn> KotCzarny: I mean some left over child pr0n might even save the live of recent children
<leviathancn> KotCzarny: exactly
<leviathancn> buZz: that's what I was thinking too
<leviathancn> then how to decide reliable criterias for what is bad and what isn't for removal of websites?
<buZz> leviathancn: representative democracy is mostly not democratic at all
<leviathancn> maybe a democratic approach for a deletion rule list would be the safest?
<leviathancn> China? ...
<leviathancn> hmm
<KotCzarny> leviathancn: depends on the system in the state
<leviathancn> but then we have serious problem... who decides what is bad
<leviathancn> b) monitoring for keeping the bad guys busy is good
<leviathancn> a) censorship is evil
<leviathancn> I think the best thing would be to settle
<leviathancn> ^_^
<leviathancn> we just started a basis discussion
<leviathancn> ok
<leviathancn> lm
<KotCzarny> leviathancn: in a perfect world monitoring doesnt abuse resources it has access to
<leviathancn> KotCzarny: depends on which layer this "monitoring" happens
<leviathancn> KotCzarny: so if content is created it s a problem caused by society
<leviathancn> KotCzarny: all these contents are put there by individuals in the real world
<buZz> leviathancn: i think censorship on information is actually against geneva humanrights convention
<leviathancn> hmm
<KotCzarny> leviathancn: monitoring according to SANE law is a good thing
<leviathancn> monitoring and censorship of the internet in any way are IMHO crime
<leviathancn> exactly
<leviathancn> KotCzarny: +1
<leviathancn> totally different calibre
<leviathancn> but China just actively fucks up the internet
<leviathancn> think PRISM
<leviathancn> like the USA, big times
<leviathancn> I mean sure... most of the countries are spying on us
<leviathancn> jstein: censorship isn't monitoring
<leviathancn> otherwise it doesn't feel like civilization ;-)
<leviathancn> but I prefer a real sanitary installation for a permanent use
<leviathancn> KotCzarny: that's what I have in my flat in Shenzhen right now
<leviathancn> Turl: that's what I'm saying already for a long lng time: they filter the wrong stuff!
<leviathancn> Turl: you'd think :-)
<leviathancn> that's no condition
<leviathancn> dafuq
<leviathancn> and the internet is censored
<leviathancn> the tap water kills you
<leviathancn> toilet there is just a spit ocean with a hole in the middle
<leviathancn> SEG Plaza (华强北)
<leviathancn> like public toilets
<leviathancn> but not when I'm on my way
<leviathancn> KotCzarny: that's what I did
<leviathancn> hmm
<KotCzarny> leviathancn: and for #2 you can always hack a chair
<leviathancn> I mean Darwin beware
<leviathancn> uh
<leviathancn> god beware
<leviathancn> and all these emotional shifts
<leviathancn> KotCzarny: thank god I'm not, otherwise I couldn't pee while I'm standing
<leviathancn> dafuq
<leviathancn> a fucking hole in the ground
<leviathancn> and these toilets
<leviathancn> I mean really
<leviathancn> but the water is just bad ass lethal
<leviathancn> jstein: originally I was moving to Shenzhen because of it
<leviathancn> jelle: basically yes
<jstein> leviathancn: did you move to HK because of the electronic industry?
<leviathancn> :D
<leviathancn> jelle: no censorshit but still taobao deliveries
<leviathancn> jelle: that's why I'm now in hong kong
<leviathancn> yes
<leviathancn> jelle: mainlanders are using taobao :)
<leviathancn> jelle: yes, because aliexpress is ment for foreigners
<leviathancn> KotCzarny: HK has it's own non-lethal water supply :D
<leviathancn> that's why I take a health brake in Hong Kong right now ;-)
<leviathancn> the products they export is better thant the ones in the country
<leviathancn> the water in Shenzhen is toxic for instance
<leviathancn> KotCzarny: they care more about the export stuff than the mainland one
<leviathancn> KotCzarny: actually no
<KotCzarny> leviathancn: and that most things exported is second grade
<leviathancn> KotCzarny: yes, so just send an email to beijing
<leviathancn> ^-^
<leviathancn> maybe something will change ^-$^
<leviathancn> so actually I'd suggest just sending hate mails to beijing for GPL violations
<leviathancn> and because of the firewall only China is visible to them
<leviathancn> and the managers only care about short term profit
<leviathancn> and they work so sloppy and demotivated very often
<leviathancn> "consume, more consum"
<leviathancn> basically it's all about "having more advantage", "making more profit"
<leviathancn> not that I know of
<leviathancn> no
<leviathancn> with all money making things
<leviathancn> basically they are even worse then USA
<leviathancn> nope
<leviathancn> China actually out-Americas the USA
<leviathancn> but actually it's the most important thing for them
<leviathancn> they'd like you to think it
<leviathancn> that's wrong
<leviathancn> :-)
<leviathancn> because they can make more money with an engineer like me when he is a live
<leviathancn> yes
<leviathancn> I'm just sorry for the nice people downstairs in hirarchy with whom I was going out for drinks who aren't dicks
<leviathancn> now I'm a burned person
<leviathancn> I told them basically in person the trueth into their face
<leviathancn> with the motto "we kill everyone saying we are bad and then act surprised that no one likes us"
<KotCzarny> leviathancn: one should probably understand that its the matter of life and death for them
<leviathancn> tkaiser: their managers are like the crazy guys enforcing the censorshit
<leviathancn> tkaiser: you mean expcept verbal bashing in Mandarin with managers there?
<tkaiser> leviathancn: Apropos 'open source'. Any improvements @ Allwinner before you left?
