<oh2ftg> Aurora_iz_kosmos: The one's I'm aware of are the Olimex TERES-I https://www.olimex.com/Products/DIY-Laptop/KITS/TERES-A64-BLACK/open-source-hardware



<fossxplorer> Wondering is the 10" from olimex would be usable with C.T
<fossxplorer> olimex has quite some boards


<tzafrir> I finally got to install an Olimex A20 board I bought. I also got it with a Debian SD


<arokux> keebler: do you think they could donate several board+som to us so that we used it for kernel development? I'm missing an A31 board and can add USB support to mainline. A31 is pretty different from A1x and A20. I've got A13 donated from olimex and A20 from cubietech.


<keebler> Or more specifically, what product? Cubieboard, Olimex, etc etc


<keebler> herdingcat: as would Olimex


<keebler> It seems Olimex is having the same problems the other company is with gmac, not to mention the iMX6's Gbit PHY suffers from a similar issue of limited throughput
<keebler> Predates most of Olimex's Allwinner products.
<theborger> that looks like an Olimex board


<arokux1> keebler, guys from Olimex were having some problems with getting GMAC to work, although guys from Cubietech seems to have the solution


<hno> If you can't settle on a reasonable SODIMM standard that covers what is needed then I think I prefer the board2board kind of connectors Olimex is using. At least you know there is no standard, and can easily be scaled for as many functions you need.
<hno> True. But quite nice regardless. But no reusable interfaces with each Olimex SOM using their own I think. But at least same physical connector type used across their three SOM modules.
<hno> Olimex are also working on A13 and A20 SOM modules.


<mnemoc> cubietech is reusing the existing cb boards for cb2, only exchanging the SoC. olimex on the other hand considers their is no market/use for 2GB/GMII dual cortex-a7 board
<mnemoc> or olimex's a10/a20 olinuxinos


<btsimonh> I used the script.bin from the tablet, so all i;ve done is put this in place of the olimex one.
<btsimonh> just trying the Olimex pre-built debian. it does more than my mk802 (a10) gentoo (i.e. it lights the backlight!!).


<mnemoc> but no LiPo as with olimex's
* slapin_nb is going to look at Olimex's module board tonight then decide.
<mnemoc> the cubie is 6, olimex does 4 iirc
<mnemoc> if you want an A13 devboard, get olimex's


<slapin_n1> focus_it: I will buby just any 128M x 8 DDR3 chips I find, now I got the same ones as Olimex


<torqu3e> n olimex was able to figure something with memory data paths that 2 gig might be possible


<slapin_nb> lkcl: that part you describe was mindless clone of what Olimex do on their A13-OLinuXino, and it is part people dislike most...


<gzamboni> i will add a mac + phy smsc usb like the one used in rpi and imx233 from olimex


<ganbold_> armuser: olimex also does the design, if you are looking for European


<rz2k> want to try to import olimex's routing from eagle to kicad?


<xenoxaos> ask in #olimex..they might hace something


<hno> the A13 code we do have is good for use on Olimex A13 board and similar devices. But not fit for tablet usage.


<mnemoc> why the f* olimex and miniand never reports anything, just rant around


<zumbi> bfree: right, not sure if at olimex someone was trying to work on those


<gzamboni> i did with an olimex board using imx233, i did accessed direclty including a gpio-mmap.h


<mnemoc> when ever SDK olimex received had less code and more gpl-violations than the previous
<hramrach> olimex nolimex you still need pretty much the same stuff
<mnemoc> zumbi offered to maintain http://packages.linux-sunxi.org/debian .... but they are more interested in olimex stuff now
<xxiao> it's amazing olimex can design so many boards using different chip vendors in weeks
<xxiao> olimex built a few boards, a10, a13, now a10s...
<buZz> i am suprised olimex only discovered this after building a board and sending it to ppl
<mnemoc> xxiao: problem for olimex is not "how bad is the open tree". but the zero interest of allwinner in cooperating
<xxiao> what's missing for code on A1x? I saw yesterday at olimex's github page it states olimex is moving away from A1x due to its weak support in source code release ahd hw spec etc
<xxiao> ok olimex is going towards to TI am3352, fighting with beaglebone
<xxiao> olimex stopped A10 boards?


<andy455> mnemoc: so it is for the olimex micro board but mine has 512MB of ram instead of 256MB could that cause this error?
<andy101> I designed my own board and it is very similar to the MICRO board of olimex (but with 512 MB of RAM instead of 256 MB)


<mnemoc> slapin: tsvetan @ #olimex can answer that


<hramrach> it's sad the Olimex board with 2G ram seems stuck


<libv> ssvb: ah, i didn't but i am also not in the olimex channel :)


<oliv3r> mnemoc: it's strange that they are skipping the A10 completly, I spoke with luke the other day, and he said that olimex might be a little ignorant as all the missing bits have been reverse engineerd and the A10 is almost FSF endorsable (with Lima and ignoring cedar)
<ln2> Do any olimex engineers come into this channel?


<oliv3r> buZz: lol i have no affilition with olimex :p
<buZz> oliv3r: is olimex called olimex because you are named oliv3r ?
<oliv3r> mnemoc: I just wrote a post to gpl-violations to see what they think we can do to get AW to comply ... better. We as users usually can't get much done, but olimex as a 'user' of AW chips has more legal chances
<mnemoc> oliv3r: the SDKs olimex received included mach-sun5i, /dev/cedar and some other parts as .ko/.o only
<oliv3r> mnemoc: I was just talking to tsvetan over at #olimex and he said, that their kernel releases contain binary blobs for certain register access . Ignoring Cedar and Mali, would you know what he specifically is talking about? Pure in the kernel?


<Turl> oliv3r: idk, maybe people in #olimex know
<oliv3r> Turl: olimex is 'demanding', if that word can be used, a GPL friendly kernel from AW?
<jinzo> Olimex is on the right track imo.


<WarheadsSE> I blame olimex :P


<hno> libv, Olimex is well aware of the GPL violations in the Allwinner SDK.
<mnemoc> olimex uses the gpl-violating sdk to test their boards, after that they (try to) use linux-sunxi
<libv> when i read about the direct contact that olimex has with allwinner, some doubt does arise as to whether olimex will produce the kernel code to go with their board
<mnemoc> hno: Tsvetan said so in #olimex some hours ago :<
<hno> Oh, Olimex put a full size SD slot in A10s MICRO?


<WarheadsSE> and someone rejected them, ffrom what I understand from olimex
<WarheadsSE> I grabbed the script.bin from olimex's git, since the linux-sunxi for the a13-olinuxino apparently has ^ that error


<mnemoc> olimex got their A10S olinuxino prototype working today


<jinzo> I suppose olimex ones are the only (but they don't ship A10 based ones yet, A13 ships tho)
<Turl> olimex ones maybe


<mnemoc> olimex?


<libv> Skaag: so your lcd works with the olimex provided .fex?


<penguin42> I like the lvds/vga conversion on the olimex boards - sets of 74alc244 with resistors as d-a
<penguin42> it would be very neat if cpc just sold Olimex's A13 board
<penguin42> it's interesting, if cpc are selling olimex stuff, I wonder if they'll sell any of there stuff
<damo22> if the olimex a10 board does this too, i will buy one
<damo22> buZz: i am too, but im waiting for olimex's A10 board
<damo22> waiting for olimex a10
<Turl> make sure you let the olimex people know :)
<damo22> i hope the olimex board will support this without requiring external hub
<damo22> perhaps i will wait until olimex make an A10 board
<damo22> i would be interested to see what a company like olimex would produce using an A10


<damo22> for example i know the A13 olimex has 5 buttons
<hno> Olimex A10 board exposes a bit more, but is much bigger and costs a bit more.
<hno> Cubieboard, Olimex boards (both A13 and IMX233, and some others.
<damo22> but olimex readme puts these two ideas in the same sentence
<damo22> or in particular for the olimex board
<damo22> i had a quick look at the olimex a13-olinuxino linux-sunxi kernel config, apparently they are using completely open drivers *except* the wifi addon uses a proprietary firmware... why was this chosen?
<hno> A10 & A13 can easily be purchased via Olimex
<hno> Olimex is also working on an A10 board. But still early prototype state.
<hno> olimex boards is readily awailable. Only A13 yet, but easy to get with only some days deliery time.
<penguin42> L84Supper: There is the olimex stuff
<penguin42> L84Supper: Yeh it would be nice if you could buy the boards - although I guess the olimex (?) boards are pretty much there


<L84Supper> I wonder if the olimex form factor will be any better than the beaglebone
<L84Supper> olimex also decided to layout in 4 vs 6 layers using kicad and also go with 2GB ddr3
<jinzo> at olimex said they have a A10s board in developement (but they don't know if they'll even producte the A10 or A10s version)
<jinzo> I think that currently the only way to get A1X board with gpio is A13 olinuxino from olimex


<jinzo> btw: there's carambola 2 in the works, but not much info is known (and the company isn't exactly responsive/open as Olimex for example)
<jinzo> I'm looking at the olimex olinuxino-i233 board (with WiFi)
<mnemoc> mripard: to add more mess to the naming thing, olimex is preparing an A10s based olinuxino, which is also sun5i ;-)


<hno> techn_, Olimex have never received usable SDK sources for A13.
<hno> ZaEarl, the A13 kernel also runs fine on Olimex A13 OLinuXino boards.