<leviathancn> even the verilog for the risc-v
<leviathancn> all open source
<leviathancn> with an Arduino-ish board
<leviathancn> next year there is a risc-v in silicone (like an ATMega)
<leviathancn> in silicone
<leviathancn> mirco controller
<leviathancn> we do a stand alone risc-v
<leviathancn> ssvb: the rocket isn't stand alone yet
<leviathancn> haha
<ssvb> leviathancn: a RISC-V Rocket would be a bit safer thing to demonstrate ;-)
<leviathancn> for the "hackers in space" project
<leviathancn> we right now assemble it at the hackerspace in hong kong
<leviathancn> ^_^
<leviathancn> it's actually an ion thruster + mpd thruster
<leviathancn> KotCzarny: and watch a 5 meter long plasma flame from my plasma rocket
<leviathancn> :D
<leviathancn> :D
<leviathancn> then they can camp+hack
<leviathancn> KotCzarny: bringt them to the HAR
<leviathancn> it will be difficult for me to transport super conductors and ceramics trough all the borders anyway I think
<leviathancn> what if I present the rocket only at the HAR? ^_^
<leviathancn> ssvb: HAR?? ^_^
<leviathancn> ok!
<leviathancn> (especially the rocket will be a "big attraction" at the camp)
<leviathancn> and the "Hacking at Random"
<leviathancn> also the FOSDEM
<leviathancn> ssvb: Chaos Communication Congress
<leviathancn> Chaos Communication Congress
<ssvb> leviathancn: what kind of congress?
<leviathancn> is any of you guys at the next congress in hamburg?
<leviathancn> ssvb: are you at the next congress in hamburg?
<leviathancn> bit coin mining + heating would be an idea ^_^
<leviathancn> would be an idea, and we actually did think about moving a 64 core system here and turn it on!
<leviathancn> haha!
<KotCzarny> leviathancn: run some pc rig?
<leviathancn> jstein: not even this, most of the houses aren't designed for this kind of temperature here in Hong Kong
<leviathancn> we don't have heating in the buildings
<leviathancn> but at least they can hide from it in their buildings
<leviathancn> jstein: I know Chicago has -20°C right now
<leviathancn> We don't have heaters here...
<leviathancn> KotCzarny: haha. ok! ^_^
<jstein> leviathancn: well then its not really cold. Its just the temperature when you dont have cooling problems with your ARM. So you should save the Vodka for below -20 C.
<leviathancn> we have winter here...
<leviathancn> KotCzarny: *sub*tropics
<leviathancn> jstein: 4 degrees before water starts turning into ice
<leviathancn> jstein: 4°c
<leviathancn> anyway... right now we build RISC-V (fully GPL)
<leviathancn> ssvb: the fact that I could make my position "clear" in Mandarin really didn't make things better... they are just crazy
<leviathancn> ssvb: we had a minor disagreement about the definition of the term "common sense"
<leviathancn> so now I'm working with the Chinese space agency
<leviathancn> ssvb: they did prohibit my friends to further talk to me ever again
<leviathancn> ssvb: I'm in kind of a war with some of the Allwinner managers
<ssvb> leviathancn: do you still have some contacts with Allwinner? or completely moved on to these other things?
<leviathancn> ssvb: promis! ^_^
<leviathancn> ssvb: anyways, I'll present a RISC-V micro processor and a MPD rocket at the next congress
<leviathancn> ssvb: and typing in bed (only place where it's warm)... too many typoes
<leviathancn> just be patient with PCB orders from China right now... now one can move a finger with this cold
<leviathancn> ssvb: And I tell you... it's like Europe right now in Shenzhen
<leviathancn> *next
<leviathancn> I will most likely present a final development board at the nest chaos communication congress (together with clifford)
<leviathancn> ssvb: and we are also going to build RISC-V micro processors (like the ATmega)
<ssvb> leviathancn: nice, this sounds like an interesting project
<leviathancn> ssvb: but it's my recent mental state (alcohole percentage) is in no way affecting my capability to build this MPD rocket which I'm right now building ;-)
<leviathancn> ssvb: and we have fucking deep temperatures so I'm on Vodka and in bed here in Hong Kong right now in order to survive these cold temperatures ^_^'
<leviathancn> ssvb: I'm in Hong Kong right now, I've founded a start up in Shenzhen and I'm going to build rockets for the CNSA and Elon Musk right now (patent has been approved by Shenzhen patent office and we are building the prototype at the DimSumLabs(Hackerspace) right now)
<ssvb> leviathancn: hi! how are you doing nowadays?


<ssvb> wens: right, leviathancn was lurking in this irc channel on January 2, but has not posted anything since the middle of last year


<leviathancn> alexvf: got it
<leviathancn> alexvf: ok,
<alexvf> leviathancn: well, we don't actually need a full documentation (at least for this purpose), but knowing which host port controls each device would be a good start
<leviathancn> also it's so damn complexly interworked with the rest of the cpu that they simply can't just release it because they'd publish parts of the ARM architecture which are protected by contracts with ARM
<leviathancn> alexvf: you can't really expect him to write a whole documentation just like that in English
<leviathancn> alexvf: I've met the guy who made the DRAM controller
<leviathancn> alexvf: but yes
<leviathancn> alexvf: the lack of documentation is also caused by an unhealthy dose of paranoia in the wrong positions >_>'
<alexvf> leviathancn: but, no engineer can talk english there? i find this stunning :)
<leviathancn> and to be straight forward
<leviathancn> yes
<alexvf> leviathancn: yes, i understand thats hard
<alexvf> leviathancn: what they should surely solve is the dram documentation issue
<leviathancn> (because you talk differently in formal Chinese)
<leviathancn> I just came across these questions
<leviathancn> alexvf: I will take care of finishing this email
<leviathancn> as soon as I've got some spare time
<leviathancn> ok