<L84Supper> Olimex doesn't have any pics of the PCB layers, he also seemed baffled by the a10 early on, so y confidence in that board isn't exactly too high
<bfree> what about the olimex A13?


<mnemoc> jinzo: right. I tend to try to use the chip name as single/plural. like "olimex sells A13 and A10 chips"
<jinzo> tinti, if you didn't get the msg before - olimex sells them in quanities like that.
<jinzo> tinti, olimex


<focus_it> mnemoc: thanks for the olimex link - those schematics are a treat!
<mnemoc> focus_it: 100% accurate is only the reference design, and the derivatives... like eoma68-a10, olimex's and cubieboard.
<mnemoc> focus_it: olimex, a company and paying customer of allwinner gets GPL violating kernel and u-boot trees


<niftylettuce> i believe hno already is according to olimex channel


<CaCtus491> I wonder when the Olimex A13 mini board will be ready
<CaCtus491> hmm, Olimex...
<libv> olimex will not be adverse to designing a 3g submodule if the revenue is there
<focus_it> CaCtus491: olimex IRC channel is #olimex on freenode
<libv> CaCtus491: feel free to contact olimex or tom cubie to find out how much they charge for adapting their designs to your needs and for providing the limited run you need


<hno> arg, one cable loose on my olimex jtag hack. soldering time again.


<slapin> hno: I'd try to contact them via Olimex


<libv> and no, olimex did not warn that something was sent
<hno> Well, the datasheets for the chip I have I got from Olimex.


<brooc> How come Olimex do not sell A10-OLinuXino


<hno> libv, may be a couple of days between order and shipping from olimex. It's a small company.
<Marex> libv: and olimex is quite a good pick
<libv> does olimex keep one informed on when hw ships out?


<hno> slapin, olinuxino a13 maxi, rev a. soldered by olimex. H27UBG8T2BTR nand chip
<slapin> hno: by the way, I don't see any olimex board with soldered NANDs, have you soldered it yourself?
<slapin> focus_well: I think quick hack on Olimex board should work perfectly well...


<hno> libv, there is A10s devices on Aliexpress, and IIRC Olimex have got some samples.
<libv> rather than spending 80 for the cheapest tablets on ebay (which is way too much when you think about the price of the a13 itself), and then having to do some really fine soldering to get the uart out, the olimex seemed the better solution
* libv was in the mood for some toyshopping and handed a bit of his cash to olimex


<hno> slapin, there will be full board layout available from olimex.


<libv> drachensun: how dare olimex label this thing an open platform
<jinzo> uh olimex indeed, how did we forget about that :/
<mnemoc> olimex got the SDKs and datasheets
* slapin got a cruel plan building A13 "stick" using components from balcony, olimex, and building board at iteadstudio.com
<hno> you can buy A10 kits from olimex


<hno> slapin_, the olimex scematics are Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.
<slapin_> hno: I think Eagle patterns and symbols can be converted to KiCad with some tool, iif Olimex allows such distribution
<hno> slapin_, olimex have scematics and layout for A13. Not in kicad, but openly abailable.


<techn> that kind device I was looking for.. finnish shops has only jtag only stuff.. or olimex's jtag/serial
<mnemoc> tinti: from olimex


<lkcl> mnemoc: i already have. tom, like the olimex guys, does not want to be involved.


<hno> find it quite hillarious to read that discussion "Linux-sunxi developers (primarily Android devs it seems) fail to deliver adequate Linux support in a timely mannner. They seem only to be in it to help Tom Cubie and Olimex to sell devices." and "LInux-sunxi is there for the profit makers.". what the hell?
<mnemoc> olimex dropped it in their a13-micro.... no idea how it works


<mnemoc> libv: right. Tsvetan (from olimex) was going to get some samples, but nothing yet


<libv> olimex only makes the a13 olinuxino available today, right?


<mnemoc> cncman: olimex's schematics are based in the known good info
<rz2k> probably olimex a10-olinuxino can be used as reference design
<mnemoc> 19:44:48 < mnemoc> olimex is going to sell cheap (~55E) panels for the A1X olinuxinos
<mnemoc> or olimex's lcd header
<mnemoc> olimex is going to sell cheap (~55E) panels for the A1X olinuxinos
<ManoftheSea> I wouldn't want to try to be "arduino-compatible" when the maple, the olimex, the one you posted, all already do it.
<ManoftheSea> The olimex-stm is 20 euro, this one is $40
<ManoftheSea> So, check this out, guys. The mini-engineering board? It's just a micro-board, with the usb plugged into an olimex-stm32


<mnemoc> iirc the mk802 and olimex's "micro" board


<mnemoc> he is from #olimex


<mnemoc> oliv3r: wits provides it to some customers after signing the NDA. the copy olimex received also has the same watermark


<mnemoc> olimex, the a13/a10 olinuxino boards
<mnemoc> olimex switched to forum
<mnemoc> #arm-netbook, #cubieboard, #olimex


<hno> mnemoc, see #olimex
<zoobab_> anyone has an olimex-a13 here?


<specing> Olimex is selling over farnell too?


* RaYmAn still ponders if trying to convince olimex to make them would be worthwhile


<mnemoc> zoobab: btw, there is an #olimex channel too
<zoobab> ordering the olimex a13 board


<mnemoc> rz2k: and olimex pushed the a13 sdk somewhere too


<mnemoc> paperCrab: but as for inexpensive cortex-a8 devkits (with pins to play) you can also buy one of olimex a13-olinuxino or (if lucky) one of the 65 cubieboard/512 prototypes


<hipboi> olimex has bought 1k a10 chips
<mnemoc> xxiao: hipboi's is much smaller and more hobbiest oriented, olimex's is larger and industrialish


<hno> An olimex one, FT2232 based.


<rzk> hno and olimex guys are working on A13 olinuxino, they could use your help. also I have a13 cheapo-tablet and I thought about trying to build up sources from allwinnerwk git, they seem to have updated JB for a10/13


<rzk> now marketing crap is from olimex too, what the hell "we found we can overclock up to 1.2-1.5Ghz" is doing there?


<xxiao> mouser is putting olimex olinuxino on top of its newsletter today, a RPi alternative


<Boulet> you use the olimex board ?


<Marex> RaYmAn: that's the sad part ... same thing the olimex guys said about the a13 too :(


<hno> cubieboard is a10. olimex will have both. A13 varant first
<hno> and the olimex boards


<RaYmAn> I just saw the olimex blogpost where he says you got JTAG going on olixino
<Boulet_> HeHoPMaJIeH, do you think most resistors and caps used on the olimex board are 0603 ?
<RaYmAn> is any of olimex's stuff though? ;)
<RaYmAn> I wonder how hard it would be to get a working clone that one could perhaps order from e.g. olimex =P
<HeHoPMaJIeH> I made it work somehow, but seems Olimex VGA hack not working so good


<hno> reset button on olimex board goes to the pmu, not the cpu.
<hno> Matches datasheet and olimex schematics.
<RaYmAn> mnemoc: olimex guys don't have a livesuit image for the preflashed one?


<Mazon> really impressive work from the olimex people


<mnemoc> destinal: in olimex's blog


<Mazon> mnemoc: talked a bit to Tsvetan on #olimex, haven't yet decided on whether or not the A10-OLinuXino will have 1 GB ram or not ... but: "but sure it's good to have board with 1GB"


<HeHoPMaJIeH> for olinuxino-A13 Olimex will produce LCDIF<->HDMI/VGA adapter


<mnemoc> j1nx: olimex doesn't do software, they give free boards to free software developers so the do it
<j1nx> the people of olimex and I meant the A13 stuff
<mnemoc> j1nx: sun6i hasn't even been announced yet, from there to let an small maker like olimex to put their hands on it will take a looooooooong time


<xxiao> ok. thanks. yes olimex was also saying pinouts are wrong from datasheet
<xxiao> wish olimex releases it footprints of A10/A13
<A2Sheds> maybe Olimex can make the board fit in a small metal shell with edge connectors that isn't under patent?
<xxiao> olimex guys are awesome!
<mnemoc> bulgaria .... olimex